Bring Back The Life

Bring Back The Life

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


After spending a rotten two months trying to mend her broken heart and ego, Keira may have an opportunity from an old friend to rediscover her sense of fun and freedom.


After spending a rotten two months trying to mend her broken heart and ego, Keira may have an opportunity from an old friend to rediscover her sense of fun and freedom.


Submitted: June 01, 2016

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Submitted: June 01, 2016



Keira gazed blankly at the TV screen in her living room as it replayed old Friends episodes on Netflix. Her grey sweatshirt stained with coffee she had spilt on it earlier, had bunched uncomfortably in the last hour of her binge watching, and she was debating bothering adjusting it when her front door opened. With the equivalent force of a tidal wave, her best friend Ray crashed in wearing a tight short black dress with her long wavy red hair flowing down her back, and leopard print heels clattering in her foyer.


“Alright you Goddamn potato, you threw Bobby out two months ago—It’s time you actually got your life back.” Ray’s hip was popped out and her brown eyes layered in dark makeup bore down on her friend.


“I appreciate your concern, but I’m more than alright. My breakup has nothing to do with-”

“It has everything to do with this! He sucked the fucking life out of you! You used to be free instead of focusing all your energy on working two sides of a relationship. So get your ass off the couch and get into a fucking dress.”

“How many redbull did you drink?”

“Irrelevant. Get up.” Ray turned off the TV, and before Keira could say anything Ray had whisked out of the room and returned hastily carrying two shot glasses, which she proceeded to fill to the brim with whisky.

“Don’t let that fuckface steal any more of your youth.” Keira didn’t know how it had happened, but next thing she knew her throat was on fire and her shot glass was empty.

“That’s a good start, now get your beautiful ass into a dress.”

Ray snatched her friend’s hand and with more strength that Keira had known her to possess, she dragged her down the hall to her bedroom, and into her walk in closet.




Keira blinked at her reflection several times. She was showered, shaved, dried, fluffed, and crammed into a deep blue dress that failed to have a back, but instead it dipped towards her rounded ass.

“You are a smoking hot French Native American mix you know that? You tan gorgeously, and then your green eyes pop against your black hair. I hate you. Now let’s get out to a BAR! You know, where there is booze, and potential for fun and bad decisions.”

Ray was halfway out of the bedroom when she realized her friend hadn’t turned away from the mirror.


“I’m starting over.” Keira whispered to her reflection tears welling up in her eyes.

“That isn’t a bad thing.” Ray leaned against the doorframe waiting for her friend to get a grip.

“I just… I thought if I worked hard enough I could make the life I wanted…”

“You bet on the wrong horse, but instead of moping over your losses, you need to start finding another game to bet on.”

“I don’t feel like myself anymore. I don’t feel… good.”


Ray let out an aggravated sound and threw her red clutch onto the double sized bed.


“Ray it wouldn’t kill you to be sympathetic! You-” Keira was cut off as Ray walked so quickly and forcefully over to her that she was forced to back into the mirror she had momentarily been crying into.

“You have had time my dear. It’s time we bring you back to life.” Ray’s hand was cupping Keira’s face, her red lips drawing closer to Keira’s.

“What are you doing?” Keira was frozen.

“Well, I know it’s been a while since we compared kissing, but this is more for fun.” Ray’s breath smelt bittersweet form the whisky as she closed the distance and kissed her friend.

At first the kiss was gentle, but as Ray slid her tongue across her friends lower lip, she felt her lips part and Keira felt a small pulling somewhere in her stomach as she kissed Ray deeper.

Ray’s hand slid up to Keira’s breast, and gently traced the outline of the hardened nipple. As a consequence, she felt her friend shudder as a growing tingling between her legs grew undeniably.


With her hand still on Keira’s neck, Ray broke the kiss and pulled away with a small smile on her face, as she then slid both her hands down her friend’s body, enjoying the deep curve of her hip. Keira was doing her best not to moan as Ray lowered herself onto her knees and gently massaged Keira’s thighs up under the dress, and paused under the dress.


“Cotton underwear hmm?” Ray smiled up at Keira whose cheeks were deep in color at her friend’s work. “You won’t really be needing those tonight.” Ray slid the underwear down the smooth tan legs, and with a single finger traced her friend’s moistened lips.


“Oh God Ray…” Keira couldn’t contain herself much longer… She had forgotten how good Ray was.

“Oh don’t get too carried away love, I’m just getting you warmed up for the night.” Ray leaned her face in, her breath warming Keira’s thigh as she then proceeded to snake her tongue out and replace her finger in its gentle massage of the plump lips.

Keira moaned again feeling her entire body becoming flushed with heat.


Ray leaned back onto her haunches, pulled her friend’s dress down, stood up and walked out of the bedroom door.


“Leave the panties on the floor.”




In the club the music thudded and Keira could feel her previously restored energy levels depleting with every passing moment. There were too many sweaty bodies on the dance floor, and the flashing lights were making her eyes ache.

Ray wasn’t looking all that impressed either as she pulled out her phone and gazed bored at the screen.

Keira got her friend’s attention and signaled her desire to leave. Ray reluctantly nodded as they then squeezed their way out of the club and back onto the far more spacious sidewalk.


Keira was about to unload her annoyance onto Ray as they began walking back towards the line of cabs that stood waiting at the corner, when she heard someone calling her.


“Keira Leroy!” Keira swung around and was startled to see Ted Manning, her former elementary school crush standing in a grey button down striped shirt and jeans.

“Ted! How’re you doing?!” Keira hugged his broad shoulders gingerly as Ray finally peered up from her phone.

“I’m doing well! How’ve you been these days? Last I heard you were killing it in Med school!”

“Oh yeah! I’m doing my interning currently! Still hoping to get into pediatrics! How about you? Last I heard you were in marketing.”

“Yeah! I’ve been really enjoying it! I’m actually setting out to open my own freelance company next spring.”


As they chatted, Ray evaluated his tall body with sandy brown hair and deep green eyes, and made a snap decision.


“You know Ted, Keira and I were just headed to another private party, you should join us.” After interrupting them she fired her most dazzling her smile at Ted, which caught him off guard enough that he failed to notice Keira’s puzzled expression.




“What the fuck are we doing Ray?!” Keira was shaking from being both embarrassment and nervousness. “You took us to a fucking strip club?!”

“I got us a private room.” Ray was calmly reapplying her red lipstick in the mirror as the deep bass beats rattled one of the mirrors.

“Oh?! And who is going to DANCE for us? Maybe it will be the woman who looks so strung out she has a twitch in her left eye! Or maybe it will be the one who has a butterfly on her lower back and an arrow on her inner thigh?”

“Hey! Chloe admits she was drunk for that second one-”

“Chloe’s your pole dancing instructor?!” Mortified shock spread across Keira’s face.

“Yes! And none of them will be dancing for your former crush-- we will.”

Keira could do nothing but gape as Ray capped her lipstick and tossed it back in her clutch.

“Look, you want to fuck him. I can see it in your face, and I know you wanted us to go a little further earlier, so how about we have one hell of a night and knock two birds with one stone.”

“What if he’s diseased?!” Keira sputtered.

“He just got out of a long term relationship just like you, and has been a serial monogamist since highschool.” They began their walk out of the bathroom.

“How the hell do you know that?!”

“Facebook.” The girls had crossed the floor and entered the private room where Ted sat looking as stunned as he had the first moment he had stepped in the building.


Ray had a wolfish grin as she stepped slowly over to him, and straddled him on the black couch. Her hips began to circle and grind over the unmistakable bulge in his pants. She bit her lip and undid the top button of his jeans before she slowly extracted herself from his lap, and instead backed into the pole in the room and began sliding the bar between her ass.


Keira, who stood frozen in front of the closed door felt her mind go blank, torn with her carnal wants and her sensibility.

Ray chuckled, and paused her slow rhythmic moves on the pole. She instead pushed Keira’s strap off he shoulder and yanked down the dress to reveal her round breast with its hardened tit. Ray leaned her head down and slowly licked up Keira’s neck while gently teasing the nipple in her fingers. She pulled her friend into a deep kiss, her tongue hot and persistent, and she began to more aggressively massage her breast.


Keira’s brain had turned off as she backed her friend back into the pole, her body pressed tightly against Ray’s as she then returned the favor of lowering the front of her dress to reveal the pink rosebud nipples of Ray’s significantly larger breasts.


Ray giggled, bringing Keira’s attention back to Ted who had pulled out his long thick cock during the excitement and began rubbing himself vigorously at the scene in front of him. Keira had thrown away any inhibition as she left Ray on the pole, and slid herself onto Ted, her pussy already dripping from Ray’s work.


Her moistened lips kissed his tip as she gazed into his eyes and he then proceeded to take her exposed tit in his mouth. Keira slowly lowered herself onto his tip and heard him moan at how tight her cunt was wrapped around him.


Meanwhile, Ray had stripped down to her thong and bra and had rejoined the two on the couch. She began gently licking Ted’s ears as Keira began to slide more of his shaft deeper into herself. Ted let out a groan as Ray then reached her hand down and cupped Ted’s hardened balls in her hand and began massaging them firmly.

Keira’s eyes fluttered as she reached out and forcefully pulled Ray back onto her mouth as she sank down the last inch of Ted’s dick.

She began thrusting her hips forward and backwards feeling pleasure building within her as she felt Ray’s hand leave Ted’s balls and instead her finger circled her anus. She groaned as she felt Ray’s finger push its way into her hole, and felt the growing tingling in her body intensify as Ray slowly pumped her finger in and out as Keira continued forcing Ted’s cock deeper into herself, the throbbing in her cunt becoming overwhelming as her orgasm crashed over her leaving her moaning incoherently. Ted called out her name as she dripped down on his member, enjoying the last waves of her orgasm before she slowly slipped off his lap and instead pushed Ray onto him.

Only Ray didn’t take his dick in her pussy, she took it in her ass, and moaned in intense pleasure as she rode him backwards, facing her friend with the same wolfish smile as before. Ray’s massive tits bounced with the effort as Keira lowered herself down onto her knees and forced Ray to slow her pumping down to a smooth hip roll, so that she could slip her tongue in her friend’s opening. It wasn’t long before Keira added a finger to her friends cunt, enjoying the sweet smell of it as she felt it begin to tense with her finish nearing. Keira added her second finger for a moment before slowly sliding both fingers out and allowing her tongue to use its underside on the Ray’s hardened clit that begged for more attention.


“OH GOD!” Ray’s finish dribbled down Keira’s chin as she then heard a loud moan from Ted who had clearly enjoyed hearing another girl cumming hard on him.

Ray slowly rose off of his lap and the two girls were left staring down at the man who had pleasured them both, but had yet to cum himself.


The two girls shared a look before smiling and turned their gaze back to Ted who’s eyes had glassed over.


“So Ted, which one of us would you like to fuck you until you cum deep inside one of us?” Keira bit her lip gazing at him.

“Ray.” He answered breathily. “But only because as she rides my cock I want to be kissing you.” He looked blearily at Keira as he mustered a smile.


Without a second to spare Ray dropped her pussy down onto his dick and gyrated ferociously. Ted reached up and even though his hands couldn’t cover her tits, he groped them and circled her nipples as she moaned louder and louder.

Keira slid onto the couch and slipped her tongue into his mouth as she gently moaned, his hand grasped her ass tightly before giving it a smart spank and pulling away from her inviting lips.


“You girls are such fucking amazing sluts. You pussies feel too good to be fucking true.”

Keira lowered her mouth to his ear.

“Well thank you for being man enough to handle us. We didn’t expect you to please us both, though we’re happy to be wrong.” She nibbled on his ear lobe as he moaned louder and louder, his cock hardening its last inch before exploding deep inside Ray- her moans matching his as her second orgasm overcame her and her shudders pulled the last of his cum from his balls.


As they all rose and dressed, giggling and red in the cheeks, Ted threw his arms around both their shoulders.


“Can I treat you two ladies to some late night pizza?”


Ray and Keira exchanged a smile before removing his arms from their shoulders and turning to face him together.


“We actually have some Netflix to catch up on, but if you feel like you’ve recovered, we’d love to see if you can handle some light bondage tomorrow night.” Keira smiled sexily at him as Ray stared at her friend with minor awe in her face.

“I… I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

“Even if you can’t make it, don’t worry, we’ll make sure the time isn’t wasted.” Ray winked as they turned on their heels and marched out of the strip club.

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