Bound to Reply

Bound to Reply

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Ava has had a typical business day, and all she wants to do is try to forget her romantic woes with a night out with her friends, but low and behold before she makes it to the elevator, she has a surprise visitor.


Ava has had a typical business day, and all she wants to do is try to forget her romantic woes with a night out with her friends, but low and behold before she makes it to the elevator, she has a surprise visitor.


Submitted: September 29, 2015

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Submitted: September 29, 2015



Author’s Note

Attention readers, I am writing a trilogy full of naughty deeds and desires that will make their way to the surface, and I will be posting this to be purchased as an eBook. I will post a small sample of the first book when it is released, and look forward to your support.

For those of you wondering… it will circle bondage, threesomes, and much much more. 

The following remains a short free work.










Ava exited her business meeting groggily while smoothing her tight black skirt she had worn in order to be able to meet up with her girlfriends at the bar after the monthly budget discussion. She flicked her long auburn hair over her shoulder and ignored the occasional lingering glance from one of her elderly superiors.

Many people had questioned how she had gotten to be the head of the financial division at the young age of 26… the answer wasn’t as scandalous as they thought. She was attractive and charming, and her manager before her had recommended her. Simple as that.


As she rounded the corner, her footfalls fell softly on the carpet of the newly renovated 34th floor. The smell of old spice cologne and tic tac mints overpowered her senses as the elderly men around her discussed enthusiastically the upswing in revenue.

A ding from the elevators straight ahead of Ava drew her eyes upwards in time to see a sight she had to convince herself wasn’t a mirage.


 Scott had exited the elevator wearing a deep blue button down shirt and a black vest with black dress pants. His well-worn leather computer bag draped casually against his shoulder. His dirty blonde waves wafted down around his ears giving him a hallow effect under the pot lights in front of the elevators. His black-rimmed glasses gleamed for a moment before he turned his head and their gazes met. She stood frozen, her insides shaking as she barely noticed her colleagues pursue the hallway, breezing past him as though both she and him had disappeared from reality.


As he walked slowly towards her she felt the overpowering surge of life penetrate her taught body. She couldn’t look into his deep blue eyes… she couldn’t.

“Ava,” His voice sounded hoarse, and before she knew it she was staring up at him, she felt her eyes sting with tears, but bit them back.

As they gazed at one another for a few long moments, not speaking but rather trapped in a moment of great weight, holding them down in whatever powerful emotion had made its way in.


Ava grabbed his hand and began pulling him back down the hallways she had just exited from, but this time with his moistened palm in her hand, she pulled him past her meeting room, further down towards the end of the hallway that veered off slightly to a discreet handicap bathroom. No one was ever in that end of the hallway, especially at the end of the day.


As Ava stopped in front of the bathroom she pressed her back against the cool wood, as though silently wishing him to read her mind.


Scott let a small smile turn the corners of his mouth as he placed his hand on the door and leaned in closer to her, slowly making his way closer to her mouth, tingles shot through Ava, her insides were reduced to mush.


Which made Scott opening the handicapped bathroom all the more shocking as she felt herself falling backwards, until Scott’s strong hand clutch her back keeping her pressed against him. Her body burned at feeling his strong heartbeat through his clothes.  

As he backed her into the bathroom and locked the door behind her, his eyes burned into hers, his face still precariously close to her own.


Ava was pressed against the wall, her hands trembling, but after another beat of stillness after the previous flurry of movement, she was driven to grab him by the front of his vest and pull him onto her mouth. She felt her clit harden as an immediate reaction to his mouth being on hers, and she reacted to the pleasure by pressing herself all the more firmly against him, slipping her tongue across his lower lip teasingly.


Ava moaned as she felt his hardened cock pressed into her leg, her hands were now running through his hair, and as each moment passed her panties grew wetter.

Scott slipped his right hand up her thighs under the skirt and let a grunt of surprise out when he felt how she had soaked through the cotton material of her panties and began hiking up her skirt as Ava began unbuckling his pants and unbuttoning them.


“You know, you’ve had a long day, how about I give you a hand?” Scott’s breath on her neck made goosebumps rise up all over her arms, though she wasn’t sure what he meant.

That is until he took his belt in his right hand and her wrists in his left, and proceeded to bind them in the smooth leather. He made it so that the belt was done up tight enough so that she couldn’t escape, and so that it only cut a small bit into her soft skin.

After he had finished that act he used her newfound bondage to back her into the sink and hoist her up onto the counter.

Ava reached her bound hands down and managed to gently rub the velvety tip of his dick, biting her lip as she did so looking up at him from under her eye lashes.

Scott let a soft moan escape as he took her wrists and forcefully pinned them against the bathroom mirror as he pressed the tip of his penis against her opening, but not into Ava’s soaked pussy that was growing desperate with the severity of its pulsing need.

But he wasn’t done with prepping her just yet.

Scott’s left hand proceeded to undo all of the buttons on her purple blouse, pulling it out of the black skirt entirely and undoing the front clasp of her bra, letting her plump breasts bounce from their restraints as Ava leaned her head back and moan, knowing some part of her loved him pinning her wrists and undressing her to make her his whore in the moment.


He quickly suckled on her tit making her moan loudly and wrapping her legs around his waist desperate to have him in her.

As she did this Scott bit into her breast before standing upright again and staring straight into her glassy eyes.


“That bite is what you get for not being patient.” Ava’s cheeks flushed.

“Please fuck me.” She begged breathlessly, staring hungrily at his long thick cock.

“Oh… is that what you want?” He pushed his tip into her, making her body tremble in pleasure; only to abruptly remove himself and lean in closely.

“You will get fucked when I’m ready to fuck you.”

Without another word his mouth went to her neck, biting and licking as his one free hand groped at her breasts making her breathing come out raggedly.

“Oh God…. Please. Please…”

Scott stopped his work to gaze into her eyes, his face an inch from her own as he then rammed his dick hard into her cunt, making her scream his name as he then proceeded to pump in and out of her desperately, watching her tits bounce as he fucked her deeper and deeper, knowing that he was giving her G-spot the treatment it had been craving.


Ava felt the belt cutting into her wrists more as their activity grew more frantic, yet somehow the pain only fuelled her lust, making her thrust her hips towards Scott, pushing him deeper as he began letting out shouts of his own, his cum building higher as he watched how desperate Ava was, knowing her finish was rising quickly, he knew exactly what he had to do. Scott proceeded to give her a hard push and leaned in close, stopping the pumping movement, only to then grind hard against her clit.


“AH! SCOTT OH GOD YES! YES!” He felt his cock be gripped in waves as her body spasmed in pleasure, he watched her breasts pink hardened nipples rise and fall with her breathing and before she had completely ridden over the edge Scott began pumping in and out of her harder and faster rising to his own climax, and as he saw Ava’s willing submission he felt his orgasm shoot into her, filling her and satisfying her, and before his final spurt could finish he ground into her one final time driving her second cum out of her making her almost collapse under the pressure he was putting on her body.


As they panted in unison with each other, Scott finally released her hands and she lowered them in front of him to be removed, and when he did he was surprised to see the bruising around her wrists.


“Is that okay?” He asked his brows furrowed.

“I…I uh… I kind of liked it.” She smiled sheepishly as they both stood up and began tidying themselves up and dressing again.


“So. Are we going to talk about it?” Scott asked his tone far more serious than his former playful tone.

“Well I still want to get married.” Ava managed tucking her blouse back in.

“And I don’t know if I’m ready for that.” Scott slipped his belt into its proper notch.

“Then maybe it’s best if we don’t talk. I’m late to meet my friends at the bar.” She kissed him on the mouth quickly before exiting the handicapped bathroom leaving him alone with his thoughts.


As Scott leaned on the bathroom counter and gazed at his reflection he realized one thing:

As dominant as he was in bed, he knew outside of sex Ava was one woman who would not be dominated. She wanted what she wanted, told him that, and knew that anything thereafter for their relationship… was on him.


As Scott double-checked his fly, zipper, and belt he couldn’t help but smile.

Maybe he would just take out his frustrations next time they decided to have a ‘truce’ meeting.

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