Blazing Trails

Blazing Trails

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Sammy was not in the best of moods when she decided to wander the forest trails... but can a mysterious stranger maybe brighten her day?


Sammy was not in the best of moods when she decided to wander the forest trails... but can a mysterious stranger maybe brighten her day?


Submitted: June 22, 2013

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Submitted: June 22, 2013



Sammy stomped down the forest trail, scaring away any wildlife that lingered in the lush foliage surrounding her. She could not STAND her sister . . . so quick to judge her life and poke fun at how ‘straight-laced’ it had been.  How she couldn’t have been bothered with boyfriends or memorable parties. Instead, she buckled down and studied, she got her degree, and started her promising career. She had salvaged a few good friends, but beyond that her life had been about career success.


She could still hear her sister’s taunts as she had fled the house wearing her yoga pants and purple shirt. Sammy rarely put in effort to appear feminine, despite having the obvious womanly curves.  She didn’t care what she was wearing out where someone could see her… all that mattered was getting away from the ridicule she was being subjected to.

It was during her furious train of thought that she rounded a bend in the quiet woods, and crashed into someone.


A guy.


“Sorry.” She muttered under her breath as she continued to forge through her path.

“Take it easy!” He exclaimed back at her, his soft face developing a slow creeping red.

“I said sorry!” Sammy whirled around her long hair swishing around her shoulders as her cheeks deepened in color at the sight before her.

He looked to be her own age… with soft brown hair and green eyes…

“Seriously?! What the hell?!” He had already turned around and taken off in the direction he had been heading before Sammy’s brain recovered.

“HEY!” She shouted.


He trudged on without a second glance until Sammy bolted after him. Hot blood pumped through her. It flowed to every excitable place imaginable, mixed together with her rage.

She grabbed him by his shoulder and flung him around. She didn’t know him. Didn’t know his name… his middle name… or his favorite color. She just knew that it was now or never.

She crashed her mouth into his. She felt his initial shock rush through him, giving her tingles through to her toes. It was only a moment though before he picked her up, and allowed her to wrap her legs around him. He crashed through the nearby bushes and pressed her into the first tree they came upon. His cock throbbed vigorously as he himself indulged in his own bad mood to fire the chance encounter.


Without another word, Sammy unzipped his pants, and massaged him graciously, loving the feeling of the warm oozing liquid that he gave to her in thanks.

He moaned into her mouth.


“Give me a name.” He said gruffly as he set her back down on the ground.

“In a minute.” She breathed as she grazed her thumb under his head, gently touching the taught nerve.

He shuddered before he leaned into her, pressing them both into the tree behind her. Sammy let go of his swollen member and placed her finger in her moistened mouth. She slowly removed it as she then casually let her finger slide smoothly down his shaft.

He grabbed her wrist and led it away from himself before he slipped his hand down the front of her pants, and stroked her once lengthwise, recognizing quickly exactly how excited she was. He kissed her again, smiling this time as he did it. As he pressed his cock closer to her, he let her anticipation and dampness build. She groaned, her clit pulsing with its lust as she ran her hands through his hair, gently tugging it, trying to encourage him.

“My name’s Rob.” He whispered as he rolled his tip over her clit, mixing their juices together as Rob slipped his hand up Sammy’s shirt and gently teased her nipple.

“Don’t care.” Sammy’s heart skipped a beat at how reckless she was being. It thrilled her to no end as she pushed her hips forward, her cunt lips parted, issuing a welcome to it’s soon to be guest.


Rob pinched her nipple harder, making her cry out as she tried to fight the fog that filled her vision as her desirebuilt. Her breasts became swollen as her hormones increased in a fast flurry, prompting her to draw him closer by his hips.

“Be nice Rob… I’ve had a bad day.” She pouted trying to make her eyes focus on his face.


He aligned himself to slide in to her dripping pussy, but hesitated.

“Not until you tell me your name.”

She gasped, barely keeping herself together.


He drove into her, and hoisted her back onto his hips dropping her harder onto his engorged dick.

“ROB!” She moaned as she felt her first orgasm roll over her. Rippling over his quivering cock, washing him with her satisfaction as he then slammed her back against the tree, and fucked her harder. Her body on the verge of going into a seizure from the intense pleasure she had just gotten.

Barks and leaves drifted down from above them as he lowered his mouth to the small amount of cleavage her purple shirt revealed, and bit into her breast, flicking his tongue along her now sensitive flesh, as she bucked to the best of her ability while he held her in place. His own orgasm began to build as Sammy bowed her head down to his neck, and nibbled gently before licking slowly up to his ear.

“Oh God… Rob…. OH!” Sammy’s second orgasm was no where near her first’s but she felt her body allow Rob to slip in as far as he could in her taught cunt, his own small gasp could be heard.

“Put me down… I want to blow you away.” She uttered barely as her mind struggled to put together words and sentences. Rob obeyed silently. Sammy knelt down hastily as she rubbed his shaft once down in length, her mouth poised in front of his head, teasing him with her slightly parted lips. She let go of his cock and then with one swift motion snaked her tongue out and licked the nerve under his head. Rob pressed his hand into the tree trunk as his knees buckled. Sammy then pressed his cock deep into her throat while her tongue lapped at the pulsating vein under his staff. She ran her hand up the inside of his thigh, and gently placed his balls in her hand. She rubbed them tenderly as she then slowly slid him out from her throat and made small flicking movements with her tongue as she went. As soon as she came to his head, she wrapped her lips around him, and sucked.

“SAMMY!” He shouted as his hot cum shot into her willing mouth, her tongue resuming its rhythmic touches at the nerve.

She drank his cum until he had nothing, and when he was done, he pushed her down onto the forest floor, and slipped two of his fingers deep into her. She cried out as he then gave her clit one wet lick, and she came again all over his hand, her orgasm shuddering throughout her body. The world spun for several long moments before the two of them regained their breath.

Sammy stood up and slipped on her pants quickly and began walking away. Rob had begun buckling up his own jeans, when Sammy stopped suddenly and turned around.


“Forget something?” Rob asked his breath slowly returning to him.

Sammy wordlessly reached down her pants around her ass cheek, and pulled out a fallen leaf.

“Nope. Just didn’t want any souvenirs.”

Rob smiled and held up her thong that she had forgotten.

“Too bad… I do.”

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