Photo Models

Photo Models

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Gail was sat on the sofa with just her tiny lace panties left on, her legs draped over the laps of the guys sat on either side, as I picked up my camera they started to fondle her body.


Gail was sat on the sofa with just her tiny lace panties left on, her legs draped over the laps of the guys sat on either side, as I picked up my camera they started to fondle her body.


Submitted: July 06, 2013

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Submitted: July 06, 2013



Photo Models




The story is based on an actual situation that occurred when I started out in photography, the names and places have been changed to protect the innocent and not so innocent, but they actually happened basically as described


Chapter One

You may have read my previous stories when I was married to Jane, we had several adventures before the children came along which meant we had to slow down.(read my Slut Wife series)

You will be aware that I was happily married for 14yrs and working as an area manager for a large UK company. With the kids and Jane I took up photography as a serious hobby and built up my skills and equipment in that area, I was now in my very early thirties and totally bored with my job.

Me and Jane had been involved with a few wife swops and swinging scenes during this period and one of the couples, Robert and Susan, asked me if I would photograph them as a couple and the wife on her own for their own use.

 Did I say NO!!!, What do you think??? Of course I did it.

This was my first experience of photographing people having sex and what a turn on it was. I had always been into watching Jane being fucked by other guys, so doing this was a great turn-on for me as well as taking the pictures to the best of my ability. The wife was mid twenties and a genuine blonde English Rose type with a good figure and shaved pussy,  she loved posing and being fucked while being photographed and was very enthusiastic, showing off her body, holding open her pussy, sucking her husband’s cock and fucking him in various positions. After the photo session was finished (I actually ran out of film, how stupid was that?) she then asked if she could suck my cock for me to give me some relief. She pulled me onto the bed, undid my jeans, pulled them down along with my jockey shorts and taking my hard cock in her hand opened her mouth and started to suck and lick it. I was well turned on anyway and she was an expert cock sucker, able to take it right into her mouth while she used her hands to wank me and fondle my balls until I came right into her willing mouth, holding her head in place while I did so.

I left them and said I would process the film(this was when film not digital  was the main form of photography) and return with the results before the weekend.

I went back on the Friday evening to find two other couples there as well as me and Jane, we had drinks and sat around chatting. Robert and Susan asked me to show them the results so I handed over two albums full of the pictures I had taken, and everyone gathered around to view them,

I had not even shown them to Jane so was very nervous of how they would be received.

The whole group were looking through the albums in silence for the first few pages and then Sue looked at me and said, “Ron these are great, I look fabulous in them and Bob’s dick looks really good as I sucked it”. The others agreed and the pages kept turning right through to the cum shot at the end when I had pictured Sue with Bob’s cum splattered over her tit’s.

Everyone then started asking questions, did I do this for a living?, could I photograph them?, how much did I charge?, the questions were endless until I agreed to do more for other people as well.

My new career as a photographer had started!!!


Chapter Two

Sue started the action by sitting on my lap and saying, “You deserve a present for those pictures Ron”, she then dropped the front of her dress and pulled my head onto one of her nipples which I sucked into my mouth and nibbled with my teeth making them stand up as Sue pulled my head into her breasts. When I looked to the side I could see Jane and the other girl both kissing the guys who were also making moves to expose their tits, so it looked like a full blown orgy was on the cards.

It was at this point I decided I would get my camera bag from the car and told Sue what I was going to do, she just said, “Oh goody, it turned me on so much when you did the pictures before”, so off I went.

When I returned Sue and Jane had disappeared and Gail, the other girl, was sat between the two guys on the sofa, her dress and bra were off and her legs hooked wide apart over theirs, I could clearly see her pussy, which had a fuzz of dark hair around it, through her pale blue lacy panties , her medium size tits were in great shape with a nice flat tummy and decent size nipples standing proud. As I set up my camera and put film in the guys were playing with her pussy, their fingers creeping around her panties to slip fingers inside, and taking turns to suck and nibble her nipples to full hardness.

As soon as I was ready with the flashgun mounted I started to take pictures as they slowly pulled her panties down her legs and off of each leg in turn, as they did this her wet pussy came into view and I got some great shots. Taking a tit her husband started to move the flat of his hand around it, squeezing the breast and as he did so sucking on the nipple, Gail started to move her hips and arch her back to offer her tits to him. Bob was meanwhile running his hand down her tummy until he was cupping her pussy mound in the palm of his hand and rubbing round and round her clit, he opened her pussy lips to make it pop into view and ran a finger along the slit. Gail was by now starting to take sharp short intakes of breath as the sensations coursed through her body, I was still taking pictures but bending was getting a bit difficult with a very hard cock in my jeans.

Gail spotted this and waved me towards her with her fingers and as soon as I was close she undid the belt around my waist and slipped my jeans and jockey shorts down, allowing my cock to spring into view. She then pulled me towards her and started to suck it with great enthusiasm as I took photos of her doing this. I made her look at the camera as she sucked me and the pictures were a great success when we had them printed.

They next laid Gail out on the sofa and Bob knelt between her legs and placing his cock on her pussy lips he pushed hard up inside of her as she pushed back against him, I had a great view of his veined cock disappearing into her wet cunt. Her husband was pushing his cock into her mouth as she fondled his balls, again some great pictures of wet cocks pushing in and out at both ends fucking her pussy and her mouth.

At this point Sue and Jane re-appeared, they were both naked and looked very flushed and I asked what they had been doing, they told me they had been having some ‘woman time’ together in the bedroom, I could see that they both had hard nipples and their bodies were flushed so it was a safe bet that orgasms had occurred. I told them they should have waited for me but they said their lust got the better of them both, Pity!!!

I got them to lay on the carpet together and they started to fondle each other’s pussies, using their fingers to probe inside and rub around their clits, sucking and licking each other’s nipples and running their hands over their feminine bodies, bringing each other to a new high as I continued to take pictures of the action. Hearing gasps behind me I turned around  to see Gail’s husband wanking his cock over her tit’s, his spunk shooting out as Bob fucked her hard. The sperm landed on her and he rubbed his cock around her mouth and she took the head into her mouth. Her orgasm then hit her and she started to scream out in ecstasy arching her back as she ground her pussy mound hard against him, causing Bob to thrust hard and cum inside of her. I was desperately trying to focus and take pictures of all this happening, all the time my cock standing out hard and pointing to the ceiling.

I was finishing the pictures of Gail’s well fucked pussy, the lips soaking wet, Bob’s cum beginning to dribble out as her stomach and pussy muscles continued to contract and release with her orgasm, her tits covered in her husband’s cum, when Jane and Sue grabbed my cock and balls and started to suck and fondle me.

They pushed me back into the chair and knelt between my spread legs as they took turns sucking my cock or balls and wanking my cock into each other’s mouths. The feelings running through my body were making my hips move it time to them and Bob grabbed the camera to record the action as I held both of them by the hair forcing my cock into whichever mouth it was in. Gail then leaned over the back of the chair and started to kiss me full on the mouth, I could taste her husband’s sperm on her lips and tongue as she pushed her tongue into my mouth, her hands holding my head and running down my chest to tweak my nipples. My cock was getting harder and bigger as the blood flooded into it and as my orgasm came nearer used one hand to squeeze Gail’s tit and pinch and roll her nipple, the other hand was holding whoever’s head was currently sucking almost all of my cock into her mouth then drawing it out to be wanked as she used her lips and tongue to tease the head. Another set of hands was playing with my balls lightly squeezing them and rolling them around as I started to cum into the mouth of whoever was sucking my cock deeply into it. I could feel my cock pulsing as my spunk shot out, but the mouth stayed firmly in place and I could feel her swallowing hard as she took it all in. I looked down to see Sue with my cock firmly embedded in her mouth and Jane with a big smile on her face as she watched my remaining orgasm shoot through my body, my hips jerking with the spasm’s as the final drops of spunk went into Sue’s willing mouth.

Gail’s husband was behind Jane fucking her wet pussy and she started another orgasm of her own as Bob continued to take pictures until the film ran out.

There was the smell of sex and sperm in the air and we all took time to fondle wet pussy’s and wet cocks, the girls taking great delight in teasing each other’s pussy’s with their tongues and fingers until everybody was sated.

Afterwards we cleaned up in the shower and dressed to go to our own homes.

I promised to get the film developed and printed to bring round the following week.


Chapter Three

I went back to the same place that had developed the previous film for me and told the couple who ran the establishment what was on the film. I asked if they were happy to print the results, they had no problem with this and asked if they could print a set for themselves which I agreed too.

When I returned to collect the results they asked if i would be interested in more work as they were friends with one of the editors of a top shelf men’s magazine who had seen the pictures. Of course I was and they told me he would like to see pictures of girls aged from 18 to 30 who would pose naked with spread legs for his magazine. I spoke to him on the phone and he said he was impressed by my ability to take a good image while under pressure and if the results i came up with were of the same standard he would buy sets from me for publication. He also said that if the girls I had already photographed were willing to be published he was always interested in new models. We discussed the requirements further and he told everything had to be on slide film not negatives to get the quality required for magazine purposes, so I had to learn how to use this type of film.

I took the pictures around to show everyone the next week and they were all very happy with them. I told them about the editors proposal and both Sue and gail agreed to pose for me, much to my delight.

 Jane declined as she felt that after two children her body was not as good as it used to be, little did we realise then that the interest in woman who look like normal housewives would explode like it has now, and her pictures if they existed would be in great demand, but such is life! She would still be a fantastic mature model.

Anyway I took the pictures of the other girls outside in the countryside as I had no studio at that time, presented them to the editor who accepted them and paid me.

I never looked back, I have travelled around the world, taking pictures of ladies with no kit on for magazines and calendars. I have taken porn pictures for magazines with couples, singles and groups, including gangbangs and lesbian shoots. I have shot videos for couples and groups for their own private use, I have produced for the internet and taken to digital photography instead of film.

During my photographic career I have fucked with a lot of the models, pictured and taken videos of them on their own or with others.

 It was a great life right up until I changed careers when I was fifty-two, I went into real estate in Europe instead, as the demand for photography for the magazines was declining.


If anyone would like advice or pictures or videos of themselves, contact me as I still have a very good camera and studio equipment around to use.


Dear reader thank-you for taking the time to read my story.

As a new writer your feedback is much appreciated if you wish to send it.



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