My Wife Book Two

My Wife Book Two

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


My Wife Jane had been asked if she would pose for a local camera club. This story relates what happened when she did.


My Wife Jane had been asked if she would pose for a local camera club. This story relates what happened when she did.


Submitted: July 06, 2013

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Submitted: July 06, 2013



My Wife (Book Two)

This story is based on facts, and describes scenes we took part in during our marriage.

The names have been changed to protect the innocent and not so innocent.



Chapter One

After Jane had been fucked by two other guys at the party in Winchester we spent the next six months talking about it every time we had sex, recalling what I saw, and Jane how she felt being fucked by two guys turned us on and enhanced our sex life hugely.

We discussed if she should do it again but the opportunity never came along during this period. Jane at the time was working in a local shop selling ladies clothes and I was busy building my career in office management.

One day a guy walked into the shop and told Jane he was a amateur photographer and needed to buy some underwear for some models who would be posing at the local camera club that night for the members. She helped him select some suitable items and as he was leaving he asked her if she had ever modelled, when she said no he suggested she should as she defiantly had the face and figure for it. He gave her a card with the club details on it and wrote his name on the back, he told her to speak to the club president to arrange for some test shots if she was interested.

She told me this when i got home and showed me the card so I checked the details in the phone book(we didn’t have the internet then) Sure enough it all checked out so we discussed if it was something she wanted to try, and if so, was I happy for her to go along.

We both agreed she should phone the guy and see how she felt, so that is what she did having a quite long chat with him. She told me afterwards that the guy from the shop, Simon, had mentioned her to him when he had arrived that night for the model session.

She had arranged to go along the next night for some test shots and would I drop her off and collect her afterwards, which I was happy to do.

The following night Jane bathed and did her make-up then asked me what she should wear, as it was springtime i suggested a yellow mini-dress she had with thin straps over the shoulders and her matching yellow bra and panties which were both small lacy items.

She put her three quarter length black leather coat on over the top and black stilettos, she looked stunning with her long black hair and brown eyes contrasting nicely with the dress.

I dropped her at the club house and wished her luck, telling her to enjoy herself.


Chapter Two

I will now pick up the story as told to me by Jane later that night.

She went into the club and was met by Simon who introduced her to Eric the club president, a distinguished looking older guy with a full head of silver hair and a small silver goatee.

He looked like a collage professor type and had on a white shirt hanging outside of his black trousers with black loafers on his feet. Simon was very casual in jeans and an open neck denim shirt with sandals.

They showed Jane around the clubhouse and offered her a drink and she asked for a gin and tonic for a bit of dutch courage, Simon mixed it as a double gin and she sipped it as they talked. Once they had seen the studio they showed her the changing room and asked her if she would take her coat off which she did and hung it in the changing room, both guys told her she looked beautiful, radiant almost in her yellow dress and complimented her on her figure and looks. Jane was flattered and they switched on the studio lights, at the same time turning off the room lights, as she sat on the posing stool provided they picked up their camera’s and after comparing light readings started to take a few pictures asking Jane to turn right or left, stand up, lean forward, sit on the floor with one leg crossed over the other and generally allow her to relax and enjoy the experience.

Under the blaze of the lights Jane could see very little beyond the set and could really only see them as shadows moving around with their cameras, After a while they asked her if she would mind posing in the set they had used the previous night which was in another room, Jane was happy to do this so eric went ahead to switch on the lights while Simon took a few shots of her sitting with her legs crossed, her mini-dress riding up a bit to show her legs off to perfection. Simon told her she had fantastic legs as they left the room to go to the new set. Jane was feeling very flattered by all the male attention and Simon turned off all the lights as they moved rooms.

When they entered the next room Jane realised it was a bedroom set complete with a four poster bed and black sheets, she was a bit taken aback but having said she would pose decided to go ahead. They asked her to lay across the bed facing them and to hitch her skirt up to expose more leg, which she did, again with the bright lights she could just make out them moving around. They next asked her if she would drop the straps of her dress and cross her arms under her breasts to make them stand out further with her shoulders back.

Simon brought her gin and tonic over and she gulped it down, he went to get another one and Eric took some pictures of her laid back with her head hanging over the side of the bed.

Simon came back and she realised he was taking pictures of her legs from the other side, her dress had rode up and she was sure he could see her panties. This turned her on a bit as the thought entered her mind about how far this might go.

Simon then asked if he could move her dress higher and she agreed, he did it while running his hands along her legs to just below her pussy and she allowed him to move her legs apart slightly to expose her panties to his gaze. By now Jane was getting turned on with all the male attention and when Eric asked if she would drop the front of her dress she pulled it down to expose her matching bra. They then asked her to sit up and Eric took her dress and lifted it up over her head so she was now in just her yellow lace bra and panties.

Her big dark brown nipples were showing through and were already stood to attention, she knew they could clearly see them and took a deep breath to make her lovely 36c tits stand out, both Simon and Eric started taking pictures and it was at this point she realised that there were two more people in the room also taking pictures,

Jane asked who they were and Eric told her other members who had popped in to discuss last night’s shoot and hoped she didn’t mind posing for them as well, Jane replied she had no objection, to her it was two more men to show off too.

Jane admitted to me that by now she was getting very turned on at the thought of showing her body to what amounted to five strangers and was worried that she would get wet and it would become obvious when the crutch of her panties also got wet.



Chapter Three

Jane felt the atmosphere had become very sexually charged as they continued to take shots and she was not surprised when she was asked to slowly take her bra off. Reaching behind she unclipped it and let the straps drop before pulling her arms through and holding it onto her tits with her hands, she could hear the cameras clicking and the studio flash lights going prevented her seeing clearly who was there. As she slowly lowered her hands taking her bra away she thought she heard a gasp from one of them and Eric clearly said she had wonderful tits as her nipples came into view, because of her excitement they were hard and puckered and standing a good half inch out, she brushed her fingers across them before holding her tits with both hands to exhibit them to the guys.

Simon had moved towards the bed and with both hands he pushed her down across the bed and moved one leg out straight and the other leg bent at the knee. Jane knew he could see her wet pussy through the thin lace of her panties and sure enough he took hold of them either side and drew them down her legs to expose her freshly shaved pussy to their gaze. She felt the tension in the air as they waited to see how she would react and when she just placed her fingers spread out across her flat stomach the cameras started clicking again.

By now Jane had decided she would do whatever they wanted, she needed a hard cock inside her but Simon had moved away and was taking pictures of her very wet pussy.

Eric was the one who surprised her he came and stood by the bed, he had stripped off and his cock was hard and standing up, she saw he had a good body for a fifty year old guy and reached out to take his cock in her hand and started rubbing it, Eric moved onto the bed and using his hand he moved his fingers down her body until they rested on her pussy mound before slipping them around her mound and onto her pussy, She knew the others were taking pictures of all this and didn’t care, she just needed to fuck by now.

Eric rubbed around her clit and slowly opened her pussy to expose the wet inner lips of her cunt, opening it up with two fingers as he slid a third inside to start finger fucking her.

Just then Jane realised that the others has stripped off and she was laying naked on the bed with fingers in her pussy and a hard cock in her hand and four other cocks all hard and ready to fuck her. The thought of the fucking she was about to get started her first orgasm and as she bucked against Eric’s hand she felt other hands on her body, teeth and lips closing around her nipples and hands moving on her stomach and legs, her orgasm was overwhelming as she was held in position on the bed.

Someone now got between her legs and a hard cock was pushing into her cunt, at the same time a cock was put into her other hand and Eric offered his to her mouth, she took him in and sucked hard using her tongue to slurp around the head. The guy fucking her was really going for it and she felt him banging against her clit, her tits were being manhandled and her nipples receiving particular attention, she felt another orgasm rising(as explained in book one Jane is multi-orgasmic, you keep fucking her she will keep having orgasms every few minutes) and it exploded through her body making her buck and writhe against whoever was on top of her.

Jane was being fucked again and again, as soon as one finished the next was in her, they moved her around to get the best angles and at one point she had the guy underneath her fucking her pussy, the guy behind fucking her ass, a cock in each hand and another in her mouth all at the same time. As she told me she had no choice about if she would fuck them as there were five of them, and anyway she wanted to be fucked for as long as they could keep going.

As the guys satisfied themselves and Jane they gradually slowed down and Simon took Jane to have a shower and rest before I came to collect her.

Eric suggested she phone me and tell me they would give her a lift home which she did.

On the way home Simon and Eric pulled off the road into a car park and fucked her again in the car by laying her across the back seat with Eric playing with her tits and Simon stood outside fucking her pussy. She couldn’t see him as Eric was blocking her view and she was sure people were stood watching as they fucked her, in fact she was convinced another guy also fucked her as Simon at one point stepped away and she felt what seemed to be a bigger cock fucking her, but as Jane said she didn’t care as long as they fucked her to another orgasm.


Chapter Four

When Jane arrived home it was obvious to me she had been well fucked, her hair was bedraggled, her dress was rumpled and her bra and knickers in her bag, she just looked at me and demanded I take her to bed straight away, which I did.

She spent the next hour telling me everything that had happened as she slowly wanked me, and as I came she took my cock into her mouth and swallowed the lot before I rolled her over and putting her legs over my shoulders I fucked her until I came again.

Jane did another two sessions at the club but became a bit bored by it as they did not introduce any new idea’s, they just wanted to fuck her on the bed so she said she couldn’t do any more nights for them.

I benefited from her re-telling me the stories of what they did while I either fucked her or she wanked me for the next few months.

It was about four months later that she performed in front of me, it occured when we were at a company do and we stayed at a hotel after the seminar.

I will relate the events in my next story.


Thanks for taking the time to read my offering, feedback and comments are very welcome to encourage me to continue to put my experiences down in this form.

All of my stories are based on real events that have occurred during my lifetime unless I specifically state they are works of fiction.

If anyone would like me to produce a story based on their own experiences just contact me.







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