Estate Agent in Trouble

Estate Agent in Trouble

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Natalia was laid on the bed her business suit, blouse, bra and panties missing, now totally naked she was aware of the men looking at her body, their lust filled eyes devouring her as they approached the bed.


Natalia was laid on the bed her business suit, blouse, bra and panties missing, now totally naked she was aware of the men looking at her body, their lust filled eyes devouring her as they approached the bed.


Submitted: July 06, 2013

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Submitted: July 06, 2013



Estate Agent in Trouble



This story does have some basis in an actual situation that a girl of my acquaintance found herself in. She told me about this for the purposes of publication of a story relating to what occurred, and the fact she admits to enjoying what happened


Chapter One

Natalia had done well in her life so far, at age 26 she was currently the manageress of a successful real estate agency in Eastern Europe. Her country had recently undergone a huge change when the communist government had been replaced by a democratic one during the withdrawal of the troops back to Russia and freedom had taken over.

When this had first occurred she had been just fourteen and did not understand the full implications of being free to think and do what she wanted too. She had left school at sixteen as her parents could no longer afford to pay for her education and had started work as a waitress in the new tourist resort that had sprung up. She lost her virginity to one of the male waiters and moved in with him but he soon tired of her and threw her out onto the streets, she moved back to her parent’s house.

Because of the huge changes taking place her father had lost his job and they were finding it very hard to survive and put food on the table, so Natalia looked for other work.

Natalia was just coming up to 18 and one of the jobs available was as a dancer at the new strip club in the tourist resort, so she went for an interview. They took one look at her, asked if she could dance? Would she strip naked? When she said “Yes”, she had the job, that simple.

But of course life never is, is it?

Let me describe Natalia to you, she is 5’2’’ of pure dynamite, waist length black hair, blue eyes, totally stunning looks, almost Latin in appearance , her figure was fantastic with a 34D-22-32 body and slim build she was a real class act. When she walked down the street both men and woman would stop to look as she dressed with real class spending good money on quality and designer gear.

 To walk into a restaurant with her on your arm was a delight, she loved food and ate with genuine gusto, how she kept her figure amazed me.

No wonder the strip club leapt at the chance to employ her.

When she worked there she always dressed well, evening gowns not mini-skirts, costume jewellery, fully made up, always freshly showered after each stage performance and quality perfume not the cheap imitation rubbish.

Almost as soon as she started to work as a stripper she found she had a real flair for it, very sensual, great body, great dancer with a real attitude and pleasure on her part. She discovered she is a total exhibitionist, loved the attention and the chance to show off her body.

She is highly intelligent and taught herself to speak five languages as she realised this would enable her to earn big money by sitting and talking to clients in the club, as like all strippers she was on commission for any drinks purchased for her.

As you can imagine she very quickly became the high earner at the club and her tips for lap dances, private shows and drinks soon started bringing in very good money.

She took driving lessons and by the time she was 20yrs old had brought herself a new Audi A4 and her clothes collection had increased as well.

I met her when I went to her country to find some real estate for Spanish clients of mine and visited the club with them one night. I don’t know how or why but we clicked straight away, sitting and talking for about an hour, obviously from her point of view she was earning money but she told me not to buy her champagne but just gin and tonic, she would earn less but we simply clicked as I said.

She asked me for a business card and to slip it too her under the table, she went into the changing rooms and folded it into her purse. I will admit I thought it was just a ploy to extract money from me. When we left she said she would phone me, never thinking she would, but the next afternoon my mobile rang and she asked to meet for coffee, so off I went happy as Larry Lamb in springtime. We had coffee and she asked me not to come to the club again as it was against the rules to be seen with clients outside of the club, I was happy to agree.

We arranged to meet for a meal and she took me to her favourite restaurant, which is when I discovered her love of good food and wine, defiantly my type of girl. We never ran out of topics to discuss and I put her into a taxi back to her home wondering what the hell a 22yr old stunning looking girl saw in a fifty year old guy.

Anyway to cut a long story short we eventually ended up in bed and had a long range relationship that lasted for the next 5yrs. Natalia had to stop dancing when she was just 24yrs old as her knees were playing up, so I found her a job with the Real Estate Agency who I had dealt with over the past 3yrs and who she still worked for when the incident happened that this story is based on.

She quickly established herself with them and became manageress of the branch when they opened new premises elsewhere.

She was very successful and she used her personality, her superb body, wearing low cut blouses etc, her knowledge of men, how to tease them to the right degree without giving them anything, and yet still  getting the deal signed up.

She earned good money again, dressed the part with business suits and was bringing good business into the branch with her language skills.

So now you understand Natalia, her background, our relationship, why she asked me to make what occurred into a story, and how she found herself in a situation she suddenly had no control over.


Chapter Two

Natalia was sat in the office when the phone rang, the secretary/receptionist picked it up and asked the caller to hang on, she asked Natalia if she could take the call and passed the phone across. It was from a company based in Russia who had clients looking to buy a hotel. After a lengthy discussion Natalia asked them to send details of what was required by email and she would reply with anything she had that would be suitable for them.

The email duly arrived and she sent back properties she thought would be right. The company replied a few days later and asked if she could arrange for accommodation for six guests at a good five star hotel so that they could view what was available.

She started to take a real interest now as she had sent out details of hotels ranging from 1 million to 8million Euro’s, and the commission on those would be worth two years of normal sales to her.

The flights and accommodation were duly arranged and she went to the airport to meet the clients who were flying in by private jet. They had told her they would be arranging their own transport and drivers so she just went in her Audi.

The plane arrived and sure enough there were five of the businessmen and one bodyguard in the party of six who had all booked separate rooms at the hotel. Natalia quickly realised they were the real deal and not dreamers, they wore properly tailored expensive suits, were all very clean and tidy, had very expensive luggage and a private plane, things were defiantly looking good.

They followed her to their hotel in two Mercedes cars supplied with drivers and a security guard in each car. The personnel protection guy who had travelled with them sat in Natalia’s car with her as they lead the way. They arrived and Natalia made sure they were booked in and settled into their rooms, taking time to make sure she made an impression on each one of them. Before she left she arranged to meet them later that night to go for a meal and discuss any aspects of the selected hotels with them.

She returned at 7PM ready to go for the meal which she had booked at a very good restaurant. She had gone to town wearing a business trouser suit in black which fitted her hips and ass to perfection, it clung to her ass making her ass cheeks stand out and with its waist length coat she knew it made men look. She had coupled this with a white blouse that buttoned up down the front so that she could leave a good bit of cleavage on display, and had selected a pair of her 6inch heeled stilettos that made the very best of her ass as she walked. They left for the restaurant in the cars minus two of the security guys who took a taxi and followed. They had a great meal and they returned to the hotel to sleep as they were tired from their journey, So far so good, Natalia had made sure she flirted with each one of them and had made a point of using all of her skills on them, this commission was very important to her.

The next day they looked around three of the hotels, they rejected two but thought that one of them was suitable but wanted to see more the next day. Natalia was exhausted she had spent the day making sure she had touched all of their arms when talking to them, she had smiled and looked into their eyes from under lowered lashes, in other words she had used a lot of her womanly skills to ensure they fell under her spell, she had even undone an extra button on her blouse so that the tops of her tits were on display to them. And they had re-acted, vying to be close to her in the cars, helping her into and out of them, holding her arm when negotiating stairs and passageways, she was happy with her performance.

The next day they had three more hotels to view and left the hotel to start, there was only one problem, one of the hotels was closed for the season and only had a caretaker there but Natalia had phoned the owners who had told the caretaker to allow them access to anywhere they wanted to view, so they set off.


The first place was a definite, they all liked it and they liked the price, a deal was defiantly on the cards. They and the owner were in agreement and Natalia was asked to phone her office to set up the paperwork for a suitable deposit to be paid the next day via a bank transfer. She was excited and over the moon about sealing the deal.

As they left their new purchase one of the guys asked about the empty place, pointing out that because they had negotiated a good price with the owners they could, if the price was right, also afford the place that was closed up. They discussed it in Russian and decided that Natalia should show them this place also, so off they went.

Both Mercedes following Natalia and their protection guy to the hotel, they arrived about 11am and were met by the caretaker who told Natalia that he had unlocked all of the rooms, doors and kitchens so they could wander around as they wished too, he would be leaving soon as his wife had a Doctor’s appointment but he would return about six to lock up after they had left, Natalia said that was fine.

The group entered the hotel leaving the drivers and security guards with the cars and their personnel security walking along behind them. They toured the hotel checking the public rooms, the kitchens, the empty swimming pool and sauna areas, the two bars and the restaurant, all of them drawing favourable comments. They then started up the stairs to look at some of the guest rooms, popping their heads around the doors to give them a basic check and working their way upwards to the top floor where the suites were.

They checked the first couple and then the whole group entered the third one which was listed as a three room suite with sauna. It was certainly impressive and the room had been recently cleaned, with fresh sheets put on the king size four poster bed, fresh towels in the bathroom and a general feel of being in use, the lounge area had fresh flowers and the drinks cabinet was fully stocked. Having spoken to the owners Natalia knew this had been done deliberately the previous day so as to create a good impression, she told her clients that the owners had said they were welcome to help themselves to drinks from the bar and make use of the balcony. She then went to the bar and offered to make drinks for everyone, she did this and then sat and watched as they talked about the hotel.

They told her they would also like to take this one as well if she could contact the owners to make arrangements tomorrow to meet at her office. She did this and the owners were very impressed by her sales skills and agreed to meet at her office the next day.

Natalia was ecstatic, double the commission, it couldn’t have gone better.

They then suggested more drinks and the security guy went to the bar to make them, he had a heavier hand then Natalia, they were a good strong mix which were quickly downed when several toasts to their new venture were proposed. Natalia had to obviously join in the toasts and she soon found herself with a new drink in hand and more toasts following, the Russians are big drinkers and she knew this, so was not surprised.

The guys started to wander into the bedroom and onto the balcony, Natalia needed to use the toilet so she went through the bedroom and used the en-suite in there.

When she came out she saw they had taken their jackets off and left them in the lounge and the security guy was standing in the doorway, two of the guys were sitting on the bed and one was sitting in an armchair that was in the room, the other two were leaning against the wall by the bathroom door. She stepped into the room and one of the guys on the bed patted it and asked her to sit between them, Natalia hesitated for a second as she felt something had changed in their attitude and she felt worried, it was too late though, as she turned to walk out of the room one of the guys moved away from the wall and taking her arm he propelled her towards the bed, turning her around and sitting her down on it.

The two on the bed then took an arm each and pulled her down and backwards onto the bed with hers legs hanging off the edge. As she fell backwards she tried to pull her legs up but they were grabbed and held down.

One of the guys then said, “Listen, you have been teasing and making eyes for two days now and a deal has already been agreed, with another deal probable tomorrow, so now it’s time for you to make good on what you have been offering, you will be fucked either willingly or by force, you will say nothing to anyone about what happens here, because if you do you will lose both the deal’s, so which is it to be, willingly or not”?


Chapter Three

Natalia panicked and started to struggle to sit up, but her small frame stood no chance against the three holding her, the harder they tried to hold her still the more she struggled against them.

They took this to mean they would have to use some force if they intended to carry though with their threat to fuck her. As she struggled against them Natalia told herself not to give in, if they carried on she would refuse to just allow it to happen, she would fight them all the way, but she also realised that the whole of her career was at risk, she had negotiated two deals and informed the owners the deals were done, she had also told her office to draw up the paperwork, she was now in real trouble.

The guy holding her legs now moved up and sat across her waist, Natalia wriggled and squirmed as she tried desperately to escape the clutches of the two who were holding her arms above her head by the wrist’s and were now using their free hand’s to maul her tit’s through her blouse and bra.

She started to tell them to stop, she was not going to give in. The guy sitting across her stomach just laughed and said, “This is what we want,  you will be fucked, no-one is going to come and rescue you”, Natalia was horrified at the thought of them fucking her and struggled harder, her breath coming in short heavy gasps as she tried to get more air into her lungs.

Between the three of them they now took hold of her blouse and literally tore it from her body from the front, tugging it out of her trousers and ripping it open to expose her white lacy bra, the blouse tearing and the button’s flying off. Her breasts were heaving up and down as she tried to get air into her lungs and they all started to maul them around, trying to get her bra off to expose them to their hungry eyes. The security guard now stepped forward with a serrated knife he had found on the bar and handed it to the guy on top, he took it and placing it between her tits he pulled it sharply upwards with a sawing motion to cut through the material joining the two cups together.

Because Natalia was struggling so much and moving around it literally flew apart,  her superb breasts and nipples were now in full view. The guys fell on them with gusto, using their hands to grab and squeeze them, her nipples were pinched and pulled, the guy sitting on her was being really rough with her, he took both of her nipples in between his finger and thumb and pulled them upwards, stretching her breasts into an elongated shape before releasing them to spring back into shape. Natalia screamed as the pain shot through her abused tits and nipples, more was to come as they bent their heads to bite her tits and nipples so badly she thought they would bite them off. Screaming and crying out, “Stop, stop, please don’t, no, no, your hurting me, please don’t”, she fought to free her arms from the grip of their hands, trying desperately to move her tits and nipples away from the abuse. They took no notice at all, just increased the biting, pulling and squeezing them as Natalia sobbed, the tears running freely from her eyes with the pain being inflicted. Finally they sat back to study her abused breasts, seeing the red marks their teeth had inflicted on them. The guy sitting on her slapped her tits with his open hand hitting each one twice, he asked her if she was now prepared to fuck with them but she still told them, “No way, I won’t let you”, he replied, “Ok, suit yourself we are going to anyway.”

Natalia told her-self don’t give them the satisfaction of giving in, keep fighting.

The guy sitting on her now moved away and as he did so the other two each grabbed an ankle each with both hands to stop her from lashing out with her legs as she started to struggle wildly again, her breasts bouncing around as she did so.

Between the three of them holding her legs they started to undo the fastening at the waist of her trousers, as it released they undid the zip and opened the waistband, her belly button and flat stomach coming into view as they started to work them over her hips until they had exposed her matching white lacy panties down to just below her pubic mound, one of them taking the opportunity to trail his fingers down her body, from her tits across her stomach, down across her mound still encased in her panties, until they came to rest just curled under her mound and touching her pussy lips, “Very nice”, he said, as he dug them in slightly to bring another attempt from Natalia to break free from their tight grip on her limbs.

They now pulled her trousers completely off, taking her shoes with them, and then threw them across the floor. They then started pulling her legs apart, gripping her ankles and pushing her knee’s down flat on the bed to spread-eagle her, pinning her to the bed. Natalia screamed again telling them to leave her alone and stop hurting her, but it was too late to stop them now, an animal lust had taken them over and Natalia was about to be gang-raped in this room.

All of Natalia’s clothes were now removed, her blouse and bra pulled from her body and thrown to one side, her panties torn from her between her legs, exposing her fully shaven pussy to them, she felt fingers begin to explore into her cunt, opening her outer lips and probing around the inner flesh, rubbing her clit, pulling on it with their fingers as she continued to struggle.

One of the guys went to the curtains and brought back the woven rope holding them back from the window, he told the guys holding her to turn her over which they did, they then brought her wrists together behind her and tied them together before rolling her again onto her back. Doing the meant Natalia could no longer attempt to protect her breasts and nipples from more abuse and left her helpless to resist them when they started to fuck her.

They moved her into the middle of the bed and taking her legs by the ankles and knees they forced them apart, moving them backwards and forcing them open to expose her pussy for them. As soon as they had done this she saw one of them move between her legs, she thought he was going to fuck her then but she was wrong, he had big hands and fingers and he trailed them along her leg from her knee downwards towards her pussy, as she braced herself waiting for him to touch her pussy he stopped about an inch from it, caressing the soft flesh at the top of her thigh. He then did the same with her other leg, he must have noticed the frightened look on her face because he grinned in pleasure as he again stopped short of touching her pussy.

Natalia now saw how big his hands were and she knew that when he invaded her pussy he would make her scream, her body trembled as she waited for the abuse of her vagina to start.

One of the guys now held her shoulders onto the bed and she felt the ones holding her legs tighten their grip, she knew that her rape was about to start and felt a scream rising in her throat as the fingers began to explore her tummy and pussy mound,  they slowly crept around her mound approaching her exposed womanhood, probing for her pussy lips, As the fingers touched her outer lips the pent up scream escaped from her mouth, she arched her body trying to move away from the intrusive fingers but they moved relentlessly towards her vagina opening. Her screams just served to encouraged him and he slowly inserted a big fat finger into her, moving it around to open her pussy for him, he then added a second finger making Natalia start to struggle again as he probed into her, filling her tunnel with his fat digits. As soon as he reached as far as he could he used his thumb to rub her clit, the fingers of another pair of hands holding her outer pussy lips open and pulling them back to expose her completely to their touch. She now had hands all over her, playing with her tits and nipples, running over her body, holding her pussy open and pushing once more deep into her vagina preparing her for the hard cocks now surrounding her.

Natalia resigned herself to fucking these guys, they had gone much too far to stop now.

Almost as soon as this thought entered her head her body reacted, she felt herself begin to get wet, her bodies reaction to the stimulus was natural, so as to prevent any damage to her vagina.

“Oh please, No, No” she thought don’t let them think she was wanting this, don’t let them feel me getting wet, but it was too late, the guy fingering her smiled in triumph as he held up his wet fingers to show the others, and popping one into his mouth he sucked her juices from it.

“Now she is ready for her fucking”, he said and moved out of the way.


Chapter Four

Natalia laid on the bed and watched as the guys stood up to strip off, all of them including the security guy now stood around the bed, hard cocks either ready, or being wanked to get them ready to forcibly gangbang her, her body was shaking and she had closed her legs in the vain hope she could still prevent them from raping her, but in the back of her mind she knew she was about to be fucked by more than one man at a time.

The guys knelt on the bed, two of them either side grabbing her shoulders to hold her down, with her hands still tied behind her she was helpless to prevent them reaching out to squeeze and fondle her 34d tits, working her nipples with their fingers as they did this.

The two by her hips reach down and grabbing her ankles they pulled them open and back towards her head, holding them down on the bed so that her wet pussy was now exposed between her spread thighs.

She felt fingers start to open the lips of her vagina to explore her wetness, she could not stop the scream that escaped her throat as the fingers of one hand opened her up, other fingers began to manipulate her clit, her body re-acted, releasing more pussy juice to prepare her cunt for the invasion to come.

She was screaming and twisting her head, fighting to prevent the inevitable, but it made no difference, she felt the bed move and a hard cockhead offered up to the entrance of her pussy, it started to push into her, moving forward to part her inner lips as it invaded her vagina. Without warning it was pushed hard into her to its full length, impaling her until she felt the owner’s pubic hair and pubic bone against her exposed clit, causing her to cry out and try to escape as she felt it hit right home, then draw slowly back, before being slammed back into her again.

As Natalia opened her mouth to scream again fingers dug into her cheeks forcing her mouth open, a hand gripped her nose and another one her hair at the back of her head, a hard cock was forced between her lips and found its way to the back of her mouth, her gag reflex trying to eject it. This new invasion stopped her from screaming as she fought for air, the cock drew back a little but was pushed forward again before she could take a breath and as she fought them it was left in her throat. She thought she was going to suffocate, her face turning red as it was pulled free to allow her to gulp air into her lungs.

She was told, “You can either suck cock or choke, which is it to be?”

Natalia could not withstand the choking feeling again so she agreed to suck any cock willingly. They asked her if she was also going to fuck willingly as well and she told them she would, it was better than what was currently happening, at least she would have some sort of control, and maybe stop them from hurting her any more.

They un-tied her hands and the relief washed through her even though she knew she was now going to be gangbanged by these six guys here in this room on this bed.

The guy currently fucking her was still embedded deep into her pussy, he now started to move his cock in and out, moving his hips in circular motions to rub his pubic hair against her shaved pussy and exposed clit. Natalia put her hands on his shoulders as he leant forward over her and took one of her nipples into his mouth, sucking on it greedily as he pumped his cock into her vagina. Because Natalia was only 5’3’’ in her bare feet he swamped her with his bulk, someone pulled her legs further apart and she felt his hard cock invade her vagina even deeper, as it did so she felt her pussy begin to clamp and release his cock as it plundered her pussy. She desperately wanted to stop her body re-acting to the stimulus, but it seemed to have a mind of its own, she was horrified at the thought that if this continued they would make her cum, despite her efforts to prevent it happening.

As he started to pump into her harder and hands played with her tits and nipples the inevitable feelings began to ripple through her body, suddenly the guy pumped even harder and she felt his hot semen spurt into her vagina, flooding her body as he continued to fuck her. Natalia was left gasping for breath as he slowed down, she felt cheated that she had not cum with him. Her brain was in turmoil, she was being raped, how could she be wanting to orgasm when she had fought so hard to prevent them fucking her?

The thought was driven from her mind as a hard cock was offered to her mouth, she grabbed it with one hand, opened her mouth and took it inside, allowing it to run over her tongue but using her hand to prevent it from going too far in. Another cock was placed into the other hand and she wanked it up and down, running her palm over the head as she did so. She felt another body move between her legs and the hard cock start to enter her wet and now willing cunt, as it penetrated her a set of fingers started to play with her clit and tummy, her body bucked hard as an involuntary shudder ran through her. Natalia felt on the edge of her orgasm straight away, her vagina was filled with a hard male appendage, she had a cock in each hand, one of them in her mouth, and she lost it completely, starting to orgasm as she lost control of herself, her pussy started to pulsate, clamping hard around the cock inside her vagina, she was pulling the cocks in her hand, wanking them harder and faster as her own orgasm started, pumping against the guy on top of her , the fingers on her tummy and clit rubbing harder and faster she exploded into a huge orgasm, bucking around as wave after wave of pure pleasure rippled through her whole body, her tits bouncing around as she tried to get as much of the cock inside of her pussy.

The guys around her were all grinning at each other, they knew now everything was going to be fine, Natalia would not say anything to anyone, they had made her orgasm and they would make sure she did again before they had finished with her. What could she really say?

Natalia did not realise that one of them was making a video of her being fucked and having her orgasm after she had been un-tied, so if she ever did complain to the authorities they would simply use the video as evidence in their defence.


Chapter Five

They now started to fuck Natalia again and again, each of them taking turns between her legs, their hard cocks of all types and sizes making her orgasm another three times.

She was sucking cocks and allowed them to cum in her mouth, she wanked cocks with both hands, They even fucked her in the ass, the first time anyone had done that too her, leaving her with a very sore pussy and asshole.

The final time they sent down for the two drivers and the other two security guards to come to the room. When they entered they were also invited to fuck her.

Natalia lay on the bed as these new cocks approached and opened her legs ready to receive them. One of them laid beside her and pulled her over on top of him, she reached down between her legs and placed it against her very wet pussy before pushing down on it to allow it to fully enter her now very willing vagina. The others were by now positioning themselves around her and before she could protest one of them started to push his cock inside of her alongside the one already embedded deeply inside of her vagina, she gasped as she felt it slide in to join it. Natalia now had two hard cocks in her pussy, they moved in unison one in, one out, making her push hard against them as new sensations started to run through her body, her tits and nipples bouncing invitingly in front of the guy underneath.

He reached up and taking a full bosom in each hand he started to roll the nipples between his fingers, pulling on them as they puckered up in anticipation.

The other two moved to her mouth, kneeling up on the bed so that she was able to take a cock in each hand, bringing them one at a time between her waiting lips to suck and lick the heads, tasting the pre-cum on them as she continued to fuck the cocks inside of her.

All this attention soon proved too much for her in her heightened state of sexual excitement, her orgasm hit her hard and fast, making her urge them on to fuck her pussy and her mouth. The phones in the hands of the other guys continued to video her total surrender as she screamed out the biggest orgasm her lush body had ever experienced, she knew from this point onwards she would be their fuck slut whenever they asked her.

The guys became caught up in her orgasm each of them started to cum deep inside of her pussy and her mouth, filling her with their hot semen, one of the cocks pulling away from her face to splatter her erect nipples and breasts with his spunk, watching it dribble down her breasts and onto her erect nipples before dropping onto the bed sheets.

Natalia collapsed exhausted onto the guy underneath as the final ripples ran through her body, the guys around her were delighted, they now knew she would fuck them any time they felt like it, they had her in their grasp to use and abuse as they wished too.


Chapter Six

After they had finished a couple of the other guys decided they also needed to fuck her again, as they did so the others all showered and dressed. Finally Natalia and the last two guys then showered together, they paid attention to her intimate parts ensuring they washed her pussy and tits clean and massaged the shampoo into her hair to remove any traces of spunk in it. She did not have time to dry it properly so tied it into a ponytail hanging down her back. Her blouse, bra and knickers were ruined so the best she could do was put her jacket back on with nothing underneath and pull her trousers back on. She inspected herself in the mirror and her appearance was acceptable, a bit slutty if you looked closely but not bad after what she had been through.

She worked out that ten different cocks had been inside her during the afternoon, some of them more than once.

She had probably been fucked fifteen times or more and it felt like it!

They all drove back, she was put into one of the Mercedes with some of the guys and the security guy drove her Audi. On the journey they got her 34d tits out again and displayed her whenever they waited at traffic lights, so lots of surprised people got to see them being fondled, she hid her face just in case they knew her.

They stopped off at the hotel and Natalia drove herself home, rushing indoors to change before her mother saw her and emerged from her bedroom in her dressing gown. She spent the night in bed running what had happened through her mind and decided it was pointless complaining as she had orgasmed, and as she thought about it realised she would do it again, but willingly the next time.

The next day at the appointed time they were as good as their word, turning up at her office and signing the contracts and arranging the bank transfers.

Her commission was safe and suitably large.

After she had told me what happened we had a superb fuck session. I later asked her to dictate it into a recorder so that I could write this story. I fucked her as she spoke about it making her cum twice and me once.

I know she has met them again at their new hotels and has been gangbanged by them on more than one occasion.


If you have an experience or fantasy you would like me to write about please get in touch

I will do my best for you



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