Ghost Sex!

Ghost Sex!

Status: In Progress

Genre: Science Fiction


Status: In Progress

Genre: Science Fiction


Submitted: October 30, 2016

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Submitted: October 30, 2016



Twilight had drawn a solemn curtain over the October skies, and many of the small children lay asleep in their warm beds having blissful dreams of grandeur. Amelia's ethereal form eminated blue light throughout the small shed. She had died in a stylish but simple black dress, almost like that of a maid's uniform. She had short, wavy ginger hair that was brushed back and held together innocently by a shiny black bow. Her nose curved sweetly and came to a dainty point, which rounded out her face to make it look almost like that of a doll. She was a girl of few words, and had almost spoken to no one since she died. Only to that of another ghost who had taken her under his wing.

Enoch was a judgmental man who embraced the stereotype of a homosexual. He had died of tragic causes, but seemed to overdramatise everything. Amelia was inexplicably drawn to him...not in a sexual sense mind you. No, it was more like a father-daughter dynamic. Enoch had a sick sense of humor, and derived pleasure from playing pranks on the defensless living. Amelia would merely watch, and congradulate him if it went well. He defended her from the more vengeful ghosts, and made certain that she could have her privacy as well as a shoulder to cry on if it came to that.

Through the corner of her eye, Amelia could see Enoch watching her through the window of the shed. Curiously, another ghost stood beside him. Amelia had seen him around town, he wore a simple shirt with suspenders and smart looking slacks. She had blushed a couple times when he looked at her with his peircing blue eyes. It was like one of those situations in high school where you play the clarinet, but there's a really sexy tuba player that you could never get the courage to talk to. So, you end up awkwardly hovering by him and smiling when he looks at you.

Without looking up, Amelia watched as the two men talked. Enoch made a sly remark and the one man laughed hard. So hard in fact that he had to bend down and clutch his knees with his hands in order to remain stable and on his feet. Amelia couldn't help a smile creep up on her face, he just looked so darn cute!

Suddenly, the man began to walk towards the cabin. Amelia felt her cold, ghostly cheeks become hot and whatever sort of heart she had left gain speed in beating. The man walked through the door, and sat down next to Amelia. She looked up at him nervously and smiled in a very juvinile manner. He held out his hand, and she daintily grasped it. He kissed it in a scoundrel like manner.

"Hello," his voice was distinct and high-pitched. 

"Hi," Amelia replied bashfully.

"What's your name?" he asked.

"Amelia." The man's face lit up.

"Such a beautiful name for a beautiful lady," he remarked.

Amelia bit her bottom lip and smiled. "What about you?" she asked, becoming a little more comfortable. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Enoch walk away. 

"My name? Nebuchadnezzar."

Amelia cocked her head. "Like the babylonian dude?" she asked.

"The same."

A silence followed the exchange, not an uncomfortable one mind you. It was the beautiful silence in which each soul felt comfortable and an aura of love was dropped on the room. Amelia smiled, and her heart stopped pumping so fast. She assumed that Enoch had told Nebuchadnezzar about her. He had a gift of knowing just what she needed and when she needed it. In fact, it was how they met. For, when she had been freshly dead, many people thought she was mute. The truth was, she just couldn't find the person worthy enough to hear her voice, that was until she met Enoch. Yeah, he was hot-headed and a bit of a snot, but he always made time to listen. He was a true friend and a father figure to a lonely young lady.

"I've seen you walking about the town," Amelia said, breaking the silence. "I wanted to say something, but I'm very shy."

"At least you can be honest with yourself," Nebuchadnezzar said. "Besides, we're talking now, aren't we?"

Amelia looked at him in the eyes. There was something so compelling, and soon desire overwhelmed her. She reached over and kissed him on the lips. It was cold, but sensitive and sincere. She had been denied for so long and it felt so good. At first, Nebuchadnezzar was surprised, but he passionately kissed back. 

He gently pushed her so that she layed on her back and looked down at her. His greasy brown hair began to break from it's hold and fell over his cheeks. He unbuttoned her shirt and gazed at her breasts. They were small but wellformed, and the left one had a solitary flattering freckle. He smiled. Though he knew it was boyish, he had waited a long time to see breasts. He reached down and kissed one. 

The blood rushed down to Amelia's vagina and she felt a cold shock go up her spine to the back of her kneck. She breathed heavily and her eyes became glassy. While pushing Nebuchadnezzar's shirt off of his shoulders, she reached in and gave him another kiss. She gently kissed his nipple, and bit around it causing him to have a serious erection. 

He gently eased his penis down on her, and began to move gently back and forth. Amelia was always nervous during sex, for she had done it with some very unskilled people and it had hurt. But, Nebuchadnezzar seemed skilled and it felt good. He leaned down and kissed her on the side of the neck and groped tenderly at her breast. 

She moved her arms up his back and embraced him as he continued to move back and forth. Her eyes closed and her breathing evened out as she felt safe and loved. Then it happened, that moment of bliss. They both felt the tingles and joy serging through their body. A joyful sigh eminated from bothe of them. Soon, Nebuchadnezzar rolled off of her, and she placed her arms around his chest. He held her tenderly in a warm and ghostly embrace. Tears were rolling down both of their cheeks. 


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