Hotel A.I.R.

Hotel A.I.R. Hotel A.I.R.

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Hotel Anything Imaginable Resort is the hidden gem for adults to live out their fantasies in the bedroom. Sometimes it is the staff members that share their views and sometimes it is the guests. They both have their share of going through the Exotic Hall sooner or later. All experiences are memorable and every guest leaves fully satisfied.


Hotel Anything Imaginable Resort is the hidden gem for adults to live out their fantasies in the bedroom.

Sometimes it is the staff members that share their views and sometimes it is the guests. They both have their share of going through the Exotic Hall sooner or later.

All experiences are memorable and every guest leaves fully satisfied.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Hotel A.I.R.

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Hotel Anything Imaginable Resort is the hidden gem for adults to live out their fantasies in the bedroom.<br /> <br /> Sometimes it is the staff members that share their views and sometimes it is the guests. They both have their share of going through the Exotic Hall sooner or later.<br /> <br /> All experiences are memorable and every guest leaves fully satisfied.<br /> <br /> First chapter is of Alecia having her fantasy fulfilled by the staff.<br />

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 10, 2010

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 10, 2010



Chapter 1

Compliments of the House
Part 1 of 3?

Summary: Damion, Lucas and Jacob treats Alecia, a guest at the resort to a warm welcome.

It was almost 10pm at the bistro and the staff had been busy cleaning up to close for the night. Lucas made sure the last guest at the bar was attended to well. In fact, it looks to me that he has enjoyed her company for the past two hours. She ordered one mixed cocktail after another and had him choose for her. He made a Sex on the Beach to start. Then he made In Between the Sheets that smells wonderful with the peach Schnaps and brandy mixed in. After that, he made a Cosmopolitan before making a green apple martini. The lady either is trying to forget her worries or she really likes to drink.

Many of our guests usually come here to relax themselves and get away from their less than interesting life styles. Here at Hotel A..I.R. on a private island of our own, our motto is "Anything is imaginable." It is not your typical hotel and resort. Neither will anyone find us on the map because we keep our location private. In order to get to this island, you must fill out the information on our site first. Someone from our staff will pick up the guests and bring them to the resort.

The application on our site is a little bit unusual. It is either filled out by the guest that is visiting or by someone who knows the guest. Aside from knowing the height, weight, age, gender and allergies, we also like to know what their sexual fantasies are. Even the repeat clients never know what to expect every time they return. We try to fulfill their fantasies, but it is not always what they imagine it would be. This is what makes it exciting for them.

The cost of these fantasies varies of course. We do have them pick according to price range so that they would not be surprised at the bill. The figures run any where from $300 to $3,000 a night depending on what is needed. It can easily exceed that if they choose. We assure every guest that they will not leave the resort less than fulfilled and satisfied. As the general manager of this resort, I see to it that every guest leaves happy.

As the lady took her last sip and left to return to her room, I turned the lights off and asked Lucas if everything is in order.

"Cleaned up everything, Lucas?"

"Yes, Sir. Everything is set. Ready to leave when you are, Damion."

"Alright. Let me check the back one more time before we leave."

After I had checked the kitchen and glanced over the dining room, Lucas walked out the door and I came out to lock it for the evening. The hotel kitchen is open 24 hours, but the bistro is only open for lunch and dinner.

"Who was the lady at the bar?"

"Her name is Alecia. Ahh yes. I remember reading about her. It is her friend who sent her here. She does not know anything about this place. You know how I usually treat our new guests to a warm welcome."

Lucas gave a grin and said, "Yes. I sure do. You always like to personally welcome them."

"Yes. They never complain about my treatment either. Ha ha ha ha..."

"Do you mind if I join you tonight, Damion?"

"Oh? I do not think it is a good idea to increase the nightly rate on the new guest."

"No worries. This one is on the house."

"Well then, if you like to give her special treatment, she is in room 236. I will be there after my shower."

"I will be there. See you shortly, Boss."

He quickly walked down the hall to go prepare himself for tonight. All our staff members live on the resort. We have an apartment building set up for our staff to live in comfortably. It would not be good for them to commute or deal with other matters outside of the island. They are paid to service our guests 100%.

All of the guest rooms are set up to cater to their fantasies. Most are set up with the usual amenities. Some have extras added to them. It all depends on what their fantasies are. We usually ask the guests to make reservations at least one week in advance so that we could have everything set up properly.

There is something that every guest is to know about. We always warn them a particular hall that leads to a rustic set of double doors. They stand out from the rest of the doors because it is the only one that is made of gold. The door knockers are heads of a celestial dragon and a bald man. The eyes of both are made of gemstones that glow a different color depending on their mood. Both doors are quite elaborate in designs that would be more likely seen in an art gallery or mausoleum. It is the most detailed and eye catching of all our doors that tend to draw many guests closer than they should.

Nobody knows why the doors are there. The owner of the place said that it showed up mysteriously on a dark and stormy night. Lightning hit the building causing a glow all around and then a huge flash against the wall. The other side of the wall would be the outside. It does not lead to any room that he had built. The entire wall is covered in a mosaic of gemstones that show flowers and birds in a magnificent way. The torches that are to the side of the doors always burn blue. If it changes to any other color then it usually means someone is on the other side of the doors.

Our guests do come back out. That is if they choose to when they are ready. There is a slight lapse in time though. One hour here equals 24 hours through those doors. What goes on there is beyond what we can do here. One can say that it is the ultimate place for fantasies, but it can also become a nightmare too. It depends what our guests thinks about. This whole other realm they step into reads into their subconscious. Anything they dream about, wondered or have curiosity too can be played out to the fullest. We always warn them to be careful what they think about because it may happen.

The hall is on the other side of the lobby. Guests pass by it on a regular basis. Once they look at it from a distance, the jewels catch their attention and they feel a need to get a closer look at the marvelous piece of wall art. The moment they come close enough to the door, the eyes of the dragon and the man are lit up. When that happens, there is not any way to escape the luring voice coming from the door knocker. The jewels on his head glows with his eyes. They are carefully arranged in colors to have the appearance of a star explosion.

Once the guests go through the door, we do not have any idea what happens to them. We could not control what happens on the other side of the doors. They do not come out harmed, but they will worry for a bit. We are not responsible for what ever goes on there and we have every guest sign a form to show that they acknowledge that. Every staff member has experienced the Exotic Hall at least once. Most of them keep it as a one time experience for it can become intense.

On my way to the top floor of the apartment building, I came across Jacob, the maintenance man. He was fixing the door knob of the room diagonal from my room. I asked him if he was ready for our new guest.

"You look nice and ready, Jacob."

"Yes, Sir. I was soaking in the tub earlier before putting on a fresh set of clothes an hour ago. My shift has just begun. Let me know when you are ready, Damion."

"I will be ready shortly after my shower."

I had changed into another pair of slacks, a herringbone pattern shirt of white and blue leaving the last button alone after my shower. Out of my cabinet of cologne and after shave, I had decided to go with a musk scent since Alecia's friend has stated that she loves the smell of musk on a man. For some reason, Alecia finds a man with dark hair combed back and parted in the middle appealing so my hair is combed to that description. I had my hair dyed a few days ago to make sure it was dark enough since my hair shows aging.

"Are you done fixing the cabinet door, Jacob?"

"Yes, Sir. You look dashing."

"Thank you. This is what Alecia's friend stated would appeal to her."

"Ahh... She likes a man that is well groomed, but not too much to where he looks uptight."

"Yes. Alecia has recently broken up with her boyfriend of one year and she found him too organized. He wanted everything a set way to look neat and easy to find. It is because he spent too much time organizing everything to the way that he wanted that he did not stop to notice her and care for her. Everything had to be on a schedule book with him. If it is not in his book, he will not do it. He lacks spontaneity in his life."

"She wants someone who would surprise her from time to time and think about her more often."

"Yes. This definitely will be a surprise for her. We will make sure she receives a lot of attention."

"Ha ha ha... Yes, we will. Shall we go?"

"Yes. Time to start your shift well and end mine with a good night's sleep after some fun. Ha ha ha..."

We made it to Alecia's room and knocked on the door.

"Who is it?"

"Maintenance, Ma'am."

She opened the door slightly to see us standing there ready to do our jobs well.

"Hello, Ma'am. I am Damion, the general manager. We have met at the front desk and at the bistro."

She gave a smile and said, "Yes. I remember. What needs to be fixed?"

"There is a leak under the sink that needs to be fixed. May we come in?"

"Yes, come in. This is an unusual time to fix that."

"We do not look at the time of when something needs to be fixed as much as focus on fixing the problem quickly. We try to fix everything as efficiently as we can. Our staff likes to offer the best service to the guests. I hope that we are not disturbing you in anything."

She could not keep her eyes off of me the entire time. I knew the scent of the musk brought comfort to her face. Part of her was surprised at the timing to fix a leak, but she also seem pleased to see me there. I tried not to stare at her too much in the white, bath robe she had on. It was our signature bath robe with the hotel name and outline of the island on the back.

"It will not take long. Jacob is an ace at what he does. May I have a seat?"

"Yes. Please do."

"Are you enjoying your stay here so far, ma'am?"

"Yes. Please, call me Alecia."

"I could not help to notice you at the bar earlier. Are you feeling alright?"

"Yes, I am okay. Just feeling a bit lonely is all."

"What can I do to make your visit more enjoyable, Alecia?"

She looked down and said, "I do not think there is anything you could do. Damion is it?"

"Yes. Well you never know until you ask."

"I really doubt you could do anything for me, Damion. Thank you for asking."

"How did you find out about our hotel and resort?"

Not that I was unaware of the fact that it was her friend who set everything up for her, but I wanted her to get an idea of what we do here before going any further. She will be surprised for sure, but there is not a need to create any stress or hysteria on her part.

"My good friend said she would have everything set for me to relax. I agreed to it thinking she knows me pretty well. We had been friends since high school."

"Has your friend ever mentioned about this place before?"

"Hmm... Not that I can remember. Is there something about this place I should know about?"

"We are more than your typical hotel and resort. Here is where all your sexual fantasies become a reality."

I could see her eyes widen with a hint of fear. She was thinking that her friend would not put her in a bad scenario, but at the same time it did not seem real to have me sit in front of her telling her what this place is known for.

"Are you alright, Alecia?"

She said in a nervous voice, "Yes. I... I... I do not know what to think. Why would my friend send me here?"

"She sent you here knowing you needed to relax. I assure all my guests will leave this island very satisfied."

"But I... You... We could not... You do not know what my fantasy is, do you?"

"Yes, I do. Your friend has shared with me about one of your fantasies. I intend to fulfill that fantasy and you will enjoy it."

She was still in a state of shock to have a stranger talk to her about something so intimate. Before she could say another word, I was ready to start the night of fun with her and removed my shirt. Her eyes noticed my light tan skin and slightly muscular build. Then I unzipped my slacks and let it fall to the floor. By now, she was in complete shock at what she was seeing. If she thought I was kidding about what we do here, she knows now how seriously we take our jobs. Her hand covered her mouth when she looked further down at my thick, soft manhood.

"I am sure this will do justice for you, Alecia."

She was still speechless and partially embarrassed since her face turned red. I was ready to make her neatly combed, straight, brown hair curl up into knots. I grabbed her hand and pulled her to the bed and pushed her onto it. Then I opened her robe up to see those soft beauties looking at me.

"Ahh... You are hard already. Would you like me to do the honor first or would you rather feast on something you have been craving for?"

She was still in shock as to what was happening to her. I decided to cuff her wrists down that are on the sides of the bed. Then I had her legs tied up high enough to where her soft bottom did not touch the bed. She was set in an X form at an angle. There was not much resistance from her since she was in complete shock. She could not believe how far I had gone to fulfill her fantasy. Her fantasy is to have two men make love to her on both sides and show how much they adore her body. It was only something she had done one night in college when she was feeling spontaneous. Since then, she never had the chance to do it or felt comfortable if not crazy enough to do it again.

I walked over to the drawers and pulled out a few vibrators. They were in different sizes. The first one is six inches long and half an inch wide. The second one is seven inches long and one inch wide. The third one is eight inches long and about 1.25 inch in width. I had the first one well lubricated before I slowly pushed it all the way into her back door. She gasped and moaned before I turned the vibration on low.

"Ahhh... Mmmm..."

"You like that?"

Too shy to admit that she did, she turned her head to the side not being able to look at me. I then positioned myself to my knees where to the side of her.

"You like this view, Alecia?"

Still too shy to say anything, she tried to look away. Then I had my hands on her head to where she could not look any where except for my anxious manhood.

"I will show you how much I adore your body if you will show me how much you enjoy taking all this in."

I scooted forward to where my softness was laying on her chin and lips. She wanted to take it all in, but felt embarrassed.

"Go on. There is nothing for you to be embarrassed about. Take it all in. Enjoy yourself. Yes. Ooooohhh..."

I made it clear to her that she was not going to be sleeping till I finish my work with her. There was hesitation on her part as if this was not real, but I kept reminding her what we specialize in and how all our guests leave happy.

Chapter 1

Compliments of the House
Part 1 of 3

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