See You Next Summer

See You Next Summer

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


When Sara moved in next door freshman year Chris couldn't wait to find out when and how a girl next store fantasy would play out. Now, three days before he leaves for college, he has finally given up the hope that it will ever happen..


When Sara moved in next door freshman year Chris couldn't wait to find out when and how a girl next store fantasy would play out. Now, three days before he leaves for college, he has finally given up the hope that it will ever happen..


Submitted: October 19, 2015

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Submitted: October 19, 2015



Chris threw his last shirt into a bursting duffle bag on his bed. The rest of his room was bare from days of cleaning, preparing for the upcoming year at college. He took when last scan around the room when something out the window caught his eye. Sara was looking for something in her car. She was bent over her back seat giving Chris an amazing view of her sexy legs and perfect ass. 

Sara moved in next door from Chris in their freshman year of high school. He could wait to figure out how her legs would feel wrapped around his head but now, four years later, nothing of the sorts had happened. Sara was the girl that matured a bit faster than everyone else. She was easily the subject of fifty percent of their grades first sexual Fantasies and she knew it. She was a tall slim blonde with perky D breasts and long sexy legs. She never missed a chance to flaunt her sexy body even when her family eat at Chris' she would wear a low cut crop top and White booty shorts. It made it almost impossible for Chris to eat his food with out staring. Sara knew every guy she saw wanted her and it just caused her to make them want her ever more. At dinner she would hold Chris' galnce a little longer than normal and when the parents weren't looking even look down and bite her lip when she saw him staring. Not only did Sara know that every guy wanted her, she knew exactly what she wanted herself. She wanted to makes every guy she walked pass drool. Of course she succeeded with her sexy, confident walk and perfectly tan legs. Even guys right next to their girlfriends couldn't help but stare. 

Chris found himself gently rubbing his dick through his pants as he studied her beautiful butt until he snapped back to reality. He grabbed his bags and hurried down stairs embarrassed of his half erection being restrained by his pants. As he was making a snack in the kitchen he again caught a glimpse of the blonde goddess looking in her car so he decided to see if he could help. 

"Hey Sara" he said opening the gate between their two yards.

"Huh? Oh hey Chris? What's up?" She replied. 


"I just noticed you looking for something and wanted to know if I could help!"

"So are you stalking me now?" She said with a flirty smile

"And what if I am?" He replied with a crooked smile

"Well actually I lost my phone and I thought I might've dropped it between the seats or something so if you're offering to help I won't say know." She pushed a strand of blonde hair behind her ear.

"Alright I guess I'll just look on the other side"

Chris opened the other door and was immediately entrapped by the view he had down Sara's shirt. He could see her red Lacey bra poking out and he cleavage almost falling out. He shook his head and went to looking. The car was dark so it was mostly feeling with his hands on the floor of the car. He didn't find the phone but his met did meet Sara's for a brief moment and he could swear she gave it a littl squeeze.

"Damnit I could've sworn it was here and I'm not leaving with out it" she eventually said frustrated  "it might be in my house. If you have free time you wanna help?"

Chris was a little hesitant. She had never invited him inside before but what was the worst that could happen? "Yeah of course"

As she led him inside her ass bounced with every step putting Chris into a trance so much so that he didn't even realize when she started talking.

"Helllloooo" Sara said snapping his fingers in front of his face. "I said I'll look in my room and you look down here ok?"

"Yeah sure. I'll let you know if I find anything."

As he was searching around the couch cushions in Sara's living room he hears her call from upstairs,


  He gets up and runs up the stairs two at a time, "what's up did you find it?" He calls up the stairs.

"Why don't you come find out?" She responds with a giggle.

Curious Chris enters the room and is immediately stopped in his tracks. Sara is laying on her bed wrapped in the silk sheets like a goddess on her throne in nothing but her red lace bra and thong. She even threw on some black stockings for him to ogle at. She slowly brings herself up to a sitting position without breaking eye contact. 

"Do you know we've been neighbors for four years now?" She says draping her legs off the side of the bed. "And that whole time you've never tried to make a move on me. Am I not pretty enough for you?" She asks with a fake yet confident pout. 

"Uhhh... No" is all Chris can muster up

"I've seen you staring at me at dinners and when you see me outside. Is this what you've imagined all those times? Seeing what I look like without my shirt on standing in front of you? I know you want it I saw it in your eyes the first day I moved in."

She stood up from the bed now and strutted towards Chris and his now raging erection. She brings his arms to her hips with one resting on her ass and leans into his ear. 

"You've always wanted it Chris. Now take it" she whispers softly into his ear sending shivers down his spine. 

Her arms gripped his back feeling his muscles tense as she did and slowly brings her lips to his. Chris, not knowing what to do, slowly tests kissing her back until she sticks her tongue in his mouth causing him to loose control. He tightens his grip on her ass leaving marks where his fingers were and then pulls away from the kiss. 

"You want me to take it?" He demands

"Yes. Make me yours" Sara responds seductively. 

Chris picks her up and Sara wraps her legs around his body feeling his bulge through the thin netting of her thong. He pushes her up against the wall and starts kissing her neck then to her collarbone. She starts breathing heavy loving the feeling of his tongue on her skin. She starts to pull at his hair causing him to just bite her neck harder. Before she knows it he turns around and throws her down on the bed. 

He pulls off his shirt shocking Sara. She never would've though Chris would have such a muscular body. But that thought doesn't stay in her mind for long because he climbs on top of her. Chris pins her hands up over her head and slowly starts kissing down her neck. He gets to her sexy red bra and pulls it down with his teeth exposing her erect nipple. Sara moans as he takes her nipple in his mouth and starts flicking his tongue around it. His other hand slowly starts moving up and down her stockinged legs moving higher and higher every time. She starts to squirm hoping for his hand to touch her dripping pussy on accident but to no avail. Once he's done teasing her nipples he moves down her chest leaving a trail of hickeys as he goes. Once he reaches her red thong he releases her hands and they instantly find his hair trying to push him towards her waiting clit. He resists and only gives her a heavy breath through the lace and then moves to kiss the inside of her thighs. Starting low he slowly moves up and gets more and more aggressive until finally he's waiting right in front of Sara's pussy. He delicately takes two fingers and moves the lace aside and inhales deeply. She smells so good to him and he can't wait any longer. He hurts his face in her pussy and his tongue flicks her clit in all the ways she wants. Her hand leave his hair and start leaving deep scratches down his back as she moans in pleasure.

"Jesus. Chris I never know you would be so good I would've let you take me years ago" she says between moans

He's too focused on the task to respond so he just licks more vigorously. Chris moves two fingers to Sara's mouth where she gladly sucks on them for a while before he retracts them and positions them right outside of her waiting pussy. He slowly enters her causing Sara to draw a fast breath and let out a long deep moan. He starts moving faster and faster causing Sara to dig deeper and deeper into his back with her nails until she can't handle it any more. 

Chris pushing himself up and brings Sara in for a long passionate kiss then stands infront of her. She lays down on the bed and quickly unfastens his belt and let his pants drop to the ground. 

"Again if I knew you had such a big dick I think us being neighbors would've been a lot more fun." She says with a smirk

Slowly she starts stroking his cock with her hands without breaking eye contact with him. Then she slowly brings her bright pink lips around the head of his cock and begins to tease just the tip with her tongue. As she does that on of her hands moves under his shaft and starts playing with his balls causing him almost to cum right then and there. She starts to take more and more of him into her mouth and expertly takes time to suck on his balls. When his whole cock starts going in her mouth she starts to gag but keeps going faster and faster.

"Fuck Sara, you're gonna make me cum"

And with those words she stops. Confused, Chris starts to take a step back until she grabs him by the cock and licks her lips.

"Not so fast. I'm not done with you" she says "now you have to fuck me."

She bends over the bed exposing her perfect ass Chris begging him to fuck her from behind. He takes his cock in one hand and traces the outline of her pussy to get it wet. Then he slowly slides his throbbing dick into he drenched pussy and he lets out a long waited moan. Sara buries her head in the sheets trying to muffle the sounds of her pleasure but Chris pulls her back by her hair causing her to moan even louder. With each thrust he goes faster and deeper bringing Sara closer and closer to an orgasm.

"Holy shit I'm cumming Chris! Keep fucking me just like that! Don't stop Chris, keep fucking your neighbors tight little pussy. Fuck the girl next door!"

And with that she exploded with please, juices flowing from her pussy onto Chris' dick as she drops to the sheets. She quickly recovers, however, and spins around onto her knees In front of Chris. She takes his dripping cock in both hands and starts stroking it before she takes it all into her mouth. She starts sucking faster and faster until Chris' moans get closer and closer apart. When she feels his body start tensing up she pulls back and starts jacking him off.

"Cum on my face Chris" Sara demands "cum all over your sexy neighbors face"

And with that Chris explodes covering Sara's face in his juices which she greats happily opening her mouth to catch as much as possible. She wipes the cum she didn't catch with her finger then licks it clean to get it all. They both fall onto the bed with Chris' half hard dick resting on Sara's sexy legs.

"I should've given you a shot sooner Chris" Sara says exhaustedly "it sucks we only have three more days with each other, but plan on making the most of those" she says with a devilish smirk "and don't worry, after that I'll see you next summer"

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