Naughty Dreams

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A quick recount of a very strange dream that I had last night. Going out with friends and being designated driver turns into something else completely. Read and find out what happens!

The first thing I see when I become aware of my surroundings is that I'm dancing. Yes, I'm in a club with great music and even greater atmosphere. It seems as though I've been dancing for a while but still can't make sense as to why. Next thing I know I'm no longer dancing but outside the club and attempting to get my drunk friends into the car to take them home.

"No way! We is not going home nowish, the partays just startin' and we carn't leave yet!" Drunk babbling from my best friend she seems to have lost the ability to talk as well as walk without some kind of serious help. By this time I've realised that I'm completely stone cold sober and have been dubbed designated driver and beginning to think that this is the worst dream I’ve had in a long time but instead of waking myself up I just plod along going with what the dream wants me to do.

"Get in the car Anna, the clubs shut now so we're going home." As I'm attempting to get the drunkest of the three, Anna, into the car I hear a voice behind me talking.

"Good evening miss, my name is Sam. Would you please turn around and step away from the vehicle". Turning around there's one of the hottest guys I've ever seen, rippling muscles every time he moves and tall, so tall. I'm only short and it seemed like I was going to break my neck from the angle I had to look to see his face, though that would be ok because he had the most incredible smile on his face. I barely registered what he said and just stood there staring at him for a moment and just in that moment was when Anna decided to pass out and become a dead weight for me to put into the car. "Miss, you need to step away from the vehicle”. That’s when it seemed to click in my head that this hot as fuck god standing in front of me was a police officer and was about to arrest me.

I step away from the car, leaving Anna in a very unladylike position with her already short dress showing off more than it’s supposed to and everyone on the street is able to see her matching black lace g-string and amazing ass. “Ok. Yes officer I know what it looks like but it really isn’t. I’m designated driver for these drunks and now that everywhere is shut I’m taking them home. I haven’t had a drink all day”.

He just stands there, looking. Not saying anything just looking. His eyes roam all over my body and then some. I’ve been looked at before but the fire that went through my body was something I’d never experienced before. I’m not a prude or a snob but I know that tonight is just one night when I’m looking hot, smoking hot and I’ve been getting similar looks all night. Then officer two speaks up since he has realised that his buddy isn’t going to be saying anything else for a little while, he has the image of breasts in his head and they don’t seem to be going away anytime soon. “Miss…” but the dream skipped on again, not letting me know how or if the officer that stopped speaking recovered.

Driving home and I can’t concentrate on anything else but the look he gave me. The smouldering look that said he wanted no needed to undress me and do lots of dirty things right there next to the car but alas he is gone now lost in the sea of people that are in this city. Cautiously I see before me flashing lights and get signalled to pull over for an RBT. Not thinking too much about it I roll down the window and then realise who is walking over to test me, Mr. Hottie.

Finding some courage I didn’t know I had I speak up with my best attempt of a voice that is dripping sex like his, “Well, well, fancy seeing you again”.

He walks right up to the window and sticks his head in, “No. Didn’t think I’d be this lucky to see you again. Hand over your license and I’m going to need you to blow on this...” There’s a pause where he just looks at me and then pulls out the breath tester and puts it up to my mouth. I blow while looking him in the eyes, god he is amazing sculpted by the angels themselves.

While we’re staring at each other there’s a beep and the machine says that I’m completely sober without a hint of alcohol in my system.

My door opens and we’re somehow standing outside my front door with him directly behind me pushing a quickly growing erection into my back while I’m fumbling around trying to get the right key to open the door. When I finally get the door open, step through and turn around to invite him in he’s already standing right in front of me with a sexy smile that says he’s going to fuck me till the sun comes up and then some. Without saying a word he picks me up and pushes me back against the wall, kissing my neck, massaging my ass cheeks while I’ve got my legs around his waist and let out a moan.

He doesn’t walk us anywhere just lays me down on the carpet and begins taking off his pants while I’m taking of my dress. Never breaking contact his mouth is still on my neck alternating between kissing, sucking and biting. Stopping the kisses he looks down at me and stares, the same as I’ve been staring at him all night. Slowly moving down till we can feel each other’s breath coming faster the moment before the kiss is the best, charged with electricity and sexual tension that wouldn’t be describable in any other way. The moment passes and he grabs the back of my head and pulls me to him, crushing my lips to his and making the moan with the need to have him.

Then I wake up, hot and steamy with the need for an orgasm before I explode from sexual frustration. Sam is lying next to me still the god that he was when I met him 5 years ago on my 18th birthday drunk as all hell made sure I got home safely and didn’t try anything even though there’s video evidence that I was anything other than all over him while he carried me to my bed.

I quickly look at the time and its 5:30am plenty of time. Pulling down the covers I take his penis into my mouth and start licking and sucking, waiting for him to be fully hard before taking him out and moving to position myself above him. Leaning forward to kiss him while rubbing his dick along my slit making me dripping wet and making him moan in his sleep. Finally his eyes start to open while he is still moaning my name then a plunge him deep into me. His eyes roll back in his head as I ride him hard and fast making the both of us sweat. I feel the pull and tingles of my orgasm and ride it out while riding him and while my pussy walls are clamping around him he finds his release as well.

“Hmm good morning beautiful that was an amazing way to wake up, did you have one of your dreams again?” Asking from the experience of being woken up many times before after I’ve had a naughty dream.

“Yes I guess you could say that, you still going to work this morning or are we going to have another round?” He just smiles down at me with the same look I get every morning, gives me a kiss and goes to have a shower. Returning wearing a towel he gets dressed while I’m watching he puts his uniform on and gives me a kiss goodbye.

Submitted: November 16, 2014

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