Warrior SAGE his hot spot

Warrior SAGE his hot spot

Status: In Progress

Genre: Science Fiction


Status: In Progress

Genre: Science Fiction


"Did you?'I told him to be Knightly-cool, but that's highly unlikely,he replied, I didn't see her, at all, well yes you did? Her name is Sage & you dropped your Warrior bag on her heated lap. I saw everything what are you her rocky cliff trainer I like to see you throw her off a cliff. You can't rely on trick's to play.Maybe the two of us can do warrior film altogether.


"Did you?'I told him to be Knightly-cool, but that's highly unlikely,he replied, I didn't see her, at all, well yes you did? Her name is Sage & you dropped your Warrior bag on her heated lap. I saw everything what are you her rocky cliff trainer I like to see you throw her off a cliff. You can't rely on trick's to play.Maybe the two of us can do warrior film altogether.


Submitted: November 13, 2016

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Submitted: November 13, 2016



WARRIOR SAGE-His Hot-Spot... 



 Let's seize 1-hour lets brave-heart every kiss glossy rippling wave's,carries inside me,a

stroke. she licked her lip's,How she stored him like a memory-bank I shall rise to your


fact He's the knight and said,"I am rising up now" She was hung up in the picture to


him over her and in her how she climaxed so artistic-her breast rising erotic

.gallery/Gelato/Cafe-narrow street fantasy she toppled backward on the red dripping

bed he

had to stop their mutual sacrifices.How very odd 'See"? I have been racing you with 

hard-on seeing your curve's how you fit deep-deeper in my Ferrari."You have my love,

.she was his everything he loathed, manipulated, Sage has a racing heart to his beat.

.Your Knight awaits

in a Native Italian Naples Italy.

{Red-velvety lip's} dripping & she take's a bit cocky Italian olive.He sex feed's her,

with the

best Italian wine, warrior cook's he heat up her wild flames He sword's through the

sky scheming his game, eating up her juices,her spaghetti straps, fell to her


knife blade went under

her spaghetti so edible strap, to pick it up.Purple passion paintbrush his warrior pen

like a

duel feed Awake reality drips in,painting her world, pop-art grapes.could stain


lip.Sage went 2 Sicily carnal curiosity.His libido working warriors time.The Italian

warrior affair.She was wet to the skin swirling through the exotic tree's

warrior-Eve-sage everywhere they touched____she was feeling

tastefully-hot____how she hit his hot spot.

Sage loved her tangerine's she bought a summer hot dress with her sexy crystal

energy necklace.Was Sage having, a warrior crises, sucked in Universe".fighting

a world of crystal's

but sucking up to Italian Gigolo Feeding and he's giving expensive jewel.This was

her amethyst day.Stepping over her body, feeling her juices, Lips open she the lover

of grape.Vineyards high up his hill-top her passions black

leather, how his pants, spread to the tip of the head book'She felt cheap".She kept

tigh-lipped Italian made leash warriors shabby love hunt. Wolf-inn bed and howling

breakfast sexy yard cat.

Eye's of the wolf, he's hungry

Native Sex in the city New-Yorker. Land of wolves how they growled passions wild


rampant could fool anyone's millionaire sex mansion.Warlock's became the Butler's

picking out all the sword women  to bust her. He was twisting through like she was the experiment wilderness,Warriors slicing love hearts

deliciously expose his sword.Computer got Sage emailed in a compromising position or

in better sexual terms she had it coming to her.Imported rotten teens of tomatoes ruined

got crushed felt so much pain & sin & said wake up warrior beauty she had gone beyond

the pale kidnapping like a warrior murder like a virtual love and rape if any warrior women

could rape sword man's heart went through your head this was more than something to

process.My computer his head close & personal love went apples & orgasmic

orange spicy heart red ink writes but sometimes feeling like a thief & whore

 but begging

him to stop his cock drove into her sweet spot snared him inside so easy

he felt trapped.Who would believe your story anyway

Sage took a beating rage what is all this? Sexter earth jungle. she was the

aggressor, experienced his hunger, the land of wolves,

How they growled passions wild and rampant could fool anyone's millionaire

stock of money plan meeting their Warrior,extortion women

all over the world careless & sexual desires abortion.

twist wilderness,of hearts deliciously exposed like donkey he got

pinned to his pinball surfing  sword.Computer got Sage emailed 

compromising position or in better sexual terms she had it coming to

her they had her on the brink of the surface.Imported rotten teens of tomatoes


got crushed girly cheeks she climbed up his body he smiled

and pulsating hard cock inside her.This was like a recreation of their first night.

Her lip's,she was reassured she may never have a ring, but she had something

that none of her friends had

a man who loved her felt so much pain went through your head this was more


something to process.My computer flies like a cock-pit. Being sucked into

his head apples.doesn't compare how he cupped swollen breast having a

double. X-rated sex talk,Her eye's popped open without lifting her head she

turned her gaze at him.'Im a nice guy?"Her lips were dripping but stayed


He had the most starry blue eye's sexy curve of his lip's she knew him too well

."How do I know I can trust him?"You won't know you need to guess though? Her


desires somewhat trusted but maybe he wasn't too convincing.In what mind of love

context was he crookedly convincing.It was like a game of telephone one person really

tries to

fool yoy low whispering and it goes further down his lying crotch of a line.People were

after them but she was trying so hard to trust him,juicy words, ran all over me.I touched

his orange spicy cologne.Love heart red ink made me think? Bloody roses private part

warrior learned so much street smart. He knew how virgin-like I was in the  bushes

.Keys engraved words desirable Peach tree, saying you better not juice me feeling


love words to a priest Who would believe your story

anyway.Sage took a beating rage like she was the holiday stuffing He was the hot

sausage and warrior conbread sliced with his sword

and how she spice his stuffing Sage, what is all this? How can I be such a fool

What I did 4 a warrior 'I can't wait to tell you, this is not Brooklyn forget about it??" 'Are you sure" 'Im-positive" sexy about slutty.I

felt he molded me Warrior silly putty.He turned me,into his dark world warrior

.What's up with the combat boot's what a puss face web cam.Too many

"Too many men seduced me" All.New & pure I wouldn't exactly say that he used me

up.possessing an aura wolfen details 'Take me I'm Your's"

stays firm to the ground on my wedding finger please god don't slam on my adam's

apple erotic men simply I became his patient like the she-devil wolf.Cafune running

through my hair..Went shopping in Princeton New Jersey wearing my Warrior necklace

fight off evil eye of Man what sex aggressor Coffee high tech bar's laptops.Teens from

Princeton University walking into gladiator bar, I will be the future getting pretty,


 sweet bitter chocolate. Too many bad computer cookies to see.How many

 grudgeful dark-room.Big thunder teenage grunge warrior,

 another year addictive to the best chocolate truffle's aphrodisiac

looking underneath Victoria obviously, she has no scruples.What's inside

her panties. Her parents work online for erotic Don't Toy- Sex way up- Company

Drum player Dick-soft-prezel met Warrior Sabrina stubborn widespread planet 


miss hardball, doesn't know how to pick her boyfriends Her body felt sliced


Wild horses couldn't shake me away.

was assigned to a Russian spy agent and Warrior Boy get a grip chill went to stone

 like a woman spending 50,000.Horses.She loved them being in the country it was

better then hitching a ride in the city she was soft porn coat she got a view of his

bare back how his shoulder's & bicep's tapered down just right to his buttock's.

She tried to get her thought's in order

 How he could drape around her she.Dances with wolve's.bow and arrow,Teens

what I did 4 the warrior's rebels cool radio station.Stripping he lifted dark brow he


her toward the lingerie kinky bra set's they should get a scholar his knowledge of

female anatomy.Teenagers' minds of intense warrior rituals Wolf's scaring the girls

out of

their wits. Sabrina was a unique lady with a big family very regimented always on

schedule but that changed hanging around with her club of friends.She loved

dressing eighteenth-century era with her hiking boots.Flowing with her long dress

bustier very

low neck top with silk ribbons but her hands were and Microsoft surface lives on.

What's left is nuts and screwed up bolts if anyone can straight people feel sleep

deprived full of disorders what's really going through a teenage" I- I -SIR" I

Mac sounds cool Charlie.Went for a long ride Got to Pennsylvania Ricketts Glenn

near the waterfalls could smell the smoky hickory Mountains getting grilled with his

headphones heavy breather's 

for a Wisconsin slice of crackers love spread right through his cheeses RJs met his

Blue Jays don't forget the Rebels of love Robin red-sworded breast, warriors,

multiplying triple love. Playing picking them out  like a menu on the computer club

called the Hawks of thunder.Xavier and Xandra twin sister Sandra she was a


Greener than the country of Ireland lucky charm.Spell  powered her she knew

love & love grew inside

her came across her necklaces but Sage had very expensive Warrior crystal


that everyone wanted.

bringing out luck of the IrishKimberley, she had kaleidoscope eye's in a trance.

Save the best for last.How we love the sky her parents took the right music flight

how they

Save the best for last.How we love the sky her parents took the right music

flight how they

thought of a name Skye.All birds fire and wind of paradise or hawks like

helicopters she knew everything there is to know about birds. Skye met up


Lucky in the sky I don't know about diamonds hard as nails hot sun cracked

egg could sizzle any teenager's fire bacon.Dancing

around the campfire Warrior hot wickedly blue velvet bands, decorative feathers

 running, warrior lady pick his woodpecker high-cock cabin snow boarding

they were not warriors of private boarding school. RJ and Julie met up with

John that's just one club with a myth of stories.

Skye studies about all different birds she was the raven whistler she seemed

to like them the best.Better than fighting off wolverine, black crows .Proud he

was the flying cloud

bluest of the American Eagle.In the cabin,She steps sacredly picture held up

by one strong nail

Falcon big wings were hanging over he could tear to shreds tiny crevice of

a whole the mouse.Sitting

quietly in her corner writing words in her diary ornate detail from the

18 century picked up the speed of her pencil until the bird scattered papers of her

writing she

picked them up to save her thoughts how she worded her story she had a key

lock she didn't want anyone to see her story

. Skye was quite the unique person. She was living through medieval times fantasy

Warrior world and the world of now if you could believe how to survive the world

we live in. Impossible

Dragging Sex Drive Foot 
Chapter One

 Blade, He was the love slave nothing to do pacing & pacing & rising to any


. All he could think of is Sage he just wanted to fuck.Only his cock functioning.

Like a

warrior game of espionage no sex secret of cipher's reconnaissance____ what is


Living in the sex need of the renaissance Dark chamber's Babes thick dark

longer then

any fuck lashes. Her enticing breast how she rode the men was war  took a

turn for the

worst from the evil side.
Things and symbol warrior against witches' black moon she-devil ring you keep


at how does this all fit into Green envy moon Sage didn't have a jealous bone in her sword.Singing I got

alot of fucking to do.He felt the tension in his balls as he spurted like a dual mess

"Oh Lord" bully met his matchmaker of sex how she sizzles off a book fucking

through his page's.His tongue was useful how he can circle around a whole entire



and low bottom's missing her licking nipples on the nook He could spread to a whole

universe reading her mind in a book.But sometimes she wanted to murder him kept

repeating 'This is what he deserve's I felt like a prisoner how he dropped his warrior

bag in my lap.Everything was about

sex__more sex____closing her eyes how he pulled each insidious cleverly grinned knot

.How she rippled her pleasure fighting around, him like her furry nest. of orgasm's

Hundred's of

warrior scattered through Europe.their breast was covered, in warrior gems, ridiculously

huge! She can see what he was doing with them.Sage was thinking she was not the

jealous type, she gave him the space, he needed and craved.But she needed more

attention she had this tang mix and he dipped his mouth into her dessert.She was

a dssert to him, but he loved her.

But she had so many question's how she loved to test him with his word's but reality

did intrude fuck to life fantasy.Her white breast spilled over to cup his masculine hand's

.She touched more then his scarred cheek.Blade wolfed down a sandwich.She watched

his swallow a mouth way down her berries.She was on the cusp of danger & seducction delight.As he shited her to

stumble with his fall his shaft was adamantine he touched her in places that at one time

were forbidden.His shaft was against her greased massaged barely touched buttock's

She sheathed him hard red dominant nail's every pulsing inch of him.He wre this

warrior ring

from the club he was involved in.She struggled to get up from his lap he teased &

suckled her.He led her to Pillow coveed Gothic sofa she had a high like a fighter

 drunk with lust.Laid her down on the velvet brushed her like  sexy cat she fell head

long stretched into his gaze.

Google creature Sage could scratch anyone's charm's Sage in her genie bottle

 Getting Trump boy did that guy went up the tower's Amazon.sage jungle. He's the dark lashes, baby blue eyed

well-goth-suited bird Hawk and you are in such tune  swords ballet swift Microsoft Sage, love's

spicing her seed.Crystal's & rock's Canadian waterfall, Warrior blade felt right at home,Beefy carrot,comfort coming to a different age surface,good furry rabbit's.

How do we. love rabbit's, this is not a magic act, its real love,

stew.You rather be in her bed 2 screw she has the model silky delicate feet

pushing too hard with your foot her so  ardently you got the big attention foot

.Being inside her is all he

 dreamed about. but is was like someone punished hoim like 69 time's of adultery

Native people Western hemisphere Algonquin other ones Arapahoes Blackfeet or get

in tune for stories taking

his big foot.not your grannies bunions. Campfire blazing Chicken hunting for wild

prey please Warrior's be brave were teens, how often do you think we're going to

behave.No cry babies in my group peeling or

scaling away onions.Fresh nature smells but your head feel's the fire.She opened her

crying eye's and looked at him it was a long ride of a penetrating look she replied do

you have to tell me something? He say's 'There's a lot more then you don't realize

" Oh, I see well let me hear

it.I felt I was in a conversation 'He was the spider & I was always the fearful type

Fly Robin fly. I should have faced my fear's, but I either shut up, or walked away

like the song Renee.Tell me about, your bad dream, she felt telling the whole planet she loved to share,like Christmas time she loved to give the more you give the more he take's inch by inch she could feel his wallet thicker, and her bikini, string, getting more naked,

it with anyone.Well! here it is she took a deep-throat of a breath it was sensual but

like no other night. I was tied to the chair in some kind of Warrior-style office

with knives in picture frame's and one of them stood out like a deer's

head and he was all over her hot bed red mistress style hair.Extra miles body


coming out her love-mistakes of a skirt.Warrior men at their knee praying to live.

The more I spoke about it was so vivid in my mind.'Please tell me more"?How

the wicked moon outlined  & traced his hair,the shadowy sexy lines,filled in

hearts broken face.His solid weight pressed into her

bust.But see's the danger he's the river how he build's her wave's.But her dream

was telling her something about him?You already cost me a day with your

warrior stunt's 'Why like a basic Instinct"?She couldn't get her opinion from

him.She noticed it was something to do with this warrior necklace?The thought

that he might know something and maybe he did. But he didn't care he was

the Warrior

a person that put up challenge fight.He rubbed his thumb over her silk

bottom she was as wet as riverbank her Mercedes was parked at his door.

They wanted to go to the restaurant waterfront all the warriors turned out


of gun's they used warrior knife they disappeared upstream, mobster

Every muscle on Sage's body went tense.
We are all lucky and fortunate to have the things that drive us good

earth moving machines

Nagging and pecking like a bird finding her seed balance.Smoking down your

spectral of words. 'Why on earth do you keep doing this"the same warrior over

the mountain  again. Fishing 4 knife's going to the bay hanging out at the

docks.New England town's, Maine lobsters face turned red.Saying

words this is me adventurous,dangerous.& fuckable.But good at cracking his

nutshell.Exotic life how you pulled it off, safari.In the darkest night, jaguar

eye's races toward you, gun-it caps, in the wilderness. Hunters go for their


prey did you get your love in order female reproductive. We need a better

system rhythm and balance.More sex of a blood flow supplemented.

Microsoft You are brave and tough hard as nails.Fighter making a fist,

fighting your enemies,  should get closer. We learn from one another


Glenn of the falls family camping or horseback riding. Warrior Teens gliding

through sticks and throwing rocks of stone. Making them realize what this

world has to

offer burnt your buns Monmouth battlefield in New Jersey joining each other


peace but their is always war.

 fighting.go getter hiking up mountains.I love New York City sex gear near


cool town Teenager wild- Native Warrior we are cool Teens strength comes

through the eye's of the tiger's and loins no coward country.The world turned


sword dark side of the moon some people lost tim and missed out on their sex


. Rain forest birds wildlife and you hear the right music you just know things

are getting better real picture.Busy streets hearing honking

Cheyenne woman Dark Exotic Hawk flying towards you.Birds and Animals,


feeling your strength, your time  the warrior so cool, on the pedal, dragging every

inch of love roads.Trails get

darker and trying to convince yourself its over but how did the game get so controlled.

You see the outside world people are relaxed and smiling loving all sports activityYour

game was the (Biggest sport matzah-ball got smashed from Italian meatball

bloody-sauce target..}Through your insides heating up feeling like chased bull

hearing your Mom's

voice through your headset Your Mom the butterfly wings robin fly she has wits of a

Warrior. Swords fly through the Washita River Arapaho or Kiowa the dark flowing voices

your world through the New Jersey twin river

rocks and sounds of ducks at the creek.You say let me get away from that stained dark

world cult of bands.Dragged way out of the wilderness howling wolves always have stories to tell.Sounds of the Grand Canyon couldn't take you away 

coexistence taking a journey through another time body change threatened.Teen who you are your skin like your laying in your bed all your threadless stuff. But you're not feeling safe.Teen Warrior different grind, not Moms coffee heavenly silky like her lingerie His hard steamy rocks spilled to many bean's.Pebbles in the midst, how someone words dragged on so long but you

felt the lust didn't want to hear any more. His hand's touched he shoved your hair out of your eye's But you needed to beware what's on the internet Who exactly is emailing you Lost dark creek multitude of bad people. Opening up the horizon meeting new people warmth and heroes, not villains.Many things to figure out on your Warrior of a list,but always darkest side of the

moon 8 parts of love or pins and needles of their world of pain. Manipulation of a different

world of a nation you see everything coincidental to your existence.When you are out

strange people flying

like they were Thunderbird flapping their hearts out to you.Good or better than bad


comes close to home who are your friends .Whether American or Native American,


is our home Thunderbird.restored our beauty New Warrior sho good skill,climbing


backpacker found there notch American or Native Reservation seeing things

of value lights up a teenagers

mind Microsoft tablet please no hunters prey killing a rabbit.all about survival another

time like but cool Jake adventurer movie star momentums or cool looking hair of

Tyler and Ron and Ricks wild dogs of dirt road bikers Craftsman Teenager skillful tricks.Computer Warrior fight endangered species thousand different things

watching a movie flick there has been nights when she woke from dream's so hot so

erotic she was trembling when she opened her eye's it want the same man's hand.She

wasn't so content.'As love demand's we cannot contol what is happening from our past.

American Restoration could restore the past to the future. This is our world micro-soft

Teens new tablet.His side pressed warm against her skin the sex has been incredible

touch of warrior sheet's she felt blamed that she would have to tell him something she

threw her sexy arm over her strong fire eye's ' the only  precious thing I want

from you.....from you....'an 'Adventurous baby like us".

Don't let your life slip or going after the wrong things.Meeting a warrior by accident


check out Change of scenery super healing or linked-in to something worth Colorado


and big climb better be steady Indians History book.Apple Carmel with walnuts dripping.


changing  screaming and yelling until your face gets scorched wild dogs gone wild

transmitted rabies wicked creatures darkest power of hell.

 the game weapons Cheyenne dark exotic on her shoulder that hawk looking at the river

Washita and Natacha New York horses riding the trails .It was like a docking station


and tired all you could think of waking up to your alarm clock rhyme sexploration

sex museum. Finding all the candy, grabbing the good stuff.who's the bad ass

warrior that left me the bad tip. Sexy warrior wife took her husband's knife

Booksie Silk.Micro- babe chip
Cosmic cuddle they were eating pecan pie I started and but I don't want him to

notice my

reaction eye bounced back I, steal a look, entirely, new love, eye circle the internet

explorer type.What a looker, browser, and you could bribe anyone with your daring

blue erotic eyes. look.JR replies I don't think you understand how dangerous it is out

here. We are being watched every move we make. Looking down that enormous

cliff dark spiritual warrior of love

waters the lake reflecting our rented cabin house. Julia hears a ring text message

came to

hear she didn't know the person written coded put with false smiles and one very dark

Knight pictures like a Gambling one sliced warrior duet paparazzi, Atlantic City New Jersey.Warrior women showing their bathing suit'slike a NY second this was a

business getting the part of warrior legend..Julie's main concern was the cabin where

she was staying, did anyone know her

whereabouts?  She couldn't trust anyone when she arrived had 2 B certain keep

everything private, only with her club of friends.She gave a good friend her number if anything happened, so he would know where she is. She was curled up over stuffed turkey,Covering your body, fireplace steaming

 rocky road. How it never stops what is that telling we need to slow down or is it

slowing us down List of gear so many things we need to do. So many things have

rumor's & high

expectation's but we all need better explanation.Why do the wrong messages seem

to find us.Looking out the window something out their is warning me? we hear the

whispers among

the rustling leaves.Like a downcast of spirit wings, to rise, and be a warrior not to

fear all circumstances. The rainbow will always appear.Stepping stone to the godly

love trail

strengthen warrior makes the world tough rain storm keeps me going if by chance

I fall 4 warriors distinct club we will always get back up
No more rage the fear and of course how many times the hurt get in control be more approachable.

Speak up with your words.like that expression goose.Don't duck on me with a storm

People do say the rain bring's luck.Warrior marriages in the rain. Maybe that could

make a difference why does everyone want a June wedding?.Once a week. do

something that gives satisfaction with a mutual friend make more friends once

a week

or twice cooking baking going hiking join

something .Make it life's best little things or bigger the Microsoft the harder

triumph the better.JR needed to explore the cavern of Julia's mouth drinking

beer in like a man starved for hiking greener mountains of Germany best friend

Malt rich lady buts high rise beer how he kissed her deeper and dark rich malt

foam stretched to her lips longer.She would visualize his lips, around

the fork square sexy jaw, worked that chinny chin.No time to be a chicken, or

the morning red testosterone minds electrical fusion bodies went into each other's


as one mad digging out Mans DNA do not act commit murder stalker pretty in

pink jogger like a slut the cloud's turn white and feathery the explosion was sudden

just in time to watch

a glass rain poured with hot warrior coolest diamond's. but she needed to get

out of there.

 Birds warrior and witches. What nuts grab spell bag his alligator wallet like


evidence went deeper they got divorced throwing millions of diamonds worth

of artifacts.

They had so many accidents got pissed off yearly checkup lungs got flamed

smoking weed what a ball buster so hard ass aligned sex drive messed up your

urinary track. Brain

chemistry was hunter prey of

a shot sight sound and your mind needed a magical warrior replacement.At


a girl going through puberty when her period is going to stop so she couldn't have a  woolly Jackie rabbits estrogen deprived destroying our bodies passion, that beauty

of love. orchestra preserve beauty. went bountiful.

Love breast how he

cupped preserved every inch of your well being.We need to stay energetic enjoy

this world

great sex life, to the very end, of your non-stopping, sex drive.Warrior touches

her silken bow and arrow.That's tough stuff love game shot in a woman's ovaries

Warrior knife it staggers over

lifetime ancestor'sMyths Ireland beauty folklore but you're so intoxicated you

see dried up love wrinkles swelled up fire burning painful sexual intercourse

caused you thousandsRapid river of your heartbeat couldn't come sooner cold

sweats night erotic love sweats are they gone maybe it would have been better

transforming you into the new you clone.Now you eat burritos salsa dips

camping grounds what's in the beauty you are irritable bowel syndrome spicy

beans tropical by the tree fruit increased your speed of the red hot Pathfinder

gas.Nobody or that's some fire ass kicking

smoking body who would give up that south Philly steak for a woman, distressed

in the middle of, the street.Simmered smells coming, her way, from your steak she

could bite sharing a taste he swings his warrior out of line very inappropriate way he

had with his tip

He gave another girl Philly love bite.So Heartless became more empty middle

of no-life limitless it was a warrior spook not to envision head shot's of erotic men

first glance she thought there might be nude shot'sthe interuder were dressed warrior masquerade she recognized one of them he was blade's friend form the smae tribe

,Like the song goes little help from my friends why couldnt I be with a Beatle Sargento

spilled his pepper lonelywarrior club of heart's.

She got into her car and turned on very dark intersection she was being followed

'shit.fuck.damn oh what the hell their is no place to turn yet.I feel the intercourse PA

so long 69 exit's.She was shivering she needed the lean mascular strength of his hand's

a wave of relief she felt safe in Blade's sword she saw it coming. tightness in my heart

how he was like God.the heat of his lip's shined through her

like a flashlight Thing's were so disingeneous  2____B_____with Blade...... how


spaced his game

Picnicking two Scottish dogs with their owner Sex in the boondocks what a toast

she could bread anyone's butter.Gave him a soft, strawberry jamming kiss, but he

felt hard through his designer pants.Ready to explode.It was closer to a dangerous

liaisons Sabrina good witch of a masquerade took a fall instead of the Team of Ireland

faires and evolution of medieval world of elves looking through a crystal darker met

Ravens flying swords of a Moon tired full bodies

voluptuous ladies with half a brain, ended up in the Canarsie, Indian native territory


LL train. Let's love anything that has erotic cock attached to it.With a note I'm not

your fairy godmother this is not your oracle miracle sensual flamed candle world

of luck touched by a leprechaun three wishes, but you better thing quick Glass eye


from Brooklyn one blue eye power she could shatter any ones mind to pieces

Warrior bluest glass statue sky her other eye is browner. 


coffee of crystal grains smelled  & that will fix thing's right.Her face packs every


Sun was out but she saw and said to him'your not smiling too many people are


killed.For one artifact crystal neclace.It feel's like we are all being reprogramed like

robot's like were a big danger to ourselve's his lip's quirked into a zombie but tried so

hard to be calm.Certain memories were leaking through Blade's so called friend wwas blackmailing alot of people.He's forcefully using them to get what he need's The warrior goverment entities.Like he's climbing, the warrior ladder, that dark club, there in.She seened unnatural, behavior, some were probrally, handsome men, eyes madly insane.One touch from

Blade had thawed her those sexy lashes she ached deep inside he was salt creamy craving

he came every morning like clockwork or should I say sex gangsters like that blue sky

turned dark Eye's white pulse beating  and says 'Got to run now"

something came up  and he replied what could be more important than I? "Babe let

me hear it" His.sharp blade of

teeth.almost felt lied too.She said okay I understand but I cannot tell you now

."Goodbye Babe" It was the phone call and she was gone but he heard the message

hey you wanted her dead she's gone that what he heard not knowing who voice it was

He was pacing saying why on earth

would Sage want to kill someone?Maybe this person was going to let that bad

smell of info out.Her head started to pound.saying I don't want to suck up to this

men but he could help me.Nothing will get in my way.

.But he was on to her flaming  mouth could spill anything out. She tried so hard

to hold onto her secret's wild me kiss but she could see his waterfalls.Her eyes

opened she was ready the glass from her & touched her cheek wiped off his tear

from her deep expressive lips.

Grecian sea mermaid

Her mouth couldn't get enough sliding off the bed keep humping like a horrid

creature Grecian sea of adding kosher salt what a fuck up of Pringles. she

should of been traveling up the mountain love jamming guitar playing graphic

computer son dressed hiking boots fall over for a girl were book torn feeling


someone else's pain you needed better ammunition love and sin you loved the


all over the internet sexual camera Sage looked out the window she was

pouring down

like the rain.She looked up her green eye's somber.Maybe the Warrior's

from the bad

side brought this nasty weather with them. I had some tea spiked with the

best brandy

She wondered if she could find the switch to turn thngs off.She had acted

in good faith

but misguided love.She looked sinful like

the cat swallowing deep throat, but it wasn't exactly, a canary.Looking out the window

missing his warrior shipHer limb's loosened as his tongue she imagined unleased his

Warrior magic.But she changed drastically bloody side of Mary his cock went harder

and bigger Jack the ripper.Ritual play daimyo and witches.Forest dark abandoned

wooden log camp- fire eyes you where the ruler East Windsor Warrior meeting

Japanese Warrior English major Charles in charge

he was hired servings of the King of Japanese cleaver love triangle hut.Rebellious

Queen, dishonest sexual behavior, went so compulsive, reign protestors all around.

They only wanted people with no sudden sex drive club. Holy bible twist of hands trinity

people are fighting up anyone's torch.

Back east Sabrina and her big family were celebrating Thanksgiving google-google so

much to look up. Turkey basting he went on forever.She had a big family Aunt and


and cousins so many by the flocks every letter of the alphabet soup the ones that


out the most were the words {fight} and it will never be the same fight. Robin birdie


knight.High frequency couldn't stop the fighting all different colors riding all the king


& all the Queen perfect

ten 34 double D that knight pulled her draw string  across the top of each cup

screwing the scientist,He's got taken a knight stab."Just so you know" This is

not a date. 'He said this is definitely my kind of date"this one does have jeweled

warrior  covered the nipple's no

whips stroking I will never be over S- 4 Sage and M 4 Mike S.M. chill out 'Great


lip's or I will live in my private world  with low cut leather I will B brief' man's

kangaroo pouch. He always pop's out.The peep-hole door 4 my warrior eye's only.

So bloody British cosmetician colors turned 2 a warrior fashion.Swords flying that

body bondage he gave me a wrap.He gazed with such intensity.She pulled the ice-blue


bra.White snow sleet, hard and sticking, you could hear her sounds her body moving.


by one she took off her jacket she was sweaty she imagined being in her bed comfy

the noise swinging down a strippr bar everyone was saying buy me pink

eyes on this monster sex game man pricks and bones won't break the bank bones

. I am

monitoring his every move today was my feeling Horney no one could wear

it better

she was hot on his trail sexually love-fit. Man loved her attire creatures

sexual night

caller of the escort black boo men fucking on her diaries

. Made a lasting impression wilderness got fucked into joggers Warrior club.

The escort name was called the Joggers Club It should have been called Jackie

rabbits sucked like hobbits they were the worst team of players she could run but

they were watching her See the bad habits eluding like an erection chemical sex

war. I was his flaming love darts.When the horizon strike's sacred souls you see the

prick silky hair and prickly pin's light Dark evil sky man. Crystal diet light but it was

turning deathly moon but kept in

shape of the flights.Sticks and stones low bosom breasted her cracks went

lower undress.His erotic gothic hiking pants lets slice the chase narrowed

her love heart bleeding riding horses through those medieval teenage girls.

European cobblestone visions of tombstones things always

darkened harvest Clown face telling her to beware She needed to see Athens


light stone temples 7 world's we wonder, she loved walking island hopping.Sites

were all around it was like Imperial government.She was losing love grip time in

the 12 century,Tiara Warrior, they were called Warrior domination in a four

hundred time periods dominatrix need more cereal climbing his muscles

but silly male rabbit's Trix are for jerks

no one in their right skillful mind this is not

computer email you won something how many times did I hear that. Newspaper

four hundred New York times warrior article how many fuckin times pussy cat got

her badge best fucker of the month pinnacle what a lay it on the line Article bloody

sword of a fight one.This is not a Fm radio talk show woman dating warrior host her

radio went straight into

the fantasy mind of a forest she need that one big kiss she got woken up by the

prince looking like a zombie. Left bare with nothing got stolen mind felt robbed.

She needed a knight Robin Hood the only problem he was poor robbing the rich.

Sunrise Sag the most beautiful sunset. find another warrior mistress

affair fiddler on the hoof.
Matchmaker millionaire the wind head his mane snapping back into his face

 how on earth would he be my match.I would

be better space alien type of warrior.Everywhere people went were signs

of panic his body changed he stood beside me to get another look I felt trapped between

Warrior and a wolf stainless steel coffee mug being spilled nowhere, but things get messy especially being in Sage's conversation everywhere. We couldnt stop reacting upon thing's.Addicted google chrome became lust of porn star phone.'So you hope by lurring me to this club  I would lift my warrior knife  to grant you one amzing night of sex?What could a

women take, from man we cannot be responsible for men, and women go after too much lust. He's the mountain climber rescue high tech gear the guys left their scent to smear.'I sacificed every women thats on fire.He wanted to gouge his way inside her mind that she

would never get another man.The pulsing heat surrounded him alot of questioning

.Settling in differently.Matching the pulsating rhythm  and replied 'you got wet because

you wanted too?"

She felt a tear I think Blade without warning her body opened updeeply inside....her his

forehead abutted hot needing to reach her home where innocence was born.

Outfits whatever happened to baby Jane, with Betty Davis erotic deep set eye's

Watch out warrior sister's getting tied up.

Japanese Warriors like Gorilla gorilla 4 sale no time for yesterday's TV taking

an erotic love nap. Speak up Native treaty selling swords couldn't look into a

mirror what lies Man of the cloth they were Black Friday full moon watch out

sale.Godzilla met his match what a witch woman spell how

she fucked brew hot cocoa You were godly, melt white marshmallow heart,

but it turned dark muddy evaporated mind went sedated in another place what

I did for this warrior

incorporated by graphic artist team the which tainted everything like a heavy

heart on the line milk got curdled..But he was Smoking inhaling her spell

weed of crock devil's soup,rabbits got hunted, grand jury of evil what depth how it

deepened the road in the seat of a ride of warriors no romantic more

compulsive disorderly conduct, get a demerit. Like they were in school

Catholic schools not your average Nuns with rulers couldn't remember what

happened yesterday

Hard Slavery MICROSOFT- Hard Ass Chapter Two

Rolling down her window walking but needed to see the sunshine. She could

see the trouble

she is faced in a crowd with a million daunting star's and he was scrunched

like someone

was picking his brain She started to roll up the window she said 'Go Away".

She took

a couple of panting breaths and she heard him say I am trying to ditch you

and your

car.He said You

fucking right I am trying to ditch you.That big tractor trailer move away she

"Thanked God so much" that the traffic was moving thinking back another time's

Sage loved to sing Erotic blue flying guitar's she was the cool singer,Sage's body

was so tempting for him He could wake up to the touch

forever,the song many moons ago, going  Mystic seaport in beautiful Connecticut

testing all different sexual enhancement wines bloody oceans no Jeanie in this

warrior battle coming to terms. Mystic Warrior but you are in Sin familyof slavery

losing your memory what happen

to your sex life missing sparks out of computer circuits love became dead needed

to build

computer army of the higher forces.How do you revive your sex life back again.

Who can you trust ever again, caught up in their games,reading about spells

of the warrior computer you became drink someone's Ice lady crusher.Mountains

in the Catskill

her name was

Shiloh she was this Native beauty staying at the Shawanga Lodge going to play

the jukebox you could

only hear the more I see you seeing the messenger Lady Robin tweets all over but

black hawks overpowered broad mind but  my slender  shoulder's had some seductive

soft wear & he was the hard ass drive

what kind of a crush hardware is this. Did I ask for any of this I was born to be

the warrior wild I know we will all die one day.Such a sacrificial love we are both

flames in the middle

beginning of a ceremonial Raven club sexy high sugar candy cane erotic pole tech.

Shopping 4 erotic thing's Long Island Great hickie Neck town and what Bandana

warrior's .

Every block concrete Me's banging construction 

Such hard cement so stubborn she's spoiled rotten sister She

was called

Goth is dressed Warrior Sage from a club muddy rainy nature of things turned



it was like pulling some teeth another club,, her boyfriend was named Lunar

Dusk, what

rotten teeth. Painful as a molar disaster coming full moon solar disaster. Dino Rex

bad love disorder met

compulsive freak Green tea Gia lips of a devil drained everyone like she was

some goddess of love changing peoples souls.Riviera homes flowing like a

river of Italian wine.

Vintage time of

the Renaissance aged like sex cannibal love creatures all into hot Mama MIA what

a pick of Male birds took a liking to Miss farrow and lover Mr Falcon gynecologist

that warrior knife sliced too many rosemary's baby sex machine congregation

flocks Warrior Sage hit the devil sky head

hit the Ravens all over the ceiling pap smear what a painful fly.They met in

Pennsylvania there

is a road called Intercourse you got fucked into their Road. Folklore

was another name

in the club it was getting more into Hard surface grounds of hardcore

.Disaster Dino Rex

was his name problematic the girls went frantic whips and chains met up with Molar

moron Dawn couldn't get her to fuck position was all wrong doggy style she left a

good portion of bull crap teeth wasn't straight. Played the game dirty not too wise

pulling teeth out of her those video camera's

showed her off legs of chicken her sides no love handles pinch and a tuck she

was the biggest Con-Artist of a fuck Robin Hood hacker warped record saying

over again she does me good she sings to the hood spinning microchip tightened

up her evil way full moon dirty lips.She was frightened Warrior Sage and her sister

they both had bodies of bacteria from ton many sexual

encounters viruses fungi organism or of-course orgasm's but there was another

side of the Warrior that were healthy fighting off fatigued body called the free

radicals but you felt damaged by the other side of Warriors

dangerously world of high numbers.How does this fit, into my world, poor

nutrition girls

eating twinkies and drakes his yummy ring ding.One hell of a date Xrays

or X-rated talk shows

drinking up love problems becoming in tune your favorite friend alcohol

gulping her down

sex holder of a cigarette smoke and all that polluted air not a Nike air  hiking for

love day a couple needed more air oxygen straight shot of love gin . Need more

of a better supply

'Fuck her,dont leave her,message her & massage her"

first aid of sex tool..Bed and Breakfast good sex I want it back or computer email

so way

off not the right love feed back.there's a flower out called Echinacea herbal remedies

mobilize computer boosting herb stronger immune Microsoft system Siberian

Ginseng wild Indigo Inge she's from Germany feel her close to home Strive organic

comfort foods and sexy raw

nutrition gain fresh sex energy and mans army tank of sexual deep breathing fight for

what's right drink for the sunset

place stimulants Sex Cocktail here it is 3 carrots, I orange, I Microsoft Apple half


 beet, through a juicer every day.Garlic horseradish and Crying love onions fighting

Harmful Warrior of too much sex bacteria yeasty woman beasty sex club first

l invention He gripped her thigh's a wedge of golden sunlight naked body from shoulder

to her very lower hips.She needed to tell him something that someone was running

this warrior game His mouth tightened She was bent over she dropped her

warrior necklace,these men are highly sexual predator's and they get their blades

of a thrill they are seeker's There it was full capitulation Sage was seductively


she loved to win I cnnaot let anything like this get way out of proportion.He starts

with very venerable babes of the vigin warrior, prescious llive's in his hand..

. Motorcycles angel & demon secret French kiss Into the woods homey retro

 you're my honey Bee they stuck like glue.Girl Savvy computer how she repaired

years of love damage she

went beyond sexy.She needed to filter out environmental state of toxins

In Ancient Hebrew means enchant long used as a culinary get your Einstein

mind of Princeton flowing healing

our web obsessions this month for sale we became Man's properties

Tempers screaming you the creamy silver Sage loved metallic green fields

of Ireland couldn't walk a straight line Warrior body curves of a danger fine. Second

time around in the painting his nudity with another lover cheater after hour clubs

popping pills what a hangover

.Did you inherit something  hot lunch sex in a form of a her spandex.Fucking in the

jungle roar like T-Rex.She's so tight fit couldnt get a pull or a taste of her raspberry

what a fool.your boxer's opened perfect place of a slit.

 Was a bad spell,jinx.Bold menswear suit tree of ecstasy,his hair

touched your skin eyes graceful cuts rich textures all hereditary.

What's in all of our genes.Perfect body transforming beauty Sephora Sage


eye any man would want to break her in like the presentation its what you

have to show.No hurry the horizon will wait sometimes you will find it

creeping up too fast but Microsoft has a way of making business and friends

and families build lasting impressions stay on top thinking smart right on the

surface they flip turn new age we need all the necessities in our minds.Stay

alive no dead man walks like a siff mannequin what's the number count movie

birds 478 

birds killed we can't buy lemon poppy seeds muffin.

What Snakes in a SUV thief steals teenage diary.Rev it

up reptiles "What's up with that"?All her secrets and

money down the drain?? I wonder why?

What I did 4  this Warrior:

Fake husband,A warrior husband, but the sex-life went all over the internet.They kissed he suckled his knuckles pressed her nipple's.lingerie warrior style panties had no crotch.But boy did he drink warrior flavor scotch.He

remembered the knight in Vegas.But he was hooked on

polish sausage what's eating you not me baby.Playing the

part of a sexual predator.Warrior VIP international sex warrior part of warrior stallion school subject.

 Big judging from Blades jutting erection babes love his sausage is it a secret why

its written so small?His brave wor's were false nipples were so falling pebble's

saying you will be hot in no time.

Nude models underwear Victoria Secret college kids cut my panties right to

the chase rampage store Red fire how it lit up her body Stored energy shopping

love and danger mystery shopper. She was the Target the biggest loser Cock

a doodle screw what a sex hunter..Mind of a killer intimacy like someone struggled

to keep his hands tied back but he needed crawl space inside

of her he couldn't wait another Sage of a second what a Warriors of a hold. She

had him but he needed to bury himself deep so he could pour the strong earth

Sun all around him.She was the sex light

he was savoring devouring the surface and that laptop of a surface trying to

feed into her mind cinnamon buns never tasted so sinful Control like a number

game Fever ignited he went slow felt the burn strong in his stomach she had

the most beautiful breast shaped like a bouquets of the finest detail in every

love part of a rose.Just about what anyone could do with a stranger

Skeptical questioning like a soul destroying he couldn't just leave to walk

away first impressions second one could be the biggest power over my

emotions mistake.The I phone's of his finger felt Wolf howling no humans

I touch fingers pressed inescapable intense sexual craving I needed to eat I

was famished  my insides were growling I turned like the invisible women.

The invisible could eat me alive.I wouldn't know the difference.everything

started turning big++

Everything turn shattered illusions glass.Big,big

& Bigger.Do I need to say more?

Banging the fork waiting for a drink,she comes around to serve us.She liked the guy,I was

with.Is that always the case you like someone and someone likes your girlfriend, or completely someone

else.Its time for more Sherry with the glass eye

used her powers to control what she was feeling lifeblood of the warriors playing like were the

fools of computer love objects what dynamics

different life of clubs, of people, good and the very bad.Blue glass eye was like an Xrated she

goes bye bye.Naked survivor meeting his new

creation robot it's great not 2 b human she does what I want just give her an apple love my

computer, everything must she puts out Sage 2 the surface, expert's sex clubs, and

gangs, was this going to be my life I became the erotic fighter,She smiled how her lover felt good his eyes became dark shadowed in her cravings

she curled nicely into his fist.His hands godly he

Google circled making different love events he smelled like the greens of the Drakkar or bow

and arrow.Met up with a friend Armani forest of

Polo tea cup big shirts designed by Charlie from

Threadless he was a master Carretti's Teens of warrior car confetti.Loved the art's showing logo's

turned into gang of  eating spaghetti so cool carretti galleries and campers. Beary heart sex creatures these motorcycles she yelled out to him 'Touch me oh

'mercy"felt so good",she collapsed next to him. she pressed her lip 2 his sweat slicked chest

the servants were runnung to his cabin call of

crickets.She straddled all the way on him As if its been years since she had that drive all the way no limit just driving through a love body

climb mountain.She could still feel his firm pressure, no business like a show biz.


faint moonlight, breasted open to love window, was something that got changed. He could

reach up, to touch that ornate, detailed ceiling.He was looking at me, in every

direction.Her tangled all over, the web, hair strands dark angel.Falling from warrior pirate

boat of hell 2 heaven. He would open the flood sexual gate to her memory.Indian work of art,

the Indians needed to call the witches. Stirring the coffee destroyed all the cafe clubs people were getting sick also dying they helped them destroy the witches.Warrior went deeper they

were on missions.What was left was feral wolves were determined to fight This guy was

mortal in every form,and his way to get things done.Running was not a option, for these

mortals.They saw the wolves coming was standing near his shiny knob, midnight raid his ornate silver sword.Robin turned her body

flock's of signal.Eyes react reapproaching his heart, a power, look towards the Mortal.She had powers, {she replied} you will need no blade no sword with me.He was not the fearful type, she

didn't see him being frightened He was as sharp as a snakes tooth.He was your average cup of Joe, you wouldn't get to far with his evening

event. Perhaps a power, sexual lunch, might not be to keen on a Sunday. Why-not I guess it would be more of a Sin Day.That warrior affair

meeting ceremonies, like a slice,of the exorcist.

Greets my new day.Let me not be, a hunters pray, guidance of my footsteps. Delicate hands small, and dainty against, his buttocks firm.

Way 2 far singing bleeding heart theatrical flair but what did I do to deserve this big

foot.Steeping ove me,I pray my actions, will reflect, the grace of loves. God and the world will follow

eternity.His gaze was growing,seductively,she was getting more agreeable with her heart.

Rebellous warriors mind plunged into the dark

and desperate night.She had hoped for all this, coming.How he planned, every game, to the fullest he growled. Coming dark ages he wasn't

human, but loved the story-book type of a forest. Nature and cruelty, how she yearned for it some

form of civilized entertainment.How her body

changed,being paralyzed,feeling humiliation

Sword of her lover eye pain.She's so unwanted desire but something that she was forced into a world to do,his tip of his head 22 foot long.

Blowing so hard, sounds you could hear, the

change like a wolf, she was that French vixen his trumpet blowed harder and harder music

full force.Was this my erotic lesson in sexology.Her slick fold, of flesh, throbbed between him her

eyes scream.Body pleasurable, but feeling pain his strong rage passionately told him everything

would change 4 the better this energy got inside

her emotions.You are still,so innocent, he replied soft feminine cry but you could see her 

emptiness_____she needed her one a day

vitamin & dont let the people remember what

an asshole you were.She needed to keep him, she

needed to be loved, she did see his best side

Craftman of intentions living on the edge,of the ther side of gang-oh lord buy me some Amber-sun- my heart -crumbles but shops at

Abercrombie see's him with his bitch,let's fire

her switch, move on micro-chic her name was Amber so golden like the Robin north western

flower, what intensity orange blossom.

Grew matured her hands grabbed his

cock shut up!!

listen and learn his warrior moves he was

big in those Jeans so tic top jockey.Bella

shirt inviting boobs,sitting at the cafe & met

his bomb.How could we possibly be safe

black wilted rose turned,white Oleander, stroking 

the good artist killing he wasnt exactly a boyfriend?

She is Abercrombie and Fitch,we stared into the City lights checking every Amber-crumb-cakes and Fitch Warrior fashion.What is the next style

it had the right gear for a teenager, it came to

me, I focused on one love it was a white spiritual flame "Oleander Warriors of the flower's Gods of

the warrior kill getting the last of the best. Teen-

angels bras and warrior heavenly undies but

naughty with magic Jack plus hell-dragon. low rise coke head or topless dancer the priest

always said big Sin is a cancer, sugar,love can

B vulgar when your a virgin. He breaks into your

muffin and he's the eyes of the serial.Takes a

trip he's the helicopter buzzed over his head.

He took a bite of your breast slayer Buffy surgery. Getting an colonoscopy your

drugged someone walked out, you have no

clue. what you are getting into that second

your Identity cards got scissor cut no time

for praying different shape of a tree lost your

virginity like you are a half-breed souped borscht.Hark rock

belt red beets healthy pure-oil organic chastity belt She's a spy your Russian doll

with orange flower warrior of a treasure her player box.You ended up

in a Japanese Samurai army restaurant you

felt as small and worthless eating or someones

shrinking bento box.Hell burning nose of a fox.

Fragrant obsession you could smell miles away

you ended up with sliced oranges Sliced with a sword that woman hard times the edge of her leopard 

kimono.The second he saw you one breast invited him for a dual that sword man, not real mortal his dark curls, trailed halfway down,at

her private parts his masculine back stabber.What's in front watermelons't tracked his

eye's.What a sexy back his  blue-bloody eyes got her attention.Despite all the sex. of her wilderness,those flowers sitting at the breakfast

nook Granola with walnuts, and pecans, smelled heavenly there was a can of pineapple rings which she loved her fruit but she was more into

organic apples and pears grown in the northern hemisphere.Sabrina sipped he coffee in such a

sexual desire way.Listening to her voice was like velvet and his was harsh like burning tar pants got stiff how you left him a scar.Beat up rider

leather they were both so different but they got along well.They were laughing, had her shy giggles, like he was Christopher-Robin.Playing a

warrior game with her. But we live in a world full of mulberry clever around someone's mulberry bush. Russian spy architecture blow's me away

possessions.Conversation's over coffee howling

back at me the place had a wolf attire.French

couldnt get kissed that howling got worst what a

force  Wolf-lit like the bees buzzing suspiciously,

the wrong sort of warriors, or are we getting too

much honey queen bees.Sticking his sword fighting off too

many sexual diseases transmitted through another nest of time.Bird of power soundless

wings ancestral guardian could be your

neighbor.Owl Turtle perhaps creepy crawling right at you centipede unique strength.

Warrior story owls and myths folklore what

about the French Cave chicks?Someone drinking Scotch love that Johnny he could

walk bloody red line warrior book 

 bloody & divine.Aumakua what they

believe in______________________ 


take another form in the spirit world protect the

influence someones body has the Owl of the

spirit inside of them.Realm of the spirit world.

In Northern Scotland myths and all stories

Pueo Child of the Owl Guardian angel heaven and Earth messenger of the Doom Owl can

land straight on the car window knight

protective condom your vagina got shiny stay

put shelid it was a sign to keep you protected

you could have been fucked by a Demon scary

world how wrong with computer unexpected

warrior fuckers and you know the rest cock

suckers, bad influences.Sanurai Sword

college love campus in Colorod fifty shades

of green green villian money alot of sex


grades took off Rocky mountain Java Mecca

dark Knight of a roast Charlie is the Knight

Rider he was a cool guy & smarter then any

other college scholar.

college NJ too many love emails devil made


do it post high on cyber space A,dark sensual warrior's But we are in a club underground

believe world all of,us with.Manifesto fiasco

went warrior wild spreading wings.New age beginning

hustle and bustle feeling your in culture

of the19

century those hats turned warrior


or I was your maid feeding & exposing

everyone the screen.His name was


swords on the ceiling,life changing,head'are

spinning,different moment, going back, to the Renaissance.

Candles burning & eating his word's @

the wooden long table setting. It was

better then my warrior ring setting.My music

of the Eagles and the Dark spirit wolf  took

over Hawks. No smart owls to protect

you no rules into play,I

studied my ass off to get me where I am

today. Hey burn those sword's I'm in my

bed what I did 4 the warrior it's all in your



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