In the still of the night chapter one

In the still of the night chapter one

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


Halloween night and a young woman is stalked by a beast in the darkness completely unaware of events unfolding around her.


Halloween night and a young woman is stalked by a beast in the darkness completely unaware of events unfolding around her.

Chapter1 (v.1) - In the still of the night chapter one

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Halloween night and a young woman is stalked by a beast in the darkness completely unaware of events unfolding around her.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 05, 2013




The brightness of the full moon hung high in the sky illuminating the dark streets of London. People moved about through the streets and alleys below; with a snort of hunger the beast sat upon the edge of a roof top looking at the bright lights of Trafalgar square. Drunken revelers dressing in a variety of costumes and party clothes moved around the square under the watchful eye of London's police, some mounted on horseback, others on foot.

The Halloween spirit was in full swing, and the smell of intoxication was mixed with a variety of lust from some and anger from others as the effect of too much alcohol coursed through their veins.

The Beast lifted his nose to the wind and savored the smell, his clawed hands and feet digging into the stonework to assure his footing on the rooftop. Looking down into the crowds he watched carefully and looked for her. An uncontrolled shudder of anticipation ripped through his body as he waited patiently for the time to come.

Susan Bainbridge left the club. She was an attractive blonde and at first glance she looked as if she was about 22 or 23, but she carried her family's good genes and because of that it hid the fact she was just short of her 35th birthday. She was dressed in a long black skirt which zipped up on one side and a conservative white blouse. Clothes really more suited to an office than a night out, but she really did not enjoy the whole nightlife scene. She never had even when she was younger, always happier with her nose in a good book or at home curled up with a cup of hot chocolate. She was still trying to figure out why she came out tonight. She laughed out loud, "Because of my friends" she spoke to herself, drawing a few looks from several people around her. She had spent a few hours at the club and had now decided to slip away and head home and tell her work friends that she had developed a headache and gone home. They were all too drunk now to notice or even care she was gone anyway.

She looked back at the club one more time considering going back in and giving into what some people called peer pressure. But she laughed again and said to herself "I will give in to hunger instead" as she chuckled briefly and looked to the fast-food restaurant across from the club and stumbled slightly drunker than she had thought she was towards it.

The Beast's nose suddenly came alive, and he lifted his head and sniffed the air. Something had caught his attention, and it was not coming from the gathered people beneath him but from Leicester Square. With a quick turn, he ran across the roof and leapt between two buildings. Caught momentarily in the moonlight, a single drunken reveler noticed him but looked away and then back again to make sure his mind was not playing tricks, and when nothing was there he quickly dismissed the image from his mind, and carried on his drunken way.

Susan Bainbridge entered the burger restaurant and joined one of the huge queues to order something to eat. The place was jam packed with people, some sober but mostly drunk people. She shook her head as a giddy feeling took hold of her, and she started to regret having that last Jack Daniels and coke.


With another leap, the beast landed on the roof of another building and looked down into Leicester square; his eyes scanning the people and places, his nose seeking out the sensation that had brought him here, but nothing. He crouched low near the edge of the roof, his claws digging into the roof as before securing his hold, as he waited, his senses outstretched.


Jack Wallace stood by the bar in the club. He was a handsome guy in his early 20s, some 6 foot in height, spiky gelled black hair, dressed in his favorite black suit and dark-red shirt. He held his beer in his hand and smiled at the incident that had occurred at the bar where a pretty blonde had bumped into him and spilled her drink all over herself. She had been so embarrassed he tried to make her feel better by getting a towel from the bartender and repeatedly telling her it was ok, no harm done, but she had continued to be so embarrassed. He had left her and hoped maybe he could speak with her later, but looking around he could not see her.


Susan edged closer to the front of the queue as her eyes squinted at the overly bright fluorescent display boards high up behind the counter, the colorful pictures put there to make everything so much more appetizing, yet at the moment it just seemed overly bright and her eyes were hurting from it. She was suddenly shunted forward by a drunken clubber in his early 20s, short-cropped hair almost military in style, which glistened with far too many hair gels. He raised his hands in a form of apology, and she felt her stomach protest from the impact of his collision, as she heard the short young black girl behind the counter call out "next customer please" in her direction.


Susan composed herself and turned back towards the counter, leaning forward to rest against it. She smiled a weak smile, to match the fake one the girl behind the counter had plastered across her face, “a corporate image smile” Susan thought to herself and laughed softly. She saw the girl's face sneer a little and then return to the big smile of before, "Can I take your order?" she said to Susan.


The wind shifted, and upon the roof top the beast sniffed the air once more trying to regain the scent that had pulled him from his silent watching of Trafalgar Square. He could smell the strong stench of alcohol and the sweet smell of hormones going crazy among the revelers, but as hard as he tried, he could not find the scent he wanted again. One of his clawed hands drew tight with a fist, and he slammed it down on the roof in frustration as he leapt to the edge of the roof and sprang across the gap between the building he was on and landed on the roof opposite. He crouched low at the foot of one of the giant red letters that made up the name of the club.


Susan sat herself at one of the empty tables near the door. The place was very loud and crowded now and full of happy revelers. She looked at her watch, "not even midnight yet" she said to herself, as she opened the box to the burger she had ordered. As her stomach protested once more, and she again realized she was not a great drinker and she had drunk too much and perhaps food was not a wise choice either.


"Are you ok?" she heard from her left. Tilting her head to one side, she saw a handsome male in his early 20s. His hair was spiked up, and he wore a dark suit. She looked him over up and down, a spark of recognition forming in her mind as she recalled she had literally bumped into him at the bar in the club. She had been so embarrassed by the incident and was full of apologies and offers to replace his drink. He had told her it was quite alright and helped her by getting a cloth from the bartender so she could wipe the Jack Daniels and coke she had spilled down herself and then casually vanished into the club.


A look of recognition formed on his face, and she could see he was trying to place her. "Ah my knight with bar cloth" she said, smiling, as the thoughts of recognition finished forming in his mind, and he smiled back "Ah Miss Jack Daniels and coke" he said, laughing, as the moment returned to him, and she could not help but to join in the laughter.


Once their laughter subsided, he smiled a warm friendly smile again, "So are you ok?" She thought the question over for a second and could feel her hunger returning and actually did feel better. "Well, I guess laughter must be the best form of medicine, because I really do." She laughed at her own statement and smiled at him, "Please sit down, join me."


"Well if it is no intrusion, then gladly" he said, slipping into the seat opposite her. He waved away an offer of some fries with a casual “no thank you,” and watched her eat hungrily.


The skies above Leicester Square were beginning to darken now, and it seemed like rain was likely, the beast watched the people outside the club below continue to laugh and enjoy the revelry of this All Hallows Eve. His nose continued to catch the scents on the wind, and his eyes began to follow a tall red-headed woman. She was dressed in tight blue denim jeans and jacket and walked across the square away from the club. In her hand, she carried a container of ice cream and lifted it to her lips to lick at it. The scent carried to his nose, and it filled his senses with her scent and that of the multitude of flavors the ice cream contained. Rising slowly to a crouching position he leaned closer to the edge and steadied himself to spring forward, just as his legs locked into place, his nose picked up another scent, the one from before, the one he hunted for.


His gaze quickly shifted from the red-headed woman and followed the scent, and his eyes became locked on a burger restaurant across from the club, and as he looked through the window, he saw what had tormented him this night, now within his grasp.


"So," she said through a half-chewed mouthful of food putting her hands over her mouth in embarrassment. She quickly chewed the food then took her hands away "Sorry, What I was trying to say was, are you in the habit of saving every girl in need?" she giggled drunkenly, and he laughed with a short warm laugh in response. "No, I do not play a hero all the time. Only when I need to, and I thought I would save someone else from another drink's bath" he said, his voice full of humor. She laughed at his response and took a quick sip of her drink through its straw. She reached her hand across the table to meet his "I’m Susan" she said by way of introduction “and you are?" she asked as he shook her hand, "Jack" he said as they shook hands.


The beast’s eyes rested on her as she shook hands with someone unknown across from her. A low growl formed in his throat as his gaze remained unbroken on her as the matter that she had to be his filled his mind, and this other would be nothing more than a distraction to his prize.


Susan could not believe how carefree she was being with this Jack. He did not seem to mind, and she felt comfortable with him. Even the silence between them did not seem wrong like it did so often with others. Before she knew it they were talking up a storm. She found out that he was born in Kent and was only 23, “a mere baby” she thought but his maturity did not show him as anything like that. She also found out he was a tennis coach, which would explain the good physique he was hiding under that shirt of his. He was not shocked to hear she was 34, and he did not even try and pander to her ego like so many did and tell her "oh you look so much younger." She was beginning to think coming out tonight was not a bad idea after all, and the thought made her smile.


The waiting was starting to make him feel uncomfortable on the roof, and the glares of the red lights were making his eyes heavy, but he would not let his gaze leave her. As she talked and laughed with such joy with this man, he sprang to his feet and leapt back across landing on the roof of the burger restaurant and returned to a crouching position, her scent now stronger than ever in the air.


"Well Susan, it has been wonderful, but it is getting late, so is there anywhere I can walk you, a cab or the bus stop?" he asked her. She was not looking forward to this moment. It seemed to her whenever you met someone you connected with, the time just never stayed still and skipped forward so much faster than you wanted it too.


She pulled out a piece of paper and scribbled her number down on it, "maybe we can have lunch Jack" she said, not knowing what to expect from him as a response. He laughed with a shocked laugh and reached across the table and took the number. "That would be wonderful" he exclaimed to her happily, and began to stand up. "So do you want me to walk you to the cab station or the bus stop?" he asked her again. She up and smiled "Yes, please walk me to the bus stop. That would be nice."


He sensed her drawing closer now. He could almost taste her as she walked from the restaurant, another low growl emitted from his throat as he saw the human male with her, standing close together. He felt an almost palatable heat rising from her and sensed calm in him, "no," he thought to himself. He could not strike here. He had to wait and then seize the prize.


He followed as they walked back towards Leicester Square. From roof top to roof top he leapt, his claws cutting into the stone of each roof as he stopped and then quickly moved on, her scent constantly in his senses, her movements watched with his eyes. They turned another corner, and he ran and sprang across the distance landing on a roof between two buildings. Looking down he could see they had entered an alley, and he saw his arm was now around her.


And I swear I had to duck to avoid the racket” Jack said with a look of mirth on his face. Susan began laughing as the mental image formed in her mind, and she walked further into the alleyway. Jack looked around “You sure this is such a great idea?” he said with some mock fear in his voice. Susan took his arm and placed it around her, “I am positive you are quite capable of looking after me," she grinned at him.


Well maybe, but who is going to look after me” he joked back in return. He pulled her closer, and her arm went around him in a warm embrace. There was a moment of silence between them, and then he leaned in close to her and their lips met in a kiss.


She could not believe this was happening and her heart began to beat faster. She felt that giddy feeling returning again, and then she felt his lips part hers as he let out a protesting sound and she saw him fly into the wall of the alley.


Her head quickly turned and she recoiled in horror as she saw a monstrous looking biped of a wolf; it stood over 8 feet in height and was almost half that size in width, its bright white fur lightly shining in the alleyway as the moonlight beamed down on it. She looked straight at it, her heart now pounding in fear, its eyes shone almost a deep purple as it surveyed her. To her left, she could hear Jack getting up, but she dared not break the creature’s gaze.


The sound of soft clapping could be heard from where Jack had fallen, and she could not help herself now, and her head turned to see what was happening. She gasped as she saw Jack, he appeared unharmed but his eyes now burned bright red, and she could see a pair of fangs protruding from the top of his mouth.


I thought you were all dead by now” Jack said, his voice a cold low tone, so different to what it had been before. He let his hands drop by his sides, and suddenly his fingernails began to extend to resemble sharp-looking talons. A silver tint could be seen around them in the moonlight.


She could feel the hot breath of the bipedal wolf-creature on her neck, and she felt its powerful arm on her shoulder pushing her with a gentle strength to the wall. It dropped down to all fours facing the creature that was Jack and let out a deafening roar of a challenge to him, its fangs bared in a raw display of power that made Susan shiver from the sheer intensity of it.


A knowing smile crossed Jack's face at the roared challenge, “You are the Last, and so she must be the Chosen.” A malicious grin formed on his face, and he stepped into a wide stance, “You have made my night so perfect. I will kill the Last and feast on your Chosen."


Susan's mind began to race faster and faster, "what was happening, what were they talking about?” This was not rational. It must have been something in her drink, or a Halloween joke gone crazy. She felt a crash of thunder in the distance, and the alley suddenly lit up as a flash of lightning cracked overhead, and then she saw the wolf-creature leap.


The beast leapt forward taking off from his hind legs and flying through the air, his claws extending on his hands, as he covered the distance between him and the hunter he now faced. He slashed outwards with both claws, and the hunter sidestepped with almost superhuman grace.


Landing on his feet, the beast tried to turn as he could not fight the creature if it were at his back. As he tried to pivot on the balls of his feet, he felt agony as the creature's silver talons tore deep into his back. He let loose with a roar of absolute agony, the hunter’s weapons cutting through tissue and muscle.


His legs buckled and he fell forward, and he felt the hunter's claws tear into his back once more. He felt a solid boot strike him in the side of the head, and he toppled sideways, one eye staring skywards as he felt the wounds on his back bleed profusely.


I expected so much more, but I have killed your pathetic kind many times before” Jack said, as he kicked the beast in the ribs lifting it from the ground momentarily. He grabbed the beast's head and pulled it up exposing its neck and face, “Enough games animal! I hunger, and you stand in my way." "I should be so grateful for your return beast,” he said, striking the downed animal once more with his free hand, the blow cutting deeply into its back. He lifted one talon-covered hand and prepared to strike the killing blow.


She watched in horror as the beast had leapt at Jack, he had moved with such speed. He just casually stepped to one side and felled the creature. Had Jack tried to protect her? Nevertheless, what did he say to the creature, "Feast on her?" She looked at Jack's face with its bright-red eyes and fangs as he lifted the wolf-creature's head, and she felt herself fill with dread. "I must get away. I must." She turned and stumbled against the wall trying to find her footing and make her way out of the alley.


Jack looked up and saw her trying to escape from the alley. He dropped the animal's head and with the ease of thought he covered the distance across the alley in a blur and stood beside her. “Are you leaving so soon? I thought we were friends" he said in a mocking manner, and his hand grabbed her around the throat and pushed her back at the wall, his mouth opening to reveal his fangs to her.


The pain surged through his body, as his head crashed down on the concrete. How could he have failed like this? He raised his head to see the hunter pass the distance between his fallen body and the woman as she tried to escape. He spoke to her, but could not hear what was said as the pain burned in his ears, and he saw the hunter's hand grab her about the throat.


She choked against his grasp and grabbed at his wrist trying in vain to make him let go. Her eyes were transfixed by his and those fangs that would mean her end. She pressed back hard against the wall and felt the cold stone against the back of her neck, and then she heard a roar.


Jack had her where he wanted. The last of the beasts would soon be dead. He would feed on this Chosen One, and then his kind would reign supreme. His victory was broken suddenly as he heard a roar from where the beast had fallen. He turned to look and saw its massive frame standing in the alley.


Impossible” Jack gasped out loudly in shock, as the beast leapt into the air. He was in shock as it sailed through the air, its massive clawed hands coming down on Jack as the creature landed in front of him.


Jack felt the first clawed hand tear through his arm that held on to Susan. It tore away, and the pain ripped through him. The other claws cut deeply into his shoulder and tore through his body. He screamed out a strangled scream of pain and fell to his knees and his eyes filled with flame burning outwards, his body following, consumed by the flames. As suddenly as it began, he fell forward, flames spreading out across the alley floor and then nothing but burning ash.


Susan felt the ash fall against her, and she scrambled away from the wall as what was left of Jack's body vanished. She felt great relief wash over her as she moved a few feet from the burning ash and then looked at the creature that had saved her life. He reached his hand out towards her. She could see he was breathing heavily almost like an animal would do after great exertion.


Slowly, she reached forward, her hand reaching towards the creature's hands. Her mind was telling her to run, but she knew if it wanted her dead, then she was powerless to stop it from doing so. Her hand touched the soft fur upon the creature's hand, and she felt the powerful grasp it possessed as it gently closed its hand around hers urging her to come forward.


She felt almost powerless to resist, but she felt it was her will that was making her do as such; he was not forcing her. She seemed to be forcing herself. When she was close enough to almost taste the creature's breath, she felt its powerful arms wrap around her. Her stomach lurched as she felt herself being lifted from the floor as the creature leapt upwards, and she felt them land softly on the rooftop of another roof. Before she could catch her breath, they were leaping again to the next rooftop and then another. She closed her eyes as the buildings passed her. In the creature's arms, they leapt from building to building until she finally felt solid ground beneath her, and she opened her eyes and looked across the roof at the London skyline. She recognized the giant wheel-shaped form of the London Eye and the river.


She turned to look and stared at the creature. She felt the fear vanishing as she looked at him. “What are you? What was he?” she blurted out the questions quickly. As he looked at her, she felt the wind shift above her. Another flicker of lightning could be seen in the distance, and then the rumble of distant thunder.


His arm reached for her as his hand reached out to her again, this time she did not move nor did she feel any fear. His hand touched her face, and she saw his eyes close.


Her mind filled with images. She shook suddenly, her hand grabbing his as she could see a multitude of images flash in her mind. She tried to make sense of them. She saw a group of creatures like the one that had saved her. They moved across an open grassland, she could not tell when it was or even where it was, the image changed again, this time more creatures around fires, a pack of them, no, a tribe of them.


She stifled a scream as her mind filled with images of creatures like the one that had tried to kill her in the alley. The creatures moved into the image of the tribe, and she recoiled in horror gripping his hand tighter as her mind filled with images of death and saw the dead wolf-creatures. Image after image filled her mind, and she could feel their pain, and she suddenly knew as Jack had said, this creature was the last of his kind.


The images of death faded from her mind, and she suddenly could feel the energy of life and saw a woman lying on a blanket screaming in pain, not the pain you experienced through the horror of death, but the pain of child birth. She relaxed, and the image filled her mind further, and she saw another white furred wolf-creature holding her hand, the woman's hand.


Her mind cleared, and she could see his face before hers. She felt rain beginning to pour down on her head. She looked up and the skies were opening up, and she saw a flash of lightning overhead as more rain fell.


She looked back at him and now, where before there was a massive animal, she saw the face of what appeared to be a young man. His eyes were a deep purple as the wolf-creatures were before. She examined his face but could not determine his age. Her mind began to make sense of the images she had seen, the creatures, the images of death and the woman giving birth, a Chosen One. She was a Chosen One.


The rain poured down harder on them now. It was making her blouse stick to her skin. She saw this new form was wearing nothing. She did not feel any embarrassment at this, so much had changed tonight. She turned her head and kissed his hand, the Chosen One. These words echoed through her head.


Her lips kissed along his wrist, his hand brushing her face. She moved into his arms, and they wrapped around her like a long-lost lover’s embrace. She crushed herself against him and pressed her lips against his, her tongue brushed against his, and she felt an almost electric sensation as they kissed. The rain began to fall harder on her, but she did not care.


Her hands ran along his back. Her touch made him wince slightly as she touched his open wounds. She tried to move away in embarrassment, but he held her close, his mouth still pressed against hers.


She pulled her soaked blouse from her body and let it fall to the floor. She pressed her now erect nipples against his hard body and gripped his face with both her hands, her mouth greedily kissing him and her tongue tasting his tongue. She felt his hands run up her back, powerful hands caressing her up and down.


She pressed herself against him, and she could feel his groin stirring in heat, and she knew this was the wildest thing she had ever done, and she did not care. She slowly raised one leg and wrapped it around his body. She felt completely safe with him and knew he would not let her fall.


His hands moved to her behind, and he gripped it lifting her from the ground as her other leg wrapped around his waist, and she was now completely in his power.


Her arms went to his neck and held on to it as she broke the kiss and leaned away from him. Another flash of lightning illuminated them on the roof top, she gripped his neck tighter with one hand and reached down with the other to unzip the side zip on her skirt.


The zip slid down easily, and the skirt opened loosely making it form an almost single piece of clothing, and it fell to the floor. His hands moved to her hips, and he lifted her slowly. She could feel him press against her, her mouth filling with a gasp of pleasure as she felt herself being penetrated.


Her body leaned back fully now, lost completely in pleasure. Her eyes closed, and she moaned in ecstasy as his powerful grip held her in place, and he began to thrust into her.


Each thrust made her feel crazy. She had had sex before, but never like this. She could feel the rain washing over her, and it just made the sensation even greater. She felt herself being lowered slowly onto the roof, and she felt him lay between her legs.


His arms wrapped around her legs and lifted them off the ground. She screamed in pleasure as this made him press deeper into her, each thrust driving her closer. Her eyes were closed tightly as she felt him press down on her, his body shielding her from the rain.


She could feel her legs trembling as a powerful orgasm passed through her, and she reached out and clawed at his chest with her hand, her nails digging deeper into his chest as another orgasm pulsed through her.


She felt his arms press down on the roof next to her head, and her legs spread further apart as he let them lay back on the ground. She could feel his weight pressing against her, heavier now. Her eyes opened, and the image of the young man was gone to be replaced with the white wolf she saw before, but she did not care.


She let her head roll back and let out a scream of pleasure as a third orgasm made her begin to shake under him. She looked into his animal face and knew what lay underneath, what he was.


She saw his head lift powerfully, and he looked skywards. A crash of thunder struck overhead, and he let loose a howl of exultation ripping from his throat and lips, and she felt him release inside her. She felt the force of it and it made her scream out, her voice being drowned out by his howl of exultation as she felt one last orgasm burn inside her deeply, and the whole sky above them lit up with an almighty lightning flash.


He rolled off her and knelt by her side, his eyes alert as he watched over her. She felt powerless to do anything as her body still pulsed with pleasure from the intensity of the lovemaking; she turned her head slightly to see him by her side watching. She could not hold her eyes open any longer, and she let herself relax and turn over into a fetal position and closed her eyes as the rain continued to wash down on her.


The sky darkened above them and in another place a pair of red eyes shone brightly in the darkness. White fangs could be seen, as a white-skinned face was suddenly illuminated by the striking of a match and the lighting of a cigarette. A deep breath could be heard as the nicotine was drawn down into his lungs. “So, they return” he said in a deep, strong voice, inhaling another mouthful of cigarette smoke. The tip of the cigarette glowed brightly for a moment, and his hand reached to the bedside table and picked up a cellular phone. The screen flickered to life, and he keyed in his four-digit pin code, and the artificial sound of the phone played sympathy for the devil, and then fell silent. He pressed several buttons and the phone began to dial. Placing the phone to his ear, he heard it ringing softly until a man's voice answered “Hello?" He pulled another lung full of smoke from his cigarette before stubbing it out in an ashtray next to the bed before speaking “They are not dead, another lives and has found a Chosen.”


The full moon continued to shine brightly over the city, as the festivities of All Hallows Eve was enjoyed by those under the moon's glow seemingly oblivious to the coming storm.




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