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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Disappointed in her sex life, a young wife decides to take things into her own hands by soliciting help from the friendly, neighborhood witch.

We were going to see a witch. At least that’s what Robin said. She had met a woman at the library who claimed to be a witch. That was all it took. Now we were on our way to a seance, or a spell casting, or some other strange, arcane rite.

A long time ago I’d found out it was best to humor Robin when she went off on these little tangents. Computer lessons, yoga, gardening classes, aerobic workouts. The list was long. Now witchcraft. Why not?

Robin led the way down the hallway on an upper floor of an older, but still impressive apartment building. The carpet was clean and unworn even in front of the elevator. The rest of the decor was of similar high standard. Nothing too ostentatious, but everything showed well maintained quality.

Witchcraft must pay better than teaching school, I thought to myself. Meanwhile, I enjoyed the view of my wife’s tight little blue-jeaned butt as we walked down the hall.

With one more look over her shoulder to make certain I wasn’t lagging behind, Robin stepped to a door and knocked firmly. I guess I expected a witch to be a haggard old crone, but the woman who answered the door was anything but that. I tried not to gape with my mouth open, but it was hard. Robin introduced a vision of loveliness as Veilalla.

Robin is a little on the short side, and with her thin body and shoulder-length blond hair, she is frequently mistaken for a teenager instead of a married woman in her late twenties. Once my friend Greg told me I didn’t deserve such a cute wife, but I rather enjoyed the way Robin was able to capture male eyes when she walked into a room.

Veilalla was an almost complete opposite. She was tall and dark complected. Her lustrous mane of black hair reached almost to the small of her back. Her eyes were piercing, and high cheek bones gave her an exotic look.

Have I mentioned her figure? Veilalla had a body that was absolutely captivating. High, full breasts seemed to strain under the material of her short dress. Her legs were long an shapely all the way down to her bare feet.

I tried not to stare, but when she extended her hand to me, I was able to look down, to her hand and admire the flare of her hips barely covered by the material of the dress. Her hand was warm and firm. I repressed an urge to bring her fingers to my lips for a kiss, but it also seemed as if her touch lingered just a little longer than necessary before she released my hand and stepped back.

“Come in,” she said. “Jay, Robin has told me so much about you, I feel like I’ve know you for a long time.”

Feeling a little dumb-struck with Veilalla’s beauty I managed to blurt, “You’re a witch?”

Robin poked my arm and started to say something which would probably contain the word “blockhead.”

Instead Veilalla laughed. “Expecting something from Macbeth perhaps? Of course I’m a witch. That’s why you came this evening. And call me Vi. Everyone does.”

So what does one do when you walk into a coven brimming over with satanic rites? You sit on the couch, have drinks, and talk about the weather. At least that’s what we did.

Vi made us comfortable on the sofa and served us both a rum punch she mixed from a small but well stocked bar. I knew I’d babble like a fool if I got going, so I let Robin and Vi do most of the talking. Slowly I began to relax and enjoy the give and take between my wife and the gorgeous “witch.” Vi seemed to have just a trace of an accent, but I couldn’t place it.

Their conversation turned to a clinical discussion me. I began to get distressed and embarrassed as Robin related some of my recent failings in the bedroom. At least that’s what she called them. I’d been working hard lately, and some nights I just wasn’t in the mood to do the hot-n-heavy before going to bed. Even when we’d been dating, Robin had been the one that initiated most of our sexual sessions. Still, it distressed me to hear her telling her beautiful friend these intimate details of our life.

“So, Jay. Do you not want to please Robin?”

“Of course I do.” Embarrassed, I was a shade too emphatic.

“Good. Then you would let Robin control your sex life?”

“She already does, for crying out loud.”

“Not completely. She would like to be completely satisfied, and for that, you would have to surrender your control.”

I shrugged. What was the difference? “Sure. Why not?”

Vi smiled at me, and I almost melted on the spot. “Good,” she said. “I think you will really enjoy this.”

She turned and took Robin by the hand and led her over to a table half covered with old books. I started to get up to follow, but Vi gestured with her left hand which was behind my wife, and suddenly I found I couldn’t get up off the couch. I could move around physically. Nothing seemed to be holding me down. I just couldn’t summon the energy it would take to get up.

Vi took another glance my way, and, when I looked into her eyes, I found I wasn’t worried about not getting up. I was just content to sit there and watch them put their heads together over an old book in the middle of the table. Their voices were low, but I could hear the occasional questioning tone in Robins voice. Finally I heard her say, “That’s it?”

“See,” Vi replied, “It’s all unlocked by the gestures after you’ve made the connection.”

“So all I’ll have to do...” Robin still seemed uncertain.

“That’s all, but first we have to make the connection,” Vi assured her.

“How do I do that?”

“You have to build up a charge of energy in your body, but I’ll help with that. First we have to relax and get ourselves ready.” Vi led Robin to the middle of the room and knelt on the thick plush carpet. “Here. First we need to do some relaxation exercises. Kick off your shoes, and we’ll start with some stretching.”

Robin sat down on the floor, undid her running shoes, and stuffed her socks inside them. “Oh, this carpet feels good on my feet,” she exclaimed curing her toes into the carpet.

Vi smiled. “That’s why I chose it. I love to go around bare, and I just love the way it feels.”

They both giggled over Vi’s revelation then Vi positioned herself behind Robin and began to rub her neck and shoulders.

“Ah,” Robin sighed. “That feels good.”

“Exactly. Now we begin by getting you relaxed and in touch with your body.” Vi encouraged Robin to roll her head around while she kneaded her shoulders. “Stretch your arms out to either side.”

Robin lifted her arms, and Vi slowly worked her way along them kneading and stretching the muscles.

“Now you do me. We have to both be prepared.” Vi turned her back, and Robin scooted around where she could reach the taller woman’s shoulders.

“Take it slowly, and let your fingers feel the spots of tension then rub them. Ah, yes. That’s right. You are doing wonderfully.”

Robin slowly massaged the muscles of Vi’s shoulders then ran her fingers up her neck and into her long black hair. “I see what you mean,” Robin said. “Rubbing you I can almost feel energy from you flowing into my fingers.”

Vi turned and smiled. “Exactly. You want to rub more of my shoulders? Here let me open this a little.” She undid buttons at the front of her dress and shrugged it off her shoulders. It dropped to her waist, and she sat there with only a thin, almost transparent blue bra covering her large breasts. I could only catch a glimpse of them since she was turned away from me, but I could feel my interest increasing.

Robin looked a little surprised, but continued rubbing with her hands now sliding over Vi’s shoulders, down her arms, and across her back.

Finally Vi sighed and turned around. “That feels so good, but I’m being greedy. Would you like me to rub your back like that?”

“Do you want me to...” Robin’s voice trailed off and she looked at me. I offered a stupid little smile as my wife as Vi reached for Robin’s neck and began to rub.

“Of course. It’s a little embarrassing for me to be sitting here the only one with skin showing. Besides, we both need to be open to contact that helps us build the charge. Clothing gets in the way.”

“I heard witches go naked when they...”

“Cast spells?” Vi finished with a chuckle. “It usually helps. Besides,” she said staring intently at Robin, “It’s just you and me. Right?”

Robin turned to meet her gaze and held Vi’s eyes for a long minute. She smiled. “Yeah. I want this to be done right.”

Paying no attention to me now, Robin started to undo the buttons of her blouse. Vi helped her with the sleeves, and as Robin laid it aside, the dark haired woman rubbed Robin’s shoulders, ran her hands up her neck, and slowly lifted her blond hair and trailed her fingers through it.

Closing her eyes, Robin leaned back towards Vi and sighed. “Yes, that’s better.”

I was a little surprised when Robin reached behind her and undid the clasp of her bra and tossed it away. “Yes,” she repeated. “Much better.” She was swaying a bit from side to side as Vi rubbed her back. Robin gathered her hair in her hands and held it up giving the other woman easy access to all of her back.

Vi responded by slowly rubbing her hands all over Robin’s back and sides. Robin was facing me. Her pert little breasts with their pale nipples almost seemed to glow in the dim light of the room. I could also see those little pink nipples contract as Vi’s hands grazed the sides of her breasts. They continued like this for some time with Robin making little noises of approval as the other woman found spots of tension and slowly but firmly worked them out.

Finally Robin turned to face the other woman. “Now I’m the one not being fair. Here, let me do you too.”

Smiling, Vi removed her wispy bra, then rocked back slightly to slide the rest of her clothing off over her hips. She tossed them in a little pile to the side and turned back to Robin. Vi was dazzling in the nude. The raw sexuality of her lush, unclothed figure drew my eyes like a magnet.

Robin scooted behind Vi and began rubbing her shoulders while Vi gathered her hair and held it out of the way. Robin was rubbing her hands down the sides of Vi’s torso when I saw the dark haired woman shift slightly to the side so Robin’s hand travelled along the side of one large, dark-nippled breast.

“Oh, you like to rub my little girls?”

Robin almost drew her hand away in embarrassment, but then stroked a little farther and trailed her index finger over the woman’s erect nipple. “Yes,” she sighed. “Yes I do. And they’re not little. Just big and soft.” She paused a moment while she brought her other hand up and began rubbing Vi’s other breast trailing her fingers over both nipples now. She continued a little hesitantly, “I can feel a sort of a tingle in my fingers when I rub your nipples.”

“Yes,” Vi smiled. “You are starting to feel my energy building up. See how you are making them stand up nice and tight? You are doing that. You are building energy in me that we will need.”

My wife was fully involved with rubbing Vi’s breasts and shifted a little to one side to get a better angle.

Vi turned into her so they were facing and placed her hands on Robin’s shoulders. “And what about you? Now we need to build your energy some more.”

Robin groaned. “Oh yes, please!” as Vi’s hands travelled down her chest over her much paler nipples.

Sitting facing my wife, Vi reached out and placed Robin’s hands on her shoulders. My wife responded by kneading her shoulders and rubbing along her arms.

Robin stopped and undid the clasp of her jeans. She struggled just a bit with her tight clothing, but with a little help from the other woman, Robin was soon naked too. She sat back down facing the other woman, and Vi took her hands and held them.

Scooting forward until their knees touched, Robin’s tutor in the art of witchcraft took Robin’s hands in her own and rested them together on their knees. “Now close your eyes and just visualize our bodies sharing energy. Close them now,” she encouraged, “Concentrate on the feeling. Do you feel the flow?”

Robin’s brow wrinkled in concentration. “Yes, I think I can feel something.”

“Good. That’s your charge building up. We have a ways to go yet, but it is developing.”

Robin opened her eyes and looked at the dark haired woman. “Yes, I can feel it building in me.” She looked down at her breasts then cupped them in both hands. “I can especially feel it right here,” she said pinching her nipples. Startled, she chirped, “Oh!” then rolled them with her fingers. “That feels so good!”

Vi reached out and stroked her hands up Robin’s sides, and the young girl responded allowing the older woman access to her chest. As Vi stroked, Robin’s sighed every time her nipples were touched. I could see they were crinkled and tight.

Vi now dominated the action leaning into Robin a little as she stroked allover my wife’s upper body. My erection had developed as soon as their clothes had come off, and it was now ripe and stiff in my pants. However, my lassitude continued. I enjoyed the feel of my cock pressing hard against the cloth, but I just couldn’t seem to summon the ambition to free it and join in the party.

“Now let’s see if we are about ready.” Vi leaned a little closer to Robin so that their nipples were just inches apart. Vi’s pushed her larger breasts together so the her nipples matched Robin’s then leaned forward until they just touched.

I thought I saw a little red spark dance between their puckered nipples, but was distracted by Robin’s shriek of pure pleasure. “Oh, my god! I just had an orgasm right there on my nipples. I’ve never felt like that before.”

Before Robin could lean in further to try to recapture the feeling, Vi chuckled a little and moved away. “Yes, you are coming along well. I think we are ready to move on to the next level of energy. We have developed as much sexual charge as we can between ourselves. Now we need to involve the other sex to really build the energy level. Are you ready?”

“Oh, yes. Please? What can I do?”

“You will enjoy this next part, Robin. Now you must do the dance with men to accumulate the energy you will need to make the connection with your husband.”

With that reminder, Robin turned to look at me for the first time in many minutes. On a theoretical level, I knew I should rip off my clothes and join them on the floor. Instead, I just sat on the couch and mustered a smile — quite an effort of will on my part.

“Ah, him. Yes, he will be a part of this, but not yet. First we must get you charged and ready with some of my friends.

“Gunter? Hans? Come out now and join us,” she called.

A door opened down the hall to what I assumed was a bedroom. Two nude men walked out into the living room and stood quietly by the women. The men were both good looking and well muscled. However, they appeared to be passive. They gazed vaguely in the direction they were heading, but didn’t look at the women in front of them.

When the men appeared, Robin, surprised, tried to cover her nakedness, but as she saw they were ignoring her, she dropped her hands and turned to Vi in puzzlement. The older woman smiled slightly.

“These are both mine. I will show you how the call works, then they will help you build your energy for bonding your husband.”

She gestured to the taller of the two men who was standing slightly closer. He stepped nearer and she reached up and took hold of his flaccid member. “When you want to have sex, just take his penis so.” She took his glans between her thumb and forefinger and stretched his organ out straight.

“Now circle it with your other fingers like this.” She ringed the unresponsive member with her hand pressed against the man’s groin.

“Now slowly draw it out to the tip, and you are ready for fun.” As she moved her hand away from his body, a surge of swelling followed her fingers. By the time she reached the end, his cock stood away from his body, erect and ridged.

She smiled at Robin. When we’re done, you can do the same thing to your husband. You can have all the fun you want. When he has his little orgasm, all you have to do is pull him again, and he will be ready to go. You can go all night if you want. He will always get hard for you.

Robin tore her gaze away from the stiff red organ just in front of her eyes and looked at the other woman with wide eyes. “Always?”

She nodded. “You will control his arousal and take your joy just as I control these two.” With that she waved the second man over to her and repeated the move.

“Now the fun part. Robin, you get in front of Gunter and take his cock in your mouth. Hans, come around and take her from behind.

She addressed the men. “You know what to do with her. Just be sure you don’t come while you are inside her. We must make sure she remains at her peak.”

As I watched with passive interest, Robin took hold of the man’s cock in front of her face, but turned to watch the other, Hans?, as he approached her from behind. I could tell Robin was aroused not only because I could see her tense, hard nipples, but I could also now see the lips of her sex puffy, red, and ready for sex. Moisture glistened between them.

Robin sighed as his cock glided up between her legs and entered her with no resistance. Smiling with pleasure, Robin turned back to the cock in her hand and took it into her mouth. Impaled at both ends, she quickly fell into a rocking motion between the two.

Once Vi saw Robin was fully engaged, she stepped over to me. “Well, now it is about time for you to get into the act. You can stand up now. Why don’t you take off your clothes?”

I no longer felt passive. In fact, I was more than eager to get involved. I quickly stood up in front of the naked woman. Vi was a stunning beauty, and she had asked me to take off my clothes. My fingers were fumbly in my impatience. I could hear Robin moaning around the cock in her mouth as the other man stroked into her pussy from behind.My attention, however, was focused on the dark goddess in front of me.

“Ah, you’ve got a nice big one. Robin will have a most worthy tool.”

As I reached for her, she knelt on the floor facing Robin and the two men. “Take me from behind, too. That way you can watch your wife at the same time.”

I got down behind Vi. Her legs were spread in welcome. Her hips were more rounded and luscious than Robin’s athletic build, and my cock nestled comfortably in between. She reached back to guide me to her moist, waiting pussy, but just before she let me enter her, she squeezed the head of my cock firmly.

“We wouldn’t want you to get carried away before the main event, now would we?”

What? I didn’t really care at that point but pushed inside her as soon as she relaxed her grip. Her vulva was incredibly warm and felt wonderful. I reveled in my first long, slow strokes then gradually began to build up the pace.

As I watched Robin, I could see she was frantically excited. She was usually a little reserved and undemonstrative about her pleasure during sex, but she wasn’t holding anything back now. Was I imagining things, or could I see little red sparks dancing around her nipples? I couldn’t see what was happening where the men’s cocks were penetrating her, but by the way she twitched and mewed with pleasure, I could imagine that she might be feeling more of the dancing sparks in those areas as well.

I increased my tempo to match the hot threesome in front of me, but I began to notice something peculiar. Normally, I would have felt the first sense of building to an orgasm. Fucking a gorgeous woman while watching my wife get the railing of her life should have had me on the brink in no time. My cock felt wonderful as I stroked it in Vi’s snug pussy, and I felt no urge to slow down. On the other hand, I wasn’t getting any of that lovely pre-orgasmic tension. I felt pulses of warmth and sensation around my crotch, and I looked down. Was that a little spark of two of red?

I heard Robin’s loud moan as the man in her mouth pulled out and began to ejaculate onto her back. The man at the other end followed suit, and Robin soon had white drops of semen dripping off her back onto her legs. She made inarticulate sounds of pleasure as she rubbed the creamy substance all over her body.

Gunter and Hans turned and quietly left the room. There must have been a back door to the apartment or something because we never saw them again.

Robin, on the other hand, was not leaving quietly. She turned, licking the cum from her hands, and watched as I fucked Vi from behind. Her eyes were wide and red hot. It was like watching a tigress approaching her prey as she came to us still on her hands and knees.

Abruptly Vi jerked forward pulling off of my cock. She turned around, took my erection, and once again squeezed the head of my cock. “Now is the time for you. Take your wife.”

As predatory as Robin looked, I was inflamed for her and took her from behind almost savagely. She howled in response to my urgent thrusts and pushed back just as hard. My cock now responded in its familiar fashion. I felt my orgasm building.

Beside us, Vi reached out an put one hand on Robin’s head and the other on mine. Her right nipple bobbed almost within reach of my mouth, but I scarcely noticed so intent was I on fucking my wife. With her hand on my head, however, I felt like I could almost sense Robin’s overpowering excitement. It pulled me along as I felt a savage surge of orgasm starting in my toes and ripping through my whole body.

The eruption of pleasure was so extreme, I must have blacked out for a moment. When I returned to myself, I was still reflexively stroking into Robin while she moaned and pushed back. I could feel my dick starting to go a little soft. My orgasms were usually multiple spasms of pleasure, but this one had been a true explosion of incredible orgiastic sensations.

With a sigh, I dropped back, and my cock slid out of Robin with a little pop. She turned to me with a little whimper and an accusing look. Unfortunately, my balls were completely empty. I wanted nothing more than to lay lack, catch my breath and have another cold drink.

Vi came over and stroked my face. “Ah. Done so soon? Did you enjoy it?”

Making conversation was about the last thing I felt like doing, but I managed, “Yeah. Shit. Wow. What a feeling.”

She smiled. “I think Robin needs some more attention.” My wife was now at her side.

“Yeah, well ladies, you’ll have to give me a while. That took a lot out of me. Why don’t you go have some fun between yourselves like you were before. Maybe in a while I’ll feel up to another round.” My eyelids were getting a little droopy, but I tried to still look interested.

Vi looked at Robin and smiled. “Oh, I think she needs you right now, don’t yo, Robin?” She gestured to me, and Robin leaned forward a little uncertainly.

Robin looked back at the older woman, and Vi nodded.

“Just like I showed you. He’s all yours.

Robin took the end of my deflated cock between her fingers and stretched it out. I was so whipped, I just watched in idle curiosity.

She circled the thumb and forefinger of her other hand around the base of my cock in amongst the black curls of my public hair. I felt an unexpected surge of heat. My blood flowed swiftly back into my cock once more, and I watched in horrified fascination as it swelled behind her fingers as she slowly slid them down the shaft. An intense, liquid fire of passion followed.

By the time her fingers slipped off the end, my erection was complete and throbbing. Vi gave her a knowing smile, and Robin beamed in return. Robin said, “He’s ready, and if what you say is true, there should be enough for both of us before the night is over.”

Vi stroked her cheek with her hand. “Exactly right, my little student. We will have a good time with this.”

In the back of my mind, what little was left of my rational brain was screaming for help. What had I gotten myself into?  However, the rest of my mind was totally inflamed by the two nude women in front of me. My cock was hot, hard, and ready. I needed to fuck someone, no, both of them. I wanted to do it all night long.

Submitted: November 05, 2014

© Copyright 2023 rlorenson. All rights reserved.

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You pasted this story into the box twice. So, it looks twice as big. Anyways, great story. I liked the slow undressing of the two women, though them taking turns undressing one clothing at a time was too formulaic. I found it arousing that the two women were friends yet got naked together and played around.

Sat, November 8th, 2014 2:17pm


Ah, thank you for catching that. I've fixed it (I think). I still trying to learn my way around. R.

Sat, November 8th, 2014 6:30am

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