Donista! Donista!

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


It's about a beautiful Mexican-European, transexual, bi-sexual female making a supuerstar screenwriter out of an outgoing guy and making him part of his friendship along with the stars.


It's about a beautiful Mexican-European, transexual, bi-sexual female making a supuerstar screenwriter out of an outgoing guy and making him part of his friendship along with the stars.


Submitted: October 01, 2012

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Submitted: October 01, 2012



Donista: by Preston J. Richardson

The night was clear, the moon is bright and yellow, and all of the city of Los Angeles was all peace and quiet when there was an open light in a huge sixty story apartment building which is further downtown. A great dane saw it from the backyard of his master’s house that he ran up to the fence, and started barking at it. He barked at it more, and more, and more, until his old man master at age 91 years old opened the window, threw a shoe at the dog’s head and said to him “SHUT UP, REGGIE!” And the dog went “YEALWF” after the old man threw the shoe at him.

The old man: You stop all of that noise! Do you hear me?! Now you get in this house this instant!

But the dog was still standing there staring at that light at the fifty fifth floor in that sixty story apartment building far away from him for the old man, and dog are in the uptown side of Los Angeles, and that building is way downtown. The dog started mouning while the master is still waiting.

The old man: REGGIE!!!

And the dog heard his command, and went inside the house like he was told.

The old man: You naughty dog you! Barking at this time of night! How many times do I have to tell you that you shouldn’t do things like that! You’ll liable to wake up the whole neighborhood! You know they’re all sleeping!

Now that we’re pulling away from the man, and dog’s house, we’re heading straight to that light on the fifty fifth floor in the sixty story apartment building in downtown Los Angeles. Inside that light in the window in the fifty fifth floor was a big, tall, beautiful, pretty, very attractive, very sexy, breasty, transsexual, hot, tough, strong, peanut butter colored olive skinned woman with very big, and high sharply etched Cherokee cheekbones on her face, big beautiful brown eyes, pretty nose, a very sexy wide luscious mouth, sexy cherry lips, beautiful white teeth, very long silky cherry red hair all the way down to her butt, a tattoo on her left shoulder, and a big tattoo on her back, a big thick large hard penis, a very sexy bass type tenorish deep low whiskey throated hot voice, and very great talent. Her name is Donista Marina Xaemoniaz, a single 27 year old sexy heroine rock and roll witchy woman teaching a sixteen year old beautiful teenage girl piano lessons. They were both playing “I love rock’n’roll” by Joan Jett & The Blackhearts on a grand piano.

Donista: You’re improving yourself very cool, Paige.

Paige, the teenage girl: Thank you, Donista. I enjoy having you as my music teacher because you’re the greatest, the coolest, the sexiest, and you’re even more better than Britney Spears, plus you’re my very best friend. I’m glad that I chosed you because I’m learning a whole lot from you.

Donista: I’m glad you are, Paige. And I’m very proud of having you as my best friend too. It’s always my pleasure being around you, and I like you a lot, Paige.

Paige: I like you too, Donista. And when I get real good, I would love to join your band.

Donista: Yeah, and when you get real good enough, you’ll get to join my band big time, we’ll be going out places, spending a lot of time together, going to concerts, meeting celebrities, going shopping together, we’ll have a ball ruling the world with our songs, and stuff that we play! And believe you me, Paige, this is gonna get way cool!

Paige: Will we go to a lot of fancy hotels from around the world?

Donista: You bettcha! Honey, our rock’n’roll band will kick extreme fucking ass to everybody big time! Shit yeah!

Paige: Uh huh! And what a great time we’re gonna have! I just love it when you talk dirty like that, Donista.

Donista: Like what, Paige?

Paige: When you said “Our rock’n’roll band will kick extreme fucking ass to everybody!” That sounded real hot, and dirty! And I just love it when you say the fuck word, and talk dirty, that just turns me on a lot.

Donista: (laughs.) Oh you like that, eh?

Paige: Yes, ma’am! Can I ask you something, Donista?

Donista: You can ask me whatever you want, honey. What’s up?

Paige: What nationality are you? I want to really get to know you better.

Donista: I’m Mexican, Greek, Italian, French, Brazilian, Lithuanian, Egyptian, and Native American. What about you, Paige?

Paige: Well, I’m part Irish, part Polish, and part Dutch. I love your nationality.

Donista: I love yours too, Paige. You’re a great pal.

Paige: You are too, Donista. Wow, me and you are having such a great conversation.

Donista: Fuck yeah! It’s like we’re almost checking each other out which is very cool! How’s high school going for you?

Paige: It’s going great, Donista. I’m passing all of my courses this semester, and we’re almost out of school soon.

Donista: Damn, that is so incredible, Paige! Then summer vacation will be on the beam real soon.

Paige: Like totally! God, you look real hot, Donista! I really have got to rub and fuck you. But it’ll probably be my first time, because you’re an adult, and I’m only sixteen.

Donista: Hey, you’re not alone, Paige sugar. I used to fuck an older woman, and man back when I was sixteen.

Paige: You did too, Donista?

Donista: You got it.

Paige: I want to get real close to you big time, if you can do me a huge favor.

Donista: Whatever you say, Paige baby! You name it and I’ll do it!

Paige: Could you please slap one of your cheekbones across your face for me real good and hard, and grunt for me so that I can be touched by you? This maybe my first time, but I’m ready.

Donista: Sure, sweety. Whatever you desire.

And Donista slapped one of her cheekbones across her face real good and hard and grunted for Paige.

Donista: (slapped her left facecheek hard.)UMMM umm!!

Paige: Oh God, that’s real sexy! I’m gonna slap my face too!

Then Paige slapped one of her cheeks across her face for Donista real good and hard, and shrieked.

Paige: (slapped her right cheek hard.) AUKH! Now could you slap me in the face real good and hard, and I’ll slap you right back?

Donista: Sure, babe.

Then Donista slapped Paige right across the face real good and hard. Paige slapped Donista right back in the face real good and hard. Then they both took off each other’s clothes, pressed each other’s face cheeks to one another, rubbed each other’s breasts, feeling each other’s rears, Donista slipped her big thick cock inside Paige’s pussy, they started frenchkissing, and they started pumping, fucking, and having hot sex with each other. Donista grunted like a body building man fucking Paige like crazy, and Paige did a lot of UNHs because she couldn’t get enough of Donista’s charms around her.


They both came at the same time, after that, Donista peed inside Paige’s pussy like she’s using the bathroom inside her. And Paige said to Donista “That felt so good!”

Donista: Did you like that?

Paige: I just love it when you pee inside me, Donista.

Donista: It sure feels good to have sex with your friends, don’t it?

Paige: (softly.) It sure does, Donista. Tell me something. Do you have a thick large hard penis?

Donista: Hell yeah! The biggest, largest, thickest, and the best!

Paige: I like that, Donista. That’s real kinky of you, and real hot! Thank you so very much.

Donista: Hey, you’re very welcome, Paige.

Paige: So will I see you next week?

Donista: You got it, dear.

Paige: Yup, that’s my mom honking. I better head back downstairs to the car and head for home. But can I give you a great big hug and kiss?

Donista: Sure, sweets.

And they gave each other a big cheek to cheek hug and kiss, said goodbye to each other, Paige heads for the elevator to her mom’s car, and Donista looks out her studio room window, and watched their car head for home.

Morning came along, a jet plane came flying in the blue skies to land in the Los Angeles airport, and there is a young man who had recently graduated from Columbia College of Chicago to take up film production, singing, acting, video game making, cartooning, television, traveling, meeting famous people, partying with them, getting to know everybody, and to feel right at home in sunny California. His name is Timothy Duram, a very bright, smart, sweet, nice, friendly, funny, short, but very outgoing 21 year old young man all smiles on the plane, listening to some smooth jazz, and light rock music on his Walkman radio on a compact disc. When the plane arrived Los Angeles as Timothy noticed, he had butterflies in his stomach, he was as nervous as a white mouse in his hole afraid of a giant cat to meet his new manager, agent, lover, playmate, and very best new friend. When the plane stopped to the door, every person went out including Tim as he shuts off his Walkman CD, puts it back in his case, walks out of the plane, arrives at the LA airport, a big, beautiful, sexy, attractive female tapped Tim on his right shoulder, and whispered on his right ear in a deep low whiskey throated sexy woman voice “Good morning, Timothy Duram honey.” Tim snapped his head, smiled at the woman, and it was the very cheeky unique, magnetic, and hot flaming Donista Marina Xaemoniaz. Tim was one hundred percent amazed just checking the cool chick out.

Timothy: Donista Marina Xaemoniaz! Oh my God!

Donista: How are you doing, Dude?! I’m your agent!

Tim: And you’re just the female agent that I’ve pictured in my dreams, and you’re the answer to all of my prayers! I’ve heard so many great adventures about you!

Donista: Well I’m glad you did. So are you ready to go have a ball with the stars?

Tim: Yes I am. Can I have a hug from you, Donista, before I get my stuff?

Donista: Sure, babe. (Spreading her arms.) Come here.

Tim: Yeah.

They gave each other a great big cheek to cheek hug, then Timothy gets his luggage, Donista helps him with the luggage, and outside to Donista’s black and white shiny 1957 Plymouth Fury, great fast paced hot rod. They load up the classic car with Timothy’s luggage, and they were on their way.

They went along the San Diego Freeway, straight down the way to Santa Monica Blvd. Northeast down to Beverly Hills to go to Timothy’s new home and office over there.

Tim: I like this, Donista.

Donista: And you’re gonna love this house me, and my friends put together for you. It’s big, large, Humongous, with everything in there you always wanted inside the house. And after we go around the tour of your house, we’ll go to the driver’s facility to have your license changed from Illinois to California, get your new license plates, then I’ll take you to a tour around Los Angeles, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Culvar City, the movie studio, The Chinese Theater, Capitol Records, Universal Studios, the famous malls, parks, and all other great places, and people you’ve always wanted to meet. How does that strike your fancy?

Tim: (overjoyed!) I love it! I’m so glad that you’re showing me around, Donista. In fact, I love LA, and California already! This is better than Chicago!

Donista: I love Los Angeles a lot, and couldn’t get enough of the entertainment that goes on around here at all. But I was born in Mexico City, Mexico, but was raised right here in Hollywood, California where we famous people live right in the center of the action.

Tim: That’s so cool! I was born in Oak Lawn, Illinois, but was raised in Chicago between downtown, and the north side of that city. And I’m sure to love it here in the land of makebelieve. So you must be Mexican.

Donista: Yes I am. I’m also Greek, Italian, French, Brazilian, Lithuanian, Egyptian, and Native American.

Tim: Holy cow! You must have a great big family from around the world, do you?

Donista: You got it, honey. There are fourteen of us in the family from Mexico. I’m the eldest sister of the family than all of my brothers and sisters, my mom and dad are still together, four aunts and uncles over there, plenty of cousins, around Europe, over seventy aunts and uncles, a whole mess of cousins over there, down Africa in Egypt, two aunts and uncles, plenty of cousins there, Brazil, ten aunts and uncles, plenty of cousins, and from my Indian background from here on to the Midwest, twenty five aunts and uncles, and plenty of cousins.

Tim: You do have a great big family.

Donista: I told you so. So what nationality are you, Timmy?

Tim: Well, as you would know by now, I’m just your natural average American Yankee Doodle, and I don’t mean Dinky Doodle.

Donista: (laughs.) Dinky Doodle! That’s funny. Well that’s cool that you’re American. I love all nationalities.

Tim: So do I. You’ve got the best nationality backgrounds yet. I adore your olive complexion, big sexy high cheekbones, long Cherokee cherry red hair, hot large breasts, pretty face, ooh, how I love you, Donista!

Donista: (laughs.) Wow, you really are into me, aren’t you, Dude?

Tim: Oh yeah, I’m attracted to dark olive skinned, cheeky tough strong sexy woman just like you. With you being my agent and stuff, I’m most definitely gonna be spending my time with you.

Donista: We’re gonna get along just great, me and you.

Tim: And I want to get along with you so badly. Like we’re getting to know one another a lot, checking each other out like we’re in love with each other, and I happen to have this funny feeling inside me as if I want to have sex with you, and I don’t know if it’s against the rules to have sex with your own agent or not, and I haven’t even had sex with anybody at all, not even in college.

Donista: Oh you poor thing. Why was that?

Tim: No woman was interested in me ever. I haven’t gone to the prom back in high school, didn’t have too many friends, I never had been kissed by any girl, I wasn’t invited to any parties, nor dances, nor any locations like that. I was such a loser, at least a smart loser trying to make it as a winner. Well I won, and they lost!

Donista: You’re no loser at all to me, Tim honey. And there will be plenty of women that will love to be with you once we get started with you, my man. And hey, even if they don’t you know that I, and my sexy roommate females will always be there for you whenever you need us most of all. In fact, I’ll give you my business card later when we get to your new place.

Tim: Sweet! Oh, I’m so sorry, but I just couldn’t help it when I’m so overjoyed like this.

Donista: Oh you don’t need to apologize for being overjoyed, Timmy. I was overjoyed myself just like you are when I made the fame and fortune.

Tim: And who was your agent, Donista?

Donista: Sandra Bernheart.

Tim: Wow, I love that woman! She is very funny, and hot! She is a babe! What was it like having Sandra as your agent?

Donista: She was fun to be around with as my agent, buddy, and my very best friend. She showed me around we laughed, told crazy jokes, went out places, she taught me how to produce, direct, compose, which all made me famous. She was a real great person, plus she introduced me to lots of Hollywood stars. It was a total great dream come true. First off, I never thought it was against the rules when I had sex with my agent.

Tim: (surprised.) Really? So that means-------

Donista: It’s cool. Me and you will have sex together when we get to your new house.

Tim: Sweet! By the way, do you know any Spanish?

Donista: Yes I do. After all, I’m Mexican, and it runs in my family. So do my other language relationships.

Tim: Cool!

And finally, they arrived at Timothy’s new place. The place is so big, huge, and very wide like a castle, with two clean backyard swimming pools, hot tubs, a flower garden, a big black fence surrounding the place which is made out bricks, and it’s located on 8677 Alta Mesa Drive in Studio City, California near Hollywood, and Beverly Hills. Timothy was very happy of everything around, and about the new place.

Donista: There it is, honey, your newest home, and the latest.

Tim: Wow, what a shack! It looks almost like these European-British type cool big fancy rich complexes. That looks real nice, Donista.

Donista: Thank you, Tim. It’s a place of my own design. And you’re gonna love what we did inside the place for you.

Tim: Really? What did you do inside the house, Donista? Please tell me what did you do inside?

Donista: Mm-mmm. It’s a surprise. As soon as we get in, and I’ll give you the keys, you’ll be so enthralled of what we did for you inside, both up, down, and in the basement.

Tim: I can’t wait to check inside my new house.

They pulled up to the driveway, Donista stopped the car, they both went out of the car, went inside the house, and it’s so big, clean, and huge, it came complete with a grandfather clock, a shiny black grand piano, a huge living room, huge dining room, a huge kitchen, upstairs, twelve guest bedrooms, his own huge bedroom with a bathroom, with a big sink, toilet, a huge bathtub to fit for a king, an elevator for second, first, and basement, with a high definitional big screen television back in the living room with video, DVD, blue-ray, Direct TV satellite, and downstairs in the basement, a fifties restaurant, a disc jockey booth, a huge dance floor, a disco ball from the basement ceiling up from the dance floor, a big basement restaurant kitchen from behind it, along past it, a popcorn, and refreshments stand, across from it, two wide doors to a huge stadium seating big screen theater with control room upstairs next to it, to put videos, DVDs, and Blue-Rays in there, across from there, two wide doors to the movie, television, and recording studio room, all three rooms very big, wide, and huge. The whole house is so perfect, Tim was so happy, and across from the swimming pools, a huge basketball court, two tennis courts, and a huge baseball field with stadium seats outside, along with a walk, and wishing fountain.

Tim: Donista, this is excellent! I love this place!

Donista: You like it?

Tim: I love it! And I love you, Donista.

Donista: Aw, I love you too, Timothy.

Tim: God, I’m so glad you’re my agent, and I want to be with you forever, and ever.

Donista: I take it you’re real horny for me, aren’t you?

Tim: Not only that I’m horny, Donista, I want you. That’s why my penis is getting hard.

Donista: Tell me, baby, have you ever did a transsexual before?

Tim: No, but I’ve heard of transsexuals. They’re strong, sexy, smart women with hot penises. And I want to do one so badly. Are you transsexual, Donista?

Donista: (unzips her pants, and sticks out her big thick large penis.) Well I ain’t a homosexual, babe. I’m a chick with a fucking dick!

Tim: I love it, Donista! And I’m ready.

Donista: Do you want to do it in the powder room?

Tim: (softly.) Yes.

Donista: Let’s go.

And they both went inside the powder room, closed the door, and Tim asked Donista to do him this favor.

Tim: Say Donista, before we have sex with each other, can you do me a huge favor?

Donista: Anything at all. What’s up?

Tim: You’ve got the best sexy olive skin, and big sexy high Cherokee cheekbones ever, and you’re incredibly sexy. Could you slap one of your cheeks across your face for me real good, hard, and grunt? I love it when a woman slaps her face real hard, because it’s sexy in a woman, turns me on, gets me horny, makes me want to really do her real good. Please slap your face for me? Please? Pretty please?

Donista: You got it, sweets. Are you ready?

Tim: A hundred percent. Give me your love.

And Donista slapped her left cheek across her face real good and hard for Timothy, and grunted.

Donista: UMM Umm umm!!

Tim: I love that, Donista. Do it again.

Donista: Here it comes, dear. (She slaps her face harder.) UMM Umm umm!! (Slap!) UMM!! (Slap!)UMM!! (Slap!) UMM!! (A real hard slap!) UMMMMM!!

And they both take off each other’s clothes, cheekkiss each other, get real close, holding each other real tight, penises connecting to each other, and they started pumping, touching, and having hot sex with each other real good and hard.

Tim: Hhh! Hhh! Hhh! Donista! Auh! Donista! Auh! Donista: UMM! UMM! UMM! UMM! UMM! UMM! UMM! Tim: Oh, Donista! Say something sexy to me in Spanish, then grunt for me. Donista: Sure, babe. (She speaks sexy Spanish, then grunts.) UMM!! Tim:Keep it up, Donista! Show me that you love me! Donista: (speaking Spanish, then grunting!) UMM!! UMM!! (Speaking Spanish again!) UMM!! UMM!! (Speaking Spanish again!) UMM!! UMM!! UMM!! Tim: Oh, Donista! Oh, Donista! OH, Donista!! UH! UH! UH! Faster! Faster! Faster, you hot sexy Mexican, European, Indian warrior queen! UH! UH! UH!! Donista: MM!! MM!! MM!! MMM!! MMM!! MMM!! UNH!! UNH!! UNNH!! UNNH!! UNNHH!!! Tim: Yes, Donista! Yes, Donista! Yes, Donista! Donista: UMMM!! FUCK!! UMMM!! FUCK!! UMMM!! Am I your hot female sexy heroic mother fucker?!! Huh?!! Tim: Yes, Donista! Yes, Donista! Donista!! Donista!! Donista!! Donista: UMMM!!! Yeah! What’s my name?! UMMM!!! Tim: Donista! UHH! Donista: What’s my fucking name, honey?! UMMM!!! Tim: Donista! Donista!! DONISTA!! AAH!! AAH!! Donista: MMM!!! UNNHH!!! MMM!!! UNNHH!!! MMM!!! Tim: AAH!! AAH!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!! Donista: UNNHH!!! UNNHH!!! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!! Tim: AAH!! UH! Uh! Uh. Ooooooooooooooooooooh, Donista, I love you. You’re the greatest. Donista: UMM! Umm! Umm. Oooh, yeah. I love you too, Tim. Did you like what we did?

Tim: Oh I just loved it for my very first time. That was the best, and my first orgasm that I ever had with a woman, including a transsexual. Thank you so much, Donista.

Donista: Well I’m glad you like that, and we’ll do it again sometimes whenever you start to get horny again. And if I’m not there, either my roommates, girlfriends, and female celebrity friends will always be there for you when I’m not here. But I’ll always be there for you whenever you need me. So how do you like the house?

Tim: It’s the best house around, the upstairs, downstairs, basement, my room and bathroom, guestrooms and bathrooms, this powder room, living room, dining room, kitchen, television rooms with dolby surround systems on liner tracks, along with the HD screen TVs on the guestrooms, my room, dining, living, kitchen, my stereo sets, disc jockey booth, jukebox, my basement big screen theaters, and studio rooms, the backyard, the walk, and the wishing fountain are all excellent! This is a dream come true! I can’t believe that I am actually my own boss with you as my agent helping me out! This is so way cool! I’m so excited!

But little do they both realize that their every move has been eventually watched up on a helicopter by an evil bearded gypsy smuggler who looks almost like Osama Bin Ladden, but he’s not Bin Ladden, his name is Moofeatu Eugenar, a no goodnik incharge of the Hollywood career jumping creep of creeps, along with his little ugly miget sidekick sister named Dusa. They’re both from India, and they’re rude, rotten, evil, selfish, ignorant, mean, nasty, and down right heartless! They’re dangerous criminals who think they claim to know what Hollywood is all about better than anyone else, but they’re wrong, they don’t know Jack about Hollywood! They are about to get Donista, and all of her friends, and feed Timothy to the nasty drug dealers! Not good!!

Moofeatu Eugenar: These Hollywood jokers are a bunch of fucking disgusting dodobird pigs! Dusa, bring me my cellphone here, please.

Dusa: Yes sir, brother Moofeatu.

Moofeatu: That little nerd should never fuck that sexy female in the first place because he’s short, and he’s a dork! All little wimps like him are dorks because they are mommy’s boys, and I will see to it that he really is!

As Moofeatu uses his cellphone to call up this drugdealer incharge of five insulting negative punk crooks very dangerous, stubborn, careless, and real psychos. His name is Dennis Welch, a bald headed drugdealer with a goatee dressed in jeans, a big monster drugee. He, and his menhave a path upstairs on the thirteenth floor in a twenty story apartment building at 3421 San Juan Avenue in South Gate, California with plenty of money he’s got on his coffee table, and cocaine. Not cool!! He’s on the phone with Moofeatu right now.

Dennis Welch: Yo, Dennis Welch; the secret drugdealer speaking.

Moofeatu: Dennis! This is Moofeatu!

Dennis: Yo! What’s going on, boss?

Moofeatu: I’ve got a very important job for you and all of your crew.

Dennis. I’m all ears, sir.

Moofeatu: Remember you’ve told me you want to become rich and famous, and were trying to get to this girl named Donista, or whoever her name is, but she wouldn’t give you the time of day, always beating the crap out of you, casting Goddamn spells on you, calling you names, telling you that you’re a drug addict? Do you remember any of that?

Dennis: DONISTA!! Yeah, I remember her, and wanting to be famous alright! That fucking witchy bitch turned me down when I told her how much I love her! I want to join her rockband, star in movies with her, go steady, and marry her for life! I’ve told the bitch how much I’ve fallen madly in love with her, she hated it, and refused to make me part of her group! And oh yes, she beats me alright! She has beated me so badly everytime I get real horny for her with her olive skin, high cheekbones, long sexy hair, everything about her that’s very something to me a lot! I tried, and tried to get over to have sex with her, but she didn’t want any of that from me ever, then she slaps me in the face, beats the shit out of me, and cast these Goddamn mother fucking spells on me, then throws me out of her fucking life telling me “I better not catch you around my future group NO MORE!!”

Moofeatu: I take it you’re still angry because of all of that.

Dennis: Damn right I’m angry! And I’m gonna get her for what she did to me! Her ass is MINE!!!

Moofeatu: We’re all gonna get her big time. We’re also gonna get the little whimp that she’s with.

Dennis: (shocked!) WHIMP?!! WHIMP?!! You’re saying Donista has got a thing for GEEKS?!! WELL I WON’T STAND FOR THAT FUCKING SHIT!! Who does she fucking thinks she is, SOPHIA FUCKING VERGARA?!!

Another drug addict creepy guy came from out of the bathroom with red short hair, freckles, and very terrible looking, and wears smelly dirty clothes all the time. His name is Gregory Pope, Dennis’ partner, and assistant. He saw Dennis on the phone with Moofeatu talking about getting Donista and all of her company to get Donista for himself in a very bad way.


Moofeatu: We’ll all get Donista, I said, and feed the little geek over to you guys and my sister to do him, and do him good.

Dennis: My men and your sister Dusa will give the monster what he wants, and Donista will give me what I want! And if they have a problem with that, the nerd will be sentenced to the junkyard dogs. So he had better be doing drugs with us and be with your little midget sister Dusa! She is sure to teach dweebs like him a lesson!

Dusa: (angry.) Yeah, you tell him, Dennis! I don’t want any little geeky piggy child of mine looking for a hot female hero because in my world that’s bad! Those creeps need to be the heroes! I want those slaves like him to treat me like a queen! They must have lots of money for me, worship me, and me only, not anybody else, give me action and satisfaction, buy me everything, smoke, drink, fight, kill, turn me on, get me horny, take some drugs if they feel they have to in order to impress a girl like me, and do things my way! I don’t want them chickening out on me, nor doing things their way at all! Because it’s mine, all MINE, and not theirs, GODDAMMIT!! They must act like the men in the movies, the recording artists, and the athletes, not cartoon characters!

Dennis: Don’t worry, Dusa! My partner Greg Pope just came out of the bathroom, and I’ll explain everything to him, and we’ll get our other five men on this as well!

Dusa: I want my men to be stars to the ladies, and I want them to do it all RIGHT! That geek will be with me as his new agent which is me forever and ever, and I won’t take no for an answer! I want a man, not a chicken! I crack the whip around those geeks!

Dennis: We know that you do, and you do it very good too! We’ll get away with it big time!

Moofeatu: Don’t disappoint us, Dennis! When you get it all done, we’ll meet you back at your hideout in South Gate to see how good he is for my sister, and all the other girls, if he’s not that good with the ladies, then that means he’s a monster, and your five men will give him lots of dope and drugs to make sure that he’s cool and not crazy, while you’ve got Donista!

Dusa: Yeah, that’s right!

Dennis: Yes, sir! Yes, ma’am! Signing off!

Gregory Pope: Who was that on the phone, Dennis?

Dennis: It was Moofeatu, and Dusa. We’ve got a job to get our hands on Donista, and some geek who is with her. We’re making that creepy little boy be cool like us with pot if he’s not right with the ladies.

Gregory: Oh yeah, so you still have a thing for Donista.

Dennis: You bet I do. I don’t care if she’s a man with penis, I’m bi-sexual too, and she’s too much of a hottie for me, and I want her!

Gregory: And we’ll get whoever it is that’s with her, and tell him he has no right getting with her in the first place because he’s a geek, and a mommy’s boy! Let’s get our five stupid drug addict mean guards out here.

Dennis: Let’s do it right away.

And Dennis knocked on their door right next to the room of Dennis and Gregory real good and loud.


And poening their roomdoor they did. Five rude, disgusting, dream stealing, future wrecking, double crossing, stupid, ignorant, psycho, homosexual, gay, queer, nasty, bad old ordinary creeps, all fat, ugly, smelly, nappy haired, bearded, ZZTop look alike monster fags named Trater, Evil, Termite, Drag, and Naughty!

All five gay drugies: Hi, Dennis! Hi, Gregory! What do our favorite heroes want from us slaves? You guys are the best friends of ours ever.

Dennis: (angry.) KNOCK IT OFF, you stupid fucking jerks!!!

Gregory: Yeah, we don’t want that around here so quit that, all of you, or we’ll beat you up!

Trater: (sadly.) Sorry about that, Dennis.

Dennis: (angry.) WHAT DID YOU CALL ME?!!

Trater: (scared.) I-I-I-me-mean Mr. Welch-Mr. Welch.

Dennis: You geeks had better get our names right around here, or else we’ll chop off your heads! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?!!!

All five: Yes, sir.

Gregory: Now we’re telling you this for the very last time! DON’T FUCK WITH US!!!

And the drug addicts frozed, did not say nothing, and looked extremely puzzled at Dennis and Gregory.

Dennis: Listen up! How would you boys love to teach a dream stealing, future wrecking, dorkmiery little boy to be cool and gay like all of you, and fuck him because he has no right being with a woman?

And the five were overjoyed on that, they started laughing, jumping, yelling, screaming, and acting loony like fools.


They all stopped doing that.

Dennis: Now we’re gonna get this geek whoever he is while I get my hands on Donista. He just moved in here from Chicago, Illinois planning to be a high richly Hollywood producer here with a new house he’s got, and everything else he’s got all run by her too!

Naughty: Why that’s terrible! He’s crazy like a geek!

Trater: That asshole shouldn’t be with a beautiful woman like Donista!

Evil: Like that’s your woman, Dennis! That guy is a dickhead!

Termite: Not only that he’s a dick…

Drag: But he’s a shitdog!

Dennis: OF COURSE HE IS!! And that new house that Donista gave to him, that’s my house! And we’re gonna get it back, that geek will work for us, and will be fixed up with Dusa, the queen of the future, while Donista is all mine, so is that house! He had better treat Dusa with respect, REAL respect!! If not, he’ll be drugged, and you all will have sex with him!

Drag: Cool, man! No more of this ragedy old apartment building! We get to move in a better household, a rich one with the stars!

Dennis: You idiot!! Me and Greg are moving there alone! You clowns will still live here with the geek!

Gregory: But as soon as you’re done with the geek if he doesn’t give Dusa what she wants, you guys can also live with us in a very luxary home with the stars.

All five: Thank you, Mr. Welch, and Mr. Pope!

And they all started to give the two clever men hugs, kisses, and sex, but the two men punched and kicked them away from them to walls, the stereo, a lamp, picture frames, doors, two of them went out the hallway next to the elevators, and those two were Trater and Evil. Naughty went up to Gregory to give him a cheekhug going “Umm! Umm! Umm!” But Gregory punched his face out flying over to the old china dish set, and Naughty broke it into little bits, and pieces, and he fell to the floor.




All five: Sorry.

Dennis: Sorry my ass!! LISTEN, YOU FUCKING ASSHOLES!!! Before we ever get this job off the ground, we’ve got to have some cooperation!! Or WHAT the hell are Moofeatu and Dusa gonna say when they find out you punks acting that way like SHIT!!!

All five: Uh oh, we forgot about them. They’re cranky.

Gregory: Damn right they are!!

Dennis: And they better not catch you loony toons messing everything up for any of us, or we’re all in danger around here! They want the job done, and they want it done right! And if they chew our butts, we’ll chew your butts by feeding you all to the sharks! Now stop acting like a bunch of stupid idiots and let’s get to WORK, you dumb mother fuckers!!

At 7:30pm at a place in West Hollywood where the stars, fans, workers, producers, and directors hang out, Donista started showing Timothy around the place where the rich, and famous hang out, a really big, and very cool bright place that all of the famous people from all over the world come to Hollywood and mingle with the stars. Donista introduces Timothy to her friends that are stars, and her friends that are not.

Donista: Well, how do you like Hollywood so far, Tim?

Tim: It’s the bomb! I love it a lot! So many celebrities, producers, workers, fans, etcetra! This is awesome, Donista!

Donista: This is the place where we famous people from around the world come here to party with the stars here in Hollywood with ordurves, food, drinks, a dancefloor, a DJ, and everybody’s having a great time here! Come with me, man. I’ll introduce you to the pack.

Tim: That’s a cool idea, Donista. I love to be introduced.

First, they both run into a black man very handsome looking, strong, in a silky gold suit with a silky gold hat on his head. He’s a comedian, stunt actor, and rapping recording artist. His name is Solomon Griffith, otherwise known as Gold Solo talking to three beautiful women in a middle of a conversation. Donista interrupted their conversation.

Donista: Yo yo yo, what’s up, my brotha?!

Gold Solo: (snapped his head.) Donista, yo! What’s happening, girlfriend?!

Donista: You, homeboy!

Gold Solo: (to the three ladies.) Say ladies, listen, I’ve got to go right now, but hopefully we’ll see each other again, same time, and same place. So I’ll check y’all later.

The three ladies: Love you, Gold Solo!

Gold Solo: (smiles at them.) Love you hot ladies too.

And the ladies walked away to meet more of the famous stars, while Gold Solo chats face to face with Donista by asking her this question.

Gold Solo: So how can I be of your service today, Donista?

Donista: Gold, I would like for you to meet Timothy Duram, our newest member of Hollywood entertainment from Chicago. Tim, this is Solomon Griffith, otherwise known as Gold Solo, comedian, stunt actor, and rapping recording artist.

Gold Solo: Hey, y’all call me Solo. My man, nice to meet you.

Tim: (shaking hands with Gold Solo.) Nice to meet you too, Solo. I’m Tim.

Solo: Right on, man. And welcome aboard to the fabulous place of the stars they call here the city of LA.

Tim: Thank you. Donista’s a real sweet girl to be around with. She’s my agent. I’m here to be the next Hollywood big thing.

Solo: Really? That’s cool! Hey, perhaps me and you can do an action comedy picture together.

Tim: Say, you got it, Solo. We will someday.

Solo: So I take it our main lady Donista is showing you all the ropes of what’s happening here in the Hollywood hall of fame.

Donista: In deed I am,my man. And more of our friends are here as well, and I’m going to get him accuainted with more people.

Solo: Well hey, you go right ahead, girl. Don’t let me stop y’all none.

Tim: He sure is a very nice man, Donista.

Donista: Yes he is. Well we must be going now, Solo.

Solo. Well it’s good seeing you again, Donista. Tim, nice meeting you, and hope to see you again real soon, brotha.

Tim: You too, Solo. We’ll see each other soon.

Donista: We’ll see you later, Solo.

Solo: Take care, y’all!

Donista and Tim walked around the place again until they ran into a beautiful starlette woman named Batavia Terrace, a milky white, pretty, sexy actress, and model woman with high cheekbones, long sexy blonde hair, pretty smile, large breasts, the same size as Donista, pretty white teeth, beautiful green eyes, pretty nose, sexy cherry lips, she’s all dressed in black, cool, beautiful, and dangerous like Donista.

Donista: Hey, Batavia! What’s up, girl!

Batavia: Donista! Hahahahaha, good to see my favorite best breast friend again! How are you doing?

Donista: I’m doing great, Batavia honey. What about you?

Batavia: I feel great, and the party here is so excellent! (And she slaps herself real hard across her face.) UMM Umm umm umm umm umm!

Batavia, and Donista went up to each other, opening their shirts, and bras, rubbing each other’s breasts, cheekrubbing, and frenchkissing each other because they were so glad to see each other again.

Donista: It’s good to see you again, Batavia. I want you to meet Tim; our new Hollywood producer.

Tim: Hi, Batavia. Nice to meet you.

Batavia: Nice to meet you, Tim. Welcome to Hollywood. Hi.

Tim: Thank you so much. You are incredibly beautiful, just like my friend Donista.

Batavia: Aw, thanks, Dude. Me and Donista go way back when we met for our very first time in college at Pasadena City College in Pasadena when we were just freshmen at that time.

Donista: Me, and Batavia studied together, went out places with our friends together, started in a movie together, started checking each other out, that’s our first time we slapped our faces hard and had sex with each other.

Tim: That’s so kinky, and cool! Can I join you girls too, Batavia?

Batavia: Sure, Tim baby. We’ll have a threesome together sometimes. How does that sound for you?

Tim: I think that sounds very cool. What do you think, Donista?

Donista: I agree. Fuck yeah, that’s cool! We’ll most definitely have a threesome together.

Tim: That would be so great! Batavia, can you slap one of your cheekbones across your face real good and hard for me so that I can give you my intermost biggest cheek to cheek hug and kiss?

Batavia: Sure, sweets. (She slaps her right cheek across her face and grunts.) UMMM!! Come here, sexy.

Tim: Yeah.

And Tim went up to Batavia, they gave each other a great big long cheek to cheek hug, and kiss.

Tim: Ooh, thank you, Batavia. You and Donista give the best, and the greatest hugs and kisses ever. Thank you so much.

Batavia: Hey, this is Hollywood, honey. We hug, kiss, fuck each other a lot because we’re all brothers and sisters here. We love each other big time. You’re our brother too, Timmy, so welcome aboard.

Tim: Thank you.

Batavia: You’re welcome, Tim honey.

Donista: Well we’ll see you a little bit later, Batavia. I still have to show Tim around as his agent.

Batavia: You’re his agent, Donista?

Donista: Yes indeed I am.

Tim: Because I’m into women agents, not men, unless they’re real hot sexy dragqueens, cross dressers, transsexuals, and she-males

Batavia: Hey, I hear you, Dude.

Donista: Me too. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!

And the three of them started laughing together, getting to know each other big time. Then Donista and Tim had to leave to meet other people.

Donista: We’ll catch you later, Batavia!

Batavia: You two take care of yourselves! Okay?

Donista: You too, Batavia! Buh bye!

Tim: Wow, Donista, I’m seeing a lot of stars around here.

Donista: You sure are. Very plenty of my friends.

Tim: And who are those two guys doing each other?

Donista: That’s Patrick and Dominick.

Yes, it’s Patrick McGath, and Dominick David Mazzinallo. Patrick is the short, sexy, handsome milky white Swedish, attractive hot dude with high cheekbones, short blonde hair, very friendly, charming, and sweet. And there is Dominick, a huge muscle body building, smooth, sexy, very attractive, hot and steamy peanut butter colored olive skinned rock and roll British, Italian dragqueen with very high Cherokee cheekbones, long reddish green woman’s type hair all the way down to his butt, tall, slim, deep low bass type voice with a British accent, a big thick large hard penis, dressed in black leather, and is a lead singer for the all sexy dragqueen heavy metal, punk rock and roll group called “Silk Express.” Him, and Patrick were cheekrubbing, holding each other, feeling each other’s butts, pumping each other’s penises grunting “Umm! Umm! Umm!” They were having sex with each other like they’re gay lovers, but they’re not gay. Patrick sees a lot of the band’s shows, have their CDs, and has been a fan, and best friend to Dominick and his band for a year and eighteen months.

Patrick & Dominick: (fucking each other.) Umm! Umm! Umm! UMM! UMM! HHH! HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhh! (They both came on each other’s dicks, and it felt so good.)

Patrick: (in a Swedish accent.) Damn, that felt real good, Dominick. My very first time having sex with you as my hero after knowing you and your band for a year now.

Dominick: (in a British accent.) Absolutely. It’s always way cool when you get to know a lot of people for so long, you check them out, then you both freak each other real good. You know?

Patrick: Eventually.

Donista and Tim walked up to them after they’re done having sex with each other in the party.

Donista: Hello, you two rock’n’roll studs.

Patrick & Dominick: Donista! We need a hug from you.

Donista: (spreads out her arms.) Sure. Come here, you rock’n’roll charming love maniacs.

And so, Patrick and Dominick go to give a hug to Donista going “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.”

Patrick: Thank you, Donista.

Dominick: Thank you, yeah, very bloody well much.

Donista: You boys are so welcome.

Dominick: Say, who’s the little bloke you’re with?

Tim: I’m Tim; the new Hollywood producer. Hi.

Donista: Tim had recently graduated from Columbia College in Chicago which is his hometown. Now he lives with us in the far west in Southern California.

Dominick: Hey there, Dude. Nice to meet you. I’m Dominick.

Patrick: And I’m Patrick, Tim. Nice to meet you.

Tim: (checking the hotties out.) You guys too. You guys are extremely hot.

Dominick: Hey, thank you, Mate. You’re real hot too.

Patrick: Precisely.

Tim: Thank you fellows.

And the three of the boys get real close to each other, and give each other a big face cheekrub, and that feels good.

Tim: Unh! Thank you boys for the cheekhug. That feels so good.

Dominick: Thank you, Tim. We’ll do it again sometimes.

Patrick: The next time we ever see each other.

Tim: You got it. We’ll get to know each other.

Donista: Isn’t Tim an angel, or what?

Patrick: Yes, he’s very sweet.

Dominick: He’s a real jolly old lad, very friendly. I like that in a being of human.

Tim: Thank you, fellows. It’s always great to feel great about yourself with good reports about you. Isn’t it, Donista?

Donista: You better believe it. We’ll catch you boys later. Okay?

Patrick: Take care, Donista! You too, Tim!

Donista: See ya, Patrick and Dominick!

Dominick: Cheerio, you two! We’ll run into each other again real bloody soon!

Donista and Tim walked on to meet some more new people while Patrick and Dominick are still hanging out, and being together.

Patrick: Aren’t Donista and Tim swell folks to be around with, Dominick?

Dominick: Absolutely. I think Tim would make a great Hollywood producer eventually.

Patrick: (getting smoochy with Dominick.) Now where were we before that?

Dominick: We were right down to here. (He slapped one of his cheekbones real good and hard across his face.) UMM!

Patrick: Me too. (And he slapped one of his cheekbones across his face hard.) UNH!

And they both smooched each other’s cheekbones together, rubbing their faces against each other going “Umm! Umm! Umm!” Meanwhile, Donista and Timothy walked along to meet two hot sexy sexual women having sex with each other, hugging, kissing, slapping their faces very good and hard and grunting (not screaming.) Getting real horny with each other as best friends too because they’re she-male tomboys. One of them is forty seven years old, big, tall, slim, very attractive, super sexy, with olive skin, high cheekbones, long black hair, biker woman who’s a supervisor for Harley-Davidson motorcycles, and the short cool one is a very milky white skinned, perky, sexy, with high cheekbones, short blonde hair, and twenty one years of age, and an Irish-American toughgirl. Their names are Galena Del Rio, and Tracy Wells. Galena is the big motorcycle Hispanic-Native American woman, and Tracy is the short white streetwise bi-sexual she-male.

Tracy: Umm! Galena, you fuck good, and I love it. UMM! I’m so glad that me and you are great pals forever. MM!

Galena: You bet your life we are, Tracy. MM! I’m glad that you, and your friends came to hang with the big girls. MM! MM! MM!

Tracy: Yeah! (And she slapped her right cheek across her face real hard.) UMM!! Umm umm umm umm!

Galena: (slapped her left cheek across her face real hard.) UMM!! Umm umm umm umm umm umm umm!

Tracy: HhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHH!! Galena: HhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! Tracy: UMMM!! Galena: UMMMM!!

They both came, and peed inside each other in the same time after having rock and roll sex with each other.

Tracy: Oh Galena, that feels so good. I’m glad to be around you a lot as my very breast friend.

Galena: Yeah, baby. I’m glad to be your hero. Do you want to lay your cheek against mine so that we can rub each other?

Tracy: Yeah.

And they cling their facecheeks to each other, and started rubbing them up and down nice and slowly going “Umm. Umm. Umm.” Then Donista and Timothy went up to the two tomboy she-males, and Donista said to them “Buenos noches, my kiss tomboy pals!” Galena and Tracy stopped rubbing each other, turned around, and smiled at Donista and her friend Tim.

Galena & Tracy: DONISTA BABY!!

Donista: How’s it going, sexies? Come give me your love!

Galena and Tracy go to Donista to give her hugs, kisses, licks, and all that good stuff.

Galena: We’re doing fine, Donista honey! What about you?

Donista: Doing great, babes. Meet my friend Tim; our new Hollywood producer.

Tim: Hi, Galena and Tracy.

Galena & Tracy: Hi ya, Tim! We’re Galena and Tracy! Nice to meet you!

Tim: Definitely you ladies too. Can I have some love too?

Galena: Of course, man.

Tracy: Come on over, Dude.

Tim went over to Galena and Tracy to get hugs and kisses from them, and Tim hugged and kissed them right back.

Tim: Umm. How I love you girls. I love Hollywood.

Galena & Tracy: We love you too, Tim.

Tracy: Donista, would you care to join us?

Donista: Here I come, Amigos.

Then the three tough female she-males slapped their faces real good and hard the same way they slapped each other’s faces grunting “UMM! UMM! UMM! UMM! UMM! UMM! UMM!” Tim got turned on, and horny after that, then they all took off all of their clothes nude and naked, and the four of them went up, cheekrubbed, hugged, kissed, licked, and had hot steamy rock and roll sex with each other going “UMM! UMM! UMM! UMM! HhhhhhhhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

But meanwhile watching them from hiding under the balloons colored black and white were no other than those double dealing fiendish criminal crimemakers of nine. Moofeatu and Dusa Eugenar with Dennis Welch, Gregory Pope, along with Trater, Evil, Termite, Drug, and Naughty. Each of them have weapons to stop this party so that they can get Donista, Tim, and the rest of the celebs to turn everything upside down. But there will be another band playing on stage real soon.

Moofeatu: There’s the boy over there having sex with three sexy girls! How dare he!

Dusa: Yes, how dare he! That’s not the way a man should approach to women! Women are supposed to be treated that way from men, not the other way around! I DON’T LIKE THAT, IT’S UGLY!!!

Naughty: Hey, it’s his business. Leave him alone, will you?!

Dusa: (pinched Naughty’s left arm.) Get it together, Naughty! That creep is making fun of me! Nobody makes a dream stealing, future wrecking pose at me like that by fucking three women with those ridiculous wiggly things between their legs like that! That’s gross!

Dennis: Not only that it’s gross, but it’s stupid!

Dusa: Women are not supposed to be strong for the men, nor for each other! The men are supposed to be strong for the women! This is bullshit!! I won’t take this abuse, and I don’t have time for it! His ass is mine, that little shitdog! He will be mine, and will treat me like a queen because I’m gonna show that faggot who’s boss around here!

Then suddenly, a Japanese all girl rock and roll band came up on the stage to play for the stars. They are five beautiful, pretty, perky, attractive, sexy, strong, hot, big, tall, slim, athletic, powerful Japanese women dressed in black with olive skin, high cheekbones, long brunette hairs all the way down to their butts, and their names are Susan Kushina on vocals and electric guitar, Gina Finalso on electric guitar, Meredith Lakusu on keyboards, Joelyn Hyana on drums, and Christina Dooreen Kayamana on the electric bass guitar. They’ll be doing a fast paced, four count, heavy metal, punk, alternative rock and roll hit called “UMM! Rub it!” And the name of their band is called “Cheeks.”

All five girls: YUM YUM! Good evening, everybody! We’re Cheeks! We’re a way cool rock’n’roll sexy all woman band from Tokyo, Japan!

Susan: I’m Susan!

Gina: Gina!

Meredith: Meredith!

Joelyn: Joelyn!

Christina: And Christina!

Susan: And we’re going to rock your world with our new damn song! So fuck off and die, all you sexy celebrities over there! This song is called “Rub it!” HIT IT, LADIES!

All five girls: FUCK YEAH!

The drum section from Joelyn starts off, all the band starts in second with an E major chord, and everybody starts dancing, except for the nine criminals. They’re still at it of getting their hands on Tim away from Donista and her friends, including the group Cheeks.

Donista: (to Tim.) That’s my favorite band, and they’re also my friends.

Tim: I would love to meet them after they’re done. They’re extremely hot!

Donista: (didn’t hear him.) What?

Tim: I said, I would love to meet them after they’re done! They’re very hot!

Donista: Don’t worry. You will meet them. I’ve got it all under control.

Dusa: (to herself and overheard Donista.) Yeah right, you bitch! I hate that band!

Susan: I know that you want to dance nasty. You look real sexy and flashy. Let me fill you full of lead, By giving you my Japanese head!

All five girls: (slapped their faces hard.) UMM! Rub it! UMM! Rub it! UMM! Rub it! What are you waiting for?! UMM! Rub it! UMM! Rub it! UMM! Rub it! What are you waiting for?!

Dusa: You girls suck! Get off the stage! GET OFF THE GODDAMN MOTHER FUCKING STAGE!!!

Susan: I know that you want your sex exciting. You want power without realizing. Believe me, my friends, you’re a swinger. Nobody better lay a finger on my rockin’ finger!

All five girls: (slapped their faces hard.) UMM! Rub it! UMM! Rub it! UMM! Rub it! What are you waiting for?! UMM! Rub it! UMM! Rub it! UMM! Rub it! What are you waitng for?!

Dennis: Shall we make for the shoot out right now, Moofeatu?

Moofeatu: No, not yet.

Dusa: What do you mean not yet, big brother?! I want that Tim guy right now away from that fucking bimbo Donista!

Moofeatu: (to Dusa.) I said “NOT NOW,” sister!! We will wait until these Asian rock girls are done pleasuring, slapping their faces, and fucking each other like lesbians.

Trater: I think it’s neat when they do that.

Dusa: Trater, knock it off or I’ll slap you! You shouldn’t talk like that about people because that’s a name call, and it’s not nice!

All five girls: We’re waiting for you! (They slapped their faces real good, hard, and they grunted. UMM umm!!

Then all five girls take off each other’s clothes, getting real close to each other, cheekrubbing, frenchkissing, and having hot sex with each other grunting “UMM,” and just breathing hard without moaning, nor making any sound. Then everybody started having sex with each other. The women started slapping their faces very hard during the sex period turning everyone on to have sex with them. That’s what makes a lot of men so horny is when a woman slaps her own face very hard and grunting.

Tim: (having sex with Donista.) Donista! Donista! Donista! Do me, Donista! Oh, Donista! UH! Donista! UH! Donista! UH! Donista! Donista! Donista! UH! UH!

Dusa: I hate that Hispanic/European bimbo! She just makes me want to take a belt and whip her one!

Donista: UMM! Timmy. UMM! Timmy. UMM! Do you love it when a hot sex heroine like me fucks you? Tim: Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! HUH! HUH! HUH! HUH! Donista: Yeah! Yeah! Fuck! Yeah. UMM! UMM! UMM! UMM!

Naughty: Say Dusa, can I have sex with a hot little Indian chick like you?

Dusa: (slapped his face very hard.) You asshole!! You’re a fucking homosexual for crying out loud!! How dare you ask me such a faultfully ugly dorkmiery question like that!!

Moofeatu: (put a gun on Naughty’s head.) You are not to talk like that to my sister ever again!

Naughty: (to Moofeatu.) But sir, I can’t help it if I’m turned on by this whole sex fest.

Moofeatu: I don’t give a damn what turns you on!! Don’t let this happen again!! Understood?!! Or you won’t live to have sex with anybody ever!!

Naughty: (scared.) Y-y-yes, s-sir. I-I-I’m very s-sorry about that.

Moofeatu: You leave my sister alone from now on!

Dusa: Yeah, stupid!!

And when everybody came having sex, they all peed inside each other. First off, they came with a big sexy UNHM grunt, then they peed inside each other. Then they all put their clothes back on to start dancing again, and the girls from Cheeks put their clothes back on again so that they can start playing again.

Gregory: Are we ready for the kill yet, Moofeatu?

Moofeatu: NOT YET, I said!! Wait until they’re all done!

Gregory: Right, sir.

Moofeatu: Everyone waits until I give the very important signal! Then do it!

Susan: (singing again.) Let us all get away from it all. That way we will never fall. Let’s make sex pleasurable all for all. It makes no difference if you’re big or small!

All five girls: (slapped their faces hard.) UMM! Rub it! UMM! Rub it! UMM! Rub it! What are you waiting for?! UMM! Rub it! UMM! Rub it! UMM! Rub it! What are you waiting for?! UMM! Rub it! UMM! Rub it! UMM! Rub it! What are you waiting for?! UMM! Rub it! UMM! Rub it! UMM! Rub it! What are you waiting for?!

The music continues to play, everyone continues to dance, and everyone is having such a great time at this party. But before it was all over, Moofeatu shot one of the lights from up in the ceiling with his gun, the bullet went PING to the lights, all the other lights went off, everybody started screaming because they were all scared, other noises accure by glasses breaking , pots, skillets, and things were dropped and smashed into bits and pieces, people pushing, shoving, running into each other trying to look for the door to get out of the building, and get away from Moofeatu and his crime making kind.

Tim: (scared and desperately looking for Donista in the dark away from those other people.) DONISTA! DONISTA! WHERE ARE YOU, DONISTA?! HELP ME!!

But before he continue to look for Donista any longer, somebody grabbed him, put him in a huge hay bag, tied him inside, then took off with him. Then somebody turned on the lights again, and it was Dominick. Everybody else left the ballroom, except for Donista, Dominick, Patrick, Gold Solo (Solomon Griffith,) Batavia, Galena, Tracy, and Susan and her band “Cheeks,” Meredith, Gina, Joelyn, and Christina.

Solo: What the hell just happened here?!

Dominick: I don’t know, Solo. But whoever started this mess, he’s a bloody dead bloke! Eh?!

Batavia: Fucking blackouts!! Nobody bullshits me like that and gets away with it!

Susan: Say Donista, do you have any idea who fired a gun at one of the lights? Me and my girls are ready to kick some Jakie Chan ass on the creep that did that.

Joelyn: Ditto for all of us.

Donista: Exactly. Is Tim alright? Has anybody seen Timmy?

Susan: Let’s check. I never met him, but I hear he’s our new Hollywood man.

Meredith: Hollywood man?! Well what the fuck are we waiting for?! Let’s find him ‘cause I want to meet him!

Joelyn: We all do, Meredith.

Donista: Tim! Solo: Tim! Dominick: Yo, Timmy! Batavia: Tim baby, where are you?! Tracy: Yo, Tim dude, where are you, man?! Galena: Tim dude, yoohoo! Patrick: We hope you’re alright! Susan: Tim honey, my name is Susan from the band “Cheeks.” I’m friends with Donista, and we want to make sure that you’re okay! Meredith: We don’t want to lose our new Hollywood guy! Gina: We hope that you’re not dead! Joelyn: Tell us you’re okay, please!

While everybody else was looking for Tim, Christina walked back inside the ballroom and told everybody this.

Christina: Say Donista, were all of you looking for Timothy?

All: Yes we are!

Christina: Well first off, when I saw him with you, Donista, I thought he looks so adorable like an angel.

Donista: Well thank you, Christina.

Christina: I haven’t met him yet, but I know exactly where those assholes have taken him.

Batavia: You do, Chris?

Christina: You bet your modelistic she-male Swedish ass I do, Batavia honey.

Solo: Where did they him, Chris?

Dominick: The mate could be in great danger anytime!

Donista: Well what I’ve heard about Timothy, those nasty cook crooks whoever they are, they’re the ones in great danger!

Galena: Fuck yeah!

Christina: Never mind the fuck yeahs and listen to me!!

Tracy: Sorry.

Solo: We’re all ears, Chris. What’s up?

Christina: Do you all know that old broken down movie studio over at 69TH Street in Westchester?

Meredith: Wait! You mean that old beat up movie studio with a bulldozer, and crane up to the front?

Christina: Bingo! That’s where he is with nine smugglers that got him.

Patrick: Smugglers did this?!

Tracy: And caused this Goddamn blackout?! SHIT!!

Christina: Yeah, those smuggler shitdogs! That damn bearded Indian and his stuck up midget crack whore!

Donista: Moofeatu and Dusa!

Christina: Along with two evil drugdealers and five stupid faggots! I HATE THEM!!

Dominick: Dennis Welch!

Batavia: Gregory Pope!

Gina: And those five irritating, irrational, aggravating, homosexual fucking j

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