On a Hot Summer Night

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

One hot summer night a girl can no longer fight her desires.

She sat in her bed, wide awake, knowing that just down the hall the object of her desires lay fast asleep. Her pulse raced as she thought about the scenario for the thousandth time in her mind. She knew it was wrong, but she so wanted it. 


The hot summer air crept in through her window and circled around her, clinging to the drops of perspiration that clung to her pink nighty. She shifted in her bed and flipped her pillow over to see if the backside was any cooler than the one she had moistened with her sweat. It wasn't much cooler, but it provided a bit of relief as she kicked the thin sheet that covered her skinny legs off of her. 


Again and again she changed positions in her twin bed. None of the new positioning afforded her much relief. Especially not from the hot sensations that were emitting just below her waistline. She ran a finger down her slick chest and let it linger over the flimsy pink material that covered her budding breasts. She traced small circles over her hard nipples and gave them a little pinch before moving on. The pain only made her longing for what lied down the hallway greater.


Running her finger down over her belly, she stopped just under her belly button and rested her hand. The ceiling stared back at her as she gazed into it, trying to fight the feelings that would not allow her any rest on this long night. She closed her eyes and gently bit her lip as she thought about the hard, chiseled body that lay just two doors down the hallway. She wondered if he was awake, too, having thoughts that matched hers?


Not being able to stand any more thoughts she slid her hand further down from her belly button and into the waistband of her white cotton panties. She ran her fingers through the fine, short hair that surrounded the area that was calling for her to give it pleasure. She knew she couldn't resist it’s call much longer.


With another slight slide of the hand she found her fingers engulfed in the wetness and heat that emitted from her. She gasped as she slowly stroked the pink button that pleaded for her touch. Her back arched as she frantically played with herself in a desperate bid for relief.


She was close to finding it, but couldn't quite take herself over the edge that led to bliss. Sitting up and taking her hand out of her panties, she knew what she needed to do. After wiping her fingers off on her already wet sheets, she crept to the bedroom door. 


Her thin figure was but a shadow in the night as she slowly turned the doorknob, so not to make a sound. She knew the alert ears of her parents would get up and check to see if things were alright if she made a peep, so she crept as quiet as a church mouse into the hallway. She crept on her tippy toes, so not to cause any shift or sound in the floor. She continued two doors down at a slow, steady pace. 


Coming to his door she paused. She had touched herself several times thinking about him, but she had never acted on her impulses in the real world. But tonight was different. Tonight she had to satisfy her curiosities about him once and for all. She had to know if he looked as she had fantasized about him so many times.


Silently she leaned forward and put her ear up to the door and listened. The only sound coming from inside the room were those of his steady breaths. The breaths of those in dreamland. He was sleeping soundly. This was her moment. 


Slowly she turned the doorknob and quietly swung open the door to his room. It was as hot as hers she noticed as she crept in. In the bright moonlight she saw him laying on his bed. His dark hair damp with the perspiration of the hot night. She scooted forward until she hovered over him. 


She looked at his hard muscles and swimmers body. His sheet came up only to his belly button and his rock hard abs showed in the moonlight. They seemed to glow as she fixated on them. They were just how she imagined they would be. She moved her fingers back down to her eagerly awaiting slit and began to play once again.


The heat and tension were building in her. The only time she had been this close to his body was a year ago when they were play wrestling. She had taken some of his popcorn and he had pinned her down to the ground and made her beg for forgiveness. They had laughed the entire time. He didn't know that she had fantasized countless nights about his body being pressed up against hers. 


Her eyes rolled into the back of her head for a moment as a wave of pleasure brushed up against her, teasing the release that would soon follow. Gathering up her courage, did what she had intended. She wanted to see all of him. She needed to see everything his clothes had been hiding from her all summer long. 


With great care and stealth she reached down and slid the white sheet down until his cock shown in the moonlight. She gasped. She had no idea that he slept in the nude or she would have made this trip months earlier. His dark pubic hair acted as an opposing backdrop to his long white penis.


It wasn't very thick, but what it lacked in width it made up for in length. She began touching herself again and thinking about how far inside of her it would slide if he pinned her down and eased himself in to her virgin pussy. She had never felt as slick as she did now and she ached for release.


As she stared at him in the moonlight she focused on his cock. She then did what she never imagined she would dare to do. As she fiddled herself with one hand she reached down and grasped his prick with the other. 


She held it lightly and instantly it began to grow. The tension was now banging on her walls, begging for relief. She strokes his now hard shaft twice and then released it. She brought the fingers that has been touching it up to her nose and breathed in the manly scent of his manhood. 


Like lightning the orgasm hit her. It ripped through her harder and sharper than anything she had ever felt and it took all the power she had to keep her knees from buckling. She prayed he wouldn't hear her whimpers of pleasure there in that moonlit room.


After the heat and electricity had finished jolting through her she gulped in air the best she could and staggered towards his door. Before leaving she took one last, good long look at his hard cock. She then crept back down the hallway as quiet as ever and made her way to her own bed. Still being excited she was able to coax out one more ravaging orgasm before slipping into a relaxed, blissful slumber.


Submitted: April 11, 2019

© Copyright 2023 Rhett Lexington III. All rights reserved.

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Aurora M. Soleado

Naughty time night moves...oh to be a horny virgin on the verge of sex...

Fri, April 12th, 2019 12:09am


What did she do? Rape him in his sleep? Interesting story hun.

Wed, April 17th, 2019 4:00pm

Amy F. Turner

Very naughty with the hint of taboo. Enjoy read to the very end of this innocent bit of temptation.

Sun, August 11th, 2019 7:55pm

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