Let Me In Your World

Let Me In Your World

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


This is a Harry Potter FanFic. George Weasley is lost without his brother Fred. Until he meets a curious muggle girl. Right now he needs a friend more than anything. Freindship Story. Warning; May include drug use, sex, alochol abuse.


This is a Harry Potter FanFic.

George Weasley is lost without his brother Fred. Until he meets a curious muggle girl.

Right now he needs a friend more than anything.

Freindship Story.

Warning; May include drug use, sex, alochol abuse.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Let Me In Your World

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This is a Harry Potter FanFic. <br /> <br /> George Weasley is lost without his brother Fred. Until he meets a curious muggle girl. <br /> <br /> Right now he needs a friend more than anything. <br /> <br /> Freindship Story. <br /> <br /> Warning; May include drug use, sex, alochol abuse.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 05, 2012



There I sat, feeling sorry for myself, I had every reason to he was my best friend. We were so close, and now with him gone mum can't even look me in the eye because I just remind her of him, it will never be the same. Why did it have to be Fred? Why did it have to be my family?  Hundreds of questions flew through my mind looking down at my coffee and taking a sip from the boiling cup, the contents burning my tongue as soon as they made contact, then I swallowed it back painfully then placed my cup back onto the table, the small coffee shop I found myself in was very busy, voices, voices, voices, all I wanted was silence but I knew better than anyone you couldn't always get what you wanted,  a girl approached me, teary eyes like my own, she wore a blue denim jacket with tight black jeans that looked like they had been painted on, her brown hair was falling just below her chest, she looked at me with dark eyes and gave me a weak smile. "Is anyone sitting here?" She asked I looked around the cafe to see that there were no other seats, I couldn't exactly say no. I nodded, not saying a word and she mumbled thanks, and then sat her cup on the small wooden table that sat in front of us; she wiped her eyes with the sleeve of her coat, and then dumps her small black satchel bag next to her feet. I picked up my coffee again and noticed that she was studying my ear, or at least the space where my ear used to be. She clocked that I had noticed she then looked away quickly. I wasn't surprised she'd noticed even wizards find it unusual seeing it, but I guessed that they would probably assume that I lost it during the Wizarding War, but muggles...they were just oblivious to everything. Then I realized that the war had crossed my mind again, why can’t I just forget? I fought the tears back as I clenched my fingers around the handle of my mug. "Are you okay?" The girl asked, sniffing slightly as I looked up and she stared right at me. "I'm fine." I mumbled, not meeting eyes with her, but my grip on the mug softening ever so slightly. “Sure you are..." She stopped for a moment. "I'm Heather." She gave a small smile, holding her hand out over the table.

"I'm George." I said, taking her hand and shaking it lightly.

"So what's got you upset?" She asked, taking her cup and drinking a small sip.

"Is it that obvious?" I asked.

"Just a little." She chuckled softly.

"Believe me it's a long story that will bring you right down." I said sadly. "Do you usually start conversations with strangers in coffee shops?" I then asked.

She smiled softly. "No, not usually, but you looked like you needed a pick me up and believe me I have all the time in the world.” She then frowned, taking another sip.

"No offence, but I think you could do with one too." I smiled the tiniest bit, but then I realized that even my voice sounded sad so I began to frown again.

"Yeah, I guess you could say that." She said quietly, nodding her head slightly.

"Tell me?" I questioned, a small smile playing on my lips, I surprised myself once more, and so then I just sat there with a poker face.

"Not until you tell me first, I did ask first." She smiled, a light blush creeping onto her cheeks. I thought to myself for a moment, she's only a muggle, what are the chances  of me ever meeting her again, maybe I’d benefit from letting it out, I remember a lot of people saying to me. 'George, if you let it out I know you'll feel better.'  And everything, but I knew it was a load of bullshit.  I guess it was worth a shot though, I let out a sigh. 

"So exactly one year ago last Thursday...my best friend died." I then let out a breath I didn't even realize I was holding. "He was my brother, my twin." The girl then let out a small gasp; I looked up at her as I frowned. She had genuine care in her eyes for me, the blue sparkling as they glazed over, and the black outlining made them stand out that bit more than they already did, you wouldn't think people would just care for strangers, she was kind and I could tell that she was a completely honest person, just from the way she looked at me.

"I'm sorry." She said, covering her mouth in surprise. "I wouldn't have pestered if I knew I-I" She stammered.

"It’s fine, I guess it's good to let it out?" I said, turning it into a question accidently.

"Whoa..." It was obvious she was speechless.

"Hey, don't worry about it, I’ll be fine."  I stopped. "Eventually."  She took my hand from across the table.

"I hope you are, honestly." She smiled, biting her lip and taking her hand away again.

"So what's up with you?" I asked, desperate to change the subject. She let out a long shaky breath.

"It sounds completely stupid compared to yours." She sighed, smiling playfully.

"Just tell me." I shrugged, picking up my coffee and taking a big gulp, noting that it had cooled down. She rolled her eyes.

"Well..." She begun, taking a long swig of her tea, I noticed, then placing it back down and clasping her fingers together. "My boyfriend." She stopped. "Ex-boyfriend broke up with me today and told me that he's moving to Australia with my cousin, Emma, who he's now apparently in love with." She frowned, looking at me. "They have an apartment reserved and everything, meaning they had it planned behind my back, so yeah...right enough...my mum seems more gutted than me." She noticed I squinted my head a little, and she chuckled a little. “My mum...she's very...imperious, and manipulative...so naturally I rebelled...and she liked to think that Jay straightened me out...she was so wrong." She gave a cheeky smile and her eyes looked a little brighter.

"This Jay sounds like a git...I’m sure you could do better anyway." I smiled.

"Pfft, I could think of worse words for him right enough..." She trailed off and checked her watch. “Damn, I need to head back to college.” She frowned then drank the remains of her tea whilst grabbing her bag from the floor. “It was nice meeting you George”. She smiled.

“You too Heather.” I said, returning the smile. She began to walk away, fuck I though, now I have to sit here myself again, pondering my thoughts, they drifted to home, I hadn’t been at the burrow for a good while, I guess that’s expected. I had begun to prefer the muggle world, no one interfered with me, right enough no one had attempted to contact me at my apartment, and besides the owl from Ron…he didn’t say much, only asked me to come over for dinner sometime. Ron had been helping me with the shop for a while, which was hard work without Fred, I know he’d be angry at me if he was here as the shops temporarily closed, my thoughts got interrupted.

“George, want to go get a drink tomorrow? I know a great wee pub.” I was surprised as I looked up and realized that Heather had returned and she stood awkwardly at the other side of the table. It took me a few seconds to reply.

“Um...yeah.” I forced a smiled.

“You don’t sound too sure. “ She laughed awkwardly. “Well if you want to join me, I’ll meet you here at half six tomorrow, okay?”

I ran my tongue over my lips. “I’ll come; I’ll see you here tomorrow.” I said, trying to force a more convincing smile. ‘What’s the worst that could happen I thought’

Heather laughed once more. “I’ll see you tomorrow then.” She grinned, biting her bottom lip and waving as she left the coffee shop again.

‘Why not?’ I asked myself. There’s nothing better than drowning your sorrows.

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