In the Dark

In the Dark In the Dark

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Dana loved to go to the movies and be in the dark alone with her thoughts. Then she discovered that her adventures in that dark movie theater each week were far more exciting than anything happening on the screen.


Dana loved to go to the movies and be in the dark alone with her thoughts. Then she discovered that her adventures in that dark movie theater each week were far more exciting than anything happening on the screen.


Submitted: September 20, 2014

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Submitted: September 20, 2014



Dana loved to go to the movies alone in the middle of the day.  It wasn’t that she could not get dates. At 21, she had a gorgeous look to her that was often described as adorable. She was a petite girl with short hair that she wore to the shoulders. She had a cute figure that was not overly sensual but it often drew the attention of males of all ages.

Dana also had a very well developed sense of style. Even if she was just going out to run errands, she dressed to look her best. Many had told her and she believed them that among her most sexy attributes were her very sexy legs. So she made it a point to keep them tanned and to wear short skirts to show them off even if she was not going somewhere to flirt with boys her age.

So even if she was attending a matinee, she dressed well and it gave the ushers plenty of joy selling her the ticket, her popcorn and escorting her to a seat.  She enjoyed that privileged treatment because she came to the movie theatre almost every week and because the high school or college boys who worked there liked her sexy legs.

Her habit of going to the movies started after a bad break up. Dana found that if she went to a busy and loud movie, if she did need to cry, she could get it out. The excitement of the movies often made the pain go away for a while. But then when the memory of that failed romance long vanished, Dana continued to enjoy the experience of being in the dark and letting a good movie take her into another world.

The Watcher

Dana’s habit of dressing nicely when she went out was also part of the ritual of going to the movies by herself.  The pay off is the attention she got from others at the movies and from the ushers and workers at the theatre. Since it was summer, the guys working there were almost always horny high school or college guys.  Dana was quite interested in a couple of them but she had a policy that the ritual of going to the movies by herself was not a tool for getting picked up guys or being picked up. It was “me time” for Dana and it served her well to promote her emotional healing after the break up from David.

Things began to change one Thursday afternoon.  Dana had gotten settled in her seat on the second row of the balcony.  This was the perfect spot because it was almost always empty and she felt secluded and to her thoughts.  Most of the time there were hardly anyone else in the theatre.  But just before the lights went down, a family entered.

This no cause for alarm as it was a Disney movie about to be played. Dana liked those goofy animated features because they were well made, funny and they took her back to when she was a little girl. But then she recognized the dad in the family. He was a tall and distinguished man who was there with his very pretty wife and their two kids who looked to be around 7 or 8.

That tall man was one of Dana’s favorite professors from the previous year. His name was Professor Hill and Dana had a secret crush on him. He was probably old enough to be her grandfather but he was dressed so elegantly and he spoke with a deep and sensuous voice when he taught his classes. That voice often drove many of the co-eds crazy and Dana was not immune to it either.

The lights went down and the previews started on the screen. Dana was alone in the dark again as she liked to be.  But instead of watching the screen, she could not take her eyes off of Professor Hill.  The light from the movie illuminated his face in all kinds of colors and he often turned to talk to his children or whisper to his wife. When he did that, Dana could see his face perfectly even though he had no idea she was watching him.

The urge came on her before she knew it was gathering inside her. As she looked at the face of the older gentleman that had her crush, Dana began to move her hand on her left thigh.  She fell into a dreamy state caressing herself while admiring that handsome older professor just a few yards away.  In her thoughts, Dana was feeling the hand of that handsome gentleman tenderly move his hand up her leg.

The happy sounds of the family movie filled the small theatre and Dana let her thoughts and fingers drift.  Soon she was pushing the hem of her cute skirt up. A deep sigh came from Dana’s mouth but it was not heard by others because of the movie.  She let her fingers slide up her thigh to the rim of her panties.  She felt the tingle of excitement in her pussy because of her inappropriate thoughts about Professor Hill and the naughtiness of staring at him and starting to masturbate.

Dana slid the fabric of her panties aside and let her fingers find the familiar folds of her moist pussy.  Looking at that handsome face, she let those fingers pleasure her clit and stroke the delicate areas of her open pink pussy slit.  Dana was in a wonderful state of euphoria as she slowly masturbated about that handsome man.  But then she suddenly realized that just as she was watching him silently, she was being watched.

Dana did not want to move suddenly in case she could cover up what she was doing. Then she spotted the person who was spying on her as she spied on the professor. He was little more than a shape in the shadows. But Dana’s eyes were sharp in the dark when she recognized the shape of one of the ushers who was standing near the steps of the balcony.

In the moments of the search, she had let her skirt fall back in place.  But then she realized that the boy was not in the business of stopping her. He himself had unzipped his uniform pants and taken out his erection and begun masturbating looking at Dana.  At first she was shocked but as her eyes adjusted, she could see the shaft of his cock sticking out and his hand moving up and down on it.

Soon Dana realized he was not going to come over or report her.  He was doing what she was doing but the object of his lust was her legs and pussy. This ignited a new level of excitement in Dana and she lifted her leg and put it over the arm of the theatre chair. This forced her thigh apart and then she looked away so the boy did not know it was for his benefit and pulled her skirt up to give him a good view.

Dana was very aware of the eyes of that usher on her wet pussy.  She pulled the crotch of her panties aside and reached down and parted the lips so he could masturbate to her pussy with a very erotic view of it. Dana was caught up in what was happening and she began to stroke her clit. Faster and faster she masturbated watching the body of that usher hunch over and beat off to her. Just then she heard his groan and looked to his hard cock. In the dim light she saw the stream of cum fire from his cock and land on the chair

Pushing the Envelope

Dana thought a great deal about the episode with the usher. As soon as it was over, he disappeared. She never got a clear look at his face but she felt she narrowed down who it was from his body type. But he never said anything about it and she was happy to leave it an anomous moment in the dark for him as well.  That kept things exciting.

The mutual masturbation session changed how Dana viewed her hobby of going to the movies alone.  Suddenly she yearned for more contact. But to keep it anonymous and not let it become anything out of control was important for some reason.  When she went to the movies alone, she felt a wild part of her wanting to take over.  She picked another family movie thinking that would keep things under control.  Dana went to the balcony but very quickly it filled up with families and children.  As she sat there, a family of four came in and they sat down right next to her.

The dad of the family sat next to her and Dana saw him quickly glance at her sexy legs that were easy to admire in the short skirt she was wearing. It was a movie that had a lot of action. So when the movie was about to start, the two children of the couple begged to go down and sit close to the screen. The mom said yes and the children joined and rush down the steps which filled up the lower level with excited children and teenagers. In fact, all that were left in the balcony was Dana, the dad next to her and his wife next to him.

It was a little awkward sitting so close but Dana felt a surge of excitement each time the dad glanced down at her leg. She could also tell his wife was aware he was looking at a girl who was probably half his age.  The movie started and the noise of excited children was overwhelming.  Dana looked down and saw the man’s hand on his leg nearest hers and it was gripping that leg firmly. He was feeling an internal battle that he may not have been winning.

Dana slowly slid her hand down her thigh until it was parallel with his.  Then in an act of boldness that was greater than she had ever tried, she slipped her pinkie finger over and looped it through his. Then Dana looked at his face. He was quite handsome although the concern for what was happening was clear. His wife was stunningly pretty with a wholesome look of a Sunday School mom.  Yet her long soft blond hair and her perfectly rounded face made it clear that she was quite a prize for this dad to have for the mother of his children.

The husband did not push Dana’s fingers away.  Just then his beautiful wife saw the fingers toying with each other. He gripped his arm but did not speak. Her eyes were glued to what was happening. He was breathing rapidly form the stress but instead of pulling away, he wove all of his fingers into Dana’s hand and held it like they were on a date.  The wife’s eyes were glued to what was happening between her husband and Dana.

Dana was on fire with the danger and excitement of this bold step she had taken to push the envelope. Under the wife’s watchful eye, she pulled his hand to her leg and moved the fingers from her own fingers to her thigh. The feel of the young girl’s warm firm thigh in his fingers drove Elliot beyond control.  As Susan looked on, her husband began to move his hand up the sexy thigh of the young woman in the next seat. Nothing like this had ever happened to either of them before but the thing that shocked Susan the most is that she did not put a stop to it.

Susan watched her husband push Dana’s skirt up revealing more and more of her sexy leg as it came into view.  None of the three were watching the movie.  Dana was wiggling with excitement of this violation of her body that she brought on. She watched the wife’s eyes grow wide as her husband played with Dana’s leg and slid his hand all the way to her panties.

Feeling bold, suddenly Dana pushed her hips up and began to wiggle out of her panties.  She heard this stranger who was feeling up her legs gasp and under his breath moan “oh god” when he saw Dana’s naked pussy put within inches of his moving hand.  At the same time his wife leaned over and gazed into the pussy of the young woman.  Susan was going wild with crazy emotions and seeing the open cunt of a very sexy young girl only scrambled her insides all the more.

As Susan watched, her husband moved his fingers into the slit of this stranger girl that was seducing both of them.  He parted the slit and felt up the pink flesh to her clit and began to play with it expertly.  Dana gasped and held on to the arms of the theatre seat as her sex responded to the stroking the husband was giving to her clit.

Susan felt her own pussy tingling with excitement at all that was going on and she could no longer just sit and watch.  Acting on instinct, she unzipped Elliot’s pants and pulled out his rock hard cock.  The one thing she knew Elliot always wanted her to do was to suck his cock and now it seemed there was nothing that was behind the limits. Susan leaned over and slid the head of her husband’s cock into her mouth.

All three were wiggling and moaning quietly trying not to draw attention to themselves.  Dana reached into her purse and pulled out a handtowel. She needed it because just as Elliot slid his index finger deep into her pussy hole, Dana orgasmed hard. She bit down on that towel to muffle her moans of pleasure.

When Elliot felt the young girl cum on his finger, he was overwhelmed and he arched up and shot his load into his beautiful wife’s mouth.  Susan felt the surge of hot cum in her mouth and all she could think was to reach down for something to help her contain the flow. She found Dana’s panties and brought them up to her lips and caught the ooze of white sperm that surged from her mouth as her husband finished his orgasm.


The Letter

Dana reflected on the wild three way that just sort of  happened at the movie theatre and each time she remembered it, it made her touch herself until she orgasmed again.  When it was done Dana headed to one exit and the couple to the other and they did not see each other again.  Dana did not finish the movie but she assumed the couple returned after they settled down and cleaned up so they could collect their kids.

A week later, Dana returned to the theatre with some hesitation and as she entered the seating, an usher approached her. From his posture and that knowing look in his eyes, she determined it was the one who has masturbated looking at her.  He did not say a word but he handed her an envelope and left her in the empty theatre to read it.  Dana opened the envelope and read the letter.  It read.

“Dear Dana;

I am Susan.  You and my husband and Elliot had a sexual experience in this theatre the last time you were here. Do not be concerned. I am not angry with you. It opened new worlds for both of us and our sex life has been amazing since it happened.  I learned your name from this usher in the theatre who seemed to know about you.

Dana, that was the most amazing experience either of us have ever had. You should know that we have always been very modest people and that day was the first time I had sucked my husband off. It has not been the last time.  It is also important to say to you that while we treasure what we all shared that day, it cannot happen again. We have not learned any more about you and we will not seek to know it. We want you to forget us too so we can lead lives without fear of guilt.  We will never forget you but this must be goodbye.

We will never frequent this theatre again. If you see us in public, please do not greet us.  Let that one amazing moment in this theatre always be a magical time we all shared. Speaking for my husband and myself, we want only the very best for you. You are a very special young woman.

With thanks,

Susan. “

Dana folded the letter and put it in her purse.  She got up from her regular seat and walked down to the floor area.  This felt right because as she sat there thinking about all the happened, lots of people filed in around her. Susan picked a movie that was for her age group because now she associated children’s features with what happened. The movie that was playing in that theatre was a action adventure genre with lots of comedy so that was a perfect way to take a break from all the wild activity she had been part of in the balcony.

But just as the screen sprang to life with sneak previews, Dana had an intuition to look back at the entrance.  There standing looking at her in a pretty floral dress and her blond hair made up perfectly was a lovely woman in her early 30s. It took a moment and then Dana gasped to recognize that it was Susan. She caught Dana’s eye and then turned her head without smiling and walked up toward the balcony.

Dana stood up and watched the slender figure make her way toward the upper rows of the balcony and sit down on the back row. That was a row that had extra leg room and it was very dark back there.  Dana was nervous but like a powerful force, she felt drawn to go to that lone woman.  She walked up the steps to that back row where they were alone.  Susan looked at her with soft eyes and a serious but peaceful expression.

Dana sat down and looked into the eyes of the woman who wrote that letter.  “Susan I….” she started to say and the pretty lady put her finger on her lips.  She just shook her head to communicate without words and let the mystery remain forever. Then leaning over nervously, Susan kissed Dana on the lips.

Neither girl had ever kissed another woman with passion before but the excitement of that kiss swept them both away. Using what they knew from kissing men, Susan slid her tongue into Dana’s mouth and Dana sucked it lovingly.  Dana felt along Susan’s ears and neck and down to her shoulders. Then with some hesitation, she put a hand on the married woman’s breast and squeezed it softly.

Susan gasped feeling the young girl feel her tit and she moaned softly breaking their kiss.  Then she pulled Dana to her and buried her face in Dana’s hair and kissed down her neck sucking and biting as she went. Dana held her head and stroked her hair.  She was dizzy with the newness of it all and how exciting it was to make love to a woman.  Susan slipped out of her seat and to the floor in front of Dana.

Eagerly Dana opened her legs and pulled up her skirt as Susan started kissing her legs and stroking that soft skin that her husband had experienced.  When Susan saw that Dana’s panties were soaking wet from arousal, any hesitation about performing sex on a girl vanished. She reached up and pulled Dana’s panties down to her knees and then leaned over them and buried her face in her pussy.  The smells and tastes of Dana’s sweet wet cunt was like a drug to Susan as she lapped at her slit and clitoris.  Suddenly Dana grasped Susan by the hair and moaned to feel her orgasm hit just as Susan began to push her tongue into her vagina.  The orgasm surged into Susan mouth filling it with the moisture of Dana’s climax.

The two women could not get enough of each other.  Susan knelt on the seat of the theatre chair facing away from the screen.  Dana turned around also and lifted the skirt of that pretty dress over her hips. When she pulled Susan’s panties down the pretty cunt of the young mother was pouting and wet and ready for Dana to love it.  Dana leaned forward standing up and kissed Susan on the ears and neck as she thrust her fingers into her pussy feeling the round cunt lips and sliding her finger into her wet hole.

With her thumb stimulating the married woman’s clit and then two fingers fucking in and out of her vagina, Susan’s orgasm came quickly.  The movie was keeping the rest of the audience well distracted so Dana and Susan could kiss and finger each other for over an hour.  When it was done, Susan kissed Dana softly and slipped out of a door in the back of the theatre.

The Stranger

The letter that Susan had written spoke of Dana never seeing Susan or Elliot. But Susan could not keep that vow and before long, Dana was invited to their home and even met the children. When those precious kids went to bed, the three explored new levels of excitement in the married couple’s bed.

Dana’s life had changed so much just because she loved to go to the movies by herself.  With the new excitement of Susan and Elliot in her life, Dana did not enjoy her little hobby that often. One cold and dreary Tuesday, Dana felt the desire to enjoy a quiet hour or two in the dark once again.  She found her way to the movie theatre where so much had happened.

The theatre was almost empty as Dana sat in the balcony thinking about so much that had happened.  When the movie started, it was a slow moving mystery that put Dana in a strange mood. Just then she was aware that she was being watched again.  She thought it was the usher but it was not.  On the other side of the theatre was a tall man shrouded in darkness.  The figure moved slowly and smoothly toward the back of the theatre.  His slender form created a silhouette of darkness against darkness.

Dana stood and moved toward the figure as though drawn.  The shape of the man’s body seemed so familiar but she could not make out his face because the movie was so drab that little light was coming from it.  As she got within a few rows of him, she heard a very low voice speak almost in a whisper. It just said her name, “Dana”.

Even when Dana reached the figure, she could not see his face.  Strong hands turned her and pushed her forward so she had her hands on the back of the chairs and her butt toward the man. He handled her body possessively but gently. Still she felt she could not deny him. She felt his hands find the hem of her skirt and lift it.  He laid the skirt over her butt and without slowing, pulled her panties down to her knees.

Dana wanted to speak and know who was molesting her. At the same time the excitement of being taken by someone so dark and demanding was overpowering. She was instantly oozing wet and ready to let him penetrate her.  She did not have to wait long.  The lanky body leaned into her and she felt the warm skin of a hard penis moving forcefully along the inner folds of her sex.  Skilled fingers parted her pussy lips and that hard cock found its home and he entered her cunt with a forceful lunge.

Dana found herself lifting her butt and pushing back against the strangers hips as he fucked in and out of her slowly and steadily.  He held her around the waist and filled her insides with his large, rock hard cock.  All Dana could hear was a soft rhythmic moan of “uh uh uh” as he thrust into her tight hole over and over.  Just then she felt his face on her neck and his lips kissing and sucking her shoulder.  She glanced back to see who was fucking her.

When she saw that face, the shock of it sent a quiver through her body. The distinguished lines and grey hair of her Professor Hill made eye contact with her. He kissed her mouth and with one huge thrust shot a volcano of cum deep in his student’s hole.  Dana wanted to speak to him but she just put her head back and moaned loudly feeling the powerful eruptions of hot cum inside her. She orgasmed so hard that she doubled over and went to her knees. For several moments she was out of it and unable to keep up on the world around her. But when she woke up, he was gone. She was once again, alone, filled with her own wet and his load of cum and alone, in the dark.


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