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Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Lilly and Milando have been waiting along time to meet and when they finally do in a Las Vegas Hotel, it gets HOT. Will it be everything they dreamed of...or more than Lilly bargained for?


Lilly and Milando have been waiting along time to meet and when they finally do in a Las Vegas Hotel, it gets HOT. Will it be everything they dreamed of...or more than Lilly bargained for?


Submitted: February 04, 2013

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Submitted: February 04, 2013






She was standing in her hotel room trying to keep everything as close to the way she planned it as possible. She kinda has this thing for details and fulfilling her fantasies. Trying to ease her stress she walks over to the sink and pours herself a shot of Jack on the rocks and is thankful she thought of buying some to have in the room. She slams the drink and shutters from the burn. “Think Lilly, think. Got to make sure it’s just like you told him. Blood red men’s dress shirt, sleeves cuffed. Diamond stud in nose, black polish, black French bra and matching crotchless panties. Kitty collar with a bell and black leather anklet. Oh yeah shit, you almost forgot he said my hair down.” She reaches up and pulls the elastic out of her long, curly, black hair and it falls down past her shoulders to the middle of her back and frames her face. Looking into the mirror she admires her mossy green eyes looking back at her then turns away.

It was full on night now and she had pulled back the drapes so the city lights could shine in making the room glow. She walked over to her pink travel bag and pulled out some incense and a burner. Setting the burner up on the dresser she lit the incense breathing in the rich sent almost tasting it. Walking over to the balcony doors she slid them open and stood there starring out over the large city wishing she was brave enough to step out and enjoy the view. Deep breath, “Okay Lilly, calm down. God, what if he takes one look at me turns around and leaves cause he realizes he isn’t interested in a woman twenty years older.” Her pulse quickens and she starts to tremble as she hears the door handle turn. She takes another deep breath to try and calm herself and slowly turns to face him as he closes the door behind him. She stands there, head down but still looking up through the hair in her face (her security blanket). The air catches in the back of her throat as he sits his bag down and slowly walks towards her. The first thought that hits her mind is “My god he’s tall.” The second is “and he’s beautiful.” She lifts her head just enough to look him up and down before he reaches her side of the room. “Hello Kitten” falls from his lips as he stops in front of her. With one final shiver the fire consumes her. On tippy toes she reaches up and grabs the front of his shirt bringing him down to her “Hello Luv” she purrs and presses her lips to his. She feels his smile against her lips as he kisses her back.

He slides his hands down her sides to the back of her thighs, and then gently picks her up so her head is a little higher than his. Letting her legs lock around him as he feels arms wrap around his neck. Pressing their lips together and kissing deeply. Their lips part as he looks into her eyes and smiles. "Glad to finally see you Kitten." He sits on the bed with her now on his lap, as he places his hand softly upon her cheek and strokes it. He leans his forehead against her's, still looking into her beautiful eyes. Gently and as light as a feather he slides his fingers down her spine making her arch her back, as he lowers his head and kisses down her neck to her collar bone. He slides his tongue along her collar bone and nips the skin softly giving it a little tug. Kissing up her throat to her lips as his nails glide along her thighs and his lips meet hers again.

Her heart pounding against her chest so hard she feels like it’s going to explode. His lips are just as soft as she imagined they would be and his touch just as gentle. She traces his lips with her tongue softly before pushing it exploringly into his mouth. Lilly glides her finger tips up his arms, over his shoulders and down his back. Before she realized what she was doing her hands were back to the front of his shirt tugging at the buttons. Their kiss came to a sudden halt as he looked at her smiling. She leans her forehead to his smiling back but not letting up the struggle with his shirt. Flustered, feeling like she can’t get her fingers to work fast enough; he pulls her hands away gently and chuckles. She looks at him with  an exasperated sigh and watches him unbutton his shirt. She pushes his shirt off over his shoulders, down his arms and tosses it to the floor. Groaning she leans into him pushing him back onto the bed and begins to work at his belt buckle. He chuckles, grabs her wrists and pulls her down onto him, “slow down Kitten. Take it easy.”  She whimpers “sorry.” He gives her a quick peck on the lips and rolls over. Lilly now on her back looking up into his brilliant blue eyes realizes that he has both her wrists in one hand above her head and his free hand is slowly gliding over her body with his finger tips. She pulls her left leg up, foot flat on the bed as he touches her thigh. Ever so gently and slowly he glides his nails down the outside of her thigh to her knee then comes back up the inside of her thigh. She relaxes her leg just a little the closer he gets. “What a tease” she thinks as he stops and traces the lace at the top of her panties with his fingertips just barely touching her skin. Lilly watching his every move trembles at his touch and he looks back into her eyes. Milando pushes back a strand of her hair and caresses her face before softly kissing her lips.

 “Kitten, I don’t think our first encounter is going to be rough and violent.” Lilly looks at him almost at a loss then watches every move he makes. He moves slowly and very gentle savoring everything. His open hand runs down her neck and her chest to the top button of her shirt. Milando licks her lips as he unbuttons the top button. Then slowly moves to the next letting his fingers graze her skin as he works the button and nips at her lower lip tugging. He pushes his tongue into her mouth as he works the last button. Her skin tingles and begins to warm as he kisses her. He turns back to his task and she becomes hypnotized by his face as he watches every move he makes. He pushes her shirt open leaving her feeling vulnerable.

 Milando then traces the top lace of her bra with one finger pushing it down just enough to expose her small, hardened nipples then swiftly slides his hand to the small of her back causing her to arch as he kisses her deeply. Pulling out of the kiss Lilly asks, “Will you let go of my hands?” He looks at her for a moment thinking then smiles. “Hmmmm, only if you promise to behave. Do you think you can do that?” She shivers slightly, smiles deviously “Yes” and lifts her head to kiss him. He pulls away placing a finger on her lips “I mean it.” She sighs in defeat and lays her head back ready to give into anything he wants.

 He looks at her briefly with a soft smile then leans down and kisses her once again nipping and tugging at her lower lip causing her to release soft sighs. Gliding his fingers down her neck to her chest then to her full breasts he finds her harden nipples once again and teases them. Lilly’s sighs become a little louder more like light moans and whimpers. Arching she pushes her chest up more into his hand and he pinches her nipple. She groans in pleasure so he pinches even harder and bites her neck roughly at the same time.

Lilly, fighting herself not to attack him lays there breathing hard and trembling. Her warm, velvet walls are pulsing; silently begging him to touch her, wanting him to be in her already. She’s waited so long for this moment and she does want it to last forever but she’s crazy hungry for him and is struggling so hard to behave. Deciding to relax and just let things happen on their own she tangles her hand in his hair pulling him deeper into their kiss. With her free hand she lightly glides the tips of her nails up the back of his arm to his shoulder and down his back then as she reaches his waist she digs her nails in pulling him closer to her. He pulls back just enough ending the kiss and looks her in the eye, “I thought you agreed to behave” he says. She responds by biting her lower lip and gives a coy shrug, “oops, sorry. I just can’t help myself.” He chuckles and playfully kisses the tip of her nose.

 Placing the palms of her hands on his chest she pushes him up and says “I’ll behave in a little bit Luv. I just need to take care of a little something for you then I’ll let you have full control. Agreed?” He looks at her with an arched brow for a moment then nods in agreement. Getting up on her knees she directs him to lay back and relax. Lilly unbuckles his belt and unfastens his pants then crawls to the foot of the bed removes his shoes and pulls his pants off discarding them to the floor. Looking up at him she can tell he appears to be a bit nervous. “Relax Luv, I promise not to bite…hard anyway” and gives him a wicked grin. “Just close your eyes.” Gently she pushes his legs apart and crawls up between them. Sitting back on her knees she softly caresses his thighs with her nails working her way up to his lower waist. She leans down towards his very long, very hard penis letting her hair brush against it. His stomach quivers and his breathing catches in the back of his throat as she exhales her warm breath at the tip. Still trailing her nails gently over his body she flicks the tip with her tongue teasingly then twirls her tongue around the head. Quickly and firmly she grabs his length and takes him into her mouth all the way to the back of her throat and holds him there as her throat muscles contract. His back arches and he grasps at the sheets. Pleased with his reaction she slowly releases him and tenderly continues to stroke his cock with both hand and mouth. Tangling his fingers in her hair his hips rise to meet each of her strokes. Fighting the urge to cum he grabs her by the shoulders and pulls her up stopping her. Startled she looks at him. “You need to stop now” he says. “I don’t want to cum this way” and he pulls her fully on top of him and kisses her deeply. Lilly takes the opportunity and sits up straddle and guides him carefully and deeply into her very warm, wet walls letting out a velvety moan. Not prepared for what she had done he lets out a deep, guttural moan grabbing her hips and holds her there. She gives him a look that screams “whatcha gona do about it” and begins rocking her hips. Slow and sensual at first then gradually quickens. Both breathing hard and letting out moans that get louder with each movement. Lilly’s body begins to tremble as she feels her first release. The pleased look on Milando’s face beam’s as he realizes that his Kitten has just reached one of many peaks that he plans on providing her with.

 Holding her hips firmly he lifts her off of him and onto her back on the bed as he lie’s on his side next to her. Placing his large hand softly on her face he leans in and kisses her with short breathy kisses then gliding his hand from her face down her body till he finds her warm, throbbing clit and softly touches it causing her to flinch. With a triumphant smirk he continues to gently massage and squeeze her tiny but swollen pleasure button causing her to squirm and bite at her lower lip till it bleeds. Knowing how he loves the idea of tasting blood she purrs knowing that that too will excite him. At the sound of her purr Milando’s pulse quickens and he kisses her deep and hard. Suddenly he tastes the blood on her lips and this excites him further causing him to slam two fingers deep inside her pulsating, wet pussy. Lilly moans loudly and Milando released what sounds like a growl and kisses her harder slamming his fingers in and out, in and out of her warm walls. Her hips rise to meet his hand each time. Suddenly she feels the need to have him in her once again and she wants it…no, needs it…now. She wraps her arms around him pulling him fully on top of her. Still kissing wildly she wraps her legs around him locking him down and guides him into her once again. She feels his body briefly shudder as he enters her. With every nerve in his body tingling he rapidly grinds into her several times before he comes to his senses and stops moving all together and looks into her cat like eyes. Focusing and slowing his breathing he clears his throat, “You promised to be good and although the pleasure was good, you were naughty Kitten.”

 Straddling over her on his knees, Milando removes Lilly’s cat collar and binds her hands together with it then hooks it to the headboard. “Now I know you’ll behave my little Kitten.” Looking down at her he grins. “Ah, what to do now?” Suddenly he appears to have the demeanor of a Master about him and he gets off the bed and walks across the room to his bag. Reaching in the side pocket he pulls out a pack of cigarettes, removes one from the pack and lights it. Laying the pack down on the dresser he takes a long drag from it and walks back over to Lilly who is now looking up at him with a questioning fear in her eyes. He stands over her, looking at her, examining her from her head to her toes.

 “Umm…Milando…Luv? Are you ok?” With a blank expression on his face he tells her, “I didn’t give you permission to talk Kitten. I told you that I wanted our first time together not to be rough and violent. I asked you to behave and you agreed. I don’t believe you bit your lip and drew blood on purpose. I believe that part was an accident. However, the purring once you realized you were bleeding to make me lose control was all done on purpose. So now I need to decide how to handle this.”

 He takes another deep drag of his cigarette and leans down towards Lilly and she shrinks back in fear. He suddenly stops and with one raised brow says, “Lilly, don’t flinch away from me. I’m not going to hurt you. Umm… just thought you would like a drag.” She lets out a sigh of relief, relaxes and takes a needed drag from his cigarette. Now sitting on the bed facing her he takes another puff and gives her another as well. “Let’s get something straight Kitten. I’m not some crazy sicko whose gona hurt you. You’re my Kitten. Ok?” She nods. “I am going to punish you however. You thought it was cute online to handcuff me to your bed and try to play Master. So I’m going to give you a little taste of who the Master is. You’re not like my other pets; you never have been so you’ll still get special treatment. If they ever knew you get special treatment they would lock ME up in their cages for a while. Chuckling he leans over to the bed side table and snuffs out his cigarette in the ashtray.

 Getting up again he slowly walks across the room to her big pink bag. Reaching down he begins to unzip it and asks, “Didn’t you say you had a gift for me for my birthday Kitten? Is it in the bag?”

 Tilting her head to the side a little she responds “yes Luv, I do have a gift for you and it is in the bag. You can’t miss it…it’s the only wrapped gift in there.” Digging around in the bag a little he finally pulls out a small box about the length of Lilly’s hand wrapped in black and red paper with a black bow on it. He turns and looks at her with a childlike smile and walks back to the bed and once again sits facing her.

 With a tender expression on her face she asks “well Luv, aren’t you gona open it?” He carefully unwraps it and opens the box. Grinning, he pulls out a black leather cord necklace with a tiny red vile on it and a silver finger armor vampire claw. “Please be careful Luv, the blade is razor sharp.”


Holding up the necklace he asks, “And what is the tiny red vile for?”

“Well Luv, I do believe it is a combo gift. You like a little bit of blood every once in a while so now you can have it. You can use your claw to claim it and your vial to store it. I’m thinking it would be a bit of a turn on to break the skin just enough to bleed into the vial then you could lick the wound till it stops bleeding. All I ask is that you’re inside me when you do it.”

“Oh God Lilly! I don’t want our first time to be violent. I keep saying that.”

“Shhhh Luv, it doesn’t have to be violent…it can still be tender and passionate. We just take it slow. Unhook me from the bed and I’ll show you.”

“Good try but umm, no, I’m not releasing you yet.” He flashes a snide smile.

He puts the necklace back in the box and places it on the bed side table then puts the claw onto the middle finger of his right hand and ties it in place. He then walks over and unwraps a cup by the sink, fills it with ice from the ice bucket, pours some Jack and saunters back to the bed once again sitting there looking at her.

 He puts the cup to her lips and she drinks loving the warmth as it hits the back of her throat. He then quickly downs the rest of the drink leaving only ice in the cup. “Hmmm, I wonder what fun things can be done with the remains of what’s left in my cup…” removing an ice cube and holding it over her belly he lets it drip on her warm skin a few times before placing it on her to slowly melt on its own. She shutters at the cold but remains quiet and watches him, wondering what he’s going to do next.  Wondering how close the two of them will come to acting out their computer characters in real life.

 Taking another piece of ice he runs it around her lips then pushes it into her mouth and slowly kisses her moving the ice around with his tongue then sucks it back into his mouth. Moving down her body he pulls back her bra just a little and flicks her nipple with the tip of his cold tongue, drops the ice in her bra and sits up getting another piece.

 He pushes her legs apart and spreads her nether lips open and slides the ice cube deep inside her. She gasps and he pushes her legs back together crossing them at her ankles. “Now stay like that please while I think Kitten.” He watches her as she closes her eyes trying to concentrate on not opening her legs.

 She feels the ice melting and slowly starting to drip out of her. Although it’s numbingly cold she can’t help but to slowly move her hips in pleasure as the melted ice wettens her.

 Milando takes another piece and glides it up her leg and pushes it in as well as she trembles. Leaning towards her he licks and nips at her lower lip. Then takes another piece trailing it down her silky skin watching her flinch and pushes it in as well. She moans loudly.

Deciding she’s had enough he spreads her thighs and buries his face between her legs thrusting his long warm tongue deep inside her walls moving the ice around till it’s fully melted. Her hips rise pushing herself onto his face and whimpers with pleasure. Milando rises and once again kisses her deeply pressing his long, lean body to hers as she arches trying to get closer to him.

With labored breath she whispers “Oh my God Luv, I’ve wanted you so bad for so long and now I have you.”

Pulling away from her lips he looks at her intently. “Lilly, be careful of what you wish for. I’ve wanted you for a long time as well but I fear what I am may not be what you really want. I’m not sure if you want me the real person, me the computer character or something else all together.”

“I want you, all of you Luv. Yes, I wish you were a bit older but this, this is what I want right now.” She says with a shy smile. “Don’t you think I wish I could be the beautiful Lilly that I am on the computer just for you?”

He releases a short chuckle. “Kitten, you are beautiful so stop with that please and by the way, I just happen to be a bit older than what you think I am.”

She gives him a questioning look. “Older? What do you mean older? How old are you?”

He puts a finger to her lips. “Shhhh, don’t worry about that just now.” He smiles and rolls over onto his left side facing her. Briefly looking at the silver claw she gave him he glides the cold back side of it down her cheek to her neck and continues down her chest stops between her breasts. Looking back into her cat like eyes he asks her, “After all this time, do you trust me?”

“Yes Milando, I trust you. Is there any reason I shouldn’t?”

With a wicked grin he slides the blade under her bra and cuts it open exposing her large breasts. She breathes in quick and deep holding her breath as she watches him reach above her head cutting her lose from the headboard but leaving her hands still bound. Slowly she exhales.

Milando sits up on the side of the bed feet on the floor looking out the window. “So, there is this saying…what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Can we agree to do that? Can I trust you Lilly? Can I trust that you are really going to want me no matter what?”

She climbs up onto her knees. “Yes, we can agree to that. Yes, you can trust me and yes, I’m still going to want you as long as you’re not some crazy killer. Do I need to worry about that last part?” She chuckles nervously.

He turns his head and looks deep into her eyes. “You don’t need to worry about me being some kind of crazy killer silly. Come here Kitten.” He reaches over and pulls her onto his lap facing him and puts her arms over his head so they are around his neck. Her tummy quivers from feeling his manhood pressing up against her. Softly he kisses her. “I love finally getting to feel your lips against mine and tasting your sweet kisses. His arms under her shirt wrapped around her, holding her close, kissing her deeply she feels him swelling against her. He reaches down between them grasping himself as she rises just enough to slide down onto him taking in his full length. Slowly she moves from being on her knees to wrapping her legs around him tightly. Their bodies move together as is if they were made for each other. Lilly leans her head back so that her hair brushes the small of her back as he kisses down her throat to her collar bone nipping and tugging at her soft skin. Still holding her firmly with his left arm he reaches up with his clawed right hand and carefully makes a small cut on her collar bone. She whimpers at the sting and can feel warmth from the blood on her skin. Pulling back up she watches him now with the vile in his hand. He presses it to the wound just hard enough for the blood to fill the vile and he closes it laying it back on the nightstand. He looks back into her eyes questioning. Tilting her head back once more she whispers “please.” She feels his warm tongue licking at the wound then suddenly his mouth sucking hungrily. Her heart pounds as every nerve in her body fills with fire and she wraps her legs tighter around him and rocks harder, moaning loud with pleasure. He pulls her closer, one hand now tangled in her hair keeping her head drawn back. She hears him moan but it sounds more like an animal’s throaty growl as he stops and kisses her feverishly. It suddenly feels to her like his penis has gotten thicker and is filling her almost to the point of pain but the pleasure is more. Holding on tightly to one another he stands and moves unnaturally fast across the room  pressing her against the wall still kissing her deeply. His hands now grasping her ass giving her support he drives is cock in and out of her at a steady pace. Lilly opens her eyes and looks into his now blood red eyes and stops moving altogether holding her breath.

Still fucking her he says “This is who I am Lilly. The demon lover you said you always wanted. This is what your blood does to me. Are you still my Kitten or shall I stop?”

“Yes, I’m still your Kitten but you need to stop for a minute. Please.”

Shuttering and forcing himself to stop he leans forward and gently lets her down. Standing before him she holds out her arms. Looking down he realizes that she is asking him to free her hands. He unbuckles the collar and hands it to her. Never taking her eyes off of him she puts the collar back around her neck then slowly walks around him looking at how he has changed. “I’m sorry Lilly. I don’t mean to scare you…”

“Shhhh. Don’t speak. Please. Just give me a minute Luv.”

Looking at him in aw she wonders how she didn’t notice him change into this during sex. Still 6’5” and still beautiful. His lean body still remained the same in shape but his eyes were now a blood red and the pupil was like that of a cat. His skin had changed to a reddish bronze, nails black and just above his temples he had grown what looked like ram horns but not too big.  Beautiful black scrolling tattoos covered his body. “Umm, Milando? Just how old are you and is there anything else I should know?”

“ For now let’s just say I’m old and yeah” he say’s sheepishly. “If we had kept going I would have grown wings and just before release…a tail.” With a big grin he looks down at himself ,“but did you notice what else grew?” then chuckled.


Giggling she said “yep, that’s the one thing I had noticed that grew during sex. Sweetie, how long does this last?”

“I’m going to stay like this till I cum Lilly. It’s a blood thing…sorry.”

“FUCK! Don’t be sorry. I just wish you had told me about it before.”

“Do you honestly think you would have believed me if I had?”

“Good point…probably not…but now I know why you’re the Master” she giggles.

“Oh, so now you think you’re funny huh?” He reaches out pulling her to him wrapping his arms around her he leans down kissing her on the forehead.

Reaching between them she grasp his enormous cock and begins stroking him “by the way, you owe me a new bra.”

He lets out a guttural moan in pleasure “anything for you Kitten.”




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