The Yokahoma Express

The Yokahoma Express

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


In the middle of the morning rush hour, two strangers (neither speaks the other's language) are jammed together by the confines of the hot, crowded train; they turn those long, unbarable trips into smoldering infernos.


In the middle of the morning rush hour, two strangers (neither speaks the other's language) are jammed together by the confines of the hot, crowded train; they turn those long, unbarable trips into smoldering infernos.


Submitted: November 18, 2015

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Submitted: November 18, 2015




By Rekeaux Nyte



While Hikaru Suzuki makes her way up the steep, cement staircase, of the Yokohama train station, hundreds of thoughts happily dance through her mind. It was only five months ago when the shy, nineteen-year-old graduated from high school. After an exciting summer birthday celebration, in The United States, she was already working at one of the largest Insurance companies in the world, Swiss Union. Thanks mostly to her dad, who has worked for the same company for thirty-seven years, Hikaru was ready to embark on a very rewarding career, as an insurance agent, which was one of the premiere jobs in Japan.

Many people fought for that spot. But, as a senior partner, Junichiro had the clout to pull strings for his little girl. Junichiro was more than willing to help his one, and only child get such a sought after position; for he knew Hikaru didn’t graduate near the top of her class. Hell, she didn’t even graduate anywhere near the middle percentage of her class. However, Hikaru was a sweet child who never caused any problems or heartache, while growing up. For this reason, Junichiro was happy to go out of his way to help and protect her from harm's way. So, imagine how he felt when they discovered that the position to be filled wasn’t in the Yokohama office like he thought, but the Yokosuka office.

Yokosuka was a whole different city, practically a world away. There was an American Naval base there, which every Japanese parent of a female child dreaded. Even with the Navy’s new, zero-tolerance policy for sexual harassment, and the Japanese government’s hard-core crackdown, there were still countless, incidences involving Sailors, Marines, and young Japanese females, many of which went unreported. This worried Junichiro and his wife deeply. They had always sheltered their daughter; she led a simple, wholesome life! Surely those terrible Americans would take advantage of her.

Naturally, Junichiro didn’t want his daughter to take the job; he wanted something close and within walking distance for Hikaru. However, since Hikaru begged and pleaded, promising she’d be careful, and knowing that every child must seek their own path, Junichiro gave in.

Finally, Hikaru made it to the top of the crowded platform overlooking beautiful, Yokohama. It was the beginning of her third week at her new job. She was happy because Friday she received her first paycheck and after two, intense, weeks of training, she mastered the computer system. Now, she could move to her cubicle with her own desk, chair, and computer. Friday, she was also rewarded with her own Rolodex, filled with clients just waiting to fork over their hard-earned money.

“This week is going to be the start of a great life, filled with wonderful possibilities!” Hikaru whispered to herself in Japanese, as the train pulled into the station. Then, what seemed like thousands of people piled into the long, narrow cars, Hikaru felt that same uncomfortable feeling she’s had every day for the past two weeks. Although she greatly looked forward to going to work every morning and making her own money, she hated taking the morning train.

Yokosuka was a 30-minute, train ride away. Every work morning hundreds, maybe even thousands of people filled the train stations of Japan, trying to get to where they had to be on time. School children of all ages, college kids, shop owners, factory, and office workers from all over the region, converge onto the platform trying to squeeze themselves into the tiny train cars; this is why train station keepers are necessary. They are the guys in the dark-blue suits, in charge of safely stuffing as many people into the trains as possible. Probably having the most stressful job in the country, the Station Keepers always seemed to Hikaru, more like ranch herders trying to load cattle into those tiny cattle cars.

Usually, people are too shy to stuff themselves into such tight quarters with strangers. They get angry with the station keepers whose job it also is to ensure the train leaves the station on time, without no one’s limb sticking out. “It’s no wonder why they’re always in bad moods,” Hikaru thought to herself as she stood patiently waiting to get on the train.

“Move to the back of the car, please! Please step away from the door,” the short, thin, station keeper urges with a slight nudge of his hand. When the double doors of the crowded train close, it zooms off to its destination.

The train is very crowded, so much so, that its passengers can’t move. They are all stuffed together the same as sardines in a can. Although the train is air-conditioned, it is the end of July and hot and muggy. Of course, there are other options and means of transportation in Japan. However, the roads are narrow and always crowded. The tolls between the cities are outrageously over-priced, not to mention limited parking everywhere, and high auto-maintenance. So naturally, the preferred method of travel in Japan is the much cheaper, faster, and more convenient train ride.

So, as the Yokohama Express swiftly made its way across the hot, steel tracks, Hikaru settled herself for the long, uncomfortable ride. She was trying to rest her mind in the knowledge that, at least, she was on the express train. True, it was thirty minutes of pure hell, she thought, but when she imagined all the money she’d be making, she began to feel. sSddenly her train of thought is derailed when she feels what seems to her like a baseball bat sticking up her behind.

“Who would bring a baseball bat on the morning train?” she thought to herself as its hardness pressed between her cheeks. Surely, there wasn’t a ball game being played in Yokosuka at this time of the morning. Although slightly annoyed, Hikaru knew there wasn’t anything she could do about it. After all, in the two weeks that she had been taking the morning train, Hikaru had become used to it. There was literally, no room on the morning rush hour train to move.

Hikaru decided that the issue of the baseball bat wasn’t worth her interest. She figured it couldn’t hurt to lean against the bat since it was already up her butt. So without another thought, she leaned back against it for support, when much to her chagrin, it moved, and it had a pair of legs.

“Oh my goodness!” Hikaru gasped to herself before taking a quick look over her shoulders. She was once again, surprised to see staring at her a tall, muscular, Black guy, wearing an apologetic expression. Hikaru quickly turned back around, trying to escape his eyes. How terribly embarrassing for them both, she thought. Both tried desperately to separate themselves, but there was nothing they could do. That damn train was so jam-packed they were joined together whether they wanted to be or not. Hikaru could tell, by the look of sheer horror on his face, that it wasn’t intentional. It actually wasn’t the first time Hikaru felt an erect penis lunging out at her.

There were always cases on the news about some poor, young, female complaining about being sexually molested while on the rush-hour train. It was without question, the perfect opportunity for some dirty old man to get his cheap thrills. It was a problem that, after years, was finally coming to light. More and more females were beginning to speak out on it and the laws and penalties were becoming more severe. However, that didn’t totally stop the problem. There were still young, teenaged, school girls, housewives, and business women who got molested by young, middle-aged, and old men; it was the way many of them were raised.

Just last week, a young lady working in the same department with Hikaru complained that someone fondled her ass several times while on the morning train. There was nothing that could be done because on a train that busy, anyone could have done it; and of course, no one would risk jail time or getting fired from their job by admitting to it.

Hikaru also remembered an incident that happened last year. One of her high school classmates was late to class because she had to go straight to the bathroom, to wash out her skirt. The poor girl grudgingly revealed the horrid event of how some filthy, old bastard had ejaculated all over the back of her uniform skirt, while on the rush-hour train. A few times, last week, Hikaru had the misfortune of feeling an erect penis against her ass too, but this…this was something totally different. Never before had she felt one that large or long. She had heard all the locker room tales about how large Black men were, but she never believed it. Yet, there she was, in the middle of the morning, with one lodged deep up her behind.

Little droplets of sweat began to form on Hikaru’s forehead as the train swiftly approached the Kamiooka station. She dreaded this station most of all because, after a bad earthquake a couple of years back, the tracks were slightly off balance. Though it wasn’t serious enough to warrant concern the train would always jar its passengers around the car at top speed, and this day was no exception. The hard, long object pressed against Hikaru’s backside was now pounding uncontrollably into the crack of her soft, round behind. Oh, how terribly embarrassing it was for poor, Hikaru. She couldn’t even adjust herself so that she wasn’t in such a compromising position. The train was just too damn crowded. So, throughout the remainder of the ride, Hikaru nervously held her breath as the long hard object boldly exploring the inner walls of her butt continued to do so, and there wasn’t a thing she could do about it.




Hikaru woke up the next morning very tired. All night long she tossed and turned as thoughts of that large penis up her butt consumed her every thought. In fact, all day at work the only thing she could think about was its size. Hikaru had never been with a guy so the whole situation was new to her. She couldn’t understand why she couldn’t stop thinking about it. She tried to dismiss it as merely her overactive imagination. No men (Black man or not) could be that large or that long. How could they, she questioned to herself as she slowly got out of bed for a quick shower.

As Hikaru quickly walked down the street, she couldn’t help but feel a tingle up and down her spine as she got closer to the Yokohama train station. She had donned a pair of skin-tight, blue, spandex pants and a thin, white, pullover top. She looked really hot, she thought to herself as she stared in the mirror at the adorable, young lady smiling back. With a few quick squirts of her favorite perfume, she was off to work. Hikaru was trying, desperately to deny to herself that she was hoping to see that tall, dark stranger. She secretly had a desire to feel him pressed tightly against her rear-end, but only to see what she felt was real, or merely her imagination. Surely, she wasn’t interested in anything else; that would have made her a tramp! Yeah, that’s what she kept telling herself as swiftly entered the busy train station.

However, so excited was Hikaru that she dropped her money twice while trying to stuff it into the coin slots.

“I don’t want to miss my train, that’s all!”  she whispered to herself, trying to convince herself that she wasn’t the least bit interested in anything else. After finally making it up the long, steep flight of stairs, Hikaru’s heart began to beat heavily as she saw the tall, Black stranger. He wasn’t hard for her to spot; he was, after all, the only Black man on the crowded platform.

Hundreds of thought race around in her mind as she slowly approached. Hikaru wondered what his name was, why was he in Japan, did he spoke Japanese and if he had a Japanese girlfriend. Hikaru had heard from a few of her classmates that Black men loved Asian females, especially Japanese. Hikaru knew that she wasn’t a stark-raving beauty, but she could hold her own in a crowd of beautiful fashion models. Her long, straight hair was shiny, golden brown and hung lazily down her back. Her little girl’s face was lightly sprinkled with the cutest freckles, giving her a much younger appearance. An adorable, little button nose sat between the most enchanting, dark, hypnotic eyes, that sloped upwards at the corners.

At first sight, Hikaru looked like any other Japanese female, with classic Asian features, and high cheekbones to die for. But, upon further inspection, one would discover she had a beauty that was all her own. Her sexy, 5’7”, 117-pound frame sometimes made her stand out in a crowd, yet her shy demeanor made her seem fragile and timid, especially in comparison with her fellow countrywomen; all of whom are world renown for their shyness.

Upon close inspection, Hikaru noticed that the stranger wasn’t wearing a wedding ring, or a ring of any kind, on any of his fingers; nor was he as dark as she thought. His shiny, brown skin was the color of coffee (with a dash of cream). He was tall, maybe six feet, she figured, and he was muscular with broad shoulders and big arms, but his waist was trim. Hikaru knew, from the way he was dressed, that he wasn’t an office worker. He wasn’t carrying a briefcase or a bag of any kind. Since it was hot and sunny, he was wearing only a tank top T-shirt that showed off his massive arms, shoulders and huge chest. It was obvious to Hikaru that he worked-out often; that was something she really admired. In fact, the more Hikaru stared at the tall, soul brother the more curious she became. Suddenly, the stranger looked up from the sports magazine and their eyes met.  

“Hello!” the good-looking stranger uttered, but Hikaru was far too embarrassed to do anything except drop her stare to the ground. Although, she managed to smile and nod her head, Hikaru was angry with herself.  “What’s the matter with me?”  she whispered to herself in her native tongue. She wanted, so bad, to talk to him, to find out why he was in Japan. She knew from his accent that he was American and not Jamaican, or African. This told her that perhaps he was an American Sailor, going to the base in Yokosuka. Hikaru was thinking of trying to talk to him again, but before she could, the Yokohama express pulled into the station.

“Please move to the back of the train!” the station keeper (a young, good-looking Japanese male with crooked front teeth) monotonously bellowed, as if he’s said the very same line a million times. And, as requested, the hundreds of people quickly poured into the tiny set of cars. Hikaru stayed next to the stranger as they waited for their turn to pile in. At the very last minute, she boldly stepped in front of him.  

“BULLS-EYE!” she whispered to herself as the double door shut behind them. Hikaru smiled to herself as once again, her tight, shapely rump was mashed against the stranger’s crotch. Then, as the Yokohama Express quickly pulled out of the station, Hikaru started to feel that wonderful, but nonetheless, unfamiliar feeling up her butt as the Black man standing close behind her began to grow to epic proportions.

“Oh, my goodness!”  Hikaru exclaimed to herself, feeling like she was standing in front of an inflating balloon. “Can a man truly be so large?”  she thought while slowly shaking her head, not truly believing what she was feeling. It was huge! Downright monstrous! Hikaru reasoned that something that size could never fit inside her. It would kill her. Maybe that is why Black women in the movies were always so angry and confrontational, their men were hurting them. Though the stranger was wearing jeans, Hikaru could feel every inch of him as his enormous erection nestled majestically between her soft, tender butt-cheeks.

The young, Japanese native was also sure that her new found friend, who had inadvertently evaded her every thought, could feel every inch of her, too. She was after all, wearing a very skimpy pair of spandex and she also knew he could tell that she was wearing thong panties. The thought of driving him crazy with lust was starting to cause her to think the most devilish things. Clinching her butt-cheeks together, Hikaru gently leaned back just to see what he would do. When she did, the stranger gently forced his crotch forward sending himself even deeper into her. Jolts of electricity shot through Hikaru’s body and she could no longer deny the fact that she was utterly enjoying the wonderful sensation of this giant, wonderful instrument of love lodged deep between the walls of her behind.




The next morning, Hikaru woke up an hour earlier than normal, but she wasn’t tired, oh on. She was far too excited to be tired. Hikaru stopped off at the public library on the way home, where she picked up a couple of English books. Her goal was to wake-up early, so she could practice her English. The day before was a perfect one; she was able to sell six different insurance policies, making her a great deal of money. Then, on the way home, Hikaru found a 2,000 yen, (a twenty-dollar-bill) lying on the sidewalk, but the best part of the day was in the morning when she spent most of the train ride practically impaled around a black man’s massive erection.

For the first time in her life, Hikaru was excited over a man. A man who, in spite of their special moments, was still a total stranger who probably didn’t give a shit about her one way or the other. Hikaru reasoned, that for all she knew, he probably spent his entire day with that huge penis crammed up some poor unsuspecting girl’s ass. He probably did that to young, Japanese boys, too. Hikaru giggled to herself over the thought. What a devilishly, wicked harlot she was, for thinking such things.

“One thing was for sure,” Hikaru whispered to herself while quickly leaving her house headed for the train station, “I’m sure going to find out, today.”  Yes, today was the day, Hikaru figured. She was determined to talk to this stranger. She wanted to know all about him. All night long, she practiced what she was going to say and how she was going to say it. Hikaru rushed up the steep flight of stairs and upon seeing the tall, black stranger with his gorgeous face buried in his sports magazine, she took a deep breath and slowly approached. She stood right next to him and was about to say something when, once again, the stranger suddenly looked up at her.  “Hello, how are you today?”  he quickly replied with genuine endeavors. But alas, once again, Hikaru’s tongue was tied. When she found herself lost in those big, soothing, bedroom eyes of his, all she could muster up was a faint smile and a nod of her head. Hikaru also managed to whisper a weak hello, before turning away.

“What the hell is the matter with you, stupid?” she hissed to herself as her heart pounded heavily. She was sure that the stranger thought she was a weirdo or something. How could she be so brazen, as to grind her butt against his wickedly erect organ, yet, too frightened to say a mere hello? Hiraku was beside herself with anger. Why was she so terribly shy? She couldn’t even look him in the eyes. They were so beautiful, so dark and mysterious. Hikaru truly didn’t understand why she was feeling this way. “Is this what love is all about?” she thought to herself as the train pulled into the station.

“Well, at least there was one thing I knew how to do,”  Hikaru whispered to herself as she and all the others piled into the tiny cars of the train, “I can stand there and lean against that huge penis with no problem at all.”  

Hikaru smiled to herself, while making her way onto the train, then making sure her stranger was still close to her, she did something really bold. This time, when they all stuffed into the train, Hikaru turned around at the last minute. Now, she was facing the tall stranger, yet she still couldn’t look him in the eyes.

The Yokohama express was off towards its destination of Yokosuka, with Hikaru and her stranger mashed closely together as if they were one. And once again, the stranger began to grow.  

“Can anything feel so incredible…so wonderful?” Hikaru thought as the large muscle swelled against her crotch. The stranger was wearing a thin pair of blue, dress pants that did very little to conceal the shape and size of the monster that lies within. Hikaru had positioned herself so that her legs were slightly spread with her stranger’s left leg (the one that his throbbing bone was protruding from) between hers. Once she accomplished that, Hiraku boldly squeezed her legs together. This, of course, trapped the one-eyed monster between her tender thighs.  

What a terrible slut she felt like for doing what she was doing, but it got her the effect that she was secretly hoping for. Shortly after she squeezed her legs together, Hikaru felt a strong pair of masculine hands softly caressing their way up her thighs. Hikaru felt her heart beating faster as the hands slowly found her waist. Ever so slowly, Hikaru could feel the stranger’s hands grip her hips while he began to grind his crotch against hers.

Oh, what a wonderful feeling it was for Hikaru. Never in her life, had she experienced anything so wonderful, so devious and so terribly risqué. She couldn’t see what was going on behind her, so she wondered if anyone of the other passengers could see or feel what the nameless stranger was doing to her. What would her parents say, if they knew what she was doing? What about her friends, Hikaru wondered what they would say if they could see…suddenly Hikaru’s train of thought is derailed when she feels one of the stranger’s hand move around to her well rounded behind.

It was the very first time a guy had felt her butt. WOW! She thought to herself. This is really getting intense. She wasn’t sure she wanted him to go any further, at least, not on the train, surrounded by hundreds of people. What would they think? How could she ever ride the train again? Surely, if someone were to find out what was happening they would signal for a police officer when the train got to Yokosuka. Oh, what a terrible scandal it would be for Hikaru, the insurance company she worked for, and her family.

The stranger’s hand was now under the elastic of her spandex, kneading and massaging her soft, perfect behind.

In an effort to stop the stranger from doing what he was doing, Hikaru gently grabbed his hand. However, instead of stopping what he was doing, the stranger merely caressed her hand, sending chills up and down her spine in the process. Then, totally catching Hikaru off guard, he placed the palm of her hand on his enormous penis.

“Oh my God!”  Hikaru whispered to herself, as her hand began to slowly stroke up and down the length of the mammoth organ. It was as if her hand had a mind of its own. She couldn’t stop fondling it. The damn thing seemed to be alive. It was beautiful! Hikaru wondered what it actually felt like without the thin material of the pants to restrain it. Then, as if reading her mind, the stranger casually reached around with his free hand and started to unzip his pants.

Hikaru’s heart began to pound like a kettledrum as she anxiously waited for him to get the zipper all the way down. At that moment, the train quickly made its way through the Kamiooka station. This is the station that jerks its passengers around the train. Both Hikaru and her date were happy to be at that point in their trip. Hikaru seized the chance to slip her fingers into his pants while both of his hand shamelessly explored all the well-defined curves of her tight, little derriere. Both were now enjoying each other’s bodies as the train noisily clacked along the tracks.

Hikaru couldn’t believe what was happening. She gently gripped the raging monster in her fist and massaged it up and down. Oh, how wonderful it was! It pulsated and throbbed right in her hand and even moved on its own. She could now feel every thick, pulsating vein running through it. Hikaru was like a child with a brand new toy. She knew the stranger was enjoying it just as much as she was, for she could hear faint sighs and pants escape from his mouth, which was only inches from her eyes.

It made Hikaru feel good to know that it was she who was giving him such pleasure below the waist, yet, still she could not look him in the eye. In fact, throughout the whole, incredible experience Hikaru had not looked at him once though their faces were only a few fractions of a centimeter away from each other. Something else happened while the train swiftly made its way to Yokosuka. Hikaru felt one of the stranger’s fingers slip into the elastic of her tight, thong panties. As the long, narrow finger gently played and danced around in her thick pubic forest, Hikaru thought she was going to burst with lust. She wanted to scream and squeal with ecstasy when the probing finger found that tight, warm opening leading to her sweetest, buried treasure.  

Though she was expecting and waiting for him to do that when he actually did, a slight gasp escaped her mouth. Oh, how embarrassing it was for her! Surely, everyone around them heard her and probably knew what was happening. Hikaru’s orgasm was almost instantly. It took damn near every ounce of strength she had not to pass out from the sheer pleasure of it. Momma never told her about this! Surely, if she had known how magnificent an orgasm was she would have done it a lot…once more Hikaru’s train of thought was derailed as she went off like a rocket as the stranger’s magical fingers fondled all around her slick, sticky passion pit of lust. This was too much! Hikaru was in total lust now. Hikaru knew for sure, that she was dripping wet. The stranger’s fingers were now coated with her sweet, thick nectar. Oh, how terribly embarrassing it was for her…yet, she didn’t want it to ever end. Hikaru wanted so bad to take that beautiful, bronzed god into her arms and make wild, passionate love to him right there in the middle of the morning rush hour.




Thursday morning Hikaru woke up as happy as a lark, in the park, in the dark. She didn’t make a single sale the day before, but she didn’t care. The very last thing on her mind was work, after the glorious morning she had on the train. Her head was in the clouds all day and everyone knew it. She couldn’t wait to get home that day, so she could experiment with her fingers the way the stranger did on the train. Through most of the night, Hikaru used her fingers sending herself deeper and deeper into a realm of total euphoric bliss. She remembered watching the tall, nameless stranger as he walked from the train and down the steps. She wanted to follow him, too when she saw him sucking on his fingers, the very same fingers that he used to dig deep inside of her. She noticed how he seemed to enjoy what he tasted, and she wanted to offer him a better and longer taste. So turned out was Hikaru, that she decided not to go to work. Yes, after only two short weeks and four days, Hikaru called in sick so she could stay in bed and play with herself.

The stranger had inadvertently introduced the shy, sweet, young teen to a world she never knew existed; a  world that she knew she wanted to know more about. Her parents were very concerned that their daughter had missed work and stayed in bed all day and night, even skipping all meals. They couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her and Hikaru wasn’t about to divulge anything helpful.

Friday morning came quickly, but not quick enough for Hikaru. The whole night all she could think about was the tall, handsome, Black man that had changed her whole world. She had only been away from him for one day, yet, she missed him terribly. What a fool she was to have stayed home from work, merely to play with herself. What if he thought she was trying to avoid him? What if she’d never see him again? This had Hikaru worried, she wanted desperately to go to the Yokosuka naval base and search for him. Notwithstanding, she knew there was no way to find him. Hikaru didn’t know anything about the base, where he lived, who he was, not even a name to go with the face. Hikaru wasn’t even sure they would let her on the base to search for him. What a silly girl she was, for falling for a man whose name she didn’t even know.

Hikaru’s parents were very happy their pretty, young daughter’s strange ailment disappeared just as mysteriously as it came. She was happy and very excited about getting to work, which made them proud. Of course, Hikaru had a different agenda. Throughout the entire five-minute walk to the train station Hikaru was hoping, praying that the tall, Black man would be standing on the platform, same as he had been for the past week. If so, she was determined to talk to him.

“Oh, if only I were given just one more chance to see him, this time would be the time, I’d speak to him!”  she vowed to herself as she quickly made her way up the steep flight of steps leading to the high platform.

Hikaru didn’t know what to expect if and when she did see the stranger again, but she came prepared, regardless. Her dress was so terribly short and flimsy that she knew, without question, that everyone who walked up the steps behind her could clearly see that she wasn’t wearing any panties and that she shaved all her pubic hairs. Oh yeah, she was ready, baby! Hikaru wanted to feel that large tool of his buried deep inside of her or as close as it could come (no pun intended).

When Hikaru saw that the stranger was standing on the platform in his usual spot a huge sigh of relief escaped from her mouth. Not wasting any time she rushed over to him.

“How-are-you?”  Hikaru slowly inquired, hoping she said it correctly.

“Oh hello, it’s good to see you, today,” the stranger replied with genuine endeavors. Hikaru could see the gladness in his eyes when he saw her and that made her, very happy. Since he was wearing a very thin pair of sweatpants, she could also see that large muscle of his slowly, awaken from its slumber, like a mighty, powerful dragon…and her insides began to water with anticipation. “Thank you-I sick yesterday,”  Hikaru answered with a thick, Japanese accent.

“Ohhh nooo, I’m so sorry to hear that. Are you feeling better?”

“Hi, I-am-doing-fine, thank you!”

“Good, good, I’m glad to know…by the way, my name is Clarence, Clarence Green,” he slowly, informed, while placing his hand to his chest.

“How-do-you-do Clarence? I am called Hikaru Suzuki.”


“No, no, Hi-Ka-RUUU!”

“Oh, oh, Hikaru?”

“Hi, hi,” Hikaru agreed, vigorously nodding her head.


“Yes, I’m from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,” Clarence proudly answered, but poor Hikaru had no idea what he was talking about. Oh, how she wished, at that moment, that she had spent more time studying English in school, like all the other children.

“You live in Yokosuka?”

“No, no, I go-to-work-for-Yokosuka. You are working-navy, ocean?”

Although Clarence didn’t really understand what the hell she was talking about, he had a clue, but he didn’t really care. The only thing that was on his mind was what was under that super short skirt Hikaru was wearing. He could hardly wait to get on that damn train, so he could do some serious exploring. He did after all, miss a day and had a lot of catching up to do.  

“My English, no too well, so sorry!”

“What? Oh no, no it is no problem. You speak good English, much better than my Japanese,”  Clarence happily joked as his lustful eyes began to undress her. Hikaru merely giggled with her hand to her mouth.

“You-like-the-Japan living?”

“Yes, I love Japan, but I have not seen much of it,” Clarence confined very slowly to the pretty, young lady to whom he was sure without question would be his for the weekend.

“I would like to see Roppongi, but don’t know where.”


“No, not yet. Will you take me?”

After briefly pondering the request, a smile stretched across Hikaru’s face while she answered,  “Yes, I can do. What you do tonight?”

“I go to Roppongi with you,” Smiled Clarence, to which Hikaru giggled again before the train slowly pulled into the station. Then as everyone gathered around the couple waiting for the doors to open Clarence couldn’t help but feel the back of Hikaru’s thigh. This time she didn’t even flinch, instead, she leaned back against his hand. Soon as they were in the car, Clarence immediately flipped the short skirt up over her hips and jammed his wicked erection against her beautiful, naked behind. Oh, what a thrill Clarence got when he realized that Hikaru was naked under that skirt.

Hikaru was also in a state of lust as she reached between them. After finding the top of her man’s sweatpants, she casually tugged them downward until she could feel that enormous, muscle poking against her derrière. How terribly exciting this was for Hikaru; her heart was beating so fast that the poor girl thought she was going to pass out. Right in the middle of the morning rush-hour train, filled with people, she was about to be stuffed like a Thanksgiving Day turkey. Ever so slowly, the two of them worked together maneuvering and manipulating the hard object downwards until it was now between her legs.

“Can anything be so powerful, so dangerous?” she whispered to herself in Japanese. It seemed so gigantic, even more so between her thighs than it did in her hand. Hikaru could feel the power emanating from it as the warm blood heavily pulsated from within. While in America Hikaru’s uncle gave her a ride on his new, Harley Davidson motorcycle. It was a giant fifteen-hundred, and the very first time she sat on it, the engine roared like an angry lion while the vibration jarred and shook her body like a ride at a carnival. Hikaru had never felt that much power between her legs and she thought nothing could ever compare, or even come close…until now.

Clarence released blissful pants that filled Hikaru’s ear as she settled herself on the long instrument of pleasure, which was now pressed against her bare bottom. Hikaru was already wet and waiting for Clarence to make his move. She didn’t have to wait long, either. When she felt his strong, masculine hands squeeze tightly around her hips she knew what was about to happen next. Standing firm, Hikaru braced herself as Clarence aimed the head of his phallus at its wet, juicy target.

With a slight, but constant nudge, he gently moved his pelvis forward while Hikaru arched her back, allowing him better access to her opening. When it didn’t go in, they both tried again…and again they tried, but still it wouldn’t slide in. There was no problem with positioning or lubrication, Clarence was just too damn big for her tiny gash. He pressed again and again, while she tried repositioning herself, but still, there was no budging Hikaru’s miniature cavity. This worried Hikaru greatly. More than anything, she wanted to feel the power of that massive tool pounding feverishly inside her. She felt slightly embarrassed and figured Clarence would be disappointed, maybe even angry.

Of course nothing could be further from the truth; Hikaru had a lot to learn about men. Although Clarence couldn’t get in, he was at the gates of her warm, sweet tunnel of love. The sensation was incredible. Yes, he had been with virgins before, maybe once or twice. But never had he tried to enter one while in the middle of a large crowd of people. He could feel her soft, sweet vaginal lips wrapped around the tip of his penis, oh what a heavenly feeling! Hikaru was warm, wet, wonderful and very tight. Clarence could feel her juices rolling all over his aching cock…aching to be deep inside her.

As the train passed through the Kamiooka station, Clarence grabbed a hold of his paramour’s hips and started grinding against her. One way or another he was determined to satisfy himself.

“Oh, what a heavenly feeling!” he lightly sighed in her ear, while Hikaru arched her back, forcing her behind high in the air, allowing her date to pound against her bottom. Her warm, tender lips were gently massaging the sides of that monstrous erection, which was now rubbing against her tiny clitoris. The feeling they were both experiencing was out of this world! Hikaru was now dripping wet and she could feel her juices rolling down her leg. Dropping her head, she closed her eyes and bit her lip, as another powerful orgasm rushed through her, sending jolts all through her body.

Clarence began to pick up the pace and he knew it wouldn’t be long before he would share his warm jungle juice with his new found love. The two were now pounding furiously against each other with total abandonment for the other passengers packed tightly around them. Surely, everyone knew what they were doing, especially when Hikaru let out a light moan passion. People were trying to separate themselves from the lovers, but the train was far too packed.

Realizing that they had been caught, Clarence began fondling and groping her breast, which seemed to leap into his hands. Hikaru began to wildly rotate her hips, totally enjoying what was happening to her, and not giving a shit about the people around her. When Clarence gripped both of her tender butt-cheeks while still grinding against her, a funny thing happened; he inadvertently separated Hikaru enough for her tiny gash to open, when it did, he unknowingly hammered his massive organ deep inside of her. This caused Hikaru to scream out in painful joy. Everyone on the entire train was now, very much aware of what was going on, including the conductor. But neither, Hikaru nor Clarence cared, they were both far beyond the point of no return. Both of them were finally, getting exactly what they wanted…and then some.

As Clarence slammed into the tiny opening with the speed of a human jackhammer, Poor Hikaru could feel her insides being ripped to shreds. The pain she was feeling was almost unbearable…almost. In spite of the pain, Hikaru was still grinding and churning her butt against Clarence, meeting his every thrust like a real pro. Her short skirt was raised high above her waist and his hands were moving all over her body with the speed of lightening. Although the whole ordeal lasted for a few brief moments, it must have seemed like forever to the poor, embarrassed, passengers around them; who could feel, smell, hear, and see every passionate, powerful thrust the two had to offer.

Hikaru was now moaning and panting with her eyes tightly shut, and a look on her face that registered unbridled lust. She was feeling passion, pleasure, pain and total embarrassment, all at the same time. She could see through her half-closed eyes that everyone on the train was now staring at her as Clarence pounded into her.

“Ohhhhh, the pain, the agony, the embarrassment…the wonderful feeling of it all,” she whispered to herself.

Clarence was loudly grunting and groaning and in perfect rhythm with Hikaru’s moaning, panting and squealing…both in perfect pitch and rhythm with their thrusting and grinding. Their sounds were more like an erotic, symphony of unadulterated desire, until finally…Clarence pumped what seemed like gallons of his warm, Jungle lotion deep into Hikaru’s love canal.

It was so warm, so thick, so wonderful, she thought, as it spilled from her and rolled heavily down her legs in thick globs. The two tried to straighten themselves as everyone around them pretended that nothing happened. Hikaru wanted to collapse into his arms and she practically did. The easy part was over. Now, not only did she have to worry about what people would think of her, (these same people, to whom she still had to travel with every day) she had to worry about the police who would surely be waiting for them at, Yokosuka. Hikaru knew she had some serious explaining to do, after all, what she and Clarence just did was against the law and they both could go to jail. What would her parents think? What about her boss and co-workers, what would they say? Surely, she would lose her job over something of this magnitude.

As the train finally pulled into Yokosuka, like Hikaru suspected, the conductor phoned the police, who were waiting on the platform, but Hikaru wasn’t afraid. Clarence, who also knew what to expect, held her hand tightly and gave her an assuring smile. This told her that all was going to be all right. Hikaru knew that whatever happened she was going to have someone with her to face the fire. She was very happy at that moment and excited to show Clarence all the wonderful things Japan had to offer, like love hotels, how great she looked in thong panties, or how flexible she was, (or how willing she was to learn whatever he had to teach her). The list went on and on, yes Hikaru was far more excited about having a boyfriend and finally, she was going to live a little and enjoy her life as a young adult.


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