Dancing in the Strawberry patch

Dancing in the Strawberry patch

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Poor financial planning forces a young sailor to seek the assistance of fellow shipmate, sparking a sizzling business merger that lasts for years there after.


Poor financial planning forces a young sailor to seek the assistance of fellow shipmate, sparking a sizzling business merger that lasts for years there after.


Submitted: November 15, 2015

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Submitted: November 15, 2015



Dancing in the Strawberry Patch

By Rekeaux Nyte




Judy had big, pretty, dark-blue eyes that could burn a hole right through your soul, and a smile that made the moon go dim in comparison. Her straight, fiery, red hair rained down her back. At 22-years-old, she had a body that could start a fist fight, and dainty, little, features that gave her an even younger appearance. She was the epitome of elegant, and femininity though she was a salty, seafaring Sailor in every sense of the term. The only problems with Judy were her terrible temper and a foul mouth that kept her in trouble up and down the chain of command. Judy couldn’t manage her money to save her life, and that’s where I came in. You see, Judy and I were stationed together on board the USS Rushmore almost two decades ago, when we both served in the United States Navy. She was part of the Medical Corpse, and I was a Dental Technician, which meant we often worked together, especially on a ship as small as the Rushmore.

Now, since I was also the Supply Petty Officer of the Dental Department, while she was in charge of the medical supply department of the entire ship, it was paramount that the lines of communication between us stayed open. On the day in question, or should I say, the day all the magic between us began, started off like any typical day. It was a few months before our ship’s big, six-month deployment. Everyone was in the medical office getting the rest of the crew’s medical and dental records ship ready for the deployment.

Although Judy and I had talked on many occasions, it was always on a formal, professional level. I tried to “holla’ at her maybe once or twice, same as 90% of all the other guys on the ship. You couldn’t blame any of us, she was, as the saying goes, 'drop-dead gorgeous'! But, like she did with all the other guys on board, Judy always blew me off (and not in a good way either). She mainly made it clear to me on several occasions that she wasn’t into my type at all (she was only interested in blonde hair, blue eyes, if you know what I mean).

Her preferences wasn’t a big deal to me, because seven months before the day in question, she married some young, kid, stationed on one of the other ships in our battle group; they married merely to gain extra income. Back then, the military (in particularly, the Navy) was trying to change its image to be more family oriented. As a result of this, not only were married couples allowed to live off base, you got a living allowance of $300 extra, for being married, and an extra $150 of Cost Of Living Allowance (COLA for short). There was also, a $25, end-of-year COLA increase). On the flip side, a single sailor had to live on the ship, or shore duty housing and subject to all the rules, regulation, inspections, and curfews that went along with it.

In any case, since Judy was off limits, I was happy just to bask in her beauty and charms, if only for brief moments at a time. So, I was sitting at the medical meeting table with three co-workers from dental, and two medical reps, one of which was Judy. We were busy updating records while shooting the breeze, you know, just making our work more enjoyable with a little casual conversation.

I do believe Judy was talking to Tracy, the dental tech sitting across from me. Tracy and I had a strange relationship. Although we’d spent a couple of wild, erotic, weekends together, in a hotel off base, (the first few months I arrived at the ship) it was clear that we were not right for each other. She was a hip, slightly overweight, soul sister with way too much swagger for her good. Plus, Tracy preferred the typical, ‘Hollywood, 'BLAXPLOITATION,' stereotype, gangsta’ brothers (Which surely wasn’t me by a long-shot). I, on the other hand, (at least back then) preferred, flexible, thin girls who were closet nymphomaniacs. However, since Tracy and I were the only two African Americans in the medical/dental department of the ship, we remained good friends (with occasional benefits), great drinking buddies, and loyal co-workers who watched each other’s backs while on the ship, (and many years after that).

I wasn’t paying attention to their conversation (probably because it wasn’t about me sexing up sweet, Judy). But, apparently Judy’s 20-year-old husband purchased a car out in town from one of those crooked, car-dealer, cartels that the government was shamelessly allowed to prey on stupid, young Sailors and Marines for a living. So naturally, they badly ripped-off the poor bastard. The car was only supposed to be a few years old. Nonetheless, it had so much rotted damage that after driving it for only a few short weeks, the damn thing needed a new exhaust system. Now, as if that wasn’t bad enough, it had obviously been submerged in a body of water or a flood, because the pistons, the carburetor, transmission and the universal joints all had bad rust on them. In fact, the whole damn engine just shot to Hell. Everyone who heard her story wondered how they were able to drive it for as long as they did.

The bottom line was, Judy needed money in the worst way possible. She and her husband were renting a small, townhouse five miles from the base that they really, couldn’t afford. Because of her young husband’s bad judgment, she was reduced to bumming rides to and from work, and everywhere else, (and expensive taxis on paydays). Naturally, the situation put a serious strain on their young, unstable marriage; it made her irritable and hard to work with, to talk to or even to be in the same room with her. So, after listening to her story, Tracy said, “Girl, sounds like you need some serious help.”

“Yeah, now please, tell me something I don't already know, girl,” Judy casually answered. “Things in my life are getting so crazy, lately. I tried to borrow a $3,000 loan, from the Navy Credit Union, but they practically laughed in my face.”

“Three thousand dollars???” Tracy had exclaimed before a wicked smile painted it’s way across her chubby face.

“Girl, there’s only one person I know who’s macking like that…” Tracy said, pausing only long enough to point her index finger in my direction before she continued, “Rkeaeux just got that giant, reenlistment bonus. Maybe, if you’re a good girl to him, he’ll hook you up,” she teased wearing a devilish grin, causing everyone at the table to laugh and giggle.

Tracy was right, (and she would know since she watched me hand her mother a thousand dollars, when her water heater broke down, two months prior). Back in those days of blatantly, frivolous, military spending, the Navy offered ridiculously huge bonuses for those in special rates, who chose to do consecutive tours. I was a military trained and seasoned Dental Equipment Repair Technician, which meant I could get out of the Navy and make major bucks on the outside. That is what most techs did after serving only 2 to 4 years in the Navy. As a result, the Navy offered me a thirty thousand dollar incentive bonus (yes, you heard me right $30.000) to re-enlist after my four-year tour finished. I may have been crazy, but I wasn’t a damn, country fool; I re-enlisted, Baby!

I also managed to save $15,000 on my own, during my first four years in the Navy. When you combined all that with the gold credit card, I had (with a 10 thousand dollar credit limit) it was very safe to say that I wasn't hurting for money. Since I lived on the ship, I didn’t have to pay rent, electric, gas, cable, food, or clothing; the Navy supplied all that for me. Most of the people on the ship knew of my good fortune because I had just wisely purchased a vintage, Harley Davidson motorcycle (1970, mint-condition) from a police auction, so yes! I admit it; I was macking!

“You hear that Rkeeaux, Judy needs your help,” Tracy added, to which I merely replied, “Is that a fact?”

“It is indeed a fact,” Tracy teases as everyone at the table listened, quietly. Naturally, Tracy knew I wanted Judy’s ass, so they didn’t have to wait too long before Tracy added, “Three thousand is a drop in the bucket for a rich, baller like you, isn’t it?”

Everyone in the room knew that we were only joking, at least that’s what I thought when I casually returned, “Of course it is, but you know that bucket is attached to a couple of strings, don’t cha’?”

Now, although everyone at the table filled the room with roars of laughter, Judy didn’t find my humor funny at all. In fact, she got downright indignant when she barked at me in front of everyone, “LOOK, I ALREADY TOLD YOU SEVERAL TIMES I DON’T DO DARKIES! AND IF YOU KEEP ON TALKING TO ME THAT WAY, I’M GOING TO FILE SEXUAL HARASSMENT CHARGES! “

With that said, Judy slammed her record down on the table, jumped to her feet and stormed out of the Medical department, like a runaway tornado. Everyone in the room (especially me) was shocked and surprised by her actions, but it didn’t stop her boss (Lieutenant Burke, a tall, blue-eyed, flaming homosexual with curly blonde hair) from reprimanding me in front of everyone.




Two whole weeks had gone by since that disastrous day in the Medical department and still, Judy was without transportation. Practically, the entire ship urged me to stay away from Judy (living on a small ship was like living in a small community, everyone knows everyone else’s business, and bad news traveled even faster). There were also several, crewmembers who strongly urged me to file a racial discrimination charge against her. So, when I had to drop-off important, time sensitive Dental supply forms, I desperately wanted someone else to deliver them for me. But alas, by the time I finished filling them out, everyone had already gone to lunch. I really, needed to get those forms to the office so they could be sent off with the 12-noon mail run.

Ever so cautiously, I made my way down the passageway, hoping (praying) that I could just leave them on the medical officer’s desk, without having to run into, U-KNOW-WHO? As I peeked my head through the door, the coast was clear. I rushed past the front desk and shot through the admin office, to where the Lieutenant’s desk was. Placing the forms on his desk, I spun around to make my fast exit when, DAMN IT! I ran right smack into Judy. I had so much force behind me that I knocked her back on her ass. Since she grabbed me, in an effort to stop herself from falling, I fell right along with her. In those few, precious seconds that I was lying on top of her, (between her soft, tender thighs), I could feel a wickedly uncontrollable erection forming in my pants.

“Oh my God! I am so terribly sorry, Judy,” I exclaimed with horror as I jumped to my feet and grabbed her hand to help her up. While simultaneously trying to hide the huge bulge in the front of my pants, I offered, “Are you okay?”

“Yes, yes, I’m fine,” she gasped, “What the hell were you running from, man?”

“I had to get those forms on the Lieutenant’s desk before the mail went out and I honestly, didn’t want to disturb you and make you angry, the way I did before.”

“Oh, yeah... about that,” Judy interrupted with a look of genuine sorrow, “Look, Rekeaux I just wanted to apologize for the way I acted that day. I know you were only joking, but I totally over-reacted.”

“It’s cool, Judy. I understand, you were going through some major financial problems and I only made things worse.”

“Well, the thing is, I used to have a sense of humor before I got married,” she joked, proving her case. But even though she was now trying to be nice, I still had an uncomfortable feeling about being there with her all alone, so trying to make my exit I replied, “Hey, it’s all good. I’d better go, got a lot of work to do. I sincerely hope things have gotten better for you, Judy.”

“Well, actually things have only gotten worse,” Judy interrupted, “Rekeaux, I know I haven’t been the nicest person to you, and I’m so, so, sorry about that. But I’m really hurting for some cash and I have nowhere or no one else to turn to. So, I was wondering if you could please, please, please give me a little loan, just until we can get back on our feet? I promise we’ll pay you back as soon as we can, with interest.”

Judy was now clenching my forearm so tight that I was losing circulation. She had a look of sheer desperation in her eyes that I had never seen before (especially from her). However, I still didn’t trust the situation. For all I knew, there could have been someone, or a group of people hiding with tape recorders waiting to catch me in the act (remember, this was before video cameras became so prevalent in our everyday lives).

“Look, Judy, I might be able to help you, but right now I’ve got to go. Can you come to the Dental department a little later, so we talk about this?”

“How later, Rekeaux?” She quickly inquired while following me out the door, like a little, lost puppy. “What about if I come with you to dental, now; I’m really desperate here.”

“How much money do you need?” I casually inquired as we stood outside the medical office. Closing the door behind herself, Judy softly replied, “Thirty-three hundred dollars would get me a rebuilt transmission, a new carburetor and generation, and a couple of parts to rebuild the engine of my car.”

“Wouldn’t it just be cheaper to buy a whole new car?” I casually joked, but Judy wasn’t in a laughing mood.

“No, it wouldn’t because we’re still making monthly payments of $200, and we’ve already missed two payments,” she softly confessed, “They’ve already sent a letter to the command demanding their money; they’re even talking about garnishing both our checks.”

“WOW! Sounds like marriage is way more trouble than it’s worth,” I blurted before thinking, to which Judy snarled, “Look, can you help me or what?”

“Yeah, I can help you, but that’s an awful lot of money to owe someone, Judy. What if I gave you a chance to earn the money?”

“Earn the money how, Rekeaux?” she growled with a sudden look of anger.

“Relax, it’s nothing bad. I just want to take pictures of you, that’s all.”

“That’s all? Exactly what type of pictures are you talking about, Rekeaux?” she snarled, with her arms tightly folded around herself, but already knowing the answer to her own question. And with no shame what so ever, I boldly answered, “Only the type that will be for my eyes, only.”

“No fucking way in hell, you sick, twisted fucker!” Judy hissed.

“Look, what’s the big deal? I’ll only take them from the neck down. No one will ever know about them.”

“I’ll know, Rkeeaux. What the fuck is the matter with you, I’m a married lady, you know?”

“I know this, but like you said, you haven’t been the nicest person to me, Judy. In fact, you’ve said a lot of really mean, hateful, and very racist things to me in the past; and now you come to me for help. And you’re asking for an outrageous amount of money, that I’ll be glad to help you with, but it has to be on my terms.”

“Look, I said I was sorry about all that, Rekeaux.”

“Yeah, but are you sorry because you need my help or for the terrible things you’ve said?” Actually, I didn’t give a shit one way or the other how Judy felt or why she had apologized, I was just happy to be lost in those hypnotic, bedroom eyes, but she needed to know how I felt, that’s all.

“Oh, so because I talked mean to you you’re gonna’ force me to have sex with you before you’ll help me?”

“Who said anything about sex?” I hissed with my hands raised in question, “All I’m talking about are a few faceless pictures?”

“Pictures of me naked and in sexual positions,” Judy snarled, to which I quickly retorted, “Well, isn’t that better than giving’ up some tail?”

“And how do you figure that, Rekeaux?”

“Look, I just want some pictures, nothing more. I’ve got an instant camera, so you’ll be able to see all the pictures and those you don’t want me to have, you can destroy them, or give them to your husband.”

“WHAT? You actually think I’d want my husband (or anyone for that matter) to know about any of this?” she scoffed with a grimace, as if what she was hearing was the most absurd proposition she’d ever heard in her life.

“Well, like I said, no one but you and I ever have to know about this, it’ll be our little secret.”

“I don’t know, Rekeaux,” she softly muttered after a few brief moments of serious pondering. “I’m not in the habit of keeping secrets from my husband.”

“Well, suit yourself. I’m not holding a gun to your head,” I answered with a shrug, finally giving up on the idea of helping Judy. “I’m merely trying to offer you a way out of your financial maze. In fact, this could be a pretty lucrative deal for the both of us if you played your cards right.”

As I turned and slowly started walking towards the dental department, Judy was still standing there watching me. The evil, angry scowl that was on her face only moments prior, had now softened to more of a pouting whimper as she softly muttered, “How do you mean?”

“Well, you’d never have to worry about money or bills or food in the ‘fridge’ ever again; I’d personally see to that.”

“Wait!” she called as she slowly walked towards me, “How many pictures would I have to take?”

“I don’t know, it would depend on how many you’d let me keep,” I casually shrugged trying with all my might not to let on the growing excitement surging in my heart…and in my pants.

“Where do we have to go; that is if I were to agree to this?”

“We can go to a hotel or one of the dental store rooms. I’m the supply petty officer, so only I have the keys to both of them.”

“When can we start?” she quizzed with great urgency in her voice.

“As soon as you want,” I excitedly answered, “We can do it today, right after the end of the work day if you wish.”

“What about right now, in one of the storerooms?” Judy quickly retorted to which I casually explained, “I’d need a couple of hours to run to the bank for that much money; I only have access to a thousand dollars from the ship’s ATM machine.”

“I’ll take that,” she blurted out so fast that I think she surprised herself. “That’ll be fine for now,” she added, not wanted to literally sell herself short. “We can set up another photo shoot for the rest maybe tomorrow… if you want.”

“That’s fine with me, Judy. But first, I need to run to dental and get my camera, then to the nearest, ATM on board for the money.”

“That’s fine, I need to freshen up, anyway. Where can I meet you and how soon?”

“All I need is five minutes,” I answered, not really believing that she was actually going to go through with it. ”Why don’t you wait for me in the medical female sleeping quarters? One of our dental supply rooms isn’t too far from there.”

And with that said, Judy and I briefly parted ways.




So, the scene was set. After I quickly made my way to the ATM machine, I excitedly rushed to the medical female’s sleeping area, and after a couple of quick knocks on the door, Judy appeared. Although we agreed that there would be no facial shots, Judy took the time to apply a little makeup and her gorgeous, copper locks, which she always wore pinned up (it was one of the ship’s mandatory requirements that all crew members wore their hair above the shirt collar), was flowing down around her shoulders. She smelled of fresh Jasmine and as we stared briefly into each other’s eyes, I noticed her face was slightly flushed and upon seeing me she flashed a half smile that displayed relief, shock, and embarrassment all at the same time. It was all so intoxicating, I tell you! Together, we double-timed it (practically running) to the dental storeroom, which was located at the end of the passageway on that same floor.

“Okay, you got the money, right?” Judy questioned after we entered the small room and quickly shut and locked the door behind us.

“Yes, of course,” I answered, pausing only long enough to pull from my pocket the wad of cash. “The camera is locked, loaded and ready to go.”

“You promise no face shots?” she softly requested as if her life depended on it and, of course, I agreed that I would not (hell, I would have agreed to mass murder at that point).

“Okay, good, then let’s get this over with,” Judy nervously mutters before turning her back to me. After quickly fumbling with the buckle of her belt and the zipper of her pants, she let her dungaree jeans fall to the floor. Then lifting the bottom of her shirt above her waist, exposing her adorable, shapely rump, all snuggly wrapped in paper-thin, red, cotton panties, trimmed in lace, Judy hissed, “Go ahead, do it.”

A lesser man would have shot a hole through the wall right then and there. But, I was a man on a mission. Without even thinking I aimed my Polaroid at her ass and pressed the button. Instantly, from within the camera popped out the first picture. I didn’t take the time to look at it or even pick it up from the floor. I was far too busy admiring Judy’s teardrop, apple bottom ass, which seemed to be begging me to slap it a couple of times. I had to fight the urge, though. For at that moment, Judy turned back around to face me. “You want a couple of shots from the front?” she rhetorically quizzed, once more lifting her shirt above her waist.

“Yes, yes, of course,” I mumbled before slowly going down on one knee. Holding the camera to my face, I snapped again as my hands trembled and heart pounded heavily. Judy turned sideways and lifted her leg high in the air as if doing a karate’ kick and I wanted with all my heart to leap right in. “Could you please bend over and move the panties to the side?”

Without a single word, Judy turned her back to me, once more. Without any hesitation or reservations, whatsoever, Judy bent at the waist and reaching back, she yanked the side of those heavenly panties to the left, as requested, and once again, my camera was there waiting to catch the image.

“You want some without the panties now,” she urgently questioned. All I could do was a nod. I don’t know, I guess I was so hypnotized by the fact that this gorgeous, sexy, young lady (to whom I’d spent countless nights with my rock-hard, bone clenched in my fist fantasized about), was actually standing before me systematically exposing all her wonderful goodies for me to immortalize on film, for my eyes only. It was as if I was frozen in time and everything was moving in slow motion. However, before I could truly ponder over why everything was in slow motion, my train of thought was derailed when Judy turned her back to me and pulling her tiny, little panties down her legs, she bent at the waist while grabbing her ass cheeks, spreading them wide apart for my inspection. When that happened I thought for sure that my dick was going to burst from the anticipation of it all. My mouth was watering and I could also feel tiny beads of sweat rolling down the sides of my face. By camera was going crazy, as if it had a mind of its own until I ran out of the film. Luckily, I had enough insight to bring an extra box of the film with me.

“Please, please, please, don’t move a single muscle,” I gasped. With the speed of a New York, crackhead, I expeditiously opened the camera, pulled out the old film cartridge, tossed it aside, ripped opened the new box, slammed it into the camera, and snapped the camera shut, having it ready to go again, practically in one, single swoop (almost within the blink of an eye).

“Okay, now where were we,” I whispered, almost out of breath from the excitement of it all. Turning her body sideways Judy lifted her leg high in the air, totally exposing her velvety gash, neatly surrounded by a tiny patch of curly, copper-colored pubic hairs. How interesting, I thought to myself as my camera flashed away.

“Okay, Judy we’re almost finished, so for this last set of shots could you please bend over that stool so I can get some really good close-ups.” I requested with a more businesslike comportment. I must have thought that I was actually getting used to seeing Judy’s necked, lower torso (where on earth did I get that fool-ass notion from)? Judy did as requested with her legs closed and ass tilted upwards. She really had a shapely, sexy, ass. After flashing again, I asked her to spread her legs while I moved in with the camera only a few inches away.

Oh, what a wondrous, heavenly sight it was to behold. Her sweet, pussy lips were tender, succulent and a few shades redder than the rest of the flesh that surrounded it, probably from the cool air circulating from the air vent (or more than likely from all the extra attention it was getting from a total stranger). My stomach began to growl like a wild animal as the front of my pants stretched, and my camera snapped away.

Then using the tips of my trembling thumb and index finger to gently part those sweet pussy lips, I could see as plain as day that the walls of her insides were now wet and moist, with a clear, sticky film coating slowly rolling downwards; Judy was horny! The mere thought almost caused me to pass out and though I honestly tried with every ounce of strength I had, I couldn’t help but plunge my tongue deep, deep within that smooth, creamy nectar. When I did, Judy suddenly lets out a loud gasp but made no effort to stop me, verbally or physically. Well, Hot Damn, I started going to town then.

With my face jammed firmly against Judy’s ass, I quickly placed my camera on the floor next to me, and using both hands to spread her even wider apart, I tried to stuff my whole, damn head up there. My lucky tongue darted, danced, and played in, out, and all around those sweet, luscious, candy-coated walls of goodness. I sucked and lapped up her rich, thick, love milk like a starving, baby Kitten. Judy skillfully arched her back once again, raising her sexy rump even higher in the heavens; it forced my nose deep up in her asshole. When that happened, I started slowly exhaling through my nose, with great exaggeration, which I knew from experience, was sending a steady burst of warm air deep up her ass. I also knew Judy was enjoying this because immediately after I started doing it, her soft moans and pants got even louder and faster. Ever so lightly, I rubbed her tasty clit with the bottom of my tongue and the top of my lower lip, while simultaneously working the tip of my nose around in small but firm circles all up in her asshole. This, of course, caused Judy to rotate and wag her hips back against my face as her moans and pants intensified into one, long quivering groan filled with wanton, desire.

It was at that very moment that I stopped what I was doing.

“What, what happened, why did you stop?” Judy moaned frantically, to which I answered, “I, I’m so sorry Judy. I promised you that we’d just take pictures and I truly meant to respect you and your marriage. So I’m sorry.”

Turning her pretty face up like she was about to explode with rage and anger she growled, “WHAAAT? Man, what the fuck is the matter with you?” she growled, glaring at me from over her shoulder as if I’d just shot her momma. “All year long you’ve been trying to get in my panties, now that you got your chance, you want to act like a Goddamn, punk-ass, choirboy? Fuck all that bullshit! You're already knee deep up in my up pussy, you might as well go ahead and finish what you started!”

“Oh, so you don’t mind if I fuck you?” I needlessly inquired as if I hadn’t a clue. Poor Judy looked as though she was about to climb the walls as she practically screamed, “Motherfucker! Would you just shut the fuck up and do it?”
And there you had it. In order to totally cover my ass, (in the event that she should have a change of heart, later down the road, or suddenly grow a conscience) I had to get her verbal permission before I could actually ‘hit that’. I’ve known it to happen before on board a military vessel; and that, my friends, summed up the terrible, notorious, Tale-hook legacy that every male sailor must now endure. Now that I had her permission, playtime was over, it was time to TARE-THAT-ASS-UP!!!

Ever so quickly, I stood up and had my pants and underwear down around my ankles in record time, (actually, as soon as she said, “Now that you’ve got your chance...” my dick was already cocked and ready to fire, no pun intended). Aiming the head of my hungry, throbbing, organ of lust firmly against the entrance to Judy’s sweetest, hidden treasures, I slipped myself deep, deep within having little to no problems… and there I was, in the place I had longed to be for practically an entire year; buried to the hilt, deep up in Judy’s snatch. Neither of us moved at first. I guess both trying to adjust to the tight confines of it all. Then Judy started slowly bucking herself back against me. And she was really starting to go to town, too. She was grinding back and forth and around in small, fast circles, while soft, low whispering moans of unbridled passion once again, escaped her mouth.

I, of course, was just standing there motionless, lost in my own private nirvana, watching Judy work that thing. The sight and deep, rich, contrast of my long, coffee colored cock slamming against those pale, milky white ass cakes was a picture that forever burns in my mind, heart and soul to this very day, and has been the main subject of many, many, wonderful ‘jack sessions’ since. I knew it wouldn’t be too much longer before I’d flood her love tunnel with my warm, sticky jungle juice. So grabbing her firmly by those smooth, curvy hips, I began to pound into that poor child like there was no tomorrow. Every time my bullet-like pelvis slammed against her backside it made a loud, slapping, noise, and as fast as I was hammering, it sounding more like the room was applauding our heart-pounding performance. That, along with our combined sensual symphony of pants, moans, grunts and groans of unadulterated, wanton, forbidden, passion, as well as the tightness of Judy’s now dripping wet pussy (which was rolling down the side of my leg) was far more than any normal person could stand… I unleashed what must have seemed to her like gallons of my warm, Nubian gel so deep in the pit of Judy’s stomach, that I thought for sure that she was going to spit it out her mouth.




After that first, magical day in the dental store room, it was actually Judy, who decided to move the rest of our future, ‘business transactions’ to one of the many hotels, just a few blocks from our duty station, at the 32nd Street Naval base, in San Diego, where it all went down. Judy and I shared a very long and successful “business relationship’ (2 to 6 times a week), which lasted for almost three years, right up until the night before I had to transfer from the Rushmore to my new duty station in Yokosuka, Japan. In those three years, not only did she earn enough money to get her car fixed, Judy and her husband were also able to place a reasonable deposit on a nice house, not too far from Mission Beach. She was also able to buy diamond wedding bands for her and her husband and furnish the new house, among other things. But what really made me proud was the fact that Judy made enough money to pay her own way through college, until she earned a bachelor's degree in (of all things) business law.

I’m also very happy to report that Judy and I somehow managed to stay in touch, even after all those years ago. When last I talked to her (three weeks ago), she was still happily living in that house in Mission beach with her third husband, and two, beautiful, little girls.

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