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Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Jonathan is unexpectedly summoned for service by his queen.


Jonathan is unexpectedly summoned for service by his queen.


Submitted: March 12, 2017

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Submitted: March 12, 2017



"I've had a long term of studying and I need some me time. Bring me Jonathan," Raeyna ordered.

"Yes my queen." The naked attendant scurries out of her majesty's quarters and runs down the corridor to the stairwell. He takes the stairs two at a time down to the servants’ chambers and finds Jonathan looking out the window wearing only navy blue boxer shorts.

"Jonathan, you've been summoned," he says breathlessly.

"What? She's called for me? After all this time?" Jonathan kicks out of his shorts and races for the bathroom.

"You better not keep her waiting. She says she's had a rough term and she needs to relax."

"Shit! I'm not ready. She never calls for me." Jonathan runs to the shower and yanks at the knobs. In three minutes flat, he's showered and frantically drying himself off.

"Now for a quick shave."

"Fuck that, Jon, you don't have time. Get your ass up there. You make her wait and she'll never call you again."

"She doesn't like scruff."

"Deal with it. Enjoy the punishment you'll get. Now get up there."

Jonathan double times it up the stairs and stops for a second to catch his breath on the landing. Raeyna's servant is right on his heels and grabs Jon by the arm.

"C'mon, don't fuck this up. I'm hoping I get to watch."

Jonathan wrenches his arm away from the attendant and walks briskly toward Raeyna's chambers then stops at the closed door.

The attendant gives Jon a nod and then opens the door. "At your request, Jonathan is here," he announces.

Raeyna is twirling a riding crop between her palms. "Show him in."

She watches as a clean, naked, unshaved Jonathan enters. His cock is hard and bobs along reminding Raeyna of a beetle’s antenna.


Jonathan stops dead in his tracks about three feet in front of his queen. He places his hands behind his back, puts his head down and adjusts his feet to shoulder width apart.

"Well, nice to see you remembered something," Raeyna said. She runs the riding crop along Jonathan's torso and up to his face. The looped tip rests on his shadowed chin. "What is this?" She demands.

Without looking up Jonathan answers, "I apologize, mi Raeyna, the summons caught me off guard and I haven't shaved yet."

"It's one o'clock in the fucking afternoon, Jonathan. How dare you be lazy and not anticipate my call." The tip of the crop lifts Jonathan's face and then swiftly whacks against it.

A slight whimper sounds not from Jonathan but from Raeyna's servant, Mat, standing at the door. His cock is stiff and his face is strained. Raeyna glances at him.

"Did you enjoy that, Mat? Yes, it's been a long time, hasn't it? I know." She turns back to Jonathan and gives an annoyed sigh as she flicks the crop once again at his rough cheek. "It's too bad, I was going to let you eat my pussy," she says with feigned disappointment.

Mat really wished he'd have let Jonathan shave.

"You’re lucky I wasn’t anticipating that tongue of yours. Mat, bring me 'the hammer'."

"Yes miss, right away." Mat strides over to a half wall of drawers and opens the third one from the top. Inside of it is a belt and next to it a sizable dildo. To the left of the belt is a tube of lube.

"Jonathan, look at me." Raeyna removes her skirt and spreads her legs while Mat fits the strap-on for his queen.

Jonathan's cock leaks pre-cum as he watches Raeyna get ready to fuck him.

"Shall I lube it for you?" Mat asks.

Raeyna ignores the question and wraps her fingers around Mat's begging cock. "You're so hard. Let me make it feel a little better. She strokes him and speaks to Jonathan.

"Mmm, look at this juicy cock, Jonathan. It's so hard in my hand. I can feel it pulsing, wanting to cum, wanting for me to make it cum.”

Jonathan shifts uneasily as his own cock throbs and wishes for the same attention.

"Do you want to cum, Mat?"

"Oh yes, Raeyna. Please, pleeeze."

Raeyna's hand comes to a stop at the base of Mat's fully loaded dick and she smiles. "You can watch me fuck Jonathan and you can touch yourself. When I orgasm, so can you. If I hear you cum ahead of time, you will be punished and will no longer be my attendant. Is that clear?

"Yes, Raeyna."

"Good.  "Now go back to your station, Jonathan can lube my dick."

Mat slinks back to the door and eagerly watches Jonathan.

"On your knees and hold out your hand," Raeyna commands.

Jonathan obliges and his queen squirts a glob of cold, clear lube into his palm. She tilts her pelvis forward and her cock nearly lands in Jonathan's face. She laughs and then nods for Jonathan to begin. He rubs his palms together and slides them up and down the silicone penis that rivals his own in size. The thought of Raeyna sinking it into his ass excites him and he rubs her cock adoringly.

"Get it good and slippery because I intend to fuck you hard and deep."

Jonathan's dick drips with pre-cum and he needs to touch himself but doesn't dare.

"I would have had you suck it, but with that sandpaper face I didn't think I should risk it."

Jonathan swears to himself that he will shave every day from now on.

"That's enough. Turn around. I want that ass up and that scruffy face on the floor."

"Si, mi Raeyna." Jonathan answers.

Raeyna grabs the lube and smears a generous amount around Jon's puckered hole. He instinctively tightens his butt cheeks.

"Don't do that," Raeyna warns gently. "Don't tighten up. Relax. Listen to my voice. Breathe let it go. Feel my finger circling your opening. See, it feels good, doesn't it? Relax and let yourself feel it."

Jonathan relaxes and lets Raeyna touch him.

"Ok, now I'm going to..." she slides her finger into Jonathan's ass.

Jonathan gasps and clenches up.

"Let it go. Relax.”

Jonathan inhales then exhales and lets his body go limp.

“Good boy. See, you remember. You like this. You want this,” Raeyna says massaging his opening. “Mmmm, it feels good, doesn't it? Tell me you like it."

In a breathy whisper Jonathan responds, "I like it."

"What if I do this?" Raeyna asks moving her finger in and out rhythmically.

"Oh yes!" Jonathan exclaims. "Oh mi Raeyna."

"Uh huh, that's what I thought. And what about this?" Raeyna slips two fingers inside of Jonathan and he takes them easily.

"Oh fuck!"

"Yes, I am going to fuck you. You think you can take my cock Jonathan? Are you going to give me that ass and let me fuck you til I orgasm?

"Yes Raeyna. Take my ass. Fuck my ass. I want you to cum."

"Good." Raeyna pulls her fingers out and adds lube to her cock. She positions it at Jonathan's asshole and leans slightly forward. Jonathan stiffens as he feels himself about to be penetrated.

"Relax. Take a breath and let me in." As Jonathan exhales Raeyna slides her cock into his ass. Jonathan groans and she smiles. Mat starts fondling his balls.

"That's it, take it baby." She pushes her hips further forward and begins lightly fucking Jonathan. The stimulator at the base of the strap-on rubs against her clit and makes her dig her nails into Jonathan's hips.

"Ooo, I want to fuck you Jonathan. Beg me to fuck you."

"Oh Raeyna, fuck my ass. Please fuck me.”

Raeyna's hips grind into Jonathan's ass and pump her cock deep inside of him. Jonathan takes it and moans.

"Mat!" Raeyna yells. "Are you stroking yourself?"

"Yes, my queen," Mat answers in a half moan.

"Don't cum until I do”.

Mat whimpers, "I won't."

Raeyna grabs hold of Jonathan's hips and thrusts herself forward. She rolls her hips against the base of her attached cock and the stimulator hits her clit just right.

"Oh yes, Oh yes!" she screams.

"Fuck me, mi Raeyna," Jonathan shouts.

"Oh yes, Oh Ye-e-e-es!" Raeyna gasps. "I'm cumming!"

"Uuuuggghh," Mat groans.

Jonathan looks over at Mat just in time to see the servant’s cum spurt from his cock. “Fuck,” he mutters.

Raeyna hears his oath and picks up the rhythm of her motions.

Jonathan pants heavily.

“Cum for me you little slut!" Raeyna orders slapping her attendant’s ass cheek.

“Oh Raeyna! Oh Raey--” On cue, Jonathan’s body seizes. A guttural moan erupts from his throat and a massive load of thick, white cum shoots all over the floor beneath him.

"Good boy," Raeyna coos.

After a few minutes of post-climactic reverie, Raeyna pulls out of Jonathan and sinks into a nearby chair with her erect cock in her lap. Jonathan collapses on top of his spilled seed, face down on the floor, and ever faithful Mat slumps at his post gently milking his dick and adoring his queen in silence.





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