The Death of Bonnie and Clyde (Part 1)

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The 1967 film adapted from the story of the infamous couple Bonnie and Clyde, where the title characters were played by Faye Dunaway and Warren Beaty, aimed to make Clyde a more complex character by eliminating his interest in sex (and I found it really frustrating because young Warren Beaty here was very attractive and oozing with sex appeal, although I respect the director's choices in the film). The real-life outlaw couple however were claimed to have been sexually active, so I thought I should make a fan fiction erotica, with the physical appearances of Faye Dunaway and Warren Beaty in mind.

The Death of Bonnie and Clyde

Part 1


1934, May 22nd. The sounds every passing car made just kept feeding Bonnie’s uneasiness. Her thin fingers fidgeted through the fibers of the torn curtains, as she peeked through the only window of the room of the cheap rundown motel they stayed in. She sat on the dusty chair with her long legs dangling, a clean white robe rested around her delicate figure.

From time to time she stole glances at Clyde, trying to decide whether or not she should wake him up – but he looked so peaceful with his long eyelashes, his fine nose, his gentle lips on his half-open mouth, his jaw that she swore wholeheartedly was so sharp it could cut through diamonds. Bonnie decided to give him five more minutes, and took a deep drag of her cigarette as she recounted last night’s events.

Last night was frighteningly beautiful.

Bonnie could still hear the squealing of the tires as they raced through the road to get as far away as they can from the shrilling cop sirens that marked their most recent robbery. This time it was a little gas station owned by a large annoying woman with a loud voice; the pair got away with a few items of food and three days’ worth of money.

The thrill of all the chases and lawbreaking sure excited Bonnie since the first day she met Clyde, but never as much as all the lovemaking they made almost always after each heist. Last night after hearing the sirens fade as the distance between them and the cops grew, all she wanted was to melt into Clyde’s arms as the excitement of the day drained her.

She could barely wait until he closed the door after checking into the motel. Jumping right at him, she wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck as his strong arms caught her midair. Despite the slight limp he got in prison a few years before, Clyde was undeniably strong. He swiftly and effortlessly carried her to the nightstand next to the bed and firmly wove his fingers through her soft blonde hair as they kissed, both moaning with the burning need for each other. He moved his hands down to Bonnie’s blouse and with one decisive look tore it apart to get access to her breasts.

“Oh Clyde, I liked that top.” she complained between breaths.

“Don’t worry baby, I’ll get you a new one.” Clyde promised as he moved his mouth down her neck, placing kisses on her skin as he traveled down to her nipples – and only the gods have the words to describe what followed after.

Bonnie chuckled softly to herself, then quickly got snapped out of her daydreaming when she heard Clyde yawning. He stretched and opened one eye to look for her, and gave one of his charming boyish smirks as he found her on the chair.

“You’re such a sight to see, Ms. Parker.” he remarked, the piercing blue of his left eye making her feel more relaxed.

“Not so bad yourself, Mr. Barrow.” she smiled as she walked over to him with the same grace he had always admired about her. Clyde sat up and reached to finish her cigarette, then wrapped her in his warmth. Bonnie buried her face into his chest.

“We have to move, Clyde.” she reminded him, “maybe get some pancakes for breakfast on the way.” He kissed her hair and mumbled, “You already smell like pancakes.”

“We both haven’t even taken a bath in two days with all those cops chasing us. Care to join me for one?” she stood up, hoping to remake last night, in the shower this time.

“You go ahead, darlin’. I’ll follow as soon as I fix our stuff.” he answered as he got out of bed, half-naked.

He began to pack, placing three of their pistols into their old brown suitcase and left the revolver on the bed. Being an organized man, he folded the blankets and bedsheets properly, then folded their dirty clothes and prepared new ones for both of them. He turned around to hear Bonnie singing as she drew a bath.

Clyde carefully unzipped the suitcase pocket that Bonnie did not know of, and took out his little secret: a beautiful little ring for her. It was the single most expensive thing he had ever bought, especially since most of what he owned were stolen. He therefore decided to buy a ring instead of stealing one, to propose to Bonnie a new life together with a clean slate. Clyde was never a bad guy, he was just dealt a bad hand since he was seventeen. He wanted out of the fugitive life, and he knew she secretly did too.

His brother Buck made arrangements for Clyde to get outside of the country where what he wanted could finally be true. Buck and his wife Blanche, who had been involved in many of their perpetrated crimes, wanted out of the scene too anyway, so this could be the perfect time once and for all to put this life behind them all. This time he felt he could really get Bonnie and himself out of the outlaw life, settle into that home life in the house they both had dreamt of, with the white picket fence and the chickens, maybe even a child. He put the ring back into the pocket and decided he was going to ask her to marry him tomorrow.

In the shower Bonnie took her robe off and stepped in the tub, and had started wetting her hair when she felt Clyde behind her sliding his hands up from her waist up to her soft shapely breasts. She tilted her head slightly to the side to give him access to her neck, and water poured over both of them as he softly nibbled her skin, and she raised her left arm behind her to run her fingers through his hair.

Clyde massaged her left breast with his left hand, running fingers in circles over her nipple. Bonnie moaned as he slowly moved his right hand down to her stomach, down to her aroused sex. She began to grind against his expert fingers that applied just the perfect amount of pressure on her clit in a clockwise motion, and she was soaking wet from both the shower and her arousal. He nibbled her ear as he slid his fingers inside her, in and out, while still playing with her breast.

“Oh god, Clyde.” Bonnie felt like she was going to explode from all the multiple sensations.

He was the only lover she ever had that never made her feel like she lacked anything, and he was in fact the most complete lover.

She turned around to face him, giving up the pleasure from his fingers just to kiss him. His lips tasted the perfect combination of sweet and salty, the warmth of his tongue in contrast with the cool water from the shower woke all of her senses up. Bonnie wanted to reciprocate, as Clyde was always generous, so she broke the kiss and worked her way down to his chest, down to his stomach, and down to his impressive hardened length. He hissed through his teeth as she held the shaft. She looked up into his eyes as she wrapped her lips around the head, flicking the slit with her tongue.

“Fuck, Bonnie…” he groaned intensely as she pulled him in deeper with her mouth. Tasting the salty arousal that was distinctively his she got more encouraged in orally pleasuring him, pushing him in deeper until almost the whole of his size was inside her mouth, his thick head oozing wonderful flavors that reached the back of her throat until she almost gagged – and then more. The sight of him brimming to the edge was always beautiful.

Clyde could no longer wait. He hungrily grabbed her waist and turned her around, bent her over and slid his pulsating member up and down the lips of her entrance to spread her slick juices. In one gentle yet firm push he filled her perfectly, and he let out a satisfied whimper as he bent over to get more of his body closer to her. She moaned in pleasure. He tightly held on to her waist and rocked his hips back and forth, and she met his thrusts in flawless sync. She leaned with her arms against the wall to support most of their weight, gyrating against him. Water kept pouring over their steaming bodies as their climax neared.

“Ah, Clyde b-baby – I’m really close.” Bonnie stammered, her speech clouded by her nearing orgasm. He thrusted deeper and even more desperately in response. He could feel her tightening around him, and felt himself getting close too.

“Go on, honey, I’ll come with you.” He encouraged, sliding one of his hands down to tenderly rub her clit.

Bonnie trembled as almost her whole body collapsed in pleasure, and her moans echoed around the bathroom walls. Feeling her velvet walls tense up around his manhood, his climax following hers almost immediately, much like dominoes. He came inside her, half of his orgasm visibly overflowing out of her. They both could not care less what this would result to, as their love was an unspoken agreement.

“Damn, woman. You’re fucking timeless.” Clyde gasped as he pulled himself out. Bonnie chuckled and playfully bit his chin. He rarely cursed except during their intense intimacy sessions.

“Now let’s clean ourselves up and get a decent breakfast, baby doll.” she nodded as he softly spoke against her neck. "We have to be quick."

For they were running out of time.

Submitted: March 17, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Red Bonnie. All rights reserved.

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Amy F. Turner

How exciting! The thrill of being caught and the sexual energy at play for these dangerous lovers. Love the intro of them and the hope of a legitimate life. Your writing is gives a nice sharing to this period piece making it new and refreshing. Well done.

Fri, March 24th, 2017 3:07am

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