The Claims Adjuster

The Claims Adjuster

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Carmen makes it her goal to break in the new guys at work. Until David starts at J and J Insurance, and shatters everything she thought she needed in a sexual encounter.


Carmen makes it her goal to break in the new guys at work. Until David starts at J and J Insurance, and shatters everything she thought she needed in a sexual encounter.


Submitted: August 06, 2013

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Submitted: August 06, 2013



“New guy started today.”

“Another one?”

Carmen dropped her bags into her desk drawer, trying to hide the excitement in her voice, and accepted the coffee Layla offered.

“Yeah, another one.” Layla replied, busy tapping away on her computer.

Carmen could see the smile playing on Layla’s lips and held out as long as she could before asking the inevitable.

“What’s he like?” she asked, feigning nonchalance and slipping her headset over her curly brown locks.

“Hmm..” Layla tapped her chin with her index finger and swivelled her chair closer to Carmen, “I think you’ll like him.”

“I cant believe there’s another one.” Carmen tried to bring the attention away from her routine of breaking in the newbies, “This place goes through more clerks than I do clean knickers.”

“With the amount of action your knickers get, it’s hard to compare.”

The eruption of giggles was interrupted by the first call of the day.

“Good morning, J and J insurance. Can I take your name and policy number please.” Carmen tapped the details into her computer and took a quick sip of coffee.



Lunch time rolled around and Carmen and Layla headed to the staff room to make fresh coffee and heat up the pasta Carmen brought in, left over from last night. They joined the group of girls from admin, already in a conversation about their weekends.

“Michael came home with a present Friday night,” Megan answered the ‘how was your weekend?’ question with a pink flush to her cheeks.

“Ooh, prey tell,” Layla stopped spooning pasta onto her plate, hearing the coyness in Megan’s voice.

“We’re going to use it tonight,” the fiery-haired girl replied, gaining confidence, “at the company dinner.”

Squeals erupted from the group.

“Come on!” Nikki squeaked, “tell us what he bought already”

Megan giggled, her shyness returning and covered her mouth with her hand, “it’s a little egg shaped thing with a remote.”

“Holy shit he bought you the egg?!” Carmen spluttered her water back into the bottle.

“Mm hmm,” Megan swallowed her Diet Pepsi before continuing, “I’ve never felt anything like it. The remote controls the intensity and Michael controls the remote. I was all over the place at football, I would have taken him right there in the stands. But he made me wait until we got home. I thought I was going to implode.”

The click of shoes on the linoleum informed the girls that they had company and the sudden click of said shoes told them their intruder had been listening to their conversation.

Their visitor had to be the most visually-appealing, arousal-inducing creature to ever have graced J and J Insurance. Shiny black shoes led to muscular legs encased in black suit trousers, barely containing the tight quads which led to a black leather belt with a grey Superman emblem on the buckle. Into those trousers was tucked a crisp white shirt, accessorised by a silver-grey tie; the sleeves rolled up revealed sun-kissed, toned forearms, almost desolate of hair. Carmen’s eyes raked in his appearance and travelled to the face she instantly knew she would dream about. Stormy grey eyes gave way to a hooded gaze. A jawline that must have been chiselled from granite. Jet black hair brushed the collar of his shirt, the rest tousled into a just-fucked look. Full lips with a perfect cupid’s bow had Carmen swallowing hard and wishing she had a little egg stashed in the pink thong she wore underneath her black pencil skirt. She felt her nipples harden beneath her peach chiffon blouse and ached to touch them.

Her thoughts were interrupted by Megan’s gasp and Carmen realised what felt like an eternity of staring and fantasising about this stranger had only been a second, and already her thong was soaked.

Megan, on the other hand, turned ruby red and stuttered words of no coherence.

“I...I...I’ve got a lot of work to do.” She threw back her chair and fumbled with stuffing her lunch back into her bag.

The stranger just watched the girl falling over herself to escape, while Carmen, Layla and Nikki watched the stranger. He leaned over, picked up Megan’s fork and dropped it in her lunch bag. That did it; Megan jumped away from the table and fled the scene.

The stranger smirked, inviting a dimple to his cheek and the girls visibly swooned. Carmen was surprised by her reaction; she was always in control.

“I’d better go take her lunch to her. I’m Nikki.” She stood and broke the silence, “That was Megan, but I doubt you’ll see her again.”

“David,” the stranger spoke, caressing Carmen’s ears like melted chocolate, “I’ll see her tonight.”

He winked and Carmen rolled her eyes. This guy was going to be a handful. At that thought, her eyes took in the impressive package, barely concealed by his trousers, and he wasn’t even hard. Yet.

Carmen returned to reality and noticed David looking at her. She looked away from his crotch and into his eyes. He cocked an eyebrow and the dimple appeared as he smirked again. Busted.

“So,” Layla addressed, looking at Carmen and kicking out Nikki’s vacant chair for David, “this is the newbie.”

“Word travels fast.”

David sat down, stretched his long legs out and crossed one ankle over the other.

“Only if it’s a hot topic,” Carmen managed to speak past her constricted throat. She wanted to gasp for air, his close proximity had sucked away all the oxygen.

“I need to get some printing done,” Layla said, finishing her coffee and standing, “nice to see you again, David. I think you’ll fit in just fine here.”

David nodded his acknowledgement, but his gaze never left Carmen.

She quickly brushed off her nervousness as inconvenient arousal; he was just another newbie, this was her calling.

“So,” David leaned forward, plucking the water bottle from Carmen’s hands, where she was frantically picking at the label, “what’s your name?”

“What’s it worth?” Carmen almost gasped as David unscrewed the cap and glugged down most of her water.

“Name your price,” his voice leaked the quiet confidence most would call arrogance.

“You couldn’t afford it, baby.” Carmen stood up, dumping her lunch in the bin. She felt his eyes on her as she moved around the room, and came up behind him. She placed her hands on his shoulders and her insides clenched at the feel of his hard muscles, “You’re the newbie, you don’t ask the questions.”

She took the water from him and David watched as she drained the remaining few mouthfuls, licking her lips and wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. She threw the empty bottle on his lap, which had considerably adjusted in size, and left the room.



Carmen struggled through the rest of the day, images of David controlling every thought. This was what she wanted, why she’d gotten into insurance. She wanted to work in a male-dominated industry; plenty of candidates to fulfil her fetish for inter-office liaisons, and plenty of inexperienced (although they claimed otherwise) men to show who really is the ‘better’ sex. But with David there was no point to prove. Carmen knew by the look in those grey eyes that he was not an inexperienced newbie. She didn’t want to show him who’s boss. She just wanted him.


Carmen took her stuff to work with her, agreeing to get ready for the company dinner at Layla’s apartment across the road from the office, instead of taking the hour-long journey home during rush hour.

“So did you talk to him?” Layla asked as the girls squeezed into her bathroom mirror to finish their make-up.

“You can’t get your own life?” Carmen nudged Layla’s shoulder.

“You know I get my kicks through your liaisons.”

“I don’t know whether to be flattered or repulsed.” Carmen’s laugh followed her out of the bathroom and back into Layla’s bedroom , “come on, or we’ll be late.”

As if on cue, a car outside honked its horn, signalling Nikki, Megan and Michael had arrived to pick them up.



“God, this is shit.”

Carmen listened to Layla complaining about the dinner and lack of alcohol, but her eyes and attention were on the man opposite her. His body sheathed in a fitted navy blue suit and pale blue shirt, David sat a few feet from Carmen and hadn’t taken his eyes off her all night. She had chosen the dress the night before and it turned out to be the perfect choice. The black peplum dress had a lace overlay, hemmed decently on her chest, and finished just above her knees. But it was the way the dress hugged her curves, accentuating every contour of her body that had David watching her throughout dinner, his bottom lip caught between his teeth to control his urge to say or do something involving Carmen and every inch of her body.

“Carmen?” David whispered across the table, “Can I have a word?”

He timed his exit perfectly with the people leaving for after dinner cigarettes. With a quick look in Layla’s direction, Carmen excused herself from the table and followed the train of people on the way to the exit of the hired hotel conference area, wondering how David found out her name. She looked around as she walked the corridor, following a trio of men and a couple from admin.

A steel clamp wrapped around her wrist and pulled her into a doorway.

“What the-” Carmen was silenced by lips on hers as the man she spent all day fantasising about opened the door and pulled her inside, pressing her back against it.

“David.” Carmen gasped as his searching lips found her jaw, her neck and along the top of her dress, her nipples hard, breasts heavy as she felt the control slip, “stop.”

David’s mouth left her skin, although his index fingers dipped inside the dress and his fingernails stroked her nipples.

“What are you doing?” Carmen asked, gasping for air.

“I’ve been thinking about fucking you since lunch,” David spoke, his voice giving nothing away, “all I could picture was you on every surface of my office.”

“Office?” Carmen squeaked, realising she’d bitten off more than she could chew, the throbbing between her legs becoming unbearable.

“Oh yes,” David smiled, the grin on his face dangerous and all-knowing, “I run the department.”

David thrust the top of Carmen’s dress down along with her bra and took one nipple in his mouth. Carmen cried out as he squeezed the other between his forefinger and thumb and arched her back to get further into his mouth.

“You see,” he said, pulling back and looking at her with eyes as dark as rolling thunder clouds, “I know your game plan.”

Carmen’s breast glistened in the light streaming into the office he’d brought her into. The sound of tearing material accompanied Carmen’s panting as David split her dress down the middle, exposing her underwear. He quickly turned her around, one hand fisted in her hair, the other gripping her hip as he guided her back.

“What game plan?” Carmen asked, reaching between them for his belt buckle.

David threw her onto the desk so hard it shunted backwards, and settled himself between her legs. Carmen felt his erection pressed against her, before he stepped back and swiftly slid her underwear to the side and pushed two fingers into her soaked sex.

“Shit.” She cursed as he curled his fingers and worked her tight hole. His thumb pressed against her clit as it throbbed and pulsed. Carmen clenched her insides and moaned, sucking his fingers deeper.

“See how wet you are?” David rasped, “Just the thought of fucking the boss has your pussy dripping.”

All Carmen could do was nod, giving up her precious control to the new guy. Her body was climbing, her head swimming in the euphoria she revelled in, and David’s relentless pace made her insides quiver, readying for release.

“You like that?” he asked, slowing his pace to a torturously slow rhythm.

Carmen moaned her response as David sunk back in, knuckle deep. She heard the unbuckling of his belt and then the zipper.

“Sit up.”

Carmen fought to obey, sitting up and gripping his shirt for support, unexpectedly turned on by being ordered around.

David removed his hand and ran his soaked finger along her bottom lip and pulled her hand to meet the strain in his underwear. She eagerly rubbed over the material, dipping her thumb into the waistband to stroke his engorged head. David hissed through his teeth and pushed his finger into Carmen’s mouth. She sucked her juices from his digit and tugged his underwear down enough to free him.

“Hello big boy,” she smiled looking down at his rock hard cock and nipped his finger.

“You suck so good.” David eased his other finger between her lips and her teeth grazed his skin. Carmen fisted David’s impressive cock, working every hard inch of it.

“Get on your knees.” He ordered, pulling her off the desk by her hair, and she scrambled to her knees and pressed a kiss to his tip, oozing with pre-cum;  she gripped his thighs and ran her tongue flat to the underside of his cock from base to tip, lapping up another burst.

At David’s command, Carmen took him in her mouth and sucked hard, causing David to curse and bend over her to brace himself on the desk.

“Your mouth is fucking incredible.” He breathed, pushing his hands into her hair to hold her still and thrusted to the back of her mouth. She looked up at him with watering eyes, taking everything he gave her and dropped one hand from his leg to slide between hers.

“That’s it pretty girl,” he encouraged, “get yourself off while I fuck your sweet mouth.”

Carmen stroked herself furiously, spreading her wetness all over her lips. Her orgasm ripped through her and she screamed, baring her teeth.

“Ah!” David growled and shuddered, pulling out of her mouth, “Get up.”

Not waiting for her to respond, he pulled her to her feet by her arms and crushed his lips to hers, his granite member pressed against her stomach. His tongue seeked out hers, exploring her mouth as their heavy breath collided.

“Still think you’re in control?” Carmen whispered, slipping out of the remains of her dress, and unbuttoning David’s shirt to show his perfect muscled abdomen, pleased by his reaction to her teeth.

“Yes, baby. I’m the one in control.” He gripped her hips and pulled her into him, bending to slide his cock between her saturated legs, “I’m not the newbie here.”

He picked her up and she locked her ankles behind his back. David slid easily between her swollen lips and they both gasped, Carmen biting his shoulder, still covered by his shirt. David thrust into her, the sound of skin hitting skin joining his laboured breaths and her whimpering. Carmen felt the coil inside her tightening and wrapped her arms around his neck, clenching her insides to draw him in deeper.

The smile on David’s face as they looked into each other’s eyes, grew the closer Carmen came to release, and as her breath quickened and she threw her head back in ecstasy, David set her on her feet.

“What the fuck?” Carmen barked, trying to pull him back to her.

“Turn around and bend over.”

Carmen’s eyes widened excitedly and she did as she was told. David stood behind her and gripped her shoulder, holding her still. The simultaneous plunging deep inside her and the harsh slap on her behind, Carmen screamed her orgasm and gripped the table, as David continued the ruthless assault. Carmen’s climax shuddered through her, shaking her to the core, until David cursed his own release and came violently inside her, slowing gradually until she had milked him for everything he had.

David pressed a light kiss to her shoulder and eased out of her, leaving her feeling deliciously stretched and sated. By the time she had enough energy to stand, David was dressed and slipping on the jacket he must have left when he scoped the room out.

“Oh my god.”

“I’m the claims adjuster, baby.” David said, straightening out his suit, “you claim to call the shots, and I just adjusted your game. See you in the office tomorrow.”


With that, David left the room, and Carmen was left wondering how she gave up her control so easily, and how she was going to leave the room in a shredded dress, sans the French knickers David must have taken with him.

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