I know my worth

I know my worth I know my worth

Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry


Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry


This is what happens when you fall for the wrong one


This is what happens when you fall for the wrong one


Submitted: December 18, 2012

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Submitted: December 18, 2012



I know my worth

0h yes i do

My beautiful dark caramel complexion

My big dark brown eyes

And my dark brown hair,

I know my worth

Out of all the women you've ever slept with

I'm the one that feels your hurt

When you cry I hurt but you're a free soul

Never bonded by relationship holds

Your as free as the wind

Breezy and cold

With so many lovers at your feet

You manage to split your self into three

but I know my worth

and I deserve all three

Not a part that your are willing to share

But i deserve mind body and soul,

i think that's fair

Your a beautiful gentle flower

Your love drapes me like spring showers

How can I not notice natures flower?

who am I to change your true being?

who am I to ask for it all

I am a wounded bird thats been badly beaten

that prematurely flew into your wall

and im left with the residue and bad memories of this great fall

and who am I to say stop loving others but

just love me i understand that ill be asking you to die instantly

because you are who you are and i am who i be

I am a true lover of love and I believe in monogamy

I deserve a good husband because I am a good wife

i deserve someone that respects me and loves me for life

someone that i can grow old with and nurture without strife

I cant be that women that you want me to be

I cant stay at home waiting and waiting for you to come to me

while you are out running the streets

messing with every bimbo that you meet all for the fun of sex and mingling??

no that is not me I know my worth and I deserve you for all eternity

Honestly, I respect you and ill never ask you to change

And I know the truth, your love is out of range

so ill just continue to reminisce of the great time we had

to think of the romance that went bad

but i mourn the lost and wish you the best knowing that I am better than the rest

I cant cope with half of less

wondering if you ever think of me

Omg! Im a mess!! I just cant let it rest

I know I can do better I know best

i know it will never last we will make up and break up just like the past

but my pride , i cant let you in I told myself last time that,

this was it never again would i cry for you never again would i be the fool never again would i let you win

These tears they fall in my sink

every time I think of u what a sin

what a waste of a good thing

people go broke and kill themselves for what i have to give

and you act as if, you don't give a shit you know what, you ain't spit do you know who i am? I

know my worth I m not crazy, i know my worth

do you see this big ass and soft tits my smooth skin and cherry lips

I am the shit best thing since sliced bread all that and a bag of chips are you blind ?

or are you gay? which one is it? I know my worth And this is it

Never again would I let you hit this.

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