We Fucked... And Afterwards

We Fucked... And Afterwards We Fucked... And Afterwards

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


This girl I knew once...


This girl I knew once...


Submitted: December 02, 2013

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Submitted: December 02, 2013



We fucked there outside the red barn in the pasture.  We were younger then, eighteen…. and we didn’t know whose pasture it was or where they were.  We had been walking through the weeds, killing time, and she was wearing jean shorts that almost went high enough to her butt, and on purpose I walked slowly enough so she would go in front of me once or twice and I could see it.

“Let’s run!” she screamed.

And I ran with her, drawing up a sweat under the summer sun… we ran all the way to that small, empty barn and the hay pile next to it.  She tripped, probably on purpose, into the pile – and when I offered my hand she pulled down on top of her.

We laughed.

She kissed me, and wrapped her arms around me, and then she wrapped her legs around me and I felt her hot skin against mine when we tore our shirts off.

I had no control – my first time and all.  She helped me throw off her jean shorts, and she wasn’t wearing underwear.  I didn’t take the time to look or the time to kiss or any more time to feel, and she didn’t care.  She pulled my cock out before I even thought about it….

… and I slid in and out of her… so wet… and her mouth never left mine, devouring me while I slammed inside her.

It was done too quickly, and afterwards we laughed about it, and she never stopped kissing me, kissing me, and kissing me like her existence would stop if she did.

I don’t know where she went the next day – just out of town – out of town with the rest of her family, or her mother to be exact.  They left her father, who hit them daily.  I don’t know where she went.

But she came back the next year, and we took a walk.  I asked where she’d gone, and she wouldn’t answer.  We walked to the barn that time, no running, and she pulled me to her again and kissed me like the world would light ablaze to its finale.

And we fucked there outside the barn.  I took more time this time.  I stroked her pussy; I kissed her naval, her neck, her chest.  I licked her nipple.  And she stroked my cock until it throbbed and with her own hand put it inside her.  “Fuck me,” she whispered.  “Fuck me, please.”  And I fucked her, faster and faster until she came and clawed at my back.  Her squeezing was enough to make me shoot immediately after she went… and we laid still, panting heavily into our faces.

And afterwards, after I rolled off of her she breathed softly and stared upward.  No kisses this time, and I asked her again where she’d been, what she’d done.

“Something I don’t wanna talk about,” she would say.

“I thought about you every day,” I said.

And she just smiled.

I don’t know where she went the next day, but she left – on her own, and no one heard from her.

“Her father abused her,” someone told me.  “Didn’t just hit her.  He hurt her, real bad, fucked her up for life.”

“Her mother hated her,” someone else said.  “Said she was worthless like her father.  Blamed her for what he did.”

She came back a year later, and she was tired.  She moved slowly everywhere she went, but she was still gorgeous.  Her jean shorts were just as short, but they were frayed at their edges, and her shirt was barely covering her breasts.  She was thin and when we walked through the pasture she said not a word.

“I don’t care where you’ve been,” I said.  “I’m glad you’re back.”

“I’m not staying long,” she said.

We made it to the barn.

She stared forward at me and at the hay – no kiss this time.  “Fuck me.  I want you to fuck me right here.”

She lie down in the hay and spread her legs.  She unbuttoned her jeans.Her skin glistened under her sweat in that setting sun.  “I want you inside me,” she said.

I stood still.

“Come on,” she moaned.  She put her hand in her shorts and rubbed herself.  She leaned up and grabbed my hand and put it against her.

She slipped my hand into her shorts and I felt her, warm and wet against my fingers.  Her lips were before mine and barely touched them, and they glided gently over them.  “I need your cock,” she whispered.

I was trembling.  I was hard, and I wanted her – to throw her against the hay and fuck her, but I knew her.  I knew her three years earlier and I knew her now.  “No,” I said, and I stood up and backed away from her.

We stayed still in silence and the sun set… and afterwards she buttoned her jeans and hugged me.

I don’t know where she went.

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