Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Danger, mystery, werewolves, and of course... sex run rampant across the strange mansion that belongs to a powerful woman named Nora. As Cecilia VonDon outruns her dangerous life in the city, can she survive the dangers and desires she has found here at Nora's House of Men? (NORA'S HOUSE OF MEN, the full novel, will be released on


Danger, mystery, werewolves, and of course... sex run rampant across the strange mansion that belongs to a powerful woman named Nora. As Cecilia VonDon outruns her dangerous life in the city, can she survive the dangers and desires she has found here at Nora's House of Men? (NORA'S HOUSE OF MEN, the full novel, will be released on

Chapter1 (v.1) - NORA'S HOUSE OF MEN

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Cecilia VonDon is the wife of Old City's mafia boss, Jackie Dan. After shooting his brother, she flees Old City and comes across a mysterious drifter, Jesse Dillinger. He leads her deep into the treacherous Hander's Woods, and to an isolated mansion belonging to a powerful woman named Nora. The mansion is overrun with gorgeous men who work to serve the pleasures of female visitors, but not everything there is at it seems. As her relationship with Jesse deepens with desire, Cecilia wonders how safe she really is at Nora's House of Men. (NORA'S HOUSE OF MEN, the full novel, will be released on

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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Shouts and hollers were heard from the next rooms around Room 112 at the rundown, tattered Motel 9, where the walls were thin and the morals were thinner.  In several of the rooms were hookers and escorts satisfying clients, and sure – moans were heard from those rooms, but they were no competition for the incessant screaming of pleasure coming from that one room at the end of the hall.

There in room 112, a twenty-four year old young man named Jesse Dillinger was pinned underneath a thirty year old woman named Elaine.  Neither of them were “workers”, as many others at Motel 9 were; both were there simply out of carnal desire.

Jesse lay naked underneath Elaine while she held his wrists down against the mattress.  Still in her black dress, her legs were spread around him and she rode him with such force that her thighs were quivering with each rocking motion.

“Fuck!” she cried.

Jesse thrust his hips upwards, getting as deep into her as he could.  He growled at her, and looked into her glazed eyes, piercing them with own dark eyes full of animal aggression.  “Yeah, come on!” he roared.

Faster… faster… faster!

“Oh God!” Elaine cried.  Her hands left his wrists and she latched onto his pecs, digging her nails into his dark skin.  She came, once again, and her entire body locked up into muscle spasms of ecstasy for what seemed like a full minute.

Exhausted, she collapsed on top of him.

“I’m not done,” Jesse whispered hoarsely.

He rolled her off his body and got on top of her.

“I don’t know if I can take anymore,” Elaine said.

Jesse ignored her.  He licked her neck and kissed her cheek.  He breathed hard into her ear.  He ran his hands up her stomach and to the top of her dress.  He tore it down, revealing her breasts.  He licked them.  He bit softly on her nipples.

He slid her dress off of her, leaving her naked beneath him.

For a moment Elaine opened her eyes and looked down at him as his mouth ventured further south on her body.  She could have sworn, even though the light was dim in the room, that his muscles not only flexed, but for a moment they seemed to grow.  “What…” she whispered, but his mouth was distracting her too much to speak.  There was a crackling sound coming from his body.

“What was that?” she whispered.

Jesse did not answer.  He rested himself half off the bed and put his head in between her legs.  He licked her thighs, up and down.

Elaine laid her head back down and her eyes rolled back.

Jesse’s wet tongue met her even wetter sex.  He used just the tip of his tongue at first, sliding up and down her slit.  Then he flattened it and licked her sex with rough, animal passion.  He found her swollen clit and his tongue circled it, pressing against it.

Elaine grabbed the back of his head.  Her fingers dug into his shag of brown hair and unconsciously she pulled him closer in between her legs.

His tongue flicked faster against her clit.

Her legs closed in around his head.  Elaine started to moan, and again her body was on fire and she wanted more.

He gripped her hips firmly and dragged her body closer to his face.

He flattened his tongue, spreading the lips of her sex apart.  While his tongue was pressed hard against her full sex, he started to wiggle it, slow at first…

“Fuck,” Elaine said.

His tongue wiggled faster, wiggling against her clit and the rest of her sex.

“Oh God,” she groaned.

His tongue went faster, and faster, and suddenly the end of it slipped inside her.  With a wave motion, the top of his tongue hit her clit, and the end of it slid in and out of her.

More… more… more… faster… harder…

Elaine jolted up and pushed his head down in between her legs.  Her legs tightened around his head and her body shook violently while her eyes rolled back.  “Fuck!” she screamed.

Suddenly Jesse stopped.  He whipped up and met her mouth with his, driving his tongue with full force across hers.  “You taste so good,” he whispered.

“I wanna come again!” Elaine said.

“Me too!”

He threw her back onto the bed and climbed on top of her.  Elaine caught a glimpse of his throbbing member hovering above her sex, and it seemed to have even grown larger than when they started.  “I don’t think…” she started, but Jesse interrupted her when he slid it inside her dripping pussy.

“Oh my God!” she cried.

Jesse slid himself all the way inside her.  Immediately she came, her body freezing up as it had before.  Her mouth was agape and her eyes wide and staring up at him.

“I can’t stop now,” he said.

Elaine couldn’t answer.  Her sex was still gripping and pulsating around his cock.

Jesse thrust in and out of her, forcing her orgasm to last even longer.  “Fuck!” he roared.

Elaine couldn’t even breathe.  Her nails dug into the muscles of his back.

His stomach slapped against her.  He leaned up and grabbed her hips and threw her harder against him.  His breath became shorter and heavier.  He started to grunt with each thrust.  “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

Elaine held onto the edges of the mattress.  She was about to come again.  Her muscles were contracting.  She could feel it coming.

He went faster and harder.  He couldn’t stop himself.

A roar began within him, and it quickly grew louder until he opened his mouth and made an animalistic scream.

Elaine’s eyes widened with fear.  She saw fangs.  In his mouth were sharp fangs.  His muscles expanded and bulged and his face contorted into something showing devastating pleasure, and pain.

His sex seemed to explode inside of her.  She felt every earth-shaking throb from his violently pulsating cock, and as it throbbed it rocked her sex.  His throbbing was enough to bring her to another orgasm, the most powerful one she would ever experience.  Her sex squeezed around and pulsated so fast she felt that it was vibrating.  Her body locked up and her head reared back into the bed sheets.  Her come splashed against his cock and out onto the mattress; covering his sex in her juices.

In Jesse’s final pulses he could not take the pleasure anymore without outlet.  With a closed fist he grunted and punched the wall behind the bed.  The wall gave in immediately.  His fist shattered the wood and created a hole big enough for the hooker and her John to see them from the next room.

They looked in at Jesse and Elaine in shock and wonder.

For a moment, everyone was still…

Then Elaine was finally released from her unending orgasm.  Her body collapsed on the mattress and she screamed for nearly twenty seconds.  After this her body was limp and she panted.

Jesse pulled out of her and leaned back.  He wiped the sweat off his face, and as he was catching his breath he noticed the hooker and John staring at them in the next room.

“What are you looking at?” he growled.


It was twenty minutes later.

Elaine lay in bed, naked under the sheets, having a cigarette.

Jesse was putting on some blue jeans and work boots.

The hooker and her John had left immediately after Jesse’s question, and no one had dared to come by since.

“I don’t think I’ll ever recover from that,” Elaine said.  “My vagina is… sorer than I’ve ever felt before.”

Jesse did not look at her.  “Sorry about that.”  He put on a white T-shirt.

“It’s fine, trust me.”  Elaine took another drag.  “I’ve never had sex like that before.  It was like… doing drugs.  Something about it was just… completely intoxicating.”

Jesse smiled.  “That’s just what good sex is.”  He walked to the nightstand and picked up Elaine’s cigarettes.  “Mind if I bum one?”

“Not at all.”

Jesse lit up a cigarette while Elaine studied him.  “Something is different about you.”

“Please, don’t think too much about it.”

“I could’ve sworn for a moment that, that your body was… and your teeth…”

“Hey!”  Jesse looked her sternly in the eyes.  “I said don’t think about it.  You should probably get dressed.  You’ve got a husband waiting, remember?”

Elaine put out her cigarette.  “You son of a bitch.”  She got out of the bed, keeping the sheet wrapped around her.  “Fine, I get what this is.”  She snatched the cigarette from his mouth and put it out.  “You should leave.”  She stormed off, slightly wobbly, to the bathroom and slammed the door.

A few moments later Jesse heard the shower running.

Jesse looked out the window and into the night.  Through the clouds he saw the half- full moon showing over Old City.

Old City’s skyline was beautiful at night – all the cement buildings and their glory.  There was no sign of open country for miles, and people were everywhere.  Something Jesse always wanted, to be surrounded by people.  He lowered his head, because he knew he couldn’t be around them.  The moon was half full, and already he could feel his blood moving faster.

Elaine was right, he should leave.

Her purse was on the dresser.  He dug through it and pulled out fifty-five dollars in cash.  He didn’t feel right taking it, but an outlaw had to do what an outlaw had to do.  No looking back, he left the room, and moments later he was back on the Old City streets… no direction… no place to go.

“I can’t go back,” he said to himself.  “I can’t go back.”  But looking at the moon, it seemed like he might not have a choice.


(NORA'S HOUSE OF MEN, the full novel, will be released on  Stay tuned for more chapters and the release date...thanks.)














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