The Hottest of Summer Days

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Hannah was his best friend, and the girl of his dreams. During the hottest summer on record, Jason, an attractive young man, finds that she actually "digs" him. As does mysterious Alice, and Sexy Jenny. What a hot summer he has ahead of him!

I hadn’t planned to do this, write about “it,” I mean. But, some things you just can’t keep inside. I’m not the kind of person to “Kiss and tell” but hey… that was no kiss. She’s just so beautiful, you know? I feel that it is my duty to document that sacred joining of two individuals… well, more than two actually.

It was late July and the heat was getting to all of us, especially my best friend, Hannah, who was no great lover of heat. For the past couple of weeks the “Gang” and I had done nothing but sit around the pool, unsuccessfully trying to beat the heat.

Before I continue, let me tell you a little about the “Gang.” The Gang includes Noah, Jenny, Peterson, Alice, and Hannah. Noah is a total bro, but he is a complete psychopath-totally bonkers. And he loves to talk; once he starts there’s not much that’ll stop him. Jenny is hilarious, not to mention beautiful. She’s one thing that makes the heat bearable, because as the temperature changes, the amount of clothing she wears changes accordingly. Peterson is an idiot, but we love him nonetheless. Alice is a bit of a mystery; she almost never speaks, wears a lot of leather and dark make up, she is inexplicably attractive, her hair is a dark shade of red, and she is almost always smiling. Then, there’s Hannah. As I said before, Hannah is my best friend; we have been since third grade. She’s got long dark hair and is very well filled out in all the right places. She is funny and smart, she’s super hip, and damn it, I’m in love with her.

So the gang and I were hanging around the pool, Jenny was stark naked and couldn’t give less of a damn that Noah had a boner bigger than Eastern Europe, Alice was a sitting on the patio with Peterson, who had brought along an enormous bong and was taking hit after hit, and I was lying right next to the pool on a blanket. Hannah was the only one in the pool, and was wearing a rather flattering bikini.

“How’s the water,” I called out as she surfaced to take a breath, 

“Fucking warm!” She shouted back, her voice more than tinted with frustration. I nodded in agreement as I dipped my hand in the pool,

“Awww, that sucks!” I said. Hannah then began to make her way towards the ladder, making a cute little grunting sound with each stroke. When she reached the ladder and began to pull herself out of the water I noticed something: One of the straps on her bikini had become untied and she was shockingly unaware that one of her beautiful, sumptuous breasts hung uncovered. This was a real treat, for, unlike jenny, who was open and unashamed of her body, she was a bit bashful when it came to that sort of thing. Although it was nothing I hadn’t seen before it was always refreshingly pleasant to see her luscious nips.

She stepped out of the water, her lovely breast dripping, and before I could tell her politely about her little “slip,” Peterson whistled loudly. “hoooooeeeey!” He called and pointed his finger at the exposed teat. Hannah then looked down to see what all the commotion was about, and upon discovering her little wardrobe failure, turned bright red and quickly moved her hand to cover herself.

“Shit!” she swore loudly. I could tell she was quite embarrassed.

“You all right?” I asked, standing up to hand her a towel,

“I’m okay…” She sighed, “I suppose” She took the towel and wrapped herself in it.

“Here,” I said, opening a cooler, “want a beer?”

“Sure,” She said, the red in her face beginning to dissipate. We always kept our cooler fully stocked, and not the shitty stuff either, good craft beer. Fuck bud light.

Anyway, I popped the cap off with my teeth (a skill I’ve always been proud of) and handed her the beer. I then grabbed one for myself and asked her, “Hey, wanna go sit on the porch?”

“Yeah, that would be nice.” She said, “I could use a hit of that bong anyway.

So we walked together up to the patio to join Peterson and Alice. “Let me get a hit of that!” I said, and Peterson handed over the enormous bong. I took a small hit, not wanting to get too smashed. I prefer to get wasted at night. That’s just a thing of mine, I’m not a huge fan daytime highs. When I finished, I handed it over to Hannah. I was a little reluctant, because I could tell Hannah just wanted to get out of her mind.

“Hwwooooooo…zzzzaaaaahhh!” She went as she took an enormous rip. Honestly, I didn’t think it was that big of a deal, but who am I to undermine the feelings of others. We sat down on the patio furniture and after a couple more hits I pulled the bong away from her and handed it back to Peterson.

All of a sudden, from atop the rather high picket fence, came an unmistakable catcall. It was Larry Hentoramaski, our local Asshole. He was straddling the fence, making googly eyes at Jenny; he had a small Kodak camera in his hands and was snapping picture after picture. 

You see, in our group, we can be a little vicious to each other at times, but it has always been a principle that we look out for each other. That we fight for and protect each other, and when some asshole starts to take naked pictures of one of your friends without consent… Well things can get a little ugly.

Noah stood up from the plastic pool chair he had been sitting in, and before Larry had time to escape Noah grabbed his leg and pulled him down, hard. Larry scrambled to his feet and Jenny ran inside. Peterson and I joined Noah, who now had Larry up against the fence and was throwing punch after punch. “Let up for a sec.” I told Noah, his hands now stained with Larry’s blood. Noah nodded and stepped back.

Larry sank to the ground, right where I wanted him, and began to kick the shit out of that rat bastard.

The rest of our day was rather tedious, threatening to kill him if he told, comforting Hannah, and taking Noah to the emergency room. Oh yeah, Noah had beat on Larry so hard that he broke his hand. That was pretty cool.

The next was much hotter; although, it was nicer. For, Hannah had made a complete recovery and was back to her awesome self. It was one hundred six degrees outside that day, the kind of heat that I, not to mention Hannah, cannot function even a little bit in. So, we decided to stay inside with the air conditioning on high and towels over the windows.

But even though it was a lot cooler inside (we were able to get it down to about eighty five), Jenny remained stark naked. Even Hannah, despite yesterday’s events, removed her top revealing a thin pink lace bra.

Hannah and I were lying together on the couch watching SpongeBob when Alice called me into the next room where she and Jenny had supposedly been playing Candyland (best board game on earth). I got up, much to the dismay of Hannah who had gotten rather comfortable lying across my chest.

“Don’t go!” She fake cried, “I need my pillow!”

I laughed and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon, I must settle this… whatever it is.”

“Alright,” She pouted “Fine, go then!” she crossed her arms, and we laughed.

I walked into the next room, expecting to only to see Jenny buck naked, and was surprised to see that Alice’s body was also devoid of clothing, her shaven pussy fully visible in the dim light. I was also surprised to see that were a game of Candyland should have been was an assortment of Dildos and female sex toys.

“Alice and I were just having a little fun,” said Jenny, smiling fondly at Alice in a way I had never seen her smile before. She looked up at me and said, “I was wondering if you could help me put on that strap on,” she pointed to a large green prosthetic attached to a number of leather straps.

I realize now that I have failed to mention that Jenny is gay, very happily so. I was her last boyfriend before she made the decision. We had ended on a good note and continued on as friends. Until now I was the only person in the Gang who knew; I had helped her put on such things a couple times in the past, but that was under different circumstances. Most times it was an odd sort of dildo that required two people to hold the straps while the other slipped in.  Other times, she needed help with the normal kind but was by herself and was “practicing.” On what I didn’t ask. But the one she had pointed to looked to be of the normal sort, the kind that only required one extra person, someone to help do up the buckles in the back.

“Can’t Alice help you?” I asked,

“I’ve never done this kind of thing before,” Alice said, her voice soft and sweet… Alice, Alice… is a lesbian? The notion sunk in just then. By no means was I against it, she’s my friend and I’d support her no matter what... but, it was just a whole lot to take in.

“Alice… you’re….?” I asked (sort of),

“Not exactly,” She said, blushing behind her beautiful red hair, “I kinda… swing both ways.”

“Ahhh… I get it!” I smiled, “Sure I’ll help you gals out.” I grabbed the strap on and untangled the straps. I then kneeled next to Jenny’s shapely ass, making some last minute adjustments as she stepped into the apparatus. I could smell her pussy as I lifted it into place. And although (unofficially) my heart belonged to Hannah, at that moment I wanted Jenny soooo bad. My face was next to her beauteous (ass) cheeks as I tried to buckle the straps. My dick was hard as fuck, and before I knew what I was doing, I placed my mouth on her ass and bit lightly.

“Oooooh!” She cried, smiling but confused “Jase, did you just bite my ass?” Alice looked on, shocked.

“I’m so sorry,” I gasped, “I’m not sure what came over me.”

“Jase, did you want to join us…?” Jenny said as she turned with her hands on her hips, the unbuckled dildo falling at her feet, once again revealing her pussy.

“But, aren’t you…?”

“Eh, a little dick once in a while never hurt anyone,” She said, then pounced, pulling my shorts (basketball & boxers both) to the ground. “C’mon Alice!” she called. Alice didn’t need to be told twice, she scampered forward, her luscious boobs bouncing with every step.

“What the…?” I tried to say, confused, happy, but confused. Jenny threw her long dirty blonde hair back and then grasped my rock hard dick in her small hands.

“Alice,” Jenny said lovingly, “Be a dear and fetch some condoms from the bathroom.” Alice sprinted to the bathroom and quickly returned with a handful of Trojans.

“Hold on a sec,” (A statement that took a great deal of effort to make) “I gotta tell Hannah that I’ll be awhile.” I grabbed my shorts and put them on as fast as I could, my rock hard boner easily recognizable through the fabric. I stepped out of the room, closing the door behind me. “Hannah!” I called out,

“Yes?” she replied

“I’m gonna be awhile, I got into a ‘game’ with Alice and Jenny.”

“Awwwww… Alright.”

“Okay, see you in a bit!” I then quickly rushed back in, dropping my shorts as soon as I did so. When I looked up, I saw that Alice was on top of Jenny. She had put on the strap on and was straddling Jenny’s brains out. It was quite the sight, Alice’s shapely tits bouncing with each thrust, both their nipples standing erect, and Jenny moaning quietly each time Alice pushed the large prosthetic into the dark recesses of her vagina.

I strolled over to the couch on which they were fucking. My dick throbbed with anticipation; as soon as Alice looked up, I plunged my shaft into her mouth. It was warm and wet inside her mouth. I could feel her massage my dick with her tongue, and soon her head was bobbing up and down, her lips kissing and hugging my penis with every motion.

I had always found Alice extremely attractive, her voice sweet as honey, her breasts (although small-ish) were shapely and beautiful, and despite the blood red hair and the dark makeup that shielded her face from view, very enticing. Now her lips ran along my cock, what a day!

Jenny was screaming now, and Alice, grunting with the effort of sucking my off and fucking Jenny at the same time. Soon I was cumming, I reached out and gripped Alice’s left teat, caressing it as I emptied the contents of my testicles all over Jenny’s bare tits.

I sat exhausted on the floor, kissing Alice and/or Jenny occasionally. We lounged about for a bit, regaining our strength bit by bit. As I watched the naked bodies of my two friends I could feel myself getting hard again, and soon, Alice said in that honey sweet voice of hers “My turn!”

She hopped up, stepping out of the strap on as she did so, and ran into the bathroom, to clean up I assumed. I busied myself with putting on one of the Trojans Alice had brought out earlier.

When Alice emerged in all her petite-naked glory, I noticed that something about her was different… She had removed all of her makeup. And I’ll be damned if it wasn’t one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen. (next to Hannah’s face, of course). Her eyes were a bright shade of green, her lips, soft and pink-unlike the dark purple lipstick she always wears, and her cheeks, rosy.

She smiled at me and I smiled back. She ran to me, her hard tits pressing up against my chest; we kissed for a long while. When the kiss broke she said, “Wanna go to the bedroom?”

“Sure,” I said, giving her another kiss on the mouth “You don’t mind, Jenny?”

“Nahh,” She said waving us away, “You two kids have fun. I’m sure I’ll have my chance later.”

We ran quickly across the hall and into the bedroom where we fell, her hands on my condom covered dick. We kissed for a while until I rolled on top of her, giving both of her breasts quick kisses as I did so, and began to guide my penis toward her shaven pussy. I could feel the heat radiate from it, and was about to plunge myself into her when,

“Wait,” She whispered, “in my ass!” I was a bit shocked at first, but I wasn’t going to complain. Alice had an amazing ass; I’d fantasized about fucking it for years now. She gave me one last kiss, reached down and peeled the condom off my throbbing dick, then rolled over, showing her tight little bud.

“Shouldn’t we use lube?” I asked, concerned. Alice brought her hand to her mouth, spat into it, then rubbed it into her anus, massaging and caressing it. Watching her do this got me even harder; I bent over her, positioning myself carefully. When I had done so, I began to push slowly, not wanting to hurt her by going too fast.

“Aaaahhh” She gasped quietly, “Keep going!” Soon the entire head of my dick was inside her. She was so tight and hot, I felt like cumming right then. I kept pushing, at least half my dick was in her tight rectum, and soon, I had all eight inches stuck up her ass.

The smile had returned to Alice’s face “Fuck me now!” She commanded, and I was happy to oblige. I began to thrust my pelvis, squeezing my penis in and out. Ohhh, it was so tight and felt so good on my hungry dick. I continued thrusting as I reached my hand around to grab one of her glorious breasts.

“Harder!” She cried, “Deeper!!!” She had come to an orgasm very fast, Alice was a freak for anal! I rammed her anus harder, faster, she was cumming again! I gripped her breast harder and reached around with my other hand to grab her other tit. I hung onto her tits for dear life and fucked harder, I felt myself getting closer to an orgasm; my dick was pumping at full speed now. I moved my right hand down from her breast to her pussy, which was now hotter and sloppy with juices. I plunged three fingers into her simmering pussy; this did it for both me and for her. I flooded her hot anus with my hot milk and I could feel her anus clench and unclench with each wave of her orgasm.

“That… so…so…good” She panted, leaning back to give me a kiss. We stayed there for awhile, my dick buried deep inside her. Eventually we got up and went our separate ways: she adjourned to the bathroom, I put my shorts back on and went to join Hannah and Peterson who were playing cards on the patio.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. Noah and Peterson left to join their girlfriends (who were not members of The Gang). And Hannah and I spent the rest of the day drinking are kick ass craft beer and playing “Go Fish”

The next day, however, was very exciting. It started when I awoke to a pleasant tingling sensation on my dick, opening my eyes to see Alice, who had snuck into my apartment, riding my morning stiffie. The lips of her tight pussy enveloped my dick as she bounced up and down. One of her hands rested on her left breast, the other on her ass with two fingers pumping in and out. When she saw I was awake she said,

“Oops! Sorry, I just needed your dick so bad, and I didn’t want to wake you!” Alright, a bit weird and totally across the line, but not entirely unpleasant.

“Ahggg” I grumbled sleepily, “Ssssokaay… coffee… coffee… ccccCondom?”

“Oh yes! Of course. I took the liberty of putting one on you while you slept.” Okkkayyy… whatever, at least she took the proper precautions.

“cccCome on, lesssss Go ta the club houzzz. Get coffee.” As you can probably tell, I have difficulty functioning in the morning without coffee.

“Aww, c’mon, let me finish up!” She begged, giving me a kiss on the lips, she tasted like strawberries.

“Alright, jus hurry up!” With this she began to bounce on my dick once again, which, upon my awakening had grown harder. After a couple minutes I began to feel a little better about the situation and got a little into it. Her pussy was much hotter than he ass had been but was almost as tight. Soon she was moaning loudly and I could feel her pussy tighten as she had the first wave of an orgasm. She picked up my hand which had been resting contentedly on her hip and smashed it into her breast. I took hold, massaging her rock hard nipple. I too was pumping my pelvis now. She leaned forward, her right hand still partly buried in her ass, and began to kiss me, slipping her tongue into my mouth. I quickly returned the favor, all the while still fucking hard.

After a minute or so she broke the kiss to let out an enormous moan, announcing her second orgasm. As the walls of her vagina began to clench again I could feel myself beginning to come. “H…mmmmmm!” I grunted. I could feel the semen pour into the latex condom. “Aahhh” I sighed in relief as Alice fell, exhausted for the moment, onto my bear chest.

“Damn!” She gasped, “You’re good at that.”

“I could tell!” I chuckled, now let’s get some coffee!”

“Okay,” She said, giving me one last kiss before sliding off my still hard dick. We got cleaned up, I got dressed and she put her clothes back on (except for her panties that is. Damn, who knew Alice was such a horn dog?), then we got in my car and made a beeline to the nearest Starbucks at which I purchased a large coffee with two shots of espresso. After this we made our way down to the clubhouse.

That day was to be the hottest of all, reaching a record setting high of one hundred twenty six. I walked in the clubhouse to find Hannah sitting next to an open refrigerator. I went over and sat next to her.

“Hey,” I chuckled, “s’up?”

“Jase…” She breathed, half smiling at me, “It’s really… fucking… hot”

“I know, I’m sorry, I’ll go.”

Hannah half punched me jokingly, “Idiot”

“Heh.” I laughed, half heartedly. Damn. She’s so beautiful. More beautiful than Jenny and Alice combined! I thought as I stared at her. Her sweaty face glistening from the light of the refrigerator, her long dark hair falling around her shoulders, I would have given anything for just a kiss. Then, to my good fortune, she asked,

“Do you mind if I take off my top?”

I looked at her, momentarily stunned. “Ummm… No not at all!” I said, a little too quickly, “You have a bra under that tank top, right?”

She blushed, “Uh, no…?”

My eyes grew wide, I wanted her to take off her top sooooo bad, but somehow, the needs of my penis were overpowered by concern for my friend. “Are you sure?” I asked her placing my hand on her shoulder, “I mean, the other day… you seemed pretty upset.”

She sighed, “I know, but I think it’s all right now. Either way, it’s too hot for me to care.”

“Okay then! Do as you please!” Her top was of before I had finished the word “as,” Ohhhh god!!!! It was all I could do to stop myself from taking one of those beauteous globes of flesh into my mouth. What I actually did wasn’t much better. I leaned over and kissed her. Fireworks went off in my brain; my entire body shook with pure pleasure. Her lips were soft and wet, and lightly salted from the sweat.

“I’m so sorry!” I gasped when she pulled away from the kiss, “I really, I mean… sorry.”

To my surprise, I was pulled in by my shirt for a second kiss. This one was even better than the first, for, my tongue slipped into her mouth, and her’s slipped into mine. We sat there for a good minute before that kiss broke. “What?” I asked, “huh?”

She chuckled and gave me a quick peck. “Jase, I’ve always had a huge crush on you. I just never thought you were into me.”

“Are you kidding? I’ve been in love with you since third grade!” I exclaimed, leaning in and kissing her once more.

“Jason?” She said

“What, my dear?”

“Let’s go ice skating”

That afternoon was spent gliding across the ice, kissing whenever we got the chance. And although that afternoon was magical, it was nothing compared to that night.

We returned to her apartment around nine O’ clock; she had the penthouse apartment and it was really nice (she had inherited it from her wealthy grandfather a few years back).

“Jase, what should we have for dinner?” She asked, strolling into the kitchen to peruse the available “Fixins”

“Wait,” I giggled with mock seriousness, “you mean besides each other?”

“Uhg!” She cried, “C’mon, serious now, I’m starving.”

“Alright, fine. I’ll cook something up, you run down to the liquor store and grab some wine.”

“K” she said, and walked over to the coat closet to grab her keys. I joined her to give her a tender goodbye kiss. “See you in a bit!” She said, pulling away from me. Then she left, and I was left to the cooking.

I have always had a gift when it comes to food. Flavors are like complex equations, ones that I would solve in my head, adding and subtracting. I could sense what would be good and what wouldn’t, I could feel the amounts needed by using my hands, indeed, cooking was one of my virtues.

Hannah did not have much in her refrigerator, just some peppers, mushrooms, a bit of leftover steak, some soy sauce, an old onion, and some basmati rice. With these ingredients it only seemed right to make a stir fry.

I was almost finished when Hannah returned. With her she carried a shopping bag that looked to contain about three bottles of wine. “Wow,” I exclaimed, “You wanna get that drunk tonight?”
“No silly!” she replied, “I’m just stocking up!”

“Oh, alright. Anyway, the food’s ready.” I said, motioning to the rack on which she had plates stacked. “Grab a couple of those, please.” She kicked off her pink flip-flops and jogged over to where the plates were stacked and picked two off the top.

“Here” she said, placing them on the counter. I piled the food onto them while she poured the wine. We then sat on her sofa, talking an eating for a long while.

After the food was gone, Alice made the executive decision to remove all our clothing. And as we sat together, kissing, touching on the couch, I could feel my dick begin to swell with excitement. I was lying naked with the girl of my dreams and we were about to fuck!

She began to run her hands over my body and I was happy to return the favor. I loved how she felt in my arms; her skin soft as silk. I cupped her pussy with my fingers; it was nearly scalding, and practically dripping.

“MmmmMMmm” She moaned as I began to stroke it. Her pussy, unlike Alice’s, was trimmed and not entirely devoid of hair. I lightly penetrated her with my index finger; her response was the best it could’ve been: it set her off like a fire cracker, whipping around quickly, grabbing my rock hard dick. “I need to fuck you, now!” she cried, scrambling towards my pelvis.

“Wait!” I exclaimed, concerned, “Shouldn’t we take some precaution?”

To this, she merely chuckled and patted me on the chest, all the while still positioning herself above my dick. “Don’t worry,” she said reassuringly, giving me a quick kiss, “I’m on the pill.”

“Sweet, now…” I grabbed her by the hips and rolled, so that it was I who was on the top, “Let’s fuck.” I pressed the head of my penis up against the lips of her pussy, “Ready?” I asked.

“GOD!” She shouted, then grabbed me by the buttocks and pulled me into her, pursing her lips with both the pleasure and the effort. She was tight, even tighter than Alice had been. A bit wetter too, and much, much warmer.

“Holy fuck!” I shouted; I began to fuck her then, that dream girl of mine. It was better than I had ever imagined, and let me tell you, I’d imagined some pretty amazing stuff. Her perfect breasts bounced in front of me as I shagged that woman silly.

“AAAahhhhhAhhh!” She cried, I was going all out on her and I could tell she was already nearing her first orgasm. She smashed her lips to mine, plunging her tongue in to my mouth, I grabbed one of her breasts in my right hand massaging it, kissing it when I could. The juices from her pussy were soaking the sheets, her hands clawed at my back as she had yet another orgasm, and I could feel myself nearing ejaculation.

“I’m…I…gonna… Fuck!” Boom! I popped like a bottle of champagne. “AAAAAHhhh!” I grunted, emptying myself into her.

“Holy shit, Jase! That was insane!” She panted.

“You say that like it was in the past tense…” I shook of the remnants of my first orgasm and once again began to slide myself in and out of her perfect clit.

“AAaaH… What the...?” she moaned, “Don’t you ever tire?”

“Of you my darling, never.”

The End…

For now.

Copyright 2014 Psychoproductions Inc.

Submitted: July 03, 2014

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