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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

PLEASE NOTE: I have re-posted this in "Novel" form and "chapters". I ran out of room on the short story format.

For those who enjoy Fantasy Adventures and Erotica: Shai, a shy girl raised up in a world of magic, mystery, and SEX.

The first chapter is tame, but don't worry it get MUCH better!

Please Please leave me comments and Suggestions are ALWAYS welcome.

Thank you very much,

Table of Contents


SHAI I Please please go to the "Chapters" I created...  I simply ran out of room on this page as it was listed as a short st... Read Chapter


SHAI I With her right hand, Shia absently drew tiny circles on the armrest of her chair with her slender index finger.  Comp... Read Chapter


RED QUEEN II Madia, Queen Mother of the dark elves lay casually in bed next to her most recent spell bound slave girl absently fo... Read Chapter


Cullen III Cullen silently and slowly made his way along the level spiral path in his sparse courtyard.  His fists balled ti... Read Chapter


The Kings Wizard IV King Tamja stood over the still body of his subject Shai and stared down upon her critically, momentarily los... Read Chapter


Awakening V Shai lay there not fully awake nor fully asleep, somewhere in between where she felt safe, but her mind was active an... Read Chapter


ANSWERS VI   Roth rode through the night nearly at a dead run ahead of his attachment, which was not the safest thing to... Read Chapter


Tsvander VII Shai and Cullen lay on the large daybed in the exercise room, feet pointing opposite directions but with their heads... Read Chapter

The Estate

Estate Queen Mother Madia along with a few of her trusted guards watched silently as the humans scurried about after discovering Tsva... Read Chapter

Sex with an Elf

Sex with an Elf   Tsvander waved the puppet spell away without taking his eyes off of Shai and follower her out of the room,... Read Chapter