dDead or Alive

dDead or Alive

Status: Finished

Genre: Humor


Status: Finished

Genre: Humor


Anything can happen during a night shift in a hospital Unusual story for you


Anything can happen during a night shift in a hospital
Unusual story for you


Submitted: June 20, 2012

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Submitted: June 20, 2012



Dead or Alive


“Nayek kewa, Nayek kewa “  ( snake bite, snake bite)

A man was shouting  while he entered the admission room of the Hospital.

It was around mid night of a hectic day. Exact time was 1.20am . The Docter at the admission desk was almost exhausted with the pouring number of patients since 8.00pm . She has to work till 8.00am next day. Night shift is 12 hours at a stretch to be done by a single medical officer .

Now back to our story.

Twenty others followed with the patient. It was difficult to keep them away. From a one glance at the unconscious woman of about 40 years of age  on the trolly the experienced Dr. could see that the patient was dead. But she did her best to confirm it. So she examined.  No pulse,. No Heart sounds,No respiratory movements and most confirmatory sign the pupils were fixed and dilated not reacting to the light.

So the death was confirmed.

The man who brought the patient was her husband. He was informed about it.

He started to cry saying that he wont believe it.

“It cant be, It cant be , You people are not treating her. I will tell the Minister. I will punish you. I will dismiss you for not treating my wife.”

Be calm please, You have braught her here after a long time. If you brought her sooner just after the bite we could have done something to save her life. But now it is too late.” The Dr. explained.

No no. It cant be, She was alright even after the bite. You didn’t do anything and let her got worsend.

Definitely I will punish you . “

All others too were shouting making a big noice.  .  “ Yes we must do something''

Since the Dr. couldn’t control the crowd she got a telephone message to the MS ( Chief administrating medical officer of the hospital )  and informed the situation. As his instructions the body was  sent to the mortuary . Police post of the hospital was summoned to send away the people.

Crowd went with threatening  ” We ‘ ll  see “

Oh! What a relief . Now I must go to my room to have a nap at least for 10 mins.

But no excape for her that night.

Here comes a crowd bigger than the earlier.  Thistime  escorting an elderly person with long white beard wearing a white dress.  A nati ve Guru.

show us the mortuary. I want to have a look at the patient. I am going to treat her. “

“My God, How can I release a dead body to be treated.”  The Dr. thought.

She had to consult her superior again and to her surprise  the answer this time was different.

You let them do whatever they want. We cant fight with politicians. We must save our jobs. “

So that is that

She asked a labourer to take them to mortuary.

Uneasy time .

“It is hundred percent sure that  the patient is dead. But if by any miracle if she become alive!

Then I have  to run and hide away somewhere. “

Two hours passed by. Now early hours of the morning.

At last The Guru appeared.

“ I try my best. But the patient is dead. “

What a relief.

All the crowd went away this time silently.

Then all the other staff of the hospital was talking about it.

Aiyo ,You know what that man did to that body.He first  put his hand near her private parts and said

“ Warm here. That means she is alive”

“And he did so many things using his medicines he brought. Some to the nose, some to the ears .For two hours he did various things. Don’t know how much he charged for this.”












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