Stranger My Friend, Be Near

Stranger My Friend, Be Near Stranger My Friend, Be Near

Status: Finished

Genre: Religion and Spirituality


Status: Finished

Genre: Religion and Spirituality


Private, major and general thoughts.


Private, major and general thoughts.


Submitted: November 19, 2011

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Submitted: November 19, 2011





They met in a bar from several glances afar

Social and cultural programming simply no bar

He gently kissed her hand and asked her to dance

Luck does not exist, simply the great game of chance

She could not resist this true man who felt right

They danced and they kissed, walked off in the night

There was no control as they lay spent, worn and torn

Along came a new soldier, surely nothing to mourn


Stranger, my friend, he has taken you down a false path

He is the middle boy of three brothers his parents did hath

Break down every structure to search and strive for the truth

The illusions of man are delusions by man, so say the sooth


His father tried to break him although his chances were none

The little boy grew up as a General, took orders from no-one

The little boy fought like a lion to win at this game of dice

Where not everyone is true and not always they’re nice


The little General marched forward with pain in his soul

An angry young man without comprehension of whole

He met a young lady who gave him her heart

He protected his heart as he only knew smart


She opened him up like a flower in the spring

He sang like a bird although protected one wing

Tried to be free although the pain was still there

Fought like a lion with courage and valour to wear


The little General lost the lady although she was fair

By the time he was open she was no longer there

He marched towards a new life thinking where is my wife?

With a little knowledge of life as if stabbed by a knife


The little General proceeded without a true grudge to bear

With lack of direction he understood without any care

Wandered the earth as he strove and drove for success

Although life balance was trying and a terrible mess


He met many more ladies and loved more than one

The concept of family was hard when he was never a son

He looked to the heavens for answers above

The concept of hope was too much of a shove


He looked at the churches built on the backs of the poor

What about their hunger, what made them so sure?

The lightning conductors atop churches on every high hill

A force-majeure insurance but who foots the bill?


Homo sapiens feel they are special with their evolution and faith

If not the rich then who will look after the stray and the waif?

The man made perceptions all started to crumble

He gained further strength as he learned to feel humble


The little General looked to the numbers to logically disprove

His position was fixed and there was no rational move

A tiny part of understanding this mass he surely had won

As he sensed the universe as singular and simply as one


To understand people you need to look in their eyes

Live life without fear and you will learn to sense wise

As he knew very little, he was neither prophet nor martyr

What mattered was unconditional love created from matter


Know not will happen in the next yotta-second or 5,000 years

Clearly survival is something requiring courage without fears

Attack and defend simultaneously with only peace as a start

Stranger, my friend, I am open to listen and learn from your heart


Creative thoughts are critical to our evolutionary path

Although without procreation we may as well have a bath

Many battles were won so you could dance, drink and sing

Unless you have children all you’re ancestors died for nothing


The angry young General may not be so young any more

Travelled the world and lived life with abandon like a free whore

Channelling the anger as an emotional tool for his courage

Free to scream in his mind at the many injustices of the age


Stranger, my friend, stay near as he tells about money

He watched many chase after this delusion of honey

Follow something you love and you will be entirely free

Let the people follow you and all honey will be free


One straight line is time, finite to the human existence

The other is truth of all truths although hard to find sense

Incalculable moments left to learn of the truth as you surely will die

This time is invaluably precious, lone being, to understand why?


Stranger, my friend, be near as I think of life as a forest

Exchanging all people for trees as an imaginary test

You must move with great haste to fight against time

The tightrope of truth must be walked, listen to the chime


The trees they will block you and you must act very fast

Be prepared to fight with very single breath from first to the last

The limbs they will sway, try to grab you and pull you away

React immediately with love or sharp swords as there is only one way


You will improve your speed as you practise the art

Utilizing all tools from your mind and your heart

Your swords will become less necessary the further you go

Your love and your swords will gradually grow


Create no illusion as this beautiful journey will be incredibly tough

To free your emotions creates a sea like you’ve never seen rough

Stranger, my friend, be near as I give you my strength

Life has no distance although there is always a length


Drink, eat and make love with abandon to shake off the pain

The emotional crests and the troughs will eventually wane

The sea will become calm and you will understand peace

You will become part of the forest as though only one piece


If you can find a fine lady who wishes to share with your path

A lady who seeks procreation and truth as well as a bath

You must always protect her from all swaying limbs

She will give you courage as she walks and she swims


Will not speak of children as he has none to this day

He is sure it will happen as there is only one way

These words are for a stranger, my friend, in order to lift

His son will be born one day and these words are a gift


He hopes to have the time to be able to love openly his son

With the learning’s of life’s battles that have been already won

Stranger, my true friend, so go out and enjoy the circle of life

Always be near, my true friend and let courage be your first wife


Guaranteed that nothing in life can be taken with absolute certainty

The illusions preached to the masses are a test of your sanity

Lightning may strike at any moment leaving him left as a scorch

Strangers, don’t worry, his true brothers will simply pick up the torch


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