Accidental Mistress

 Accidental Mistress Accidental Mistress

Status: In Progress

Genre: Humor


Status: In Progress

Genre: Humor


Fenix is head over heels in love with her older boyfriend Nathaniel and then she finds out that this man who she has been dating for two years is married and she's been his Mistress.


Fenix is head over heels in love with her older boyfriend Nathaniel and then she finds out that this man who she has been dating for two years is married and she's been his Mistress.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Accidental Mistress

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Fenix starts off in a confessional and ends up bent over her kitchen island.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 21, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 21, 2017



  Fenix stood at the bottom of the steps of the large ornate Catholic Church with stained glass windows. On a Monday afternoon when everyone else was busy hard at work, she had taken the day off to free her mind. She had been battling an internal conflict for a few weeks now which led her to the steps of this church. A church outside of her neighborhood where no one knew her.  She took a step back in hesitation before walking up the stone steps. She was Christian but far from the Catholic faith.  She found Catholics to be entertaining with their rules and rituals similar to Pagans and as she pushed through the heavy wood doors she wondered if she was making a mistake. As the door shut behind her she noticed the saints in the glass windows staring at her. She felt her skin begin to burn and thought for a moment she heard them laughing at her but the laughter was coming from a child who was running through the church as a woman was lighting a candle. Fenix hurried into the confessional and and shut the door.

"Um..Forgive me Father for I have sinned. Is that what I'm supposed to say or is that just movie stuff?" She asked.

The top half of the wall beside her slid down and on the other side of the mesh screen was a man dressed in robes and not looking at her.

"You are not a Catholic, I see." He voice was deep and gruff.

"Nope." Fenix responded unapologetically. 

"Yet the Lord has set your feet on a path to this Church to relieve yourself of troubles. Tell me child, what burdens you?"

She took a deep breath. "My boyfriend is married. I just found out a few weeks ago. And yes, I know its wrong but we've been dating for 2 years and I had no idea."

"No idea?"

"Yeah. No idea. I mean normally when a guy is married they tell you and the ones that don't, have tan lines from their wedding band or never let you sleep over their house. They don't go anywhere in public with you and they certainly didn't stay overnight. There were no tan lines, and we've stayed over each other's homes many times but then I find out that's not really his house. It's just one of the places he keeps his clients."

"Child, are you Christian?"

"Yes..."She grumbled.

"Then you know you need to let this man go. It is not of God."

"Same goes for a lot that happens here in this building but I'm not judging you."

"If you find this faith so disagreeable with your lifestyle then what, may I ask, are you seeking?"

"Honestly? I don't have anyone else to talk to. It was either this or a suicide hotline and I'm not jumping off any ledges."

Fenix looked over at the priest and saw him rubbing his forehead in frustration.

"Are you need or guidance or penance?" He asked.

"No, I don't do that Hail Mary stuff."

"May God guide you in this decision." He said before sliding up the partition.

Fenix rolled her eyes and sighed before stepping out the confessional. This was the fourth Catholic Church confessional she went to and every priest responded the same way. Her phone rang as she hopped into her car. It was him. Than man she had loved, dated and shared her life with for 2 years. The man who had told her during dinner two and a half weeks ago that he was married. She slid to decline his call and began the drive home. 


She missed him. Nathaniel was the best boyfriend she had ever had. They had met at the clothing store she owned that sells menswear. They had met when he had come in after having coffee spilled on him and needed a new shirt. 



"So how did this happen?" Fenix asked the irritated looking older gentleman grumbling to himself as he looked through her boutique. He had a rather large brown spot on his shirt.

"Coffee shop rush. Someone was trying to get in as I was trying to leave and bumped me."

She watched as he loosened his tie. It was one of the most settle and yet sexiest things a man did that she loved. 

"Do you have another shirt like this, in this color?" He asked as he pulled his shirt out of his pants. His suit was a well made designer label in a common dark blue. The shirt he wanted to replace was a plain light blue shirt.

"I do but are you open to something a little different?"

"I know the game of sales. I ask for one thing and you try to get me to buy several things and then add on accessories I don't need like new cuffs or collar stays. I'm not so pretentious."

Fenix laughed. "Okay, but I would think a man wearing a stunning Calvin Klein with a Walmart, or  probably Target, button up would want to try something of that brand or similar."

The man looked curiously at Fenix and shook his head. "It's Target. My mother got it for me and I'm having dinner with her this evening so I'm wearing it."

"Well aren't you good son." She complimented.

"Yes. A good son who has a meeting with a client in half an hour."

"Oh dear." Fenix walked over to a shelf of blue button up and found one the same color. She walked over to him and he nodded. 

As he began to unbutton his shirt she noticed the coffee stain went through to his under shirt. She grabbed a basic white t-shirt and some hand sanitizing wipes.

"I see you're adding on sales girl."

Fenix smirked. "Well the wipes are free."

He chuckled and stripped out of his t-shirt and slipped on the one she brought him. 

"I would think a man of your age would rather change in a dressing room."

"A man of my age? How old do you think I am?"

Fenix took a deep long breath. " With your somewhat curly salt and pepper hair and goatee, your slightly heavy build and the few lines on your face, I would say forty-nine."

He laughed as he put on his tie. "Another sales trade secret. Tell your customer whatever they want to hear to make them happy because a happy customer buys anything."

"I have to disagree. I believe in honesty. I own this store. This is my reputation. If I lie and send you out of here looking bad, not only do I lose you as a customer, I also lose potential customers from all those that look at you."

"Good to know."

Fenix bit her lip as he grabbed his suit jacket. "So was I right?"

"No. I'm 52 and I'm not a prude. I didn't show anymore than I would have at the beach." He glanced over at her before looking back into the mirror to make minor adjustments to his shirt."Oh and by the way, you might need to look into getting glasses."

"I have contacts."

"A stronger prescription then." 

They walked over the the register where she rung him out for the shirts.

"How do you know so much about sales?"

"Well I have the hardest sales job of all." He pulled his card out of his wallet.

"Oh? What is that?"

" I'm a P R Agent. I sell people and their stories." He gave her a big smile before walking out and that's when she realized he had left his coffee stained shirt. 


Fenix saw a man dressed in faded jeans and a band t-shirt sitting on her porch as she pulled into her driveway. She looked and saw that a few of her neighbors were home and decided not to make a scene by yelling at him, instead she walked over to him shook her head. 

"I have nothing to say to you Nathaniel." She stood there on the porch looking up at him. His height of 6'2 always  made her feel small even with her four inch heels but the emotional distress she felt made her feel smaller. 

"Tell me you don't think of me." His green eyes that once use to dance in the light were dull and sad.

"I was just thinking about how we first met. How you left the shirt your mother gave in my store."

"And you googled my name from my credit card receipt and had the shirt cleaned and sent to me. Yes, I remember because I took you out to lunch to thank you."

"You did, but during that lunch you forgot to tell me you were married."

Nathaniel growled. "I don't love her. How many times do I have to tell you? It is a marriage of convenience at the moment."

"Oh come on Nathaniel. This isn't the sixteen-hundreds where marriages are contracts to seal alliances and form peace treaties."

"My kids-"

"Will survive." She interrupted. "I'm a child of divorce and must say I'm doing pretty damn well." She pushed past him and opened her front door and he walked in behind her.

"I don't remember inviting you in."

"Then call the cops. I'll wait." He stood there in here kitchen looking broken and exasperated.

"What do you want Nathaniel?"

"I miss you. I miss my girlfriend. I miss my submissive. I can't be me without you."

"You are not the only person that lost someone here!"

"I know."

"I lost my love, my friend, my Master. I need you."

Nathaniel reached out for her but Fenix backed away.

"No, Nathaniel. You are not mine. You're hers."

"No. "He shook his head. "I am yours and you are mine. Fenix, I have never connected with someone as deeply as I have with you. If you take away the sex, if you take away our Dom and Sub lifestyle I still have a friend. I have someone who laughs with me and calls me out on my shit. I have someone to talk to after a long day and I'm actually heard and am able to have a conversation instead of dealing with one word replies and a head nod. I can be my entire self with you. You accept me for who I am, flaws and all. You keep me grounded. You keep me sane in this crazy industry I work in instead of trying to push to to join into madness of it all. The sex, our lifestyle, is just a bonus. Fenix, I need you."

"You lied to me. I thought I was your girlfriend. I was your mistress." She felt tears fall down her cheek. 

"I can't lose you. I love you. I will divorce my wife, that I can promise you. I want to marry you. To put a permanent collar on you so that every time you touch your neck, every time you look in the mirror you are reminded of my love for you."

Nathaniel reached out to wipe her tear stained cheeks, this time she didn't pull away. Instead she looked up at him.

"We can't do this. I'm not weak. I'm not that girl."

"What girl is that?" He ran his finger through her curly brown hair.

"The type of girl that breaks up a happy family. The type of girl who steals a woman's husband."

"Let's get one thing straight. I am not an object to be stolen. I am a man who's wife is more interested in the parties and celebrities and Hollywood type lifestyle that a job like mine provides. The only happiness in my family are my kids. I love my kids and right now at the age of 5 and 6 I can't imagine putting them through a messy divorce and I know with her it will be messy. I just want to protect their innocence a little longer."

"I don't want to be your mistress."

"Fenix, I never planned to put you in this position. I had no idea that taking you to lunch as a thank you would turn into another lunch, a mid-day coffee or dinner. I wasn't looking for anything with anyone. I didn't plan on falling in love with you but each time I saw you I wanted more. I wanted to see your smile again. My ears ached to hear the melody that is your laughter.  I loved talking to you. It was nice just being able to relax and talk again about something that wasn't about work or money. I also didn't think I would fall in love with someone much younger than me."

"I'm not that young." She scoffed.

"I'm 54 and you're 30. You're young." He kissed her forehead. "Do you love me? If the answer is no then I will leave. I will leave and I will never contact you again."

Fenix leaned her head against his chest and thought took in his scent. She thought about a life with his hugs and his kisses. She thought their joint obsession with history and touring historic landmarks and discovering treasures in thrift stores. Who else would she discuss the media inaccuracies while trying out new recipes? She would miss his smile and the way his forehand would wrinkle when a client sent something stupid to his email. She loved watching the way his mind worked while trying to get a client out of trouble or getting them sponsors.

"I love you." She whispered. 

When he didn't respond she looked up at him to say it again but he kissed her as soon as she opened her mouth. She missed his lips, the way his tongue danced with hers. She tugged at his pants but struggled with the buckle as his arms tangles with hers. She heard a rip as he bit her neck. Her dress, now torn completely at seam fell to the floor leaving her in her lacey pink bra and panties. She was about to step out of her shoes when he requested that she leave them on. 

He turned her around and bent her over the kitchen island and tied her wrist together with his belt. 

"You know how much I hate it when you wear panties." He grabbed the lace barrier delaying his pleasure by the sides and  pulled until they ripped and fell to her ankles. 

Nathaniel wrapped his hand around her neck causing Fenix to arch her back. She turned her head and looked at him. She missed this. She was never one for love making. She wanted it hard and rough. To be consumed by animalistic desire. To indulge in their primal instinct.

"Don't take your eyes off me." He growled before pushing his hard thick cock inside her wetness.

Fenix gasped and turned away.

"Look at me pet!" He barked as his thrusted hard and steady into her, filling her up. 

She looked at him and bit her bottom lip.  "Yes Master." She said softly

"Again." He commanded.

"Yes Master." Fenix said a little louder.

His pace quickened and he let go of her neck and grabbed onto her hip, plowing her like a man who needed sex to breathe.  She moved her hips, bouncing, meeting him thrusts for thrusts. Moaning like an animal in heat. Nathaniel felt her walls squeeze him and it pushed him over. He erupted inside of her. Painting her insides white with his cum instead of pulling out to cum on her.  Fenix looked at him in disbelief and then she understood. He had never came inside her before. They had always used condoms. Sometimes he would pull out and sometimes she swallowed but as he freed her arms and really looked him in the eye she knew why he did it. To come inside her was his way of claiming her as his. 

Fenix slid her finger inside of her and licked their cum off her finger. She barely got her finger out of mouth before he picked her up and carried her into the bedroom.  Her bed was custom made with loops on the bottom. She also had loops hanging from her walls and ceiling and they were well used.

"You suffered because of me. For that I am sorry. But now I need you to suffer a little more for me." Nathaniel laid her on the bed. He pulled off his shirt, tossed it in the corner of the room and walked over to the chest at the end of the bed. Out of it he pulled out several lines of rope.

"Tell me our safeword." He walked over to the side of the bed at looked down at her with a smile.

Fenix knew this was wrong but her body overrode her thoughts.  "Apple."




Fenix laid awake next to a rather loud snoring Nathaniel. 'Where did his wife and kids think he was?' She thought to herself. He body was sore. Nathaniel had tortured her for an hour. He kept taking her to the edge of a orgasm without letting her jump into the pool of that pleasure. When he finally did allow her to cum, she came hard, screaming and shaking. Her legs ached. She was sore between her legs from the pounding he gave her. She loved it and she loved him but so many questions running through her head let her from fully enjoying this moment.

What would they do now?

What was she to him?

What things would change? 

How long until he would divorce his wife and was he still sleeping with her?

She fought the strong urge to wake him up and demand answers. It was late and they both had to be up early for work the next day. She took a sip from the ZQuil next to her bed, laid her head on his chest and listened to the rhythm of his heartbeat.

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