Light and Fire: Sex Lives of an Elite... Indira Gandhi, the Indian Sex Tigress

Light and Fire: Sex Lives of an Elite... Indira Gandhi, the Indian Sex Tigress

Status: In Progress

Genre: Non-Fiction


Status: In Progress

Genre: Non-Fiction


"Indira Gandhi, Indian Prime Minister had threesome sex with Egyptian President Nasser and yogi Brahmachari..." Some untold stories about Indira Gandhi's sex life are appearing first time in the history. A new book, Light and Fire; Sex Lives of an Elite reveals striking tales of the secret sex lives of many famous people, including Benazir Bhutto, Asif Zardari, Hillary Clinton, Yoko Ono, Indira Gandhi, Nehru, Lord Mountbatten - and the Royal families of England, Saudi Arabia, and Gulf States... A chapter from this book, "Indira Gandhi: The Indian Sex Tigress" is published here.


"Indira Gandhi, Indian Prime Minister had threesome sex with Egyptian President Nasser and yogi Brahmachari..." Some untold stories about Indira Gandhi's sex life are appearing first time in the history. A new book, Light and Fire; Sex Lives of an Elite reveals striking tales of the secret sex lives of many famous people, including Benazir Bhutto, Asif Zardari, Hillary Clinton, Yoko Ono, Indira Gandhi, Nehru, Lord Mountbatten - and the Royal families of England, Saudi Arabia, and Gulf States... A chapter from this book, "Indira Gandhi: The Indian Sex Tigress" is published here.


Author Chapter Note

This is a chapter from the book, Light and Fire: Sex Lives of an Elite. This book reveals about the secret sex lives of many famous people. This chapter on Indira Gandhi reflects some untold stories of her sex life...

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Submitted: December 25, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 25, 2016




"Indira Gandhi, Indian Prime Minister had threesome sex with Egyptian President Nasser and yogi Brahmachari…"  Some untold stories about Indira Gandhi’s sex life are appearing first time in the history. This work is the result of a joint research conducted by a team of investigative reporters and some former intelligence field agents… A new book, Light and Fire: Sex Lives of an Elite reveals some striking tales from the history. Its main focus is on the libertine sex lives of some women from the elite and the Royal families of England, Saudi Arabia, and Gulf states… It covers the secret sex lives of many famous people, including Benazir Bhutto, Asif Zardari, Hillary Clinton, Yoko Ono, Lord Mountbatten, Nehru, and Indira Gandhi… These stories reflect some insiders’ accounts of VIP sex parties where even the female members of royal families – some British and Saudi princes & princesses / husbands & wives, are engaged in open sex and swapping partners…The book is going to be released in March 2017. A chapter from this book, “Indira Gandhi: The Indian Sex Tigress,” is published here.




A chapter from Light and Fire: Sex Lives of an Elite by Rafael Martinez



Libertine sex life and unusual sexual practices among the elite and the royal families, have existed since centuries. They were found in the Roman Empire and among ancient Chinese emperors and empresses – and still run across today’s royal families of England, Saudi Arabia, and Gulf states… Contrary to the popular belief, libertine sex or sexual adventurism is not limited only to the men among these elites or monarchies. Many women from today’s royal families have been engaged in wild sexual escapades along with their husbands, with their consent! They swap sexual partners, engage gigolos, and organize VIP orgies… Inside the magnificent arcades of the palace and behind their veils, all these games are played. It’s another world within this world. The research on this obscure world has been conducted through the first-hand accounts of some insiders who have been a part of this sexual phenomenon. The outcome of this research also shows that unusual sex and certain incestuous practices or incestuous tendencies have been found commonly among the dynasties of Bhuttos and Nehrus both – practices among the Bhuttos, and tendencies among the Nehrus…

Rafael Martinez, 25 December 2016 






One might find it hard to perceive how some people could be so open in sex and have multiple sexual partners at the same time… When there’s some revelation about the unusual sexual practices of celebrities or world’s prominent leaders, most people are shocked and some of them find it hard to believe. They cannot think of people like Benazir Bhutto, Indira Gandhi, Nehru, Hillary Clinton or some female members of royal families having inhibited sex with several partners at the same time, swapping wives and husbands, and engaging gigolos for their sexual pleasure… In order to understand these sexual trends, one should FIRST understand one ground rule about the “libertine people” before going through the shocking stories about them:

Anyone, men or women, who are “libertines” – for them having sex with someone, is like going out with someone for a coffee or lunch in a restaurant. The way an ordinary person can go out and blend socially with someone for having drinks or conversation, the libertines can have their sexual encounters almost in the same way. Of course, the secrecy must be fully maintained! And the elite and the royal family members have enough resources to keep their secrecy. Once you understand this aspect of libertine people, you can perceive these shocking stories more easily. So let’s say, for instance, when you read something like, “Indira Gandhi, Benazir Bhutto, Hillary Clinton, or some female member of a Saudi royal family had a sexual encounter with someone or participated in a group sex party,” you should perceive it like they had lunch with someone or attended a dinner party. Because for them, sexual encounters are nothing more than this!



Saira Mir: Her sex life in Paris sparked the revelations of some big stories from the history



Jawaharlal Nehru, the leader of the Indian independence movement was reading some documents in the tea lounge of Anand Bhavan in Allahabad. He looked at his watch. It was the time when Dhirendra Brahmachari should be with his daughter, Indira. Nehru had asked him to teach yoga to Indira, to improve her health. He also liked to watch them doing various yoga exercises. He moved towards the upper lounge, where the young and good-looking yogi was teaching Indira. No one else was allowed to enter this section of Anand Bhavan during those yoga sessions – except Nehru of course. Nehru opened the door and entered the lounge…

Indira was wearing a tight outfit, an off-white skin-tight pyjama and a sleeveless top. In this dress, her figure was quite apparent. She was lying down on a large-size rubber pad. Brahmachari instructed her to bend her legs backward, towards her shoulders. Indira followed his instruction. Now her body was in a position like she was trying to jump backward. The shape of her hips and thighs became more apparent in this position. Brahmachari was freely putting his hands over her body, in a supporting gesture as he was trying to save her from falling. He put his hands on Indira’s hips, and slowly moved down to her thighs. He looked towards Nehru, into his eyes, but Nehru’s face had no expressions. Brahmachari made Indira assume all imaginable Hindi yoga asens (positions). After the exercise session, Indira lied down on the rubber pad, with her backside exposed. Now it was the time for energetic massage. Indira’s arms were shining through her sleeveless and tight-fit top. Yogi started by rubbing her naked arms. Indira felt a current running through her body. He rubbed her body with a combination of soft and hard pressure. When he slipped his hands from her hips to her thighs, he let his two fingers pass lightly through the middle of her thighs. Indira’s feet and hands trembled a little… Brahmachari moved down to her legs. Now he was rubbing her both legs… Nehru got up and silently left.  After a few minutes, Brahmachari helped Indira to get up – and they both, now holding arms, moved towards Indira’s bedroom.

As soon as they entered the bedroom, Indira whispered seductively, “Hey, your massage makes me crazy. When you pass your fingers over my vagina, I feel like jumping over your cock right over there.”

“It’s to make you prepared for my passion,” said the young yogi.

Then he pushed Indira towards the wall, he had come out of his yogi outfit. He pulled down Indira’s soft pyjama, and Indira quickly took off her top. Brahmachari let her assume the standing position, facing the wall. He opened her ass cheeks apart and started penetrating his dick inside her already wet vagina. He loved to fuck her in standing position. They were probably not aware that someone was watching them… From a secret hole in a window, Nehru was watching the sexy action going on between his daughter, Indira and the yogi… He could see that yogi had fully penetrated his dick inside her, and now he was moving back and forth vigorously. Then they changed their movements. Now the yogi paused, and Indira started shaking her ass back and forth, and then in a circular motion. Once they reached to their orgasms, they sat down on the carpet for a little while. Then Brahmachari pulled Indira by her hairs to the bed.

“Now you will massage me all over. I need the energy from you, the way I have taught you.”

Brahmachari lied down on the bed, while Indira massaged him, focusing more on rubbing his hips and the thighs. Apparently, she had learnt well the art of arousing a man.

“Am I little rough to you? What about your sex actions with Dinesh Singh?” asked the yogi.

“He is too soft, just your opposite. But that’s okay. I like the variety,” said Indira.

“And I like the savage women like you who’re into multiple sexual relationships. It makes me excited that you’re desired by others. It’s arousing to have sex with a highly desirable woman.” Apparently, he seemed to know everything about Indira’s multiple sexual relations…

Nehru was walking in the corridors of Anand Bhavan. He had just watched the sex between his daughter, Indira and Brahmachari. He was indulged into his thoughts, getting introspective:

“I have given her the best education, and arranged the best sex for her. But why I always like to watch her in sexual action? Am I a pervert? Or perhaps I just want to make sure she is s getting enough pleasure from the life… I just want to share her moments of pleasure and ecstasy. What could be wrong with this?” 


M.O. Mathai, Nehru’s private secretary had no idea of the libertine views of Indira and Nehru. Because he was a conservative type, Indira never shared her bold views and alternative lifestyle with him – though she had some sexual encounters with him, which Mathai had mistaken as a romantic affair. He did not know that for Indira, it was just another adventure among her several other sexual adventures. He was always worried that if Nehru found about his relations with Indira, it would damage his position. But Nehru knew it well. And this is also obvious from Mathai’s own writing. In the chapter, “She”, that he had excluded from his books (1) My Days with Nehru and (2) Reminiscences of the Nehru Age, there’s a passage that describes how Nehru, at the time of any departure for dining out, would come directly to Mathai’s study, and call Indira to come out. This simple man, Mathai could not think even in his wildest dreams that Nehru not only knew about Indira’s open sex life, but he got a certain pleasure from the knowledge of her daughter’s sexual encounters that she was having great pleasure from the life he had provided to her.

Passage from the chapter, “SHE”, excluded from his books:

Was the father aware of her attachment to me? The answer is in the affirmative. Every time he had to go out for dinner, he knew where to find her. Fifteen minutes before the time of departure, she would come fully decked up and sit in front of me in my study. At the stroke of the appointed time the father would pass my study and call her out. In the winter of 1958 I happened to see something by sheer chance. Immediately after lunch, I went to convey some urgent information to her. She had already closed the door. I knocked; after about five minutes she half-opened the door and peeped out. I discovered that the curtains were drawn and a tall, youngish handsome, bearded man – a Brahmacahri – was in the room. I came away saying “I had something to tell you; but I shall say it later.” That was the end of our relationship. She tried to make me believe several times that the scene I witnessed meant nothing more than some “yoga” and “spiritual” lessons. I gave her the definite impression that I was not interested in her explanations. Gradually she grew bitter against me. In fact, ultimately, she became my deadly enemy – which constantly reminded me of the famous couplet of William Congrave:

“Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned; nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.” 

Within a fortnight of the incident I collected all her passionate letters and returned them to her. A year later I came across some more in my old papers. They were also returned to her.

If Mathai had the same kind of libertine ideas as Brahmachari, Indira and Nehru, and if he could merge into their kind of open sex, Indira might continue her relations with him. It was Indira who had taken the step to break her liaison with Mathai, because of his conservative character.On the other hand, Feroze Gandhi, Indira’s husband knew about her sex life, but they both had a mutual understanding for these aspects. So, he never raised any objection on her lifestyle.

Indira Gandhi had a weakness for good-looking handsome men. They aroused her sexually…Yogi Dhirendra Brahmachari and Dinesh Singh both knew about each other’s sexual encounters with Indira. And they were happy to go with that, especially Brahmachari who was a kind of sex guru, an Indian Rasputin. He had once said to Indira:

“You’re having sex with me, Dinesh Singh, Mohammad Yunus, Mathai – so many men, individually. So why not together? I want to see you banged by a team of my chelas (followers) at the same time. You can also invite your Dinesh or Yunus, if you like. We should explore new aspects in the art of sharing pleasure.”

This kind of encounters never took place – though Indira had not responded, in affirmative or negative, on this suggestion by her sexy yogi. But interestingly, he made a secret visit to Egypt in early 1967 in order to meet President Gamal Abdel Nasser, on behalf of Indira Gandhi, then Prime Minister of India. This visits was made before Indira Gandhi’s official visit to Egypt, planned for October 1967. Brahmachari’s meetings with Gamal Abdel Nasser was held secret. When he met Nasser, he gradually brought up the subject of the art of sexual pleasure and women’s sexuality. Playing through his spiritual personality and talking about free-thinking women, he succeeded in arousing Nasser for Indira. Nasser, after all, was a red-blooded man. He got the undercurrents of the message, and then passionately waited to welcome the sexy and sexually-libertine Prime Minister of India – to take her for a journey to his Arabic delights… Sex guru of Indira Gandhi had paved the way for this sex tigress to explore the new horizons of sexuality – this time towards the Egyptian experience, the most ancient civilization.


It was some secret exchange of information in 2016, between a former MI6 field agent and an investigative reporter – that revealed many secrets from the history, including some untold stories about Indira Gandhi's sex life…







Indira Gandhi and Nehru



Anand Bhavan, Allahabad (a secret sex temple)



John Hills, Dhirendra Brahmachari and Amrit Desai

World Conference on Scientific Yoga, 1970. New Delhi


World Congress on Scientific Yoga, 1970 (New Delhi)

Brahmachari (2nd from the right), Amrit Desai (4th from the right)



 Dhirendra Brahmachari, sexy yogi of Indira Gandhi bought his own private plane




indira-gandhi-pictures-indian-minister 220px-nasser_portrait2


October 1967, Indira Gandhi, the Prime Minister of India, landed in Cairo, on her 3-day official visit to Egypt. Indira had already met President Nasser during his previous visits to India. But this visit carried some striking features in the backlot… Dhirendra Brahmachari made a secret visit to Egypt in March 1967 in order to meet President Naseer, on behalf of Indira Gandhi. Brahmachari had taught Indira the value of exploring new horizons of human sexuality… He emphasized on the spiritual richness she could achieve by sexual interaction on the footsteps of the world’s most ancient civilization – and Nasser was the most prominent man of his time representing that civilization. Indira was eager to explore any new horizons.

On the other side, President Gamal Abdel Nasser was ready to welcome Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, this time with a different passion. Brahmachari, in his meeting with Nasser, through the discussion on spirituality, sexuality and free-thinking women, had aroused him for Indira… So, they both knew about their eventual encounter, secretly planned. On the 2nd day, after the formal programs were over, Nasser joined Indira in her hotel suite. Sexy yogi, Brahmachari was also present with Indira. The first session was to be taken place under his spiritual guidance… And soon the wild game began:

The yogi began by making Indira assuming various yoga positions, arch-like position, half-moon position… Each position was making her figure sexually exposed in her red tight outfit.

Yogi’s hands were freely slipping over Indira. Then Nasser joined and started fondling her… Yogi guided him like a sex guru as how to take care of this tamed sex tigress, to focus on her pressure points, take care of some delicate spots, towards a journey of ecstasy…

Nasser undressed Indira. Her body emerged out of her red outfit like an untouched living statue. Nasser had already taken off his suit. Now he was in a short nicker and he had his full erection. He threw out his nicker and first penetrated his cock into her pussy from behind, while she assumed the half-moon position. Their sex guru, Brahmachari was directing them… Nasser would give Indira a few strokes in one position, Brahmachari would advise him to take out his cock, and make Indira assume another yoga position. Then Nasser would penetrate his cock from that position… And it continued like this, Brahmachari turning Indira into varied yoga position and Nasser fucking her in those yoga asens. In the first intercourse, Nasser fucked Indira in 7 different positions. Brahmachari called this process the divine positions of yoga – filled up through the sexual action of divine boating into the female cavity

After Nasser finished his course of action, Brahmachari fucked Indira, like two yogis sitting face-to-face, Indira over his lap like a lap-dancer, throwing her legs around him, taking his cock inside her and moving her body like his dasi (female devotee).

For Nasser, all this was certainly the most-weird experience of his life.

“Our sexy yogi is called ‘Indian Rasputin’ in some inside circles,” Indira told Nasser.

“I endorse that title,” said Nasser.

“I wish if tonight we could have been in Pyramids, nearby Pharaons,” Brahmachari said.

“If we were there tonight, Pharaons would have come out of their tombs,” Nasser gave a light punch on yogi’s shoulder.

The next night, President Gamal Abdel Nasser and the Indian sex tigress, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi were together, just by themselves, without their sex guru. Indira showed Nasser another woman inside her. Nasser experienced her most aggressive sexual action. She climbed over Nasser in the cowgirl position, and gave him the vigorous strokes, switching her riding positions frequently… “It was the night when Nasser gave Indira the title of the Indian Sex Tigress,” Brahmachari later told a close friend, and Indira once shared this tale with Devika Rani, one of the leading actresses of Indian cinema and the grand-niece of Rabindranath Tagore.




Jawaharlal Nehru right and Indira Gandhi left visiting the Rerikhs in the Kulu Valley

Indira and Nehru visiting the Rerikhs in Kullu Valley (1942)

Besides, she has a young sexy companion to keep her sexually satisfied.


Kullu Valley, 1942. The habitants of Naggar, a small village in Himachal Pradesh, were gathered around their leader Nehru and his daughter, Indira. They both were chatting with the people around. But their hosts in this Himalayan village were not some locals. They were the guests of a family of a Russian painter… who had settled here in 1928.

Naggar is located on the banks of River Beas in Kullu valley. This region has a unique charm. Its geographical diversity ranges from green meadows and pastures to the stark grandeur of Himalayas. The state is endowed with mighty snow covered peak, deep gorges, verdant valleys, flower filled meadows, fast flowing rivers, glaciers and enchanting lakes. The celebrated Kullu and Kangra valleys and Manali have a unique charm and personality, and are considered to be more gracious and exciting than Kashmir valley. Kullu valley is famous for its scenic beauty, apple orchards and lively tribal music and dances.

Nicholas Roerich, his wife, Helena and two sons, George & Svetostav, were a unique family in Naggar village. They had a spicy tale behind them. Their legacy had inspired the Nehru family. Nicholas Roerich (October 9, 1874 – December 13, 1947) – known also as Nikolai Konstantinovich Rerikh (Russian) – was a Russian painter, writer, archaeologist, theosophist, perceived by some in Russia as a philosopher, enlightener, and public figure, who in his youth was influenced by a movement in Russian society around the spiritual. He was interested in hypnosis and other spiritual practices and his paintings are said to have hypnotic expression.

A visionary and idealist, Roerich promoted peace and the protection of the world’s cultural heritage, the unity of religions, and the notion that the creative people of the world bear the responsibility to save the world. In 1929 Nicholas Roerich was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by the University of Paris. He received two more nominations in 1932 and 1935. His concern for peace resulted in his creation of the Pax Cultura, the “Red Cross” of art and culture. His work for this cause also resulted in the United States and the twenty other nations of the Pan-American Union signing the Roerich Pact on April 15, 1935 at the White House. The Roerich Pact is an early international instrument protecting cultural property.

During the first decade of the 1900s and in the early 1910s, Roerich, largely due to the influence of his wife Helena, developed an interest in eastern religions, as well as alternative belief system such as Theosophy. The Roerichs – together with their son George and six friends – began the five-year-long Roerich Asian Expedition that, in Roerich’s own words: “started from Sikkim through Punjab, Kashmir, Ladakh, the Karakoram Mountains, Khotan, Kashgar, Qara Shar, Urumchi, Irtysh, the Altai Mountains, the Oyrot region of Mongolia, the Central Gobi, Kansu, Tsaidam, and Tibet” with a detour through Siberia to Moscow in 1926. Roerichs’ Asian expedition attracted attention from the foreign services and intelligence agencies of the USSR, the United States, Great Britain, and Japan. In fact, prior to this expedition, Roerich himself solicited help of Soviet government and Bolshevik secret police to assist him in his expedition, promising in return to monitor British activities in the area, but received only a lukewarm response from Meer Trilisser, chief of the Soviet foreign intelligence at that time. On the one hand, the Bolsheviks assisted him with logistics when Roerich was traveling through Siberia and Mongolia. Yet, on the other hand, they refused to totally commit themselves to his reckless utopian project of the Sacred Union of the East – a spiritual utopia that boiled down to Roerich ambitious attempts to stir the Buddhist masses of inner Asia to create a highly spiritual cooperative commonwealth under the patronage of Bolshevik Russia. The official mission of this expedition, as Roerich put it, was to act as the embassy of Western Buddhism to Tibet. However, for Western media his expedition was presented as an artistic and scientific enterprise. Between the summer of 1927 and June 1928, the expedition was thought to be lost, since communication with them ceased for a year. They had been attacked in Tibet and only the “superiority of our firearms prevented bloodshed… In spite of our having Tibet passports, the expedition was forcibly stopped by Tibetan authorities.” The expedition was detained by the government for five months, and forced to live in tents in sub-zero conditions and to subsist on meagre rations. Five men of the expedition died during this time. In March, 1928, they were allowed to leave Tibet, and trekked south to settle in India, where they founded a research center, the Urusvati Himalayan Research Institute. Now Indira and Nehru were here to pay their tribute to these visionaries.


Roerichs’ Asian Expedition


Roerich family in Naggar village, Kullu valley

They were all present on the dining table. The Roerich family had prepared a fine variety of Russian and Indian food for their guests. Indira took a discrete look at their hosts. The younger son, Svetoslav Roerich was a 38-year old painter, and Indira was 25 at that time – though her sexual escapades had acceded far ahead of any woman of her time. She could not take off her eyes from Svetoslav. She had a weakness for good-looking, handsome men. She was always sexually aroused in the company of such men… The father, Nicholas Roerich was saying:

“I believe in the foundation of a ‘Sacred Union of the East’ to be established here in the heart of Asia in order to develop a universal peaceful society. It is a spiritual and geopolitical pursuit based on spiritual ideas I have received from other world masters.”

“But it looks like a utopian goal,” said Nehru.

“So how you envisage to achieve this,” Indira commented.

Svetoslav, the son looked at Indira and said, “We’re working on a blueprint of ideal society… You may call it utopia but this utopia is to show the humankind that an ideal society is possible!”

“I heard that you were the director of some International Centre of Art in New York.”

“That’s right. But I have come here to support my father in this pursuit,” said Svetoslav.

“You’re a romantic!” Indira laughed. It was not just his looks, but his thoughts were also interesting to young Indira.

Indira had been wandering in Roerich Estate. The Estate had various interesting spots in the valley. This afternoon she had come to Urusvati Himalayan Research Institute. Svetoslav was painting in his studio on the first floor. Indira joined him. Svetoslav prepared the tea for her. He had not expected this visit – though he thought he really wished for her visit. They were standing by the window. Indira moved a few steps towards the centre of the room. From there, she was staring at him, straight on to his face…

“Can I call you Steve? It’s much easier,” asked Indira.

“Sure, whatever makes you feel good,” Svetoslav responded.

“Your views give me a certain inspiration, Steve. I’d like to do something in that direction,” said Indira.

Svetoslav looked back at Indira:

We become what we think, our thoughts are a potent energy which can and will change our bodies in to need and powerful accumulators of energy. The true artist should have force to excite in the spectator and student a sudden wave of emotions and ideas, to fill soul of the people with new images, new representations, experiences and inspiring ideas. I always shared an ancient concept that the ‘Beauty’ has to be searched for in everywhere. And with all means and resources available, I have searched for it in the art and in my life, because, after all, both life and our creative expression is one whole. Every one of us longs for the beautiful flowers of friendship, understanding and affection. If only we would permit them to blossom freely within our hearts, our lives would be transformed and enriched through the wondrous healing balm of understanding and sympathy — sympathy and compassion which expand to all the spheres and areas of our life and are the foundations of universal love and universal order, all-embracing, all-containing, attracting to itself like a powerful magnet the best manifestations and expressions of the human genius — the true flowers of our heart and mind.”

Indira standing in the middle of the room, listened to him, and then unexpectedly, ran towards him, put her arms around his neck, and started kissing him… Steve (Svetoslav) could not help responding her. She was irresistible.  Her warmth and aggressiveness were unique to him. He fondled her slowly. They moved to the nearby couch. Indira, instead of her favorite cowgirl position and riding over her man – lied down on the couch in a more feminine position, and let her lover come over her… as she did not want to conquer him, but to be conquered by his grace.

She opened her legs wide apart and let him penetrate his hard cock. Her legs moved around his shoulders. When Steve was giving her heavy strokes, she said, “I wish you never stop.”

During their visit to Naggar, Indira was also accompanied by a family friend, Mohammad Yunus. Indira had a longtime sexual relationship with Yunus. And Nehru knew this. Actually, he silently encouraged all this. Nehru’s philosophy was like “I am providing every pleasure of life to my daughter…” So Yunus accompanied Indira on this trip to keep her sexual appetite satisfied. Every night, Indira would silently slip into Yunus’ bedroom, and Yunus would fuck her regularly. But tonight, she felt restless in bed with him. Finally, she left saying that she wanted to be alone. She went to her bedroom, and then straight to the bedroom of her lover, Steve. It seemed that he was waiting for her. They passionately made love. For Indira, those were some rare occasions when she felt she was not having just sex – but experiencing a divine blend of love and sex… Subsequently, throughout her stay, she would spend one night with Yunus, and the next night with Steve. She still liked to have more than one man, but preferred her experience with Steve.

Steve (Svetoslav) had no knowledge about Indira’s multiple sexual relationships. Later on, when he came to know about this facet of her life, he was shocked. It was a hard blow to his passion.  In 1945, he married Devika Rani, one of the leading actresses of Indian cinema – and remained married to her until his death in 1993. He was also greatly disappointed by the hard-core ruling style of Indira Gandhi, when she became the Prime Minister of India. He had loved that young woman who appeared to be working for certain ideals. He expected her to work for the progress of universal humankind. When he saw that her ruling period was marked by self-centered politics, it turned into another blow, this time to his vision of ideal society that he thought Indira might pursue.

“Perhaps she was right when she called me a romantic. I was just an idealist,” he thought.

She made many attempts for a reconciliation with Svetoslav, the only man with whom she had experienced a divine blend of love and sex – but he could never welcome her again as a lover. It was a painful task for him to see the woman he loved, merged into a libertine sex life.

Many years later, after her return from Egypt in 1967, Indira Gandhi came to see Svetoslav and his wife Devika Rani – who had moved to Bangalore. Devika Rani was not only a leading actress, she was also the grand-niece of renowned writer Rabindranath Tagore, who was a close friend of Nehru family. So, they knew each other well. Devika Rani was a well-educated Indian woman at that time. She studied architecture and textile design in London, and started her career as textile designer, something rare in those days. Her first husband, filmmaker Himanshu Rai died in 1940. Then she married this Russian painter in 1945. Devika Rani and Indira Gandhi had become close friends. Indira shared with Devika about her recent sexual encounter with the Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser. She revealed all the intimate details of her adventure, as how she had threesome with President Nasser and yogi Dhirendra Brahmachari… She also confessed that she would love to repeat all this, whenever possible… Those were the initial years of Indira Gandhi as Prime Minister. She was not yet too harsh in her political affairs. So Svetoslav, without making any hint at her wild sexual life, advised her about her political life:

“Now you have a responsible position and the power. It’s a gift given to you by the forces of nature. Use them for higher purpose. Contribute something valuable to the humankind, make the efforts to provide decent living to the people of your country.”

Indira came again to see them in 1976 (2nd year of her Emergency rule). This time, he strongly criticized her for choosing a path of self-centered politics. He even abruptly got up and left, leaving her alone with Devika. It was his gesture to show his sorrow for the woman he had once loved.

It was in 1980 when a British female journalist met Devika Rani. They had a long discussion on the role of Indira Gandhi in Indian politics. Devika revealed all those shocking details about Indira and her sexual adventures, including her affair with Svetoslav in 1942.

“I know she was deeply in love with my husband, Svetoslav,” Devika told the journalist.

It was then in 2016 when this British journalist met an investigative reporter - and thus, so many untold secrets about Indira Gandhi were leaked.



Svetoslav Roerich



Naggar village in the Kullu valley, Himachal Pradesh, India:

A love sparked, the dreams held so close, then all gone up in smoke...





Left to right: Nehru, Svetoslav Roerich, Indira, Nicholas Roerich, Mohammad Yunus

(Indira, the sex tigress spent one night with Yunus and the next night with her Steve)



Roerich’s house in Naggar village, Kullu valley (a sex resort for Indira Gandhi)



Urusvati Himalayan Research Institute in Naggar
(where Indira began her sexual encounters with Svetoslav Roerich, her Steve)


The last encounter

It was the last night of Nehru & Company in the valley. Indira had been going through the experience of love and sex blended together, in the company of this sexy, good-looking man… But tonight, she had a desire to go pure wild.

“Tonight, I will show him the wild animal inside me,” she thought.

It was during this night that Steve/Svetoslav sensed something unusual about her. He could not resist a thought knocking his mind, “Does she have other men in her life?”

When Indira entered Steve’s bedroom, it was near midnight, her usual time for blowing like a cool breeze after dark every night – into his soft senses… But tonight, she came like a thunderstorm. She pushed Steve to the bed, pulled down his baggy trouser, tore his khaki shirt, and then jumped out of her clothes. She lied down over his body. Now they both were full naked lying down on each other. She rubbed her naked body all over his naked body like two magnets attracting each other. The friction between their naked bodies made them more sensual. She rubbed her naked boobs on his naked chest so vigorously that they moved towards the peak of an intense pleasure. His cock was getting erection, like hard rock. Now Indira started playing with his cock in her hands and quickly switched to sucking it. Steve was responsive but looked surprised by all her moves that were changing rapidly…

“Now be my horse. I’m your rider. Take me to some faraway forest,” said Indira, and quickly came over him, spreading her legs, holding his dick and connecting it to her pussy. She slid over his hard dick, and it was all inside her. She started saddling him with rapid motions. After every few moments, she switched her position… first facing his face, while saddling him, then getting up, turning her ass towards him and climbing again over his dick… then again, the same round… While riding over his dick, she moved her ass like a skillful dancer’s erotica.

They reached to their orgasms. They lied down side by side. Indira pulled Steve’s hands towards her boobs and tightened his grip over the boobs.

“I never imagined you would have so much sex within you. What you do when you’re alone? Or do you have someone?” Steve could not resist the urge to ask this question.

“I have a friend to help me,” Indira responded calmly.

“What, so you have another man? Is this Yunus? Why he accompanies you?”

“Oh no, Yunus is another story. I will tell you some other time when I feel you’re able to understand the multi-dimensions of certain things. No, Yunus is not that friend who helps me when I’m alone. That friend is a vibrator.”

“Vibrator? What do you mean?” said Steve, his hands continued rubbing her boobs…

“It’s a dildo baba, just like your cock, but with a big advantage. It can function as long as I want. It works with the battery cells. When I’m alone and have the desire, he fucks me for more than an hour, non-stop. I get my multiple orgasms, so many times in this one-hour non-stop sex. Ah, it’s so exciting to have multiple orgasms. A man cannot fuck so long. So it’s a dildo, the vibrator that is my other friend, got it?”

Steve could not hide his anger, “Oh yes, now I can see your other friend… And this man, Yunus, is he also a kind of your short-time vibrator?

Indira laughed, “Yunus is not a vibrator. If he’s a vibrator, would you bring him in to fuck me non-stop for an hour or so?”

“Oh my God, you’re incredible!” Now Steve was not surprised - but shocked.

“Oh, my silly Steve, I was just joking. Don’t take it seriously,” Indira assured him.

But Steve could feel all this could not be mere joke. He could not go along with this lifestyle.

Indira looked into his eyes and then rubbed her boobs on his chest. She started playing again with his dick in her hands. She could feel it was slowly getting hard, once again for a live action.

“Come on my Steve. I need you again. But this time you’ll be the rider.”

The little tale of the vibrator was not a joke. In fact, yogi Brahmachari had given her this gift. It was a 7-inch long vibrator. Brahmachari often used it on Indira. Sometimes he would fuck her with this vibrator continuously for more than an hour – in all different positions. By using this device, he had made Indira used to the pleasure of multiple orgasms. It was one of his techniques to arouse young women to the heights of uncontrollable sexual desires - to make them obsessed with sex, which then he would manipulate in many different ways… And he was quite successful in his ventures. Indira Gandhi, the daughter of the leader of Indian independence movement had become a nymphomaniac. She would go to any length to fulfill her sexual desires, and yet remain unsatisfied, always looking for something more exciting to her libido… These things are happening on many different levels in society, but they’re found more widely among the elite and political circles, due to the higher stakes involved. This phenomenon needs to be examined from various perspectives - sexual, psychological, medical, social… and political!

Indira returned from Naggar, heavy-hearted, filled with a sense of some deep lose. She knew intuitionally she would not be able to have her Steve as the life-time companion. She knew she could not resist her nymphomaniac drives. Her extraordinary libido was the big obstacle. Her obsession with sex had become the obstacle for love. “Perhaps I should learn to live in this paradox. Is this my destiny?” She cried out. She had no answer!



Devika Rani and Russian painter Svetoslav Roerich (married in 1945)

Her husband had steamy sexual encounters with Indira Gandhi in 1942



Devika Rani’s writing machine, a source of some striking tales…




Devika Rani with Rabindranath Tagore and Himanshu Rai in Berlin (1931)

Himanshu Rai, her first husband died in 1940



Nicholas Roerich, the visionary father


Helena Roerich, the driving force for Nicholas


Feroze Gandhi, Devika Rani, Katherine Campbell, Indira Gandhi, Svetoslav Roerich (1950)


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