Inch by Inch

Inch by Inch

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Adam and Ethan have been close friends since middle school. It's no secret that the two have had a little fun over webcam with random girls watching and playing along - it was something all of the guys did behind closed doors to get hot chicks to bare a little more skin online. But never, ever did they cross the lines that they would cross tonight... Lonely after moving away to College, Adam and Ethan log on to a webcam site and start masturbating - hoping to find a couple of horny girls to satisfy their needs. After finding a score online proves equally as difficult as it's been in person, they decide to explore another option that has been there all along...


Adam and Ethan have been close friends since middle school. It's no secret that the two have had a little fun over webcam with random girls watching and playing along - it was something all of the guys did behind closed doors to get hot chicks to bare a little more skin online. But never, ever did they cross the lines that they would cross tonight...

Lonely after moving away to College, Adam and Ethan log on to a webcam site and start masturbating - hoping to find a couple of horny girls to satisfy their needs. After finding a score online proves equally as difficult as it's been in person, they decide to explore another option that has been there all along...


Submitted: March 14, 2016

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Submitted: March 14, 2016



"Damn... would you take a look at that ass?"

Ethan and Adam sat on their favourite bench enjoying what was, in their opinion, the most amazing view on campus - thursday night hot yoga. From this spot, they could perfectly observe the evening class of attractive, young scholars as they inhaled, exhaled, and stretched in tight spandex pants. They occupied this spot every Thursday evening, and many of the girls taking the fitness program knew it. A few even stretched just a little bit higher, a little bit longer to show off their assets once they knew the guys were watching... but, somehow, neither had scored a date despite any teasers.

"Which one? It's like a garden of booty, and every flower is in full bloom." Adam poetically described as the girls transitioned to a downward-facing dog position.

"There's a reason they call it 'hot yoga'." Ethan chuckled to his best friend. But their enjoyment was soon disruspted.

"What's wrong with you two?" The view was interuppted by a well-known face - that of the Hot Yoga instructor, Ellis. She was a stout, stern-faced forty-something who somehow squeezed herself in to a pair of tight, velveteen sweats every week and loved killing the mood. Strange, seeing as yoga was all about vibes - and none of hers were good. "These girls come here to relax and relieve stress... not be oggled by a couple of perverts in saggy pants!"

"Speaking of saggy pants, Ellis, you could probably invest in a few pairs." Ethan snickered, high-fiving Adam.

"And what is that supposed to mean? You know, I am a fitness instructor! I'm perfectly fit for my age!" Ellis defended eagerly, her voice breaking as she fought back insecure tears. "Enough is enough, you two. I don't care what else you have to say - if I catch you here again, I'll have security on you quicker than you can say 'I have no respect for women'. I've caught you eyeing up our classes more times than I care to count. That's it!"

By now, the entire yoga class was looking their way. Ethan and Adam sighed, rolled their eyes, and stood up to leave.

"Catch your chill, Ellis. Aren't you suppose to be all zen and whatever?" Ethan mocked as he trodded down the trail towards the dorms.



It was clear that they had lost their favourite check-out zone. The two headed back towards the dorms when they heard giggling behind them. A few of the girls from the hot yoga class briskly brushed pass the two, playfully side-eyeing them as they went.

"Hey - you girls wanna grab a beer?" Adam hollered out, making consistent eye contact with the plump, round backside of the thin, tan brunette leading the group.

"Sorry, boys. We're more in to men - you know, the kind that can actually approach a woman and ask her out rather than checking out her ass for six weeks?"

"Oh, come on... We're men!" Adam and Ethan goofily flexed and groaned, posing for the girls who giggled back with an interest twinkling in their eyes. The guys were fit - both played football in highschool, and started regularly hitting the gym together in eleventh grade. Ethan was stockier, with broad shoulders and a defined jawline. His hair was buzzed on the sides, and shaggy on top. Adam had an athletic physique and well-toned calves and buttocks that looked perfect in the black Nike basketball shorts he sported day-in and day-out. He must have had sixteen pairs, but he still only swapped between two or three throughout the week. Five-o-clock shadows dabbled their cheeks and chins, and both had peircingly blue eyes that any girl should love... should love. But didn't. It had been months since either got laid, and they were becoming desperate to satisfy their needs. It seemed that every girl who attended their college was either taken, not interested, or not looking.

Despite their show, the hot yoga girls giggled and raised an unimpressed eyebrow.

"See you around, boys." The brunette mocked before turning around and walking away. A tight-legged, jiggly-assed blonde bent forward and slapped her left cheek playfully to tease them before walking away with the rest of the group. The guys, deflated and discouraged, watched them bounce away and enjoyed the last view they would ever have of those delicious derriers.

"I'm not trying to fulfill that horny, college-guy stereotype... but I seriously wish more girls fulfilled that slutty, college-girl stereotype. Damn." Adam sighed. He shook his balls around to relieve a semi-erection he got while fantasizing about taking one of those girls home tonight.

"Fuck it, man. You know what, let's just go home and get on ChatRoulette or something and see if we can find some of those slutty, college-girl types online. I'm seriously so horny lately, dude."

After a moment of consideration, Adam replied, "Yeah, let's do it, bro. No fish are biting the worm around here, if you know what I'm saying."



Showered, shirtless, and ready to play, Adam and Ethan logged on to a webcam-chat website called C-More to find a couple of hot girls to cyber with. They set up Adam's laptop on a chair, and sat on the edge of his double-bed; only the bluey haze of the screen to illuminate the room. They had done this before - plenty of times, in fact. They first masturbated together in seventh grade with a few other guys. Once they discovered C-More in high school, they started doing their own thing together on cam, infront of girls who were doing the same. It was nothing like the real thing. But, both were so horny by this point that it didn't matter how they were getting off - pleasing themselves would make them feel just as good as one of the hot yoga girls could - and they knew there would be at least one crazy duo online who would touch each other if they requested so they could get a little extra arousal.

Silently, they sat on the edge of the bed and watched the screen as Adam clicked through partner after partner, looking for hot chicks. They had become desensitized to seeing other guys cocks as they clicked through cams. Ethan sat back on the bed, watching his friend eagerly search for a decent-looking girl to play with, and stroking his semi-erect cock through his sweatpants. The anticipation was exciting him. He imagined chatting with a busty, brunette with a thin waist... watching her bounce her breasts up and down, massaging her nipples as she laid back to reveal her moist, pink clitoris... He closed his eyes for a moment and allowed his cock to freely twitch against the cotton material of his sweatpants as he envisioned his fantasy girl sliding a manicured finger inside of herself, letting out a petite squeal as she penetrated deeper, and deeper...

"Dude, you're so hard right now..." Adam remarked. Ethan opened his eyes to see him looking back at a huge bulge bursting from his pants.

"Yeah, I told you I'm super horny lately..." He said, cupping his hand over his erection. Even the brisk touch of his warm palm sent a shiver up his spine. He lightly ran his hand along his dick to keep it rock solid while they waited. "Found anyone?"

Adam, bent over slightly to reach the mouse, had his hand down his pants and his fingers massaging his balls. He loved ball-play more than anything. One of his exes used to suck on them for hours while stroking his cock and teasing his asshole lightly. She was one of the best he had, and it wasn't even the penetration or vaginal sex that blew his mind - but the extensive foreplay that she was into. He never told anybody about the times that she introduced him to anal play, but secretly admitted to himself that prostate stimulation caused the most intense orgasms he had ever had. It's not that he thought Ethan would judge him on it, but he knew that it would be in his mind and might taint their ability to jerk-off together without feeling... gay.

"Oh, shit! Yeeeeaaahhhh..." Adam exclaimed, removing his hand from his pants and grazing his hardening dick. He typed away, then sat down with a smile on his face.

Two blonde girls smiled back, and one typed away herself. The other began kissing her friends neck and giggling.

"You guys are so hot..." Ethan said, exaggerating his words so that they would understand him without a microphone. The blonde who was typing sent her message, and looked up from the keyboard to turn to her friend. The other grabbed her face in her hands and kissed her hard. The guys watched in arousal as they two girls began to circle eachothers tongues around the others', and bite one anothers lips.

"Gold, bro... You struck it..." Ethan said,widening his legs and tucking his cock beneath the elastic band of his sweats, revealing only the head of his dick. It was shiny with pre-cum, and he used this as lubricant to run his thumb along his hole and head. He tingled with pleasure, teasing his own dick. He sat up and reached for the keyboard to type.

Would you eat her?

The girls stopped kissing and read the message. They smiled, one whispered to the other, and then began typing back.

Touch your friend and I will.

"What's she saying?" Adam asked. He had his fully-hard, six and a half inch cock out and was slowly stroking his shaft, balls to tip. The girls continued kissing, sitting up on their bed, and started to massage one anothers' breasts through their matching white tanktops.

"If we touch you, they'll eat eachother out. I don't know, man. What should I say?"

"Fuck. I don't know..." For a moment, an image popped in to Adam's mind that enticed him... one of him and his best friend. He shook it off and excused it. "Um... ask them how? Like, how do they want us to touch?"

Ethan typed away. The girls read the message, then one of them charaded a 'jerking off' hand motion.

"I... think they want us to jerk eachother off..."

There was a moment of silence between them. They were both so horny, their blood ran hot through their veins and their cocks were throbbing in their hands. They looked at one another, and then back at the two hot and willing girls on the screen. They'd gone through so many cams before finding these two...

"I mean, ask for a taste." Adam laughed. Ethan scoffed, typed his response, and the two guys watched eagerly. The girls shared a look before one bit her lip, and shoved her friend back on the bed - revealing that she wasn't wearing any panties. Before they could catch a glimpse of anything between her legs, her friends head was there, bobbing up and down. Both guys began masurbating quicker and harder, wanting to savour the little preview that their partners were giving them... but the girls stopped after about forty-five seconds, and began making out again before turning to the camera and mouting "your turn".

"Uh..." Adam sighed. "Wanna just do it? Not being gay, man, but it could feel kinda good." His cheeks flushed pink and warm, embarrassed and hoping that his Ethan wasn't against the idea. Another flash came in to Adam's mind of his best friend... one a little more... vivid. He silenced it immediately by glaring back at the screen and creating a scenario where he was with one of the blonde girls instead. Ethan looked back to the girls, then his friend.

"Yeah, let's do it." He replied. His body began to tingle at the thought of his friend touching his cock. He kept this quiet and tried to play it cool, as if it didn't matter whether or not Adam touched him... but as soon as the girls suggested it, Ethan knew it turned him on. He had so many questions about why it did... but these were drowned out by the fantasy playing over and over in his mind of his friend gripping his pulsing dick and stroking it up and down.

Come on, and don't stop or we will.

The girls messaged.

Ethan and Adam sat close on the bed, their thighs just touching. They pulled their cocks from their pants.

"Same time?" Adam asked.

"Alright." Ethan responded.

Adam lifted his hand and reached for his friends cock, without looking. Ethan reciprocated. His hand lightly bumped the tip, and sent a surge of sensation through Adam's entire body. His balls tightened, and his cocked twitched as Ethan's warm, rough hand closed around the shaft of his dick. He let out a small, quivering moan. Closing his own hand tightly around Ethan's cock, he began stroking. Ethan gasped in pleasure and returned the gesture. At first, they moved awkwardly, but eventually worked up a rhythym that felt amazing. As soon as the two girls on screen saw that they were enjoying each others hands, one laid back and spread her legs wide, revealing a tiny, pink clitoris that was shining with wetness. The other slowly lowered her head and began gently licking around it...

"Oh my god... that's so fucking hot." Ethan exclaimed, leaning back and propping himself up with the unoccpied arm. Adam found himself distracted, though. As sexy as the two blondes were, especially as one sucked and tantalized the others clit and pussy, he kept finding himself closing his eyes and leaning his head back... just enjoying the feeling of Ethan's hand massaging his shaft. It was almost enough to bring him to climax. He let his mind run wild with fantasies of his friend... until the room went dark.

The laptop screen was black.

"Fuck! What happened?" Ethan exclaimed, still breathy. They continued giving eachother handjobs.

"Laptop died... shit. I'm sorry." Adam sighed, slowly his pace while stroking Adam.

"Can I be honest?" Ethan asked, his heart racing so fast it he could hear each beat in his ears. What he was about to admit could ruin their friendship. 

"Yeah..." Adam breathed.

"I don't want to stop." A moment of silence lingered between them. Ethan felt his heart sink to his stomach, and began to worry that he may have creeped out his best friend. Stupid! You shouldn't have told him. He's going to think that you're a homo or something! Fuck! Idiot!, he thought. Then, Adam spoke up.

"Me neither..."

Hot with excitement, Ethan looked at Adam. His heart skipped a beat realizing that Adam was looking back. Their blue eyes met, and locked as they began to stroke one another again. Suddenly, Ethan felt an urge growing within him, one that told him to push this a little further. His gaze drifted from Adam's eyes, down his stubbled face, and stopped at his plump, pale lips. His mouth was slightly open, and his breathing was harsh. Ethan wanted so badly to feel those lips against his, and upon every surface of his body. But was Adam thinking the same? He found himself biting his own bottom lip with indecision. Just look away, look at something else. He let his eyes travel down his friends tight, toned body. First, his neck... his shoulders... his chest... and then lingering at his stomach for a moment. Oh my god, don't look at his cock. Don't do it. Resisting the urge to watch himself jerk off his friend, he looked back up at Adam's face.

Adam had been admiring Ethan's body, too, and suddenly, began to lean in closer. He put his free arm around Ethan's waist and pulled him in, expecting him to pull away from his impulse. However, he was shocked and excited when he realized that Ethan was inching closer, too. He felt his hot breath against his lips, lingering just inches away from his face.

"I.. really want to..." Ethan spat out, realizing that his hands were now both rested upon Adam's shoulders and no longer masturbating him. Suddenly, their lips met. They kissed passionately and furiously, holding each other tightly and each pulling the other in. Falling back, Ethan ended up on top of Adam, their dicks rubbing together and throbbing against each others' thighs. 

"What are we doing?" Adam asked between closed-mouth kisses.

"I don't know... I'm just so horny... and this feels so good." Ethan replied, running his left hand down his friends body, letting his fingers discover every bump and dent and fall in to them. Adam pushed Ethan off of him, makign him land on his back against the bed. He sat up, and ran his fingers through his deep brown hair. He scooted towards the edge of the bed and hung his feet over the side.

"I know... What does that mean, man?"

"I don't know... Maybe we just... see where it goes. It's just for fun, right? It's not like we're..."

"No! I'm not, I know you're not. It's not... gay."

"I mean, girls fuck their friends all the time and nobody says that they're lesbians."

Adam stared back at Ethan from the edge of the bed. He was still laying down, and his cock was laying to the side against his hip. He felt a hot rush of attraction travel through him... Ethan was right. They should just do this. He hadn't been with a girl in months, and knew that Ethan hadn't either. It felt good to please each other. He loved Ethan like a brother and was confident that was the only way he loved him. But right now, he wanted to just jump on top of him and feel the warmth of his body against his... feel his balls against his... feel his cock against his... He jumped up on to the bed and crawled on top of Ethan, who gasped and grab his hips tightly.

"How far do you want to go?" Adam asked, strattling Ethan's waist. He felt him twitching against his balls, tickling them with the head of his cock as it hardened again. He leaned in to kiss him again. Ethan lifted his hips and lightly thrusted. Then, threw Adam back on the bed and straddled him. The two wrestled for dominance, back and forth, before Ethan pinned Adam down by his arms and began kissing his neck.

"Can I admit something that you can't tell anybody?" Adam asked, staring in to the eyes of his playmate.

"Of course you can. Unless this is where you profess your secret crush on me for the past ten years. Then, no." Ethan joked, starting to glide himself against Adam, dry-humping him and feeling his balls squash against his ass.

"Emma used to... Don't laugh, okay?" Adam began, moaning before continuing as his and Ethan's cocks tightly pressed together, the friction as he was rode against almost making him cum. "She used to play with my ass."

"Seriously?" Ethan picture himself playing with Adam's ass... it excited him more than anything had thus far. He asked himself if this was where the line should be drawn. Then, realized that what they were doing tonight might never happen again. He wanted to do any and everything that they possibly could. "How did it feel?"

"Fuck.. it was the best orgasm I ever had. You have to try it." Adam expressed. Ethan began kissing his chest. "I mean... I'm not saying that... you know, you have to try it now..." He defended, hoping Ethan wasn't weirded out by the suggestion. But, Ethan continued kissing him, now pecking his abdomen and lower stomach. Adam moaned and placed his hands behind his head, relaxing his body as Ethan travelled down it. "I mean... I would... I would be open to anything... this has been..." He tried to continue talking to distract himself from what he knew was about to happen. He couldn't wait... "Oh my God..."

Before he could continue, he felt the wet, warmth of Ethan's lips around his dick. His tongue pressed against the top of his cock, then slid against the underside as Ethan lowered his head down on to him... engorging him all the way to the base. Adam felt a bit of liquid escape his dick, and thrusted upwards into Ethan's mouth with pleasure, causing him to choke.


"This is so weird... I''ve just never done this, man."

"No... it feels good... Want to do it at the same time?"

Ethan positioned himself above Adam so that they could suck eachother off at the same time. Ethan had never felt so good, the pressure against his cock, while feeling the oral satisfaction of having Adam's in his mouth was amazing. He felt himself reaching climax. His toes tensed up, and his legs began to quiver. He sucked harder on Adam's cock, trying not to moan too loudly. He felt it building up... every inch of his body was burning and tingling. He grabbed Adam's balls and started massaging, causing Adam to moan. The vibrations against his dick, deep in Adam's throat, caused and explosion of pleasure and he started to cum. Hoping to not offend his friend, he tried to pull out, but Adam grabbed him by the ass and thrusted his cock even deeper. Ethan stopped sucking, his body tensing up then convulsing as he felt Adam's throat tighten and swallow his load.

"Fuuuuck!" He cried out. "Oh, fuck! Holy shit..."

Pulling out, Adam opened his mouth and allowed a cool breath to blow against Ethan's sopping wet cock. He flicked his tongue against the head as Ethan rolled over on to his back, his cock still pusling, sucked clean, and a huge smile on his face.

"I'm sorry, I thought you were close, too." Ethan apologized, realizing he had left his friend hanging.

"I was for a while. That was really good, seriously. Sure you've never sucked a cock for a couple bucks or something man?" Adam teased.

"No way, dude!" He playfully punched his friend in the shoulder and turned on his side. He realized that Adam was still hard. I should do something to finish him... Ethan thought. Fuck, this is so fucking weird.

He started to suck on Adam's balls, but was stopped.

"Listen.. this has been so... strange... and so fucking hot, and I realize we're never going to be able to forget that we did this..." Adam replied. Ethan felt ashamed, and began to think that Adam didn't want him to finish him off. "If we're going to do this... we should do it all. Don't think I'm gay, man, I just... I mean would you be open to... Nevermind..." Adam laughed, sitting up. Ethan was on the same page, though, and wanted what he did just as badly.

"Just tell me what to do. I want you to cum. You made me. I don't think you're gay, and I know I'm not."

"It's so weird to ask this..."

"I know what you want, man. Dont say it, don't make it weird if it feels weird. Just guide me through, this is new." Ethan reassured.

"You could let me do you... then you'll know what I want."

"Does it really feel good? It doesn't hurt?"

"Seriously, it does. I used to ask Emma to play with my ass every time we had sex. I mean, she didn't have a dick though. Just tell me if I hurt you, man."

Ethan pictured Adam inside of him. Almost instantly, he felt himself started to get hard.

"You gotta give me a minute. But I'll be honest, Adam, and I never thought I'd say this to any man, but... I really do want you to fuck me."

"I want you to fuck me, too. Let's just try it, if we both want it. Like we agreed, we should just fucking do it. We're not going to forget tonight. Let's leave no option left unexplored."




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