Forbidden Heart

Forbidden Heart

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Jade, an exiled princess, now lives in a city that she once called her enemy. Now, contracted by a government who is oblivious as to her real identity, she is a paid killer. However, she must face her demons when her past comes back to kill her.


Jade, an exiled princess, now lives in a city that she once called her enemy. Now, contracted by a government who is oblivious as to her real identity, she is a paid killer. However, she must face her demons when her past comes back to kill her.

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Jade, an exiled princess, now lives in a city that she once called her enemy. Now, contracted by a government who is oblivious as to her real identity, she is a paid killer. However, she must face her demons when her past comes back to kill her.

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Book two




The night was beautiful. A blanket of stars filled the dark sky with tiny lanterns. All of which would be witnesses. The pale orange glow of the nearest moon filled the streets with light. It, too, would be a witness. And so would the tall elegant buildings.


His footsteps sounded loud in the narrow cobblestone sidewalk. He walked fast, head down and back bowed. He knew he was being followed. And he knew why. But he’d rather die than give up his secret.


It was the last thought he had.


The twin blades flashed with deadly purpose. Before he could fall to the ground she caught him and laid him down almost gently. Almost. She killed with no mercy. No remorse. It was the first rule of being an Arixi. The Arixi were the most powerful beings in the galaxy. Were. Now the race lived unobtrusively on a small kingdom of their own behind secluded by mountains, slowly growing in numbers again not daring to step foot on another kingdom.

Except for Jade.


With no feelings for her victim, she wiped her blades on his back and sheathed them, strapping them across her back. A crimson river flowed down the dank alley and into the gutter. The heels of her Jimmy Choo boots tapped a deadly rapport out on the cobbles. And that was the only sound she made. The darkness seemed to swallow her body and she became the night itself. Only the odd rays of light that flashed off her blades revealed her presence. And anyone who saw her wouldn’t live long enough to tell the tale. She walked with ease in the dark. After all, she was a creature of the night.

And if anyone found out her secret she was dead. Nothing would save her from the wrath of the king. Not even her skills.


Jade was a deadly assassin. The very best in her field. An arixiole and a guardian of the crest, none could beat her in a fight. Nobody who challenged her lived. But that was born from simple survival skills. Kill or be killed. And Jade wasn’t planning on dying anytime soon.


Killing wasn’t something she loved or even enjoyed. But it paid well. And she was good at it. Very good. She needed the money. Circumstances forced her to pick up her blades and use them for the very reason she swore she wouldn’t. And she feared that one day that she’d turn into the very people she killed. That the darkness she felt around her would finally engulf her heart, her soul. It was a fear that could very well come true. Every single day was another battle against her body and soul.


The moment she exited the alley she manifested dark sunglasses to hide her beautiful lemon centred green eyes. It was unusual for anybody on Sapphina, and even Venaria to have lemon around the pupils that flowed into clear green with flecks of black. And if she were seen anywhere near the body of her victim it wouldn’t be hard to track her down. She worked for the King for gods’ sake!


The swords on her back transformed into to two bands of silver silk that wrapped themselves around her wrists. And as she moved into the light her pitch-black hair softened into a main of rich chestnut that flowed like water over her shoulders, and lengthened over her forehead to skim just above her perfectly arched eyebrows. Those who saw her were deceived into believing she was weak by her oval face, lush mouth and soft features. And her graceful body was strong and lithe and toned. A speck of fat had no chance on her.


Rain washed coldly down her body. It was the first sign of summer in Sapphina, the city of jewels. Or it use to be. The once pristine streets were littered with filth. The neighbourhoods that were filled with the sounds of joy were void of laughter and tainted by haunting memories of a war caused by hatred and greed. The building around her, made from the best of material and some even of marble, were falling apart.


It brought a tinge of pain to Jade’s heart to see her beloved city in such a state, but there was nothing she could do and even if she could she wouldn’t get involved. In her opinion the war was as stupid as the man, or animal, which caused it. It started long ago and would probably continue long after her death.


And if they found out about her she was no better than the bones of those bleaching on the battlefields.


Dante’ and his army may not have already conquered the King Markus’ empire, but the damage was done. Princess Anya was dead and the Queen Neola nearly died too. Markus had retreated into seclusion and for months he hadn’t been paying attention to Sapphina and all that was going on in his kingdom. Distraught and torn apart by grief his white palace had become his world. And now a full war was about to break out between Sapphina and Illona.


And all that happened within three months. Jade shook her head in disgust. Men and their ego’s and sex drive made them act like morons half the time and prevented them from even thinking, let alone rule an empire. Dante was only after Sapphina for revenge. Where that got him, only he alone knew.


In her opinion women should rule. They didn’t have to spar with words nor did they have to threaten their subjects in order to instil loyalty.  Women had no need to prove themselves. That was proven in the way they ruled their empire. They ruled with their iron will, unshakeable fait and, of course, their ability to think. But, alas, no world would succumb to a women’s rule. It was still a dog’s world. And that’s just the way the cookie crumbled.


Jade walked nearly halfway across the city to reach her building. She had to pass through the Silver Square to reach the South End of Sapphina. The rich and the poor. Silver Square was the only area that still held any beauty. The aristocrats took arrogant pride in their homes. The brass on their doors still gleamed and their houses still looked breath taking. Most of the houses were mansion, made of Saphrite. A special stone only found in the kingdom. Embedded in the stone were fragments of the most precious gems and at night they shot sparks of light. Jade long ago stopped dreaming of a mansion in the Square. Dreams only held empty promises and disappointment. Her reality was in the South End. That was it.


She knew she was in the South End when the smell hit her. Neglect. It had its own smell. It spoke of broken dreams and homes, forgotten desires and despair. Everyone was the same. Men, dirty and inebriated, slept on the streets clutching pieces of warmth to their chest with their one hand curled around a dagger or gun. Whatever made them sleep more peacefully. Women, tired of fighting to keep afloat, went about cleaning their sparse homes and putting their children to bed. Their faces were pinched with lines born of hard times. And the children whose homes were destroyed and their parents killed huddled on the grey streets together, sharing bread or skirmishing over it just to stay alive for the next battle.


It was a hard life they lived and still they lived.


Relief poured through her veins on seeing her building. Once a modest apartment complex now looked dilapidated and depressing. The paint was peeling of the walls and the door looked like it could be blown down by the wind. But it was home.


Jade scanned the streets for sign of anybody. Once sure it was empty she closed her eyes and drew on her powers. An instant later she appeared in her bedroom, which was big enough for her bed and her closet. Then she began the task of disarming herself. Daggers and swords were removed from concealed pockets inside her suit, her sleeves, waistband and her pants. Guns, even though she hated the cold feel of them, were removed from holsters strapped to her waist, shoulder and from pockets inside her pants. Even her shoes were weapons.


Once completely disarmed she tiptoed to her sister’s bedroom. Shia was fast asleep at her desk. Her golden curls tumbled around her angelic face in a wild mess. Soft lips were slightly parted and her dark lashes rested against her round cheeks. Jade’s enemies would have scorned her if they saw the tender smile playing on her full lips.


A book teetered on the edge of the table. Using telekinesis she shifted the book into the shelf were it belonged, and then she picked Shia up with ease that was born from practise. The moment she laid her on the bed, Shia turned over and curled into a small ball. As she did that her face caught stray light from outside and exposed the fading yellow marks on her cheek and neck. The swelling around her eye went down and the skin around it was turning a sickly colour, one she was very familiar with.

Jade sighed and sat next to her. From the drawer beside the bed she pulled out a tube of ointment and gently rubbed it over the marks. The anger inside her felt useless and late. The fact was she wasn’t there when Shia needed her and now she was hurt and Jade was knee-deep in medical bills. And that’s the reason why, she reminded herself, I need a new contract.


Leaving Shia to sleep Jade went into the sitting room, which doubled as her office, and booted up her Laptop. The moment she did her latest contract was read out to her.


“Your next assignment is Shay-den Dugan, outlaw, Arixi and assassin. Bring him in dead or alive. Reward of ten million credits. You have five days. If you fail there will be no escaping the Nemesi.”


Jade was frozen to her seat. Shay-den Dugan. The name was all too familiar to her. She knew exactly who he was and what he was. In all of Venaria there was no better Arixi assassin than him. Not that she knew him. But to kill another Arixi was something she never bargained for. It was like killing family. There was no way that she could do the assignment. No way.


But the Nemesi, if they came after her they’d have no qualms about killing Shia to get to her. She had no choice, she had to complete the assignment in five days or else she’d be dead.


With a swipe of her ID card across the screen she notified the Guard that she’d received her assignment. A second swipe would tell them she’d accepted it. But she couldn’t make herself do it. She had twenty-four hours to accept an assignment and for the first time in years she was going to take those hours to think about her assignment.


Gods help her find an answer, because she had no inkling about what she was going to do.




Her very target was going through his assignment. Shay-den scooped back his rich dark brown hair and bound it in a loose pony behind his neck with a soft leather strap. While he did that he studied the picture of the woman in front of him. Her unusual eyes gazed back at him defiantly with her chin lifted in a stubborn angle.


Shay-den recognized and admired her strength and willpower, but he also recognized the Arixi in her. And here she was, he chuckled, working for the very same people who wanted to destroy her race completely. The irony of the situation wasn’t lost on him.


His melted chocolate eyes scanned through her credential quickly. In under an hour he knew her better than she probably knew herself, down to how much she still owed on her rundown apartment.


He stretched his long legs out and whistled. The girl was in over her head with debt putting her little sister through school. Well, that wasn’t his problem and it sure as hell won’t be her biggest problem for much longer. He could tolerate a lot of crap, but the one thing he couldn’t tolerate was a traitor. And Jade Kasson was exactly that, a traitor. She lived, worked and breathed amongst the very species that nearly eradicated their race. And that was despicable.


Shay-den felt no remorse about killing his own. It was a job, a means to an end, and he’d do it without complains. It didn’t matter to him that she had a sister she had to care for. Jade made her choice the day she decided to leave Venaria for the filthy kingdom she now lived in.


Five days would be more than enough to deal with her. And he’d have four days to scour the city for any weaknesses that would aid in the retaliation. Shay-den couldn’t believe Markus would be so brazen to attack the palace after all the years of peace. And now Janus was preparing his army for war. Shay-den couldn’t be more pleased about it all. It was about time Sapphina suffered the same fate his race did.


With a soft laugh Shay-den swiped his ID card over his monitor and accepted the assignment. 

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