Mistress has a treat for Melissa

Mistress has a treat for Melissa Mistress has a treat for Melissa

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Faye finds a new way to keep her submissive housekeeper in her thrall.


Faye finds a new way to keep her submissive housekeeper in her thrall.


Submitted: March 19, 2019

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Submitted: March 19, 2019



The sound of the front door opening makes my heart miss a beat. When Faye left the house this morning she promised that our six year relationship is going to take a step in an exciting new direction tonight. She has never made such a promise before, so I am understandably excited.

I’ve known Faye since High School, but it was only after my husband Greg was arrested for fraud that the two of us became close. Faye was a true friend at a critical time in my life. I was penniless and homeless after my divorce from Greg, particularly as the divorce coincided with all of his assets being seized by the court. I was at the end of a very long line of victims whom Greg had cheated of their savings. Faye gave me a job and a roof over my head when everyone else shunned me. Her generosity came at a cost, but one which she was open about, and one which I’ve been more than happy to pay.

Should I have refused Faye’s conditions six years ago? Certainly my life would have been very different had I turned away when I had the chance. But I doubt my life would have been better if I had rejected Faye’s demands. I’m happy and content with my current lifestyle, which is something I couldn’t say before I met Faye. My life with Greg before he was arrested was comfortable and boring. Our sex life was virtually non-existent. Not so now with Faye.

The handful of people I meet socially these days all look down on me. That’s to be expected. Those who understand my relationship with Faye accept my role as her submissive slave and treat me as such. Those who don’t understand our relationship sneer at my apparent foolishness, but respect my desire to be left to my fate. A few may secretly blame me for Greg’s crimes, and consider my enslavement to Faye as a well deserved punishment.

Ever since I surrendered my freedom to Faye I’ve been at the mercy of her whims and wild imagination. It isn’t easy placing yourself in a position where you are helpless, particularly when Faye’s actions regularly remind me that I am completely under her control. It’s not just the frequent use of locks and chains which physically bind me to her dominion, but the subtle games she plays with my mind. Powerful and exciting games which make me all the more willing to accept her absolute control of my life. Each day I’m reminded that my compliance earns me the most sensational orgasms I can imagine. My pussy always becomes wet at the prospect of Faye’s arrival. I can feel my juices flowing now. I’m a slave to sex. I crave Faye’s harsh treatment so that my sexual reward will be all the more pleasurable. Bondage is an aphrodisiac to me, and Faye is only too happy to provide that in abundance.

Of course my compliance wasn’t always so forthcoming. Our first year living together was difficult, and more than once I berated myself for my weakness. Not for my initial surrender to Faye’s control, but my weakness in not being more resilient to Faye’s efforts to expand our relationship into more rewarding territory. These days I look forward to Faye pushing my boundaries into uncharted realms. Is that was she plans for tonight? I hope so.

You might be forgiven for thinking of me as some worthless doormat of a woman. I’m certain that several of those who know me socially hold that view. But I enjoy being Faye’s indentured housekeeper and maid. Faye isn’t uncaring and she insists that I regularly have outside company. I don’t mind that she vets my choice of friends, and I understand her concerns. The last thing either of us wants is some well meaning friend to try and rescue me from Faye’s dominion. I don’t want ‘rescuing’ and my current friends accept my situation, even if they don’t fully approve. In many respects my submission has set me free to enjoy things I could never experience without Faye’s control over my life.

At the sound of Faye’s pending arrival I quickly prepare for our established greeting routine. I go into the study and straighten the skimpy vinyl maid’s outfit which Faye has me wear during the day. I lock the chain dangling from the room’s ceiling to my collar with the padlock Faye has left for that purpose. The neck chain provides me with plenty of freedom of movement, but it confines me to this room. I hear voices in the hallway. The close-fitting hood over my head makes it difficult to distinguish their words, but one voice is definitely Faye’s while the other is male. Faye has occasionally brought home one of her male acquaintances from the bondage club she frequents, and once in a while she has me participate in the sex games which invariably follow. Those occasions are fun but I will be disappointed if that is all Faye meant by her promise this morning.

I adopt the submissive ‘greeting’ position Faye requires of me when I’m not in strict bondage. The short chain linking my wrist cuffs in front of me doesn’t count as serious bondage. Nor does the gag and the chastity belt she had me wear today. Like the hood, the short chain is merely there to make it harder for me to do my daily chores. It’s one of the many tricks which Faye uses to make my daily life interesting.

The door to the study opens. The narrow eye slits in my hood only give me a restricted view of the two people entering. Nevertheless, I recognise the man at once. It’s my ex-husband Greg. I belatedly realise that he must have completed his prison sentence and is now free. I feel a brief moment of guilt for not remembering that fact. From his reaction, Faye has obviously forewarned him of my presence, but even so, I can tell that he is nervous and shocked.

“Aren’t you going to say hello to Melissa, Greg?” Faye prompts.

“Err. Um. Yes. Sorry. Hello, Melissa,” says Greg, clearly still struggling to comprehend the sight of his ex-wife in bondage and kneeling before the pair of them.

“I’m afraid Melissa is unable to speak because of her gag,” adds Faye when all I can do is mumble in reply.

I study Greg carefully as he comes to terms with the situation. Faye clearly hasn’t properly prepared him for this event. Knowing Faye, that will have been a deliberate ploy on her part. She’s testing Greg. He’ll either leave at once, or he’ll embrace the situation he has entered. Perhaps Faye should have prepared Greg better. Or is she so confident in her appraisal of Greg? Nothing I’ve said about Greg would give her much guidance. At times Faye can be selfish and arrogant, but she’s also very perceptive.

My part in this drama is over for now. Faye hasn’t given me permission to stand and my gag makes me powerless to verbally influence Greg’s next action. He’s on his own with that decision. Rightly or wrongly, I can’t stop the strong feeling of attraction I previously had towards him from re-igniting. He stands frozen in place, although I sense that he reciprocates my feelings. I don’t understand what game Faye is playing but I know from experience that if Greg wants to return to a normal life, then he must run for the door at once. Faye rarely lets her victims escape.

If flight was ever Greg’s intention, then he misses his chance. Faye locks the door to the study, trapping Greg inside. In my current bound state, the locked door serves no purpose in restraining me. To Greg, however, it signals his last moment of freedom. Whether he likes it or not, he is now part of Faye’s and my dark world.

“Do you wish to leave, Greg?” asks Faye, forcing Greg to voice his decision.

“Why have you locked the door?” asks Greg, trying to deflect Faye’s question.

“Because I can, and I choose to do so,” replies Faye. “I told you my terms. Now answer my question.”

“I will stay. You invited me here to be reunited with Melissa,” replies Greg weakly as though trying to justify his failure to take any stronger action. “My feelings towards her haven’t changed despite all that has happened. I accept your terms although they aren’t what I thought you were meaning when we met yesterday.” I’ve no idea how Faye has lured Greg here but his words are nothing less than a total surrender to Faye.

“Good. Now remove your clothes and put on the items in that bag.”

It’s the identical demand which Faye made of me six years ago. Removing my normal clothes and putting on what symbolically serves as a slave costume was my first act of submission. Greg makes no protest and he offers no resistance. Faye has obviously understood his personality perfectly. Better than I did during three years of marriage. But I still don’t understand why she is doing this. Greg hinted that he wants to be reunited with me, but why would Faye support such a reunion?

While Greg is dressing in his new costume, Faye removes my hood and gag and unlocks my chains. For the first time today I’m completely free of restraints except for my chastity belt with its two thick latex cocks rammed up my two holes. It’s a powerful reminder of my situation. Faye teases the cock in my moist cunt which brings me to the brink of an orgasm in no time. But I’m experienced at playing this game and I hold myself from tipping over the edge into blissful heaven. I must wait for permission to come, and I can tell that Faye’s permission isn’t going to be given on this occasion. The frustration only increases my burning desire, which is precisely Faye’s intent.

Greg finishes dressing in a black leather harness typical of those worn in the bondage scene in which Faye and I live. Greg’s outfit labels him as a slave. Faye will probably add adornments later to reinforce his slave status. Despite his obvious embarrassment and discomfort, Greg offers no protest. He seems too bemused by Faye’s sudden demands and is torn between horror and delight at what is being asked of him. At Faye’s signal, he meekly hands over his clothes and she promptly leaves the room, carefully locking the door behind her. What am I supposed to do now? Offering sympathy and comfort to Greg seems pointless. Greg had the chance to escape and he chose not to leave.

Gradually Greg seems to regain his senses and belatedly realises the situation he is in. Is he excited or horrified? It’s very difficult to tell from his composure. His slumped posture is one of resignation and I hope he isn’t going to turn out to be a snivelling wimp.

That was a lesson I learned quickly. Pain and humiliation must be endured. Tears and complaints only earn more pain and humiliation. These days I rarely feel humiliated, and pain is only the other side of the coin to pleasure. An observer may mistake Faye’s harsh treatment of me as cruelty, but that’s not how I see it. I’m proud that Faye has taught me well, and I crave for her harshest attentions. Will Greg feel the same in time, or is he destined to be one of those who stubbornly resist the dizzy pleasures I regularly enjoy?

“Now you shall fuck me,” says Faye to Greg when she returns.

“What?!?” exclaims Greg as Faye unfastens the front of his pants.

Greg’s resistance ends quickly. Six years in prison has probably made him eager for sex. Faye kisses Greg while her right hand toys with his cock. If she is trying to make me jealous, then she fails in her mission. I’m too much in her thrall to feel jealous of her. Although I can’t see what she is doing, I suspect she is trying to improve his erection. Faye has high expectations in that department.

“Your cock is too limp, slave. Melissa, come and prepare Greg’s cock for your mistress’s pleasure.”

Faye steps aside and I kneel down in front of Greg. I take the partly erect beast into my mouth and begin my ministrations. It’s the first time I’ve ever done this with Greg although it’s a task I’ve occasionally performed with Faye’s casual boyfriends. I secretly challenge myself to improve the speed at which I can encourage a man’s cock to swell to Faye’s required size. Greg proves to be no different from his six predecessors. I can’t see his facial expression but his moans and his expanding rod tell me that he is almost ready.

Faye must also sense that Greg is ready. She roughly pushes me aside and guides his long slender cock inside her cunt. Greg was never a good sexual partner and when we were married he always came long before I was ready. After a few quick thrusts he spills his seed into Faye’s innards. Faye doesn’t say anything but I can see the disappointment in her eyes. Normally Faye expects a coupling to last several minutes. My own state of arousal, and the sudden jarring of the latex cocks inside me, nearly tips me over the edge into an orgasm. Faye is too preoccupied to notice my own state of arousal, but I do a much better job than Greg at maintaining control of my primal urges.

“Clean your mistress up, Melissa,” says Faye placing her dripping cunt in front of my face for me to lick clean. “Then take my new slave to your quarters. By morning I expect you to have trained him to control his cock better than it has performed so far.”

So Faye is throwing Greg and I back together. But not as husband and wife. We are to be a slave couple subject to her perverted demands. This is a game I look forward to playing.

[The end]

© Copyright 2019 Rachael Jane. All rights reserved.

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