Danielle's Dark & Dirty Dreams #7 Concubine

Danielle's Dark & Dirty Dreams #7 Concubine

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Danielle's dark fantasies continue when she imagines herself as the slave concubine of the mad vizier of Puskin.


Danielle's dark fantasies continue when she imagines herself as the slave concubine of the mad vizier of Puskin.


Submitted: October 28, 2018

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Submitted: October 27, 2018



Danielle’s Dark & Dirty Dreams

#7 The Concubine


“I paid three hundred gold ducats for you, so you will do as I command,” snaps the sultana.

“But he’s half mad,” I stutter in my defence.

“No, he’s not half mad. He’s completely mad. Just like his late father,” persists the sultana.

“And you intend to let him fuck me?” I quail, not liking the prospect of being sent into this madman’s cage one little bit.

“He’s the Vizier of Puskin,” replies the sultana. “He’s the hereditary ruler of this cesspit of a city. Unless he produces an heir soon then this city will disintegrate into a bloody factional war before very long.”

Personally I can think of two perfectly good reasons why that solution might be preferable. Firstly it rids this world of one of its worst hellholes, and secondly, I don’t get fucked by an insane monster. But the sultana is the vizier’s mother, and, as she says, she outbid the dozens of other eager buyers for my body. I’m her property and I must do as she says or suffer the consequences. And she’s made a point of ensuring that I understand the consequences of disobedience. Being boiled in oil isn’t something I’m in a rush to experience.

“Isn’t it likely that any child that he fathers will also become insane?” I ask, clutching at straws.

“More than likely,” concedes the sultana. “Which is why my son won’t be the father of your child.”

“I don’t understand. You want me to be the vizier’s concubine but to bear a child fathered by another man.”

“See. You do understand. That’s precisely what you are required to do.”

“So I don’t need to have sex with that mon ... err ... your son?”

“Not unless you want to,” replies the sultana. “He tried to eat the last girl we sent into his cage, so I don’t recommend that you try.”

“So I’m just pretending to be his concubine?” I say.

“No. You are officially the Vizier of Puskin’s chief concubine ... my son’s favourite slave. As such it gives you a high rank which entitles you to govern this city while the vizier is feeling a little unwell.”

Describing the vizier as being ‘a little unwell’ is the biggest understatement I’ve ever heard. If he was an animal he would have been put down long before now.

“What about you, sultana?” I ask. “Don’t you govern this city on behalf of your son?”

“I grow old and weary and I need to retire. I have ruled in my husband’s and then my son’s names for over thirty years. It’s been a carefully guarded secret, just as it must remain so under your rule. This is a male oriented world; women may hold the power behind the scenes, but it must always appear as though a man is in charge.”

“And do you believe that I am capable of governing Puskin?” I ask, trying to keep my voice from squeaking.

“Certainly. You are the daughter of a king, aren’t you? You know how to rule men, don’t you?”

No, I don’t. ‘How to be a good ruler’ is the last thing my father would have taught any woman, let alone me. But I suspect ‘no’ isn’t a good answer to give to the sultana at this time.

“I will do my best,” I reply.

“See that you do. Never forget that I own you, and I can be a cruel mistress if the need arises. Now, do you have any questions before we proceed?”

“Who is to be the father of my child?”

“He is waiting in the antechamber. He must leave on his travels soon, so I suggest that you use the next few hours wisely.”

The sultana escorts me to a small room at the far end of the chamber housing the vizier’s cage. I nearly collapse in surprise when I recognise the man who is waiting; Captain Jack.

“I trust your treasure chest profited from my sale in the slave market, captain,” I say. “Three hundred gold ducats was the final price, was it not?”

“Indeed, and thank you. Your display of feminine wantonness on the auction block was worth many extra ducats to me. My dealings in Puskin have been extremely profitable.”

“Hmm,” interrupts the sultana. “There are, of course, local taxes still to pay. But the captain and I have agreed an arrangement whereby those can be waived.”

“Is Emerald aware of the nature of our arrangement, sultana?” asks Captain Jack.

“She is, and you will find her willing enough,” replies the sultana. “If the two of you will follow me, I’ll show you to Emerald’s quarters and I’ll leave you in peace for a few hours.”

The sultana escorts us to another wing of the vizier’s palace. The suite which is to be mine is about the same size of my room in my father’s castle. The room is well furnished although it is dominated by a huge four poster bed.

Fortunately for me there’s also a wardrobe filled with an assortment of clothing. Currently my only clothing is a thin transparent veil wrapped around my body which was reluctantly provided by the slave dealer in response to the sultana’s demands. It’s amazing how cooperative people become when threatened with a personal audience with the Vizier of Puskin. I don’t know how many of Puskin’s citizens know the real extent of the vizier’s madness, but I’ve yet to meet anybody who is eager to find out.

“You have an audience with the pashas of the city council in three hours time, Emerald,” says the sultana as she leaves the room. “Make good use of your free time before then.”

“Well, this is certainly unexpected,” laughs the captain once the two of us are alone. “Would you like to be tied to the bedpost to remind you of your time bound to my ship’s mainmast.”

“Is that the only way you can get an erection, Jack,” I say waspishly. “To have the object of your desire bound helpless and at your mercy? If that’s so, then by all means bind me to the bedpost.”

“Don’t let your new status as the vizier’s favourite concubine go to your head, Emerald,” replies the captain. “Remember you are still a slave girl who owns nothing other than what her owner allows her. I, on the other hand, am a free man.”

“I haven’t forgotten, Jack. My mistress’s orders are perfectly clear. But as I told you once before, my body is my most powerful weapon. And your love for gold means you are just as much a captive to Puskin’s politics as I am. So let’s stop dancing with words and get down to some serious business.”

“Some serious fucking, you mean,” laughs the captain. “How about we start with a few games to put us in the mood?”

“Alas, my greedy captain, my mistress simply ordered that I let you get me with child. I have no permission to play games or provide other entertainment for you. Simply tell me what position you would like me to adopt so that you can fuck me, and I will gladly oblige.”

“This isn’t going to be as enjoyable as I envisaged,” grumbles Captain Jack. “I don’t recall there being any reticence on your part when we were on board the Red Hawk. Remember who taught you how to deep throat a man’s cock, and pretty Ruby will always remember the first man who reamed her tight arse. Why are you being so difficult, Emerald? You weren’t like this on my ship.”

“On your ship I was your captive. But that no longer applies. I told you at that time that the decision to sell me was yours alone. You chose gold over keeping me, so don’t expect any gratitude from me. I no longer belong to you, but to the mother of the Vizier of Puskin.”

“I’m a pirate. I make a living of capturing and selling people, be it for a ransom or into slavery. That’s what pirates do. What do you think would have happened had I chosen not to sell you?”

“That you will never know, because your love of gold is greater than your love for a woman.”

“I’ve never met a woman like you Emerald,” muses the Captain. “You begin to make me regret selling you despite the plentiful amount of gold you earned for me.”

“Hmm. You do have a problem. Of course, being a pirate, you could carry me off again and sell me somewhere else. Unfortunately the windows in this room are barred and I suspect the other side of the door is well guarded. It would take an extraordinary clever pirate to pull off that stunt.”

“Hah! If I tried to carry you off you would scream for help and I would be thrown into the mad vizier’s cage. Do I displease you that much, Emerald?”

“You don’t displease me at all, captain. In fact, I quite like you. I’m quite content for you to be the one to deflower me. I’ve no reason to sabotage any attempt you may make to carry me off. I don’t want to rule this wretched city, nor produce a child to perpetuate the mad vizier’s dynasty. Take me away from here and you will find me truly grateful.”

The captain ponders my words for a few moments.

“So what’s it to be, Jack?” I ask when I’ve allowed him enough time to think. “Do I lie on the bed with my legs spread wide, or do you have something else in mind?”

One-eyed Jack yet again proves why he is one of the most successful pirates of the age. A clever ruse to get us past the guards outside my bedroom door, followed by a meandering route through the palace, finds us on the seashore less than twenty minutes later. No alarm has been raised, although the sultana will surely notice my absence within the next hour or so. Can Jack get us on board his ship and sail out of danger in the limited time we have available? Yes and no.

We soon reach his ship and his crew leap into action. We cast off at once. But the fickle wind means there is no chance of the ship getting past the fortress at the harbour’s mouth before the alarm is raised.

“Get into the hold and shelter among the barrels and crates,” orders the captain as the first cannon shots from the fortress are fired in our direction.

For twenty minutes the ship is the target of the fortress’s ancient guns. Fortunately for us the accuracy of the garrison’s gunnery is woeful, and only three shots hit the ship. A couple of minor injuries and some hard work for the ship’s carpenter are the only consequences of our daring escape.

“This will mean that you can never return to Puskin,” I say to the captain as we watch the city drop below the horizon.

“There are plenty of other places a pirate can trade his wares. Besides, once the pashas of the city realise how mad the vizier has become, they will rid themselves of the problem. I could be hailed as the saviour of Puskin in a few months time.”

“You seem certain that the pashas will discover the truth,” I comment.

“I took the precaution of leaving each of them a note informing them of the vizier’s state of mind. Now, if my memory serves me correctly, you promised me to show your gratitude for your deliverance.”

“Yes, I know,” I reply. “I am ready if you wish to take me to your cabin.”

“Here will be fine.”

“On the deck in full view of your crew?” I query.

“Is that a problem for you?” asks Jack.

“No. Not at all,” I reply, removing my flimsy veil so that I am once again naked in his presence.

I unfasten the captains trousers and release his cock. I promptly start to lick and suck it until it is starting to swell. I then take the full length of his shaft into my throat and work my magic as the captain has taught me. A few minutes of such treatment has his pulsing cock as hard as a rock. I work hard on his shaft and before long I’m rewarded with his plentiful cum flooding down my throat. I savour the moment, feeling proud that I no longer gag at the experience. The captain withdraws his cock as soon as he is sated, and once again I can breathe normally. But he doesn’t allow me much time to recover. He guides me into a position where he can claim my virginity.

My mouth is still savouring his cum and my juices are flowing freely lower down. His cock slips easily inside me and the flash of pain soon passes as his cock claims its much vaunted prize. I’m a virgin no more. The captain doesn’t waste any time before showing off his manly skills.

“Oh! That’s wonderful,” I moan. “You’re so big and so hard, Jack. That’s it. Fuck me till I beg for mercy. Oh! Oh! Oh!”

“Wow! What a hot little whore you are. We should have done this before.”

I couldn’t agree more, although I’m not the one who decided against it on our journey to Puskin.

“Oh yes! More! Deeper! Harder! Make me want to scream! Oh! Yes! Yes!”

“Yeah! Take that you dirty wench. How does it feel to have my cock pounding your innards?”

“Wonderful! More! Oh! Oh! Yes.”

The crew shout words of encouragement although I’m too far gone in ecstasy to pay them much mind. All I can think about is the captain’s hard rod pumping in and out of my cunt.

“I’m coming! I’m coming! Aghh! Aghh!” cries the captain.

“Yesssss!!” we shout together as our climaxes hit us at the same time.

“That was great, Danielle,” says my boyfriend as he removes his cock from my still pulsing cunt. “Just one question. Who’s Jack?”

“Ah! ... um ... err ... Your cock. I’ve decided to name your cock ‘Jack’,” I reply.

“Hmm ... How about calling it Captain Jack?”

Oh ... my ... God!!

[The end]

© Copyright 2019 Rachael Jane. All rights reserved.

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