Danielle's Dark & Dirty Dreams #5 The Cage

Danielle's Dark & Dirty Dreams #5 The Cage

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Danielle has a dark fantasy in which she imagines herself as a slave girl who finds the lust and attention potential buyers have for her body is making her horny.


Danielle has a dark fantasy in which she imagines herself as a slave girl who finds the lust and attention potential buyers have for her body is making her horny.


Submitted: October 24, 2018

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Submitted: October 24, 2018



Danielle's Dark & Dirty Dreams

#5 The Cage

“How do you remain so calm?” I ask Naomi.

“My mother was a slave, so I’ve been a slave for all of my life,” replies Naomi. “This will be my third time on the auction block, so I know what to expect.”

“How well do you remember the previous occasions?” I ask

“I was only six years old on the first occasion, but I remember the fear and the humiliation as though it was yesterday. The second time was equally traumatic, although the human pigpen that passed for a slave dealer’s premises is what I remember the most about that occasion.”

While the three of us are friendly to each other, Ruby, Naomi and I haven’t known each other long enough to be close friends. We are simply passing strangers who have shared the common experience of being captives on board One-eyed Jack’s ship. We have never met before, nor are we likely to see each other again after tomorrow’s auction. That doesn’t mean that I don’t care about what happens to them, but I’m realistic enough to know that there is nothing I can do to alter any of our futures.

Ruby was taken away before I woke this morning, so I presume she is one of those on display today. I admire her courage in defying the overseer, but he has obviously taken his revenge on her body. The red marks on her bottom and back from yesterday may have quickly faded, but they must have hurt her like Hell at the time. And yet her spirit remains strong despite her cruel treatment.

At first it looks as though Naomi and I will be spending all day locked in the large cage with the other girls and young women who are not being put on display today. That can mean one of two things; either Naomi and I attracted sufficient potential buyers when we were on display yesterday, or alternatively, that nobody is interested in us and the market owner doesn’t want to waste the limited space in the pre-auction viewing room. My intuition tells me that I have admirers from those who inspected us yesterday, but that doesn’t mean I’ll gain a good master.

According to Naomi the owner of this market is following the usual routine for Puskin’s slave auctions. It means that tomorrow we will be roused at dawn, and told to wash ourselves thoroughly. The overseer will then sort us into groups of four or five women depending on the order in which we are to be sold. We won’t be fed breakfast as some slaves being sold for the first time have been known to vomit out of fear while being auctioned. Naomi said that she has seen that happen once, and it isn’t a pretty sight. It is also rumoured to reduce the worth of the slave. Apparently, the more common occurrence of a frightened slave who pisses herself while on the block doesn’t devalue her price at all.

“Those to be sold first will be what the market owner believes to be his inferior stock,” says Naomi as though discussing the weather. “Such women will most likely become slaves in some factory sweat shop, laundry or kitchen. The next group to be sold will be those who might appeal to the owners of brothels or other establishments which provide exotic entertainment in this male oriented world. The women regarded as the most valuable will be sold last. The men with serious money to spend will be waiting for them.”

I’ve no idea where I will rank in this grotesque pecking order. Last night there were about twenty girls and young women who slept in this cage, and it’s possible that there will be more arriving today.

A young girl aged about seven enters the cage and begins to clean the stone floor. She refuses to answer any of our questions and we give up after a while. Her filthy task would have been easier if the overseer had provided us with buckets to use for our calls of nature. At least the floor is cleaned every day in this establishment. Naomi said that the last slave market where she was held stank like a sewer and the only attempt at sanitation was to periodically add another layer of straw on the floor.

Just as I am beginning to think my entire day is going to be spent in the cage, the overseer arrives and one by one we are removed from the cage. I’m one of the first ones to be taken, and I feel very nervous at being separated from the other women. I relax when I realise that the purpose of this excursion is so that I can be weighed, measured and questioned so that a few on my attributes can be recorded.

“Your current owner tells me that you are the daughter of some northern king,” says the man writing my details into a large book.

“Yes, master,” I reply, remembering the honorific we have been told to use when speaking to any of the men who run this place.

“And yet your father allows you to be sold into slavery,” observes the man.

“My father is dead. My brother killed him and seized his throne,” I reply, remembering what Ruby told me about what happened at the Banded Parrot Inn.

The next thing I know my bottom is on fire. I let out a yelp of surprise mixed with pain.

“Master! You forgot to say ‘master’ when you spoke,” snaps the overseer as he rewinds his whip.

“Master,” I belatedly say to the man. The stinging in my arse is starting to change into a warm glow and my cunt starts to feel moist.

“Hmm,” says the man before turning his attention to the overseer. “Put her in batch 36 tomorrow. Make sure she is properly prepared.”

The overseer acknowledges his orders and escorts me back to the cage. I’ve no idea what being in batch 36 means, or what preparations the man has ordered. For the moment, all I can concentrate on is the tingling sensation across my arse, and my overwhelming need to do something about my resulting arousal.

I attribute the cause of my recent obsession with sex to my treatment at the hands of One-eyed Jack and the fact that I have been kept naked for over a week. I can’t explain why I don’t feel afraid or horrified at the way I’m being degraded. It’s a though I’m living in some sort of fantasy world. Whatever the reason I don’t seem to be able to stop my primal urges from taking control of me.

When I return to the cage I find that Naomi has been taken away, presumably to undergo the same interrogation that I’ve just endured. I study the other captives held in the cage. The majority are about my age or slightly older, although there are a couple of teenage girls as well. I know that only a few of them speak any language that I know, so trying to have conversation with them is a waste of time. I find a free space by the bars and sit down. Almost at once the third and fourth fingers of my right hand delve deep into my moist cunt while my left hand starts to play with my clit. I’ve spread my legs wide in full view of the nearby women, who look at me with a mixture of pity and disgust.

“Have you no pride, northerner?” asks one of the women in my native language.

“No,” I reply in between my shortening breaths as I rapidly head towards my climax.

“I used to have pride in my appearance and how I behaved,” I add once my orgasm has passed and I start working on building up another one. “But a week chained naked to the main mast of One-eyed Jack’s ship has shown me the futility of such pride and arrogance. Men desire my body and I’m no longer going to discourage their attentions. I want a man’s cock inside me, and I’m not bothered which hole the man chooses.”

“Barbarian,” grumbles the woman who had interrupted me. “No wonder the best prices are offered for southern women. I expect you’ll be sold with the first group in the morning. I hope you like humping a pile of soiled laundry, because that’s the only sex you’ll get the chance of enjoying after tomorrow.”

I do my best to ignore the woman’s words, but I can’t put them out of my mind entirely. Her interference has cooled my ardour and I stop playing with myself after my fourth orgasm. Whatever happens tomorrow, I know that I’ll need my sexual urges satisfying one way or another. But how can I ensure that? As Captain Jack said, I’m pretty enough and I’m endowed with breasts which men have admired with blatant lust. But none of that ensures a good outcome for me tomorrow.

Naomi returns a short while later. She comes over to sit next to me and I tell her what the woman had said to me. Naomi laughs and tells me to ignore the sour bitch. Nevertheless I still feel uneasy. It’s not until Ruby returns with the other women who have been in display today that I snap out of my despondency. It is obvious from the marks on her body that Ruby has been subjected to more harsh treatment from the overseer. But her happy mood is at odds with the state of her flesh. The other thing I notice different about her is the chain fastened around her neck and the yellow and green tags dangling from it.

“What has happened to you?” I ask Ruby as I make room for her to sit next to me.

“More of the same,” replies Ruby with a contented sigh. “I defied the overseer and this is the result. Finally he gave up and placed this collar and tags around my neck.”

“Do you know what the tags signify?” asks Naomi of Ruby.

“I assume they signify that I’m a troublemaker,” replies Ruby.

“No. Not at all,” laughs Naomi. “The tags signify that you’ve been sold. The colours on the tags identify the buyer who has purchased you. Whoever it is will probably collect you tomorrow after the auction.”

“But I haven’t seen anybody other than the overseer all day,” says Ruby, surprised but not alarmed at Naomi’s revelation.

“Nevertheless, someone must have been prepared to pay a high premium to acquire you before the auction. Private sales before an auction can be very expensive. Captain Jack will be delighted.”

“I thought he had sold us to the slave dealer who owns this place,” I say.

“He may have done that, but One-eyed Jack is a shrewd businessman,” replies Naomi. “I think he will have decided to take a risk and opt to have a share of our final sale price, rather than the fixed sum the slave dealer will have offered him when we arrived.”

“So the captain could lose money if we get sold for a small amount, or if we don’t attract a buyer at all,” I say.

“Yes, but I don’t think you would like the consequences of not being sold tomorrow,” says Naomi. “Nor would you want to be sold cheaply. Slaves who are worth very little are sent to do the most dangerous work in the quarries and mines. I think the captain can be fairly sure of earning plenty of gold from our sale. Besides, you should be thinking more about your own future rather than the pirate’s ill-gotten treasure.”

“We have no say in our future,” I reply. “Tomorrow we will each be another man’s property to do with as he desires.”

“Yes, but generally the higher your price the more careful your new owner is likely to be with you. If you bought an expensive young filly, you would be more inclined to look after her and treat her well than if you bought some cheap old nag.”

“So you are saying that we should do our best on the auction block to allure buyers.”

“Definitely. The slave dealer will also do his best to talk up your price, so you only need to cooperate and be the wanton slut that I’ve seen you play.”

I acknowledge Naomi’s advice, but I’m still not sure I can make a difference to the outcome tomorrow. We settle down and try to sleep. Very few of the women in the cage seem able to stay settled, although I manage to get a few hours sleep. By comparison, Naomi sleeps like a log.

We are all roused before dawn and made to wash. As Naomi expected, there’s no food for us this morning and we have to settle for a scoop of water. Ruby is removed from the cage first, and I presume she is being taken to wherever her new master will collect her. As for the rest of us, we are removed in groups of three or four at a time. The order of our removal must be important, since the overseer is careful in his choice of whom he takes next. Naomi is taken with the fifth batch, leaving only me and two other young women in the cage. It looks like the three of us are to be sold last.

To my surprise three young girls in their early teens enter our cage carrying bowls of what I soon discover is some sort of perfumed oil. The girls quickly rub the oil all over our bodies from the neck down. Minutes later the overseer comes to collect his three three glistening slaves. I don’t have time to study my surroundings as we are marched through the viewing room and into a large open air arena beyond. There must be close to sixty men in the seating around the arena. In the centre of the arena is a platform with a set of posts about two metres apart. An iron neck collar is chained to each post, and the three of us are fastened into position.

While the auctioneer launches into what I presume is his sales pitch, I look at the faces of the men around me and the lustful look in their eyes. Surely one of these men will buy me. Without thinking my hands starts to work their devilish magic on my sopping wet cunt. Unashamedly I masturbate in front of all these men. I pay no heed to their calls of encouragement until one very loud voice penetrates the haze in my mind.

“Danielle! Are you daydreaming again? Finish getting changed! I thought you were meeting your boyfriend in ten minutes?”

My flatmate Sally’s shouts bring me back to reality. Only the juices flowing down the inside of my legs are just as real as they were in my fantasy.

[The end]


© Copyright 2019 Rachael Jane. All rights reserved.

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