Danielle's Dark & Dirty Dreams #3 The Market

Danielle's Dark & Dirty Dreams #3 The Market

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Danielle's dark fantasies continue as she and her companions are taken to the slave market to be sold.


Danielle's dark fantasies continue as she and her companions are taken to the slave market to be sold.


Submitted: October 20, 2018

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Submitted: October 20, 2018



Danielle's Dark & Dirty Dreams

#3 The Slave Market

I should feel embarrassed and ashamed, but the reality is that I don’t feel either emotion. No daughter of a king should be treated this way, and yet I’m actually enjoying every moment. One-eyed Jack may be responsible for my current situation, but I certainly can’t blame him, nor anybody else, for the way I feel. Does that make me a slut? Perhaps, but I can’t help my feelings.

From what little I’ve seen of Puskin so far, the city definitely lives up to its unsavoury reputation. The Red Hawk docked here three days ago. Ruby and I were immediately unchained from the masts and taken into the ship's hold. There we joined the remaining captives for three uncomfortable days in the darkness of the hold. Three days of doing nothing but stoking my disgraceful lust for sex.

Many of the original fifty captives left the ship during our stop in an isolated bay a few days before we arrived in Puskin. I presume those of us who were left on board the ship are the unfortunate few who don’t have wealthy relatives who might be willing to pay a ransom for our safe return. My brother Ethelred is wealthy now that he is king, but he’s the last person who would pay to keep me out of slavery. Yesterday the remaining male captives were taken away. Only Ruby, me and four other young women remain.

Our wait must be over. A sailor enters the hold and attaches a short chain linking our leg irons. Our wrists are chained behind us for good measure. Like Ruby, the clothes I was wearing when we boarded haven’t been returned to me. Instead we’ve been given a moderately clean loin cloth to protect what little modesty we’re allowed. The other four captives are properly dressed, highlighting Ruby’s and my near-nakedness at the rear of our coffle. I should be humiliated at being displayed in such a manner in the bustling streets of Puskin. But I’m not. As I discovered during my time chained to the mast of the Red Hawk, I get an incredible thrill when I see men leering at my naked body. And I wet myself with lust each time the captain touched my aroused breasts or spent his plentiful cum down my throat. Not that I would ever admit to liking being made to perform such wanton acts, but I suspect Captain Jack knows full well what effect his attentions had on me.

Two sailors lead the way and Captain Jack follows behind us as we weave our way through the crowds. The thought of him admiring my backside as I walk only reinforces my lewd thoughts. I periodically flick the rear of my loin cloth to tease him and offer him a better view. Our route takes us past several establishments where slaves are obviously bought and sold. Some of the dealers even try to waylay us to persuade the captain to sell us to them. But the captain refuses all offers and keeps our party on track for whatever destination he has in mind. Before long we are leaving the area around the docks where the main flesh markets are located. This section of the city houses the more affluent citizens, although we aren’t the only chained slaves shuffling along the street.

“You intrigue me, Princess Emerald,” says One-eyed Jack to my back.

“I’m no princess,” I reply.

“Hmmm ... that’s true,” laughs the captain. “A slave has no title.”

“Nor does any woman in my homeland,” I reply. “Our society is run by men, for men. No woman is allowed to use any title. We have lords, dukes and princes, but no ladies or duchesses, and certainly no princesses. Like Ruby here, I have never been anything other than a man’s property. I might not have been called ‘slave’, and my wrists never placed in shackles, but I wasn’t free. My father didn’t hesitate to thrash my poor bottom if I showed any signs of independence. Did you notice that not one man in my brother’s castle thought to speak out in my defence when my brother handed me over to you.”

“I attributed that to their fear of Ethelred,” replies Captain Jack. “They didn’t protest when Ethelred handed your other brother to Ramon as his galley slave.”

“They were fearful of Ramon,” I reply. “Ethelred won’t rule for long. The nobles will soon organise themselves and decide on a replacement. Once that happens, then Ethelred is history.”

“Interesting,” muses the captain. “A man in my position could profit greatly from such unrest.”

“Quite likely, although I’m sure that you will face strong competition.”

“And what about you? Do you not long for revenge against your brother?”

“Revenge? No. Ethelred simply used me in a way which I always knew that I would one day be used. Since I was old enough to understand these things, I’ve known that my future is in the hands of some man to do what he desires with me. What happens to me now is your decision, just as it would have been Ramon’s had Ethelred given him me instead of Francis.”

“You seem remarkably calm for a maiden who will undoubtedly be deflowered within a short space of time.”

“Why should I fear losing my maidenhood?” I reply. “Your hospitality on board the Red Hawk has only fuelled my desire to be rid of it.”

“You are an unusual woman, Emerald,” replies One-eyed Jack. “I’ll almost be sorry to sell you.”

“I am your property, captain. Whether you sell me or not is your decision alone. Don’t expect me to plead for mercy because I expect none from you.”

“Not even if I sell you to someone as cruel as the Vizier of Puskin,” laughs the captain.

“There are many cruel men in this world, captain,” I reply. “I am powerless to stop a strong male from abusing my body. I have always belonged to someone, and I regard it as their responsibility to protect me or abuse me as they choose.”

“I find it hard to believe that you meekly accept a man’s right to abuse your body.”

“I didn’t say that I enjoy such an experience, but I have no choice but to accept it as part of my life. My father abused my body when he beat me for disobedience; Ethelred abused me when he traded me like a piece of meat; and you abused me by chaining me to the mast of your ship.”

“Ah! But it was your choice to be naked,” replies Jack defensively.

“Yes. Because that it where my only power lies,” I reply. “My body is my strongest weapon. Every man who desires me is a man whom I have conquered. How many men this morning have drooled at the sight of my breasts and the thought of ravishing me. Any one of your crew would sell his soul for a moment between my legs. I’m not free, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not powerful. I’ve had years of practise. The bulge in your pants suggests that you also desire me, captain. Do you deny it?”

“You are my slave and I can use your body in any way that I wish,” replies Captain Jack, slightly discomforted by my observation. “To me, a woman is only as beautiful as the gold she can earn for me. I am pleased that you are pretty and well endowed. And you can now suck cock like a whore thanks to my training. My treasure chest will be happy that your value is increased as a result.”

“Oh, how I pity you,” I reply. “Such a sterile outlook on life.”

Our conversation is ended when we arrive at the huge white compound which is obviously our destination. Four well armed guards stand outside the solid wooden gate. The sign on the gate is written in a language I can’t understand. Fortunately Captain Jack knows the language.

“The sign says that this is a market specialising in the purchase and sale young female slaves,” says the captain in reply to our unasked question. “You are lucky that the market owner has agreed to show you off to his special clients. If you play your cards right, then you could live out your lives in pampered luxury inside a wealthy sheik’s harem.”

“And you will walk out of here a very wealthy man,” I say.

“Yes, that’s true,” laughs the captain. “So we all gain by doing well here today.”

Ruby seems troubled at the prospect of being a harem slave. I don’t know why. Would she rather be sold to a brothel, or as a laundry or kitchen slave in some overcrowded sweat shop? I saw plenty of those on our march through Puskin’s streets. The women I saw working in those establishments were worn down with fatigue and looked years older than they probably were.

The gate guards allow us to enter the compound, where more guards take us into a small building at the rear. We are placed inside a huge iron cage which is large enough to hold thirty or forty people. At the moment the cage is empty apart from us, and there is remarkably little sign of life elsewhere in the compound. Once the door is locked behind us we are ordered to come to the grill where our shackles are removed by the guards reaching through the grill. It would have been easier to remove our shackles before we entered the cage, but the guards must have a reason not to have done so.

I don’t know where Captain Jack went. He was behind us one minute and gone the next. The six of us are left alone inside our huge cell.

“I wonder what happens now?” I muse to the others.

“We wait here until the next auction day,” replies Naomi, the young woman who was chained in front of Ruby in our coffle. “Since this cage was empty when we arrived, the latest auction must have been earlier this morning. The next one will probably be in three or four days.”

“Then why didn’t the captain bring us yesterday?” asks Ruby. “It seems silly to have us wait in here for days.”

“The captain is a shrewd trader,” replies Naomi. “He wants to make sure we are put on display for as long as possible to increase the interest from buyers. Your experience in being chained to his ship’s mast will be invaluable. The only difference is that here the prospective buyers are allowed to touch.”

I react to Naomi’s words in a way which is totally inappropriate for the daughter of a king. I unashamedly reach between my legs and rub my moist cunt and tease my eager nub. I do my best to hide my orgasm, but I doubt any of the others are fooled. Ruby is far more in control of her emotions, and it is difficult to tell what she is feeling inside. We wait for a few hours before a burly man carrying a whip enters the room housing our cage. He studies us for a few minutes before issuing some orders to the guards in a language I don’t understand.

“The overseer has ordered that we are to be put on display in a few minutes,” says Naomi, translating the burly man’s instructions to his guards.

Naomi’s words prove correct and all six of us are taken in turn from the cage. We are each made to strip and wash and thentaken to be chained by the neck to one of the dozen or so posts lined up along on a slightly raised platform in the next room. By now it is early evening and the worst of the day’s heat has passed. This room would be stifling during the middle of the day.

After a while a trickle of well dressed men enter the room and they study each of us in turn. These are clearly prospective buyers. I instinctively follow Naomi’s example and openly display myself, particularly to any man whom I fancy as a future owner of my body. The buyers obviously approve of such lewd behaviour and a few spend a minute or more admiring the view. Unfortunately Ruby is less forthcoming and she suffers the wrath of the overseer as a result.

An hour later the display is over and we are marched back into the cage. Despite what Naomi said earlier, nobody other than the overseer touched any of us. In a way I feel slightly disappointed as my body is certainly aroused to a stage where a man’s touch would be welcome. But what I want and what I get aren’t the same thing.

We are fed the usual slop that passes for slave food, and we’re left with a bucket of drinking water. There’s no light in the room apart from the moonlight peeking through some very high windows. Darkness soon surrounds us. There’s no furniture, so we must sleep naked on the hard floor.

Early the next morning we are taken back to the display room where we are again chained to our posts. It looks as though this is going to be the start of a very long and uncomfortable day. Our neck chain is too short to allow us to sit down, so we must endure our ordeal in a standing position. Another trickle of prospective purchasers pass through, but none seem particularly interested in buying any of us. Then a couple of men, whom I presume to be father and son, stop before me. They study me intently and the younger man seems really interested in me. I silently respond in way that encourages his stares. My breasts are of particular interest to the young man.

“You may touch them if you like,” I say quietly, suspecting that the overseer will be displeased that I’ve not remained silent.

“Really?” comes the reply, followed by a warm hand kneading my left breast. “Wow, Danielle! Are you sure you don’t mind?”

I’m back to reality in a flash. My boyfriend has his hand inside my top taking advantage of my unintended offer. Unintended? Hmm ... perhaps not. Why else did I wear this low cut top without a bra if I didn’t want him to take advantage?

[The end]

© Copyright 2019 Rachael Jane. All rights reserved.

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