Danielle's Dark & Dirty Dreams #1 The Mast

Danielle's Dark & Dirty Dreams #1 The Mast

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Danielle's dreams and fantasies are of the dark and erotic kind. Join her as wild mind draws her deeper into depravity.


Danielle's dreams and fantasies are of the dark and erotic kind. Join her as wild mind draws her deeper into depravity.


Submitted: October 15, 2018

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Submitted: October 15, 2018



Danielle's Dark & Dirty Dreams

#1 The Mast

pirate brig“Have you never seen a naked girl chained to the mast of a ship before?” I shout to the sailors as the warm summer rain washes across the deck of the two masted brig.

My moment of defiance causes a ripple of laughter before the bosun orders his men back to work. I’m left to my shameful thoughts and my undeniable arousal. How did the daughter of a king end up in this situation?

For over forty years there has been peace between my father’s kingdom and our neighbours. The local merchants grew rich from the ships visiting our harbour, and our army grew fat and lazy. Then things changed. An upstart warlord violently seized power in a nearby kingdom and promptly crowned himself king. Then he set about expanding his new realm. Our tiny kingdom was one of several coveted by the self appointed King Mathias. We were poorly prepared for the war which followed. Fortunately there were ancient treaties with our neighbours to provide for mutual defence. Since our neighbours were also threatened by Mathias, the treaties were honoured. My father lead his pitiful troops into battle alongside his allies.

The war was mercifully short and not particularly bloody. I don’t think anybody really won. King Mathias won a small piece of territory from a neighbouring kingdom, but his army was heavily outnumbered and so his ambitions were curtailed ... at least for the time being. At sea it was another matter. Mathias’s pirate friends blockaded our harbour causing much pain to the local merchants’ wallets. A peaceful solution was quickly sought.

Our biggest loss was the death of my father. Not on the battlefield, but in the tavern afterwards where it is said that during the ‘victory’ celebrations he became so drunk that he took it into his head to give a demonstration of flying from the tavern’s upstairs window. My elder half-brother, Ethelred, is now king. His first task was to remind me and my younger brother, Francis, that our only value to his kingship are as instruments to secure alliances and peace. It was a cruel thing to say while we were still grieving for our father, but I’ve known since I was a little girl that one day I would be married to some foreign prince to secure an alliance through marriage.

The peace treaty between King Mathias, Ethelred, and the pirate sea-lord seems to satisfy my brother’s desire to use Francis and I as the instruments he spoke about. More than likely, he simply wants us out of the way, and the peace treaty provides him with a golden opportunity to be rid of us.

“King Mathias and I have reached an understanding which should ensure peace between us for the foreseeable future,” announces Ethelred to Francis and I. “He and his pirate sea-lord will be arriving tomorrow to receive what I promised as our part of the bargain.”

“What have you promised them?” asks Francis, never being the quickest thinker in our family.

“Why, you and Emerald,” laughs Ethelred. “The pair of you will be leaving here tomorrow. I suggest you go and make your preparations.”

I ponder my fate. What sort of man is this King Mathias? And the pirate? The rumours about Mathias are dire, but my tutors said that rumours started during wartime are rarely accurate. Nevertheless, I feel a twinge of nerves at the prospect of being alone with a man who was our enemy only a few weeks ago. If what I’ve heard about the two of them is correct then he and his pirate friend represent the bottom of the barrel when it comes to the human race.

The next morning Francis and I are summoned to the Great Hall where Ethelred is sat on his throne surrounded by many of our city’s prominent citizens and an impressive array of guards. Apparently King Mathias and his pirate have arrived and are waiting in the ante-chamber to be admitted into Ethelred’s presence. They are finally summoned to the Great Hall and greeted with a fanfare of trumpets. Francis and I are made to wait on one side of the throne while Ethelred makes a pompous speech of welcome to his visitors. Mathias responds by belching and scratching his balls.

I go weak at the knees at the sight of King Mathias. The rumours about him must surely be false. He is a man in his mid-twenties, so he’s a few years older than me. His bare chest and arms ripple with muscles, and his tiny leather kilt doesn’t leave much to the imagination. He has the looks of a classic barbarian warrior. A good looking one at that. While he has left his weapons outside, his leather belt holds sheaths for an array of weapons. Fully armed he would be a one man army.

“Where’s the fuck toy you promised me?” says Mathias in an accent which grates on my ears.

“Here,” replies Ethelred pointing in the direction of Francis and I.

“Looks a bit scrawny, but I suppose it’ll have to do.”

“I am not scrawny,” I shout out, angry at being referred to as a fuck toy.

“Silence, woman,” snaps Ethelred.

“Ha, ha, ha!” laughs Mathias. “Does this green eyed beauty think she’s the one you promised me? What a joke! Sorry, darling, but you are the wrong gender for my tastes. Now this young man here might show some promise once we build up his muscles.”

“And what do you intend to do with my brother?” enquires Ethelred.

“You mean apart from make good use of his arse,” laughs Mathias, “The oarsman in my personal galley are all former nobles of my vassal states. When I don’t require him to please my cock, your brother will spend the rest of his miserable life chained to an oar. He’ll be in good company though. The former king of my land is already used to his new life. Ha, ha ha!”

“I never agreed to be your vassal,” replies Ethelred, belatedly realising that he’s perhaps gone too far in agreeing to hand over Francis.

“Oh but you will be if you value your life,” sneers Mathias. “Pay the tribute I demand each year and you can keep your little kingdom. Otherwise, you can join your brother.”

“You can’t do this, Ethelred!” cries Francis as two guards force him towards Mathias. “I’m your brother.”

Unfortunately, as king, Ethelred has the authority to do anything he likes to his subjects. And for whatever reason, he’s chosen to buy his kingdom’s existence for a while longer by sacrificing his brother. I become genuinely fearful what whatever Ethelred has planned for me.

“We are done for now, Ethel,” says Mathias, deliberately misspeaking his name. “I’ll leave you to settle your debt with the captain here.” Mathias marches Francis out of the room to the shocked mutterings of the gathered crowd.

“Silence!” snaps Ethelred, quickly restoring order once Mathias has left with my hapless brother.

The gathered crowd is unhappy but complies with Ethelred’s order. The only person in the room who seems unaffected by the events which have just unfolded is the pirate lord who entered with Mathias.

“Captain Jack,” says Ethelred turning his attention to the waiting man. “Or do we address you as One-eyed Jack? Isn’t that the name you go by upon the high seas?”

“Either name will do, my lord,” replies Captain Jack. “Do you have the gold which I’ve been promised?”

“Unfortunately wars are expensive and I’ve inherited a treasury which is somewhat depleted of gold,” lies Ethelred.

“Gold is what your late father boasted that he had in abundance,” growls Captain Jack. “Do you intend to cheat me of my payment? You might regret doing that if my ship plunders every merchant ship trying to reach your harbour.”

“I have no intention of cheating you, Jack,” replies Ethelred. “I am just proposing an alternative method of payment. One which may interest you.”

“Gold interests me. Anything else you give me will need to be converted into gold, so you will need to pay extra to cover my expenses.”

“Fifty slaves; male and female, young, fit and healthy. They should cover the amount I owe in tribute,” replies Ethelred. “I hear the markets in Puskin are offering top price for slaves at the moment.”

“That is true. But fifty slaves only covers the amount I’ve been promised. What about my expenses in shipping these slaves to market. Nor does your offer allow for my time and trouble. I need something extra.”

“Agreed,” smiles Ethelred. “To recompense you for your trouble, I give you my sister, Emerald.”

“I have no need of a wife,” replies Jack. “The sea is my mistress. My ship is the only woman that I’ll ever love.”

“There is no need to marry her. Fuck her to your hearts content and then sell her with the others.”

“What kind of man are you that sells his brother and sister into slavery,” growls Captain Jack. “I am no angel myself, and I’ve met men worse than me. But you sink lower than the worst of them.”

“Mind your tongue, One-eyed Jack,” snaps Ethelred. “Or you will be No-eyed Jack before long. Ha, ha, ha!”

“And you will be joining your brother behind an oar if you cross with me, my lord,” replies Captain Jack calmly. “Where do I find these slaves that you speak of. I will inspect them before I agree to your terms.”

“They are down by the dockside ready to board your ship,” replies Ethelred. “Take Emerald with you. I would hate for you to miss the next tide.”

I would struggle and try to run away if for one moment I thought it would bring me freedom. But my chances of escape are zero. I meekly allow Captain Jack to lead me from the Great Hall. Our departure is made to the angry mutterings among the gathered crowd. Whether they are for my plight, or for the fifty men and women who have undoubtedly been rounded up in secret and stripped of their citizenship.

I feel humiliated as I follow Captain Jack. He’s taken the precaution of tying a rope around my neck and he’s leading me like animal. We reach his ship and I see the human misery and despair my brother has created. The fifty slaves are all chained in a coffle. All are as Ethelred described, young, fit and healthy. The youngest perhaps fifteen and the oldest no more than twenty eight. I dread to think about their individual misfortunes that resulted in them being here.

“The palace guard who brought this lot said they were our cargo,” reports a sailor to his captain. “I’ve inspected them. They’re all clean and healthy. No diseases or deformities that I can see. Should fetch a good price in the south.”

“Hmmph,” replies Captain Jack. “Get them into the hold and make sure we have enough provisions to reach Puskin.”

“What about this one?” asks the sailor, pointing to me.

“I’ll take care of her,” replies the captain, leading me on board his ship and into a small cabin in the stern.

“Hmmm. Well Emerald, you and I shall become better acquainted on our journey south. What becomes of you at the end largely depends on how well we get on. Any questions?”

“Why do they call you One-eyed Jack?” I ask, realising that the captain has two perfectly good eyes.

“Because when we are at sea I keep one eye on my ship and one eye on the beautiful woman I keep chained to the main mast.”

“Is that what you intend to do to me?”

“I haven’t decided. There are several delectable beauties in my hold who may want that privilege.”

“You seriously contemplate keeping the daughter of a king chained naked to the ship’s mast?”

“Naked?!? I didn’t say anything about you being naked. But it’s a nice thought. Are you sure you haven’t done this sort of thing before?”

Oh shit! I’ve heard such tales before and my ever active mind has fantasised about being in that position, never dreaming that it might come true.

“You wouldn’t dare,” I reply.

So that is how I come to be in this position; naked and with my wrists shackled behind me around the mast. Captain Jack hasn’t even allowed me to wear a loin cloth. My body is exposed to the lustful stares of the crew. Only the steady rain and the bosun’s sharp tongue prevent the crew from lingering at the sight of my pert breasts and rock hard nipples. It’s as well that the rain disguises the juices trickling down the inside of my legs.

But Captain Jack isn’t deterred by the rain or the bosun. More than once he has come over to where I am chained and run his hands over my weakly resisting body. Now I long for another feel of his hands between my legs. Time after time he has brought me to the ecstatic heights no woman should be made to show in public. Like some backstreet whore, my body has played to his tune until orgasm after orgasm has racked through me. But so far his cock has remained firmly inside his trousers. I just wish that for once he would claim my virginity as he is entitled to do. At last he seems ready to do so. Standing to the side of me he reaches down and places a warm firm item in my hand.

“Do you know what this is for?” comes the question.

“I feel the object carefully. It’s a bar of soap!”


“Stop daydreaming, Danielle. Finish your shower, or you’ll be late for work!” says my flatmate Sally.

I groan in disappointment. Just as my fantasy was getting to the interesting stage I get interrupted. But Sally is right. I mustn’t be late for work. So farewell Captain Jack. I hope we meet again. And soon.

[The end]

More of Danielle’s fantasies to follow. Please post comments.

© Copyright 2019 Rachael Jane. All rights reserved.

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