Killing In A Concrete Forest

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Small town detective Gina Paris is seeing ghosts. When she comes across the unwelcome spirit of her most recent murder victim, she begins to question her sanity. Soon though, Gina realizes, that meeting her unusual visitor is no accident and that the ghost holds some disturbing secrets, including clues to Gina’s most difficult, unsolved case. One year earlier, she lost kidnap victim Suzie Johnson, and now discovers the spirit of the late Cassandra Saunders may have the answers she needs. But, as she seeks to reopen the case, she soon finds things are not as they seem. Quickly she is plunged into a dark reality of witchcraft, erotica and a battle with an ancient evil, that she could never have remotely imagined. As her regimental life is turned upside down, she finds allies in a sisterhood of the most unexpected nature. Mysterious, magical and powerful, she is soon drawn into a world that she can barely believe.

So, what happened to Suzie Johnson and what is her connection to the evil cult called the Informis. Moreover, who is the Coven’s mercurial offsider, Billy J Hart and why is Gina so insanely attracted to him. Soon Gina finds herself embroiled in a situation beyond her wildest dreams, where only ghosts and the paranormal can save her. But can she survive in the process?

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