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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

If you're gay in 1926, you're definitely in the closet.
John hasn't met very many guys like him, but hot summer nights can be magical. Sometimes you really can have it all.

Story will contain adult content



The mix of stillness, heat and humidity was suffocating, John rolled over trying to imagine a cold mountain top with a breeze. He had kicked the sheet off long ago and was only in boxers. The ceiling fan was on its highest speed but seemed to accomplish nothing.

The gentle snoring of the other men was shocking, how could they sleep in this heat? John was certain his mattress could have been rung out.

“Wanna go for a swim?” Rusty whispered leaning over the top bunk, his damp hair stayed on his forehead even though he was upside down.

“Sure.” John wanted to smile but couldn’t muster the strength.

“I’ll get the towels” Rusty’s cat like jump was impressive.

John mindlessly hunted for a shirt, the heat seemed to be messing with his memory, where had he left his clothes.

“I’m not going to get dressed.” Rusty whispered dropping a towel on the bed. “It’s too hard to get clothes on when you’re sweating like this.”

“We can’t walk down the road naked. We have to at least find pants.” Normally the thought of Rusty walking around without clothes on would have been exhilarating but the weather had taken care of that, the image of a cold pond was really the only thing that brought excitement.

The boys pulled on pants and headed down to the water’s edge with their towels, the moon’s glow was beautiful, idly John wondered if it was adding more heat. The sound of water lapping at the bank was peaceful, if it hadn’t been so miserable outside this would have been a dream night. Alone with the beautiful and almost naked Rusty, bathed in the full moon, but instead he was struggling to breath.

Rusty dipped a toe in the water. “That felt amazing” he grinned, fighting to get his clothes off. The moon light caught the few shade of blonde in his hair, causing it to stand out from his tanned face, his chest muscles pinched together as he struggled with the button, making them look even larger. The full lips curled down at the corners signaling his annoyance. John forgot the heat as he watched perfection fight with the small clasp. Rusty’s triumph smile was intoxicating as he his trousers slid down, the straight white teeth flashed against the brown skin mesmerizingly. A light flush stained his checks, clearly he hadn’t realized he was being watched until then

“I knew I could beat it,” he laughed at himself. “Come on John, why do you still have your clothes on, let’s go.”

“Oh,” John glanced down, trying to come back from what he’d just witnessed. There was a splash as Rusty jumped off the pier.

“Hurry up, it feels great.” John took a deep shuttering breath, this was dangerous, he wasn’t sure his infatuation could stay a secret in this environment.  

“Are you coming or not?” Rusty didn’t wait for and answer, he shot straight up out of the water, put his hands together and dove down.

John sat on the edge of the pier for a moment, then slide in, the water was wonderfully cool, he felt alive again, the fog cleared and he could think. Rusty bobbed to the top.

“Don’t you feel better?”

“Yes, this was a great idea.” Rusty rolled over and did the dead man’s float, his back and shoulders could have been chiseled in granite, the muscular arms gave way to broad shoulders which topped a back in the perfect V shape.

“You’re awful quiet tonight.” Rusty was treading water. “I thought it was the heat but you should have cooled off by now.”

John watched the younger boy swim around him, was there ever a moment when he didn’t look flawless?  It was difficult to formulate a sentence while in the presents of a God.

“I have a lot on my mind.”

“Well, maybe a race to that buoy will clear things up for you.” Rusty pointed to the marker.

“You’re on.” Their hands brushed as they started the American Crawl with opposite arms. John faltered, trying to not drown over the shock. He was a much stronger swimmer than Rusty and he knew it, he struggled with letting the younger boy win, as usual the idea of purposely losing any competition was so distasteful, he couldn’t entertain the thought for long. He was holding on to the edge of the buoy when Rusty showed up.

“Impressive,” Rusty pulled himself up and set on the edge. “I’m too out of shape for this.” He took a deep breath. “Did you swim a lot back home.”

“Yep,” John felt a little flustered, it was nice to be complimented. “I grew up on a lake bank, swam all the time.” He sat down on the edge as well. “You’re not out of shape, you’re just in different shape than me. I swim a lot…you clearly do everything else.”

Rusty grinned. “I don’t swim. I haul a lot of hay and work cattle. Raised on a farm.”

The buoy’s swaying created a romantic atmosphere as their shoulders and arms brushed against each other, but John felt certain it was one sided, Rusty seemed to have no problem watching the horizon instead of his swimming partner.

“I should bring Elsie out here, I think she’d like this. It could be romantic with the lake and all.” He looked at John, his beautiful smile was a devilish tease. “Think she’d like that?”

“I’m sure she would.” John let a deep breath out slowly, stifling a sigh. “The perfect girl with the perfect guy, of course she would.” The platform was small but he chose to lie down just the same, twisting into a ½ circle around the buoy, his face out toward the water as he looked up at the moon.

“Do you have a crush on Elsie?” Rusty sounded genuinely surprised.

For a moment John toyed with the idea of saying yes just to see what Rusty would do. “No, but she always seemed like a really nice person.”

“She is.” The boy nodded emphatically. “She really might be the nicest person I’ve ever met.”

“Mummmmhummm.” John moved as much as the small space would allow, it hurt to be curled up backwards like that. “She has always been very kind to me.” He listened to the water lapping against the metal, his eyes closed as the gentle swaying rocked him almost to sleep. He interlocked his fingers and placed them over his eyes to block out the moonlight and drifted off.

Something brushed against John’s ribs, he didn’t look, thinking it was the breeze but seconds later he felt finger tips softly brush the same stop again then trail down the side of his stomach. Cracking open an eye he saw Rusty leaning around the buoy and slightly over him. He lips gently touched John’s stomach and moved up toward his chest. John tried to catch himself as he heard his own a gasp, he hadn’t meant to disturb the situation but he was caught completely off guard. Rusty looked up, his stunning blue eyes widened in horror, his innocent face betrayed his venerability, drop by drop the color drained, obviously he hadn’t thought about the possibility of rejection. Perfection was beautiful, even when terrified. John’s hand found the back of the younger boy’s neck, pulling him closer as he set up in one smooth motion.

Before he could mentally register what was taking place their lips met. The full pouty red lips he had dreamed of kissing all year long, he closed his eyes savoring the perfectness of their shape and gently ran the tip of his tongue over the Cupid’s bow.  He drew in a deep, shuttering breath, suddenly he didn’t want tenderness, his fingers ran up the back of Rusty’s head, fiercely pulling him closer, the kiss began to hurt and broke before he was ready. Slightly irritated he pulled the younger boy back a bit roughly, his body tensed in surprise. Biting at his bottom lip, and pulling opening his mouth John searched for his tongue, he held it between his teeth before slowly allowing it to slip back. Rusty arms came around his neck, pulling his head down farther, his fingers wound through John’s hair as his body pushed closer, the small thrust of his hips would have made anyone’s heart race.

In almost an apology for his earlier roughness, John softly cupped the face with his hands, and gently brushed the lips he had coveted, kissed over the high cheek bones he had worshiped, down the neck he had longed for then across the chest he had lusted after. He was so lost in the moment he couldn’t tell if Rusty was kissing him back. Unrelentingly he stood up, pulling Rusty to his feet, penned him to the side of the buoy and breathlessly worked his lips from the forehead to the waist.

“I've wanted you from the first time I saw you.” He whispered, fingers pulling at the thin material. “Why are you still wearing clothes? You should never wear clothes, you’re perfect without them.”

The moonlight danced in Rusty’s eyes, he smiled as his hand went around John, he opened his mouth to say something, but John didn’t let him. In a feverish passion he pulled his tongue back into his mouth while pushing down the offending clothing.
Rusty took a deep shuttering as John dropped to his knees with a smile, obviously the boy had not expected that. The swaying made it challenging, but John chose not to back away from the adversity.  

“You don’t have to do…” Rusty’s couldn’t remember what he meant to say as he was tightly pushed against the buoy.

John ran his tongue down the lengh of his shaft, savoring the taste and fullness, he greedily licked up the fluid leaking from the tip. Rusty's eyes closed and his hand slapped against the back of the bouy as he fought to stay standing. John glanced up, mostly happy with his work, trying to stifle a smile he gently brushed Rusty's tight balls with his finger tips until he heard the sigh he wanted.

John was better than he realized, it way too short of time thick white liquid flowed into his mouth, Rusty shuttered as he  lifelessly fell down, feet dangling in the water. “I’m worn out now.” He sighed.

“Never done that before?” John spit out a mouthful of water and grinned. “Or am I just that good?”

“Well, not really and yes. I mean, I have but not with a man and not with someone so passionate.”

“Awwww, I was kind of your first. That’s cute.”

“Don’t tease me. Have you been with a lot of men?”

“I wouldn’t say ‘a lot’ but I have been with a couple. You?”

“Not really. I’ve kissed 2 before you and messed around with 1 but mostly I’ve really only been with women.”

“Yeah, that confuses me about you. I thought you liked Elsie.”

“I do. I like men and women.”

“What? How is that possible?”

“I don’t know.” Rusty looked genuinely sad. “I really like women, but sometimes I like guys too. I don’t understand it. I have never met anyone else like me. The first time I realized it was back home a couple years ago when Dad hired help for the summer. There was this guy named Jim, I saw him out in the middle of the hay field for the first time and I couldn’t quit thinking about him. I introduced myself to him. Sometimes I found myself just randomly wondering what Jim was doing throughout the day. I would go talk to him just to hear his voice. I thought something was wrong with me, I didn’t understand what was happening. I thought I was going crazy, I didn’t even realize I had a crush on him. At the end of the summer we had a party and everyone was drinking, we went to mom’s cellar for more wine and were talking about which one to get when he just reached out and kissed me, he didn’t say anything, didn’t do anything. Just in the dark he put his hands around my face and kissed me. Without thinking I punched, I punched him so hard.”

Rusty looked down at his hands, his voice had dropped to barely more than a whisper. “He turned to run out of the cellar and right then I realized what had happened and what I had done. I called his name but he was still trying to climb out of the cellar, he had shut the door when we came in so it wasn’t going to be a fast exit. He didn’t turn around but I ran up and pulled him off the steps. I told him I was sorry, he had just scared me but that I actually did want to kiss him. For some reason he believed me and we spent the whole night in the cellar.”

“Well, I’m jealous.” John grinned. “I would love to have a whole night locked in a cellar with you.”



I wrote this in 2013, it was the 1st time I ever wrote any kind of sex scene, I was nervous as hell - haha!
This was supposed to be a one-shot, but now I kinda have a whole story to go with it.
Let me know what you think and if u'd be interested in a full lenght story with John & Rusty.


Submitted: June 29, 2014

© Copyright 2023 Quil McKay. All rights reserved.

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Moonlight Writer

Making this into a novel would really be great! I really liked this story (as with all your other stories :3), and hope that you do try and make it into a full story instead of just a short one.

Tue, July 1st, 2014 7:37pm


I'm glad u liked it. I'm goin try the novel thing w/ this one.

Sun, July 6th, 2014 5:45pm


I seriously....can't even describe my amazement with this chapter...Defninitly a favorite already adding to my reading list.

Thu, July 10th, 2014 1:10am


awwwww, thnk u:)

Wed, July 9th, 2014 6:24pm


I would love to read more I hope you write it into a longer story, I have added to my reading list. You are a wonderful writer!

Wed, July 23rd, 2014 1:39pm


Thnk u so much!

Wed, July 23rd, 2014 6:55am


That was cute :) I would love to read more on them :p

Sun, August 3rd, 2014 8:41am


Nice! Sexy! I actually can't see where this particular piece would go, but if you if ideas then WRITE IT DAMN IT! WRITE THE STORY! WRITE IT!

Well off to check out 3s-a-Crowd :).

Sat, August 9th, 2014 10:46pm


Glad u liked it:) hope 3's a crowd doesn't disappoint

Sat, August 9th, 2014 7:46pm


Did you ever write More of this one? I'd love to read it...

Sun, November 9th, 2014 7:46pm


Of course I didnt...I'm a lazy writer.

Sun, November 9th, 2014 12:07pm



Sun, December 28th, 2014 2:08am


I know! I'm lazy and horrible for not actually writing anything else for this one!

Sat, December 27th, 2014 6:12pm


You should make it into a story. Where are they btw? In an army camp or something? That confused me. And where does Elsie come to know Rusty and John? Sorry for all the questions but... Well.....

Thu, February 19th, 2015 2:33am


No, questions are perfectly fine. It's really just a one shot that I was thinking about making into a story so that's why everything is unanswered. There's supposed to be more but it hasn't been written cause I'm super lazy...

Anyway, backstory(ish), Rusty, John & Elsie all work/live on an apple farm in 1926. Back in the days when larger farms/ranches had bunkhouses for their employees.

Wed, February 18th, 2015 6:41pm


Oh cool. Sorta like a plantation.

Thu, February 19th, 2015 2:44am

Skinny Coutreux

Yes please!

Sun, March 29th, 2015 4:06pm

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