prison sex

prison sex prison sex

Status: Finished

Genre: Other


Status: Finished

Genre: Other


its a disgusting type of love story


its a disgusting type of love story


Submitted: September 30, 2012

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Submitted: September 30, 2012



Prision sex

The two gay lovers, having sex. both working in a cafe and enjoy the fun life but lately jamie holloway, 6ft 1 loves to wear only the stylish is tired and wants some adventure he wants excitment. They have both been arguing lately about everything, Jamie is being sucked off by his lover steven coal, being sucked off greatly and suddenly jamie would not stop, choking steven with his cock, its his kind of excitment and weirdness. Steven struggles and dies out of being chocked by a penis. It was all over the news and press coverage and all that jamie had to say.

'I was just enjoying being sucked off' Jamie speaks like nothing had happened

His family are terrifeid and ashamed at what he had done, everyone friends and cousins, people who didn't even know he was gay. They were never talking to him anymore, what else can they say to a strange person. It was an emberrassment to the family and who ever had known him, his university had covered his committment to them, his job had gone and the cafe ruined by the press coverage. Jamie holloway was going to prision for a long time.

As he is walking in prison, one of the worst prisons in america, california to be exact and he was looking at the inmates, they were giving him stares all had heard what he had done, all know what he is, some laughing and whistling and smell of body odor is gruesome but this is jamie holloways life now for the rest of his life.

Prison time

The prison scene isn't nice, he was part of the worse groups, the killers and rapists and peadophiles. He duties were horrendous and shower time with the most sexualiy activated. He sweepes and folds up the towels and looks at some of the inmates muscular texture and tattoos, Jamie likes the rough types of men, the one who look for trouble, the bad boys.

He felt horny and sweaty and felt his penis twitching for some action with a 6'5 man, to grope him up the wall, smiling at them and lowering his pants to give them signals. The guards come and check, for any trouble and shower time was arriving.

Every one naked and Jamie loving this, he drops the shampoo purposely and a guy grabs him a prisoner and killer, uneducated and can hardly speak proper English with a good accent and tattoos all over his body. Few more men pin Jamie up the wall and Jamie him self enjoying the moment of what is about to happen, prison is actually his heaven.

'So, you gay fucker, lets how you like this' one of the prison inmates speak

Thrusts his penis in James bottom

'oh yes, more harder please' Jamie screams through the roof

They all look at each other and so confused and don't really know how to react to such words coming from Jamie.

'More more, please more' Jamie shouts as his orgasm is being released

They all had a horrified face, It is the first time they had experienced such a person as Jamie being thrusted with different size penises by different men. They felt awkward after 20 minutes and They felt weird in front of Jamie. Sex for the prison inmate was a tool of power and dominance, for Jamie it was pleasure especially being surrounded by men that he likes, the rough and the dark edged.

The through him down to the ground and Jamie quickly, grab a cock and starts sucking it heavily and spitting out the cum that is being consumed. The prison had never been so confused wheather they enjoyed it or not. The decided it was enough punched jamie in the face and ran off, they never spoke of what happened and jamie laughing his head off and had loved what had happened to him.

The next day

The next day, there was the biggest smile in jamies face but the prison inmates in different cells that had trusted there cocks in Jamie, quiet and emberrassed even, they felt weak and ashamed, they were supposed to make jamie feel that way but it had gone wrong. Jamie was different. Wired in a totally different way, trying to not look at him but through the sides of there eyes seeing jamie walk towards them and sits next to them.

'My name is jamie and I just like to say thank you for yesterday, its what I was looking for all my life, what are your names?' Jamie asked

'Fuck off flower boy! you should be in a womans prison' shouted one of the inamates

'Oh please you all enjoyed it! lets do it again!' Jamie shouted

The prison guards came down brutal force just in case any fight came out, Jamie smiled at them like he was the devil and they were actually scared of him, 6 muscular skin headed men scared off a skinny gay man with a weird mind. He walked off and got some food and sat on his own, the whole cafeteria was quiet and outside where the roughest hang out, Jamie smiled and they all freaked, they all knew what happened what Jamie is, a gay man in a prison, who loves it.

Back in his cell, lying down in bed just when he was about to go to sleep, two masked guys about 6'4 and toned and tattoos all over and both deep voiced, grab Jamie by the legs and arms, Jamie felt rushed by this an excitement he loves, he didn't care what would happen to him, he just wanted to have fun in his heaven.

'Just take it yeah, like you love it' one of the masked men spoke

'of course, give it to me hard, I want one to fuck me from behind and the other i want to suck off at the same time' Jamie Holloway pleaded

They get started just like that, they were obviously embarrassed but the two grots were desperate for sexual pleasure and Jamie was the only available one. They were making sounds but quiet enough so no one else hears. The masks were to cover there face and to hide there identity, then suddenly they start beating on Jamie, beating on him punches after punches. He loved every bit of it, eventually they stopped and ran off.

'you gay fucker' one of the masked men spoke

Jamie laughed and enjoyed the moment he had with the mystery men and jyst laughed his head off, he realized out of the whole prison, he was the alpha male, everyone was scared of him and there was nothing that any one could do anything to him, he was prone to everything. He walked the prisons like he was a god and every prisoner hated him, wanted him out but he was there for life.

Sick jamie

Everyone hated jamie and especially at shower time, he did all his duties and the guards had no problem with him, they loved him, for the first time they had found some one with the ability to make every prisoners lives hell and for the first time they felt how it feels to be a victim.

Shower time again and him and another inmate, he was forced up the wall again, the 5'7 black African man, desperate for some love, Jamie is always purposely the last one, so he could get some action and he goes on to sucking his cock, sucking the cum and enjoying the cock so much, he bites it off and and spits it out and the licks the blood all over his body.

'Oh my god, oh my god!' the prisoner screams

Jamie laughing his head off enjoying every moment of prison life all his beloved men in one place but the the guards come in and shock Jamie with a stun gun and is vibrating on the floor, useless and the dead inmate bleeding heavily and like a blood bath, they now realized Jamie is not suitable to be with other people.

They lock him up, in another cell dark and lonely and no one to talk to, he starts screaming and screaming and scratching the walls until his fingers bleed and he starts to cry, all he wants is fun and enjoyments, the crazy ness in him flows and speaking gibberish.

Eventually realizing him self he is insane, he cries for his beloved boyfriend he strangled to death with his penis and prays to god for a way out, he speaking gibberish at times and praying to god but realizing god hates his own kind and being gay and crazy is not a good mix at all.

when the guards open the door, they find Jamie crazy and speaking gibberish to him self and bloody fingers and screaming, the courts send him to the house of the criminally insane, where he can be taken care of by professionals but every now and then he would try rape the other insane in the hospital even tries it with the workers, In the end he is Jamie Holloway he just wants crazy fun sex.

His mother came to meet him, wearing a black dress like some one had died to understand her son. While the shouts and screams of other residents and Jamie just sitting there quiet, as quite as she has ever seen him. Just looking at the floor, hugging him self needing warmth because he doesn't understand him self.

'Hello son I'm your mother' mother spoke gently

'whats wrong with me ma, why am I crazy, I don't know why I do these things or like the things I like to do' Jamie spoke breaking down into tears

'I still love you ok, no matter where you go I still love Jamie, I don't care what they say' his mother spoke as well ending in tears

A sudden realisation came, he had never felt so loved or warn with the presence of his mother, he smiled because she was the only person that had ever supported him. He realised where his actions come from, years of abuse and being a victim of being gay. He couldn't stop crying and hugging his mother and missing her dearly, a son needing his motherly care.

'Im so sorry ma, I'm going to get better I promise' Jamie spoke

'Son, Jamie dear I'm dying and there's nothing anyone can do' mother spoke

It was tragic news, he felt like committing suicide hating life and when the day came, to his mothers death he knew, he was a monster. That he can never change, the one person he would try for gone forever in the after life and Jamie holloway insane in an insane institute waiting to go out side to wreak havoc in the world that harmed him.

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