Mortuary Child

Mortuary Child

Status: Finished

Genre: Horror


Status: Finished

Genre: Horror


Two coroners just got in the corpse of a pregnant woman who died during a satanic ritual. They have no idea the horror that is about to unfold. WARNING: This is an extreme horror story.


Two coroners just got in the corpse of a pregnant woman who died during a satanic ritual. They have no idea the horror that is about to unfold.

WARNING: This is an extreme horror story.


Submitted: November 04, 2013

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Submitted: November 04, 2013




“I’m telling you, she’s the type.” Ted said as he placed a human brain on a scale. He wrote the weight down on a scratch pad. “I mean, a woman like that has to suck cock.”

“What do you mean by that?” Ted’s partner, Steve, asked. Steve was using a tissue to clean his eye glasses. Amused he laughed a little. “What do you mean by a woman like that?

“I mean let’s go over the facts. She smokes, she has thick lips, and she bites her nails; these all point to an oral fixation which can easily be satisfied by felatio. Man, do I need to spell it out to you? She is down to suck.”

“I forgot, Ted, you are the almighty ladies man.”

“I don’t proclaim the fame, but the legends are all true. Many ladies have been brought to my house and broken open.” Ted took the brain and tossed it into a plastic bag. The bag was then placed on a counter among saws and drills.” Well it is clear what killed this young man. It is lack of blowjobs.”

“Come on man.” Steve leaned over to computer and began typing a report. “Let’s finish this up and get the fuck out of here.”

“I know, however that will be your cause of death if you don’t try anything tonight. No, this young man died of from a projectile entering the temporal and tearing through the diencephalons. It currently still is lodged. This said projectile is a .22 caliber bullet which was fired from execution range. By the markings on his arm this young man was a member of the exclusive after school club called The Crips.”

“Gang violence, case closed. We can head out.” Steve turned to write down some final notes as Ted covered the cadaver with a sheet. The corpse was pushed back into the freezer until morning. In the morning it will be picked up by whatever funeral home the victim’s family had chosen.

“Not so fast.” The front door swung open and in walked Patrick. Patrick was a white haired old pervert; he helped around the morgue with odd jobs. From changing light bulbs to fixing leaks, Patrick had done it all. Right now he was pushing in a gurney; and beneath that sheet was overtime.

“Come on man; don’t tell me that’s what I think it is.” Ted complained as he locked the freezer. He shook his head. “It can’t be.”

“Sure is boys; I present you all with Jane Doe.” Patrick pulled the sheet back. Laying on the metal gurney was a nude red haired woman in her twenties. She was about five foot four, slim build, and very striking…however what was unusual was that she was pregnant.

“Holy fuck, leggo my preggo.” Ted shouted as his annoyance turned suddenly into a morbid curiosity.

“Wow, never dealt with a pregnant corpse before. This is fucking creepy.” Steve said as he made his way closer. He ran his eyes up and down her body trying to find any kind of cuts, gunshots, needle marks…anything that proved this woman was indeed dead. He found no apparent evidence during an initial glance over.

“What’s more creepy is that no one knows who she is, but even more so is no one knows how she died. She was discovered in a hotel room.”

“Drug overdose perhaps.” Steve said. “I mean anyone can get pregnant. She could have been some junkie, the fetus a trick baby from whoring herself.”

“Possible, but she was found among candles and pentagrams. Real creepy shit, ya know?”

“The fuck you mean?” Ted asked, feeling uneasy as he stared at the lifeless eyes.

“Satanic shit I guess. Don’t know the details, cops tend to be vague; a mystery none the less.”

“A mystery I elect to solve tomorrow.” Ted shouted.

“I second that. Are you with us Patrick?”

“I want to get the fuck out of here as much as the rest of you. You can go; I will lock her in the freezer.”

“Let us do it, we don’t mind.”

“No might as well be me, I got some paperwork to fill out still and on top of all that, I am not so anxious to get home and see the old woman.” The three of them laughed as Patrick made his way to the freezers. Ted and Steve quickly grabbed their coats, fearing Patrick will change his mind. .

“Alright then, we will see you in the morning Patrick.”

As Ted headed out the front door he could have sworn he heard a baby crying.




That night Ted dreamed of the pregnant woman, however she was not the corpse which waited for them the next morning in the freezer, she was alive. The woman stood before him completely naked. Slowly she rubbed her hands over her belly, smiling at him.

“He’s just like his father you know.” Her voice was soft, insecure but sweet.

The light came in from an unknown source, a spot light of sorts, similar to those used in a low budget theater performance. The glow shined over her perfectly plump breast; over her light pink nipples. Ted felt a strong sexual draw to this woman, one he couldn’t explain.

“Who’s the father?” Ted asked the woman. Her timid cuteness immediately faded; replaced with a sense of confidence and arrogance.

“Oh, he goes by many names, but to pick just one, most call him Satan.”

The light changed from a normal, neutral glow to a red tint. Her body so elegant and slender, except for the pregnant belly, moved closer as she wrapped her arm around his neck. Ted tried to resist, but found it impossible. He leaned in with her as there lips locked together. He felt her tongue slip into his mouth as he closed his eyes.

She ran her hand over his chest, down his stomach and beneath his belt. She continued until the flesh of her hand wrapped around his penis. He felt numb as stimulation shot through out his body. He wanted her. There kissing intensified as he felt her fingers pulling his hair. He opened his eyes.

Her skin had turned a dark blue. Rotting chunks of meat was falling free, exposing the white bone underneath. The hair on her head was thin and her eyes were missing as maggots filled the sockets. Ted pulled back in revolting terror, trying in desperation to pull her hand out of his pants.

“Let go of me.” He screamed.

“Oh come on, let’s fuck. I can suck a mean cock.” She opened her mouth as worms and cockroaches fell out.. Her swollen blue tongue began to fall apart as it flickered like a snake’s. “I’m the devil’s little whore.”

Ted shot wide awake. Drenched in sweat he sighed as relief flowed through his body. He knew there would be no more sleeping that night.




“Then you fucked up man.”

“I didn’t fuck up, she just doesn’t like to suck dick. Not all women do.” Steve tried to defend his manhood. Ted shook his head and snickered.

“Man, I am telling you, all women do these days. It is like a requirement, a pre-programmed oral instinct. You just weren’t hitting the right switches.”

“You are so full of shit, just open the door.”

As the door swung open Ted and Steve’s smiles faded as their jaws hit the floor. There was blood was everywhere. The walls, the floor, even the ceiling dripped. Both of the men immediately ran to the corpse freezer and found one of the doors open. Resting upon the gurney was the corpse of Jane Doe, however her abdomen had been hollowed out and her internal organs scattered all around the gurney. It looked like some savage dogs ripped her apart.

“What the fuck is going on her Ted.” Steve asked as he tried desperately to hold down his breakfast.

“The fetus was stolen.” Ted responded. Steve shook his head in disbelief as he made his way to the office.

“This is a fucking joke. I am not cleaning this mess up. I am going to fucking kill him.”

“What are you doing?”

“I'm calling Patrick; that cocksucker is playing a sick prank on us and I am not in the mood.”

“I don’t know man, this whole thing…it just doesn’t sit right.”

“Well you ponder your little theory while I make the call.” Steve pulled open the office door and immediately threw up. Quickly he slammed it shut and shook his head; his breaths coming out in nervous little bursts.

“Steve, what the fuck?” Ted called out as he ran to aid his friend. Steve just kept panting and pointing at the office door. Ted slowly approached it and yanked it open. Sitting in a chair was the corpse of Patrick. His eyes had been torn from their sockets, his nose ripped off; his entire face was gone. The only identifying factor that this hunk of meat was once Patrick was the clothing he wore. All around his body were hundreds of lit black candles. The flames danced wildly as they cast ominous shadows throughout the room. On the wall behind the corpse was a pentagram which had been drawn in blood.

“Listen man, I know this is fucked up but there is no time to figure this shit out. What we need to do is get out of here. The killers could still be here, you understand. Get your act together and let’s go.” Steve pulled himself out of it and turned away.

“Ted…I think I lost my mind.” He said softly.

“I know man, this is crazy as hell.”

“I mean what I see now. Jane Doe is standing behind you.”

Ted looked up at Steve and saw absolute terror in the pale face of his friend. He followed the direction in which he pointed. As he turned he saw it to. The corpse of Jane Doe was indeed standing there. She slowly began to walk toward the two men, dragging her left foot across the floor. Meat and blood continued to fall from the hole in her abdomen.

“My son needed to live.” The corpse spoke. The two of them froze in horror. They couldn’t move, instead they stood their and allowed the corpse to get an arms length from them. She looked from Steve to Ted with foggy eyes. She raised a hand and put it on Ted’s face. “Last night, we met.”

“That was a dream.” He managed to get out of his mouth.

“Ted, what the fuck is going on?”

“Go call the police Steve.” Ted responded. He tried to go himself, but something held him in place, cemented his feet to the ground. He struggled but it was to no avail. Some sort of spiritual bound held him. “I cannot move, you understand? I need you to go call for help.”

“What’s going on?”

“I don’t fucking know but I need you to focus right now and call for help.”

“You don’t want Steve to know the truth?” The corpse asked as she ran her finger over his lips.

“Ted, what is she talking about?”

“I don’t fucking know, just go call the goddamn police.”

“Ted was there the night I died.”

“Bitch I have no idea what…” And like a flood gate giving way his suppressed memory came back to him. He had been there the night she died. “What the fuck is going on?”

“Those wild sexual escapades you tell everyone, those stories of kinky sex with nameless woman, they were created by you to fill in the gaps of time you couldn’t account for. You often blacked out, and your fear decided to create a lie. The truth is, during these gaps of time you were a participant.”

“What is she talking about?”

“Tell him Ted. Tell him about the Coven. Tell him about the Temple of Luciferian Light. Tell him about the bloody orgies, the rituals, the animal sacrifices, the bestiality, the necrophilia. The corpses were provided by your morgue.”

“Steve…don’t listen to this. She is crazy.”

Steve looked at Ted’s face and didn’t know who to believe. He could never imagine his friend and colleague engaging in such absurd conduct, but on the other hand there have been some rather extravagant stories. Was it true, was Ted a Satanist; and if so was he responsible for this woman’s murder? This didn’t matter, not now. Later he could sort this out, for now he needed to distance himself from this situation as much as possible, and save Ted if he could.

“I am calling the police.” Steve ran to the office as Ted stared long into the corpses eyes. Like a projection he saw the events of that night unfold. After a ritual orgy they brought her into the room kicking and yelling. One of the followers put duct tape over her mouth. She wasn’t pregnant at the time.

The robed followers took and tied her to an altar. She struggled to be let free; tears running down her pale cheeks. It was he who tied her right arm to the altar. The ritual continued on as the participants began reciting readings from some scripture.

“At the Sabbath, Lord Satan was said to take a woman to be had. He took this woman to one side of the great grove and made love to her, tasting her carnal nature. From this came a child, a child born of unholy blood. This child was a direct descendant of the throne of Hell. By fire and sulfur we invoke you, our dark Lord, to take this woman to your grove.”

The group waited in fervent anticipation. There was a noise behind them, similar to a distant shattering of glass. This noise continued along with the grinding of stone. The sound of steam filled the room as the stink of rot invaded their nostrils.

The woman began to convulse violently as she jerked in unnatural contortions. Like a pretzel she twisted; she moaned in pleasure. This continued until finally she let out an ear piercing scream of agony.

The lights dimmed. They all muttered among the darkness, wondering if the ritual was complete. Suddenly the lights came back on, and the woman’s abdomen was massive. The ritual had worked. She was with child however she was dead.

“You see now, don’t you?” She pulled herself so close that their eyes were no more than an inch from each other. Ted felt her innards continue to spill at his feet as she ran her hand up his body. She leaned in and Ted met her halfway as they began to kiss.

“Ted?” Steve yelled. Despite his disgust, confusion and fear he knew he still needed to call the police. He ran to the office trying desperately not to look at Patrick’s corpse. He reached for the phone and put the receiver to his ear.

Outside the room he heard Ted scream. Steve raced to the door, phones still in hand, and saw blood running down the woman’s mouth. She laughed hysterically as Ted swung around. His lower jaw had been torn off. His tongue wildly flailed about in his mouth as he fell to the floor in convulsion.

“911 what’s your emergency.”

“I got a situation at the County Morgue in Carion.”

“What is the situation sir?”

Murder, Zombie, Satanic Child?

“An attack and a murder; just send help now!” Steve hung up the phone. He shook his head as he tried to determine his next move. Ted pulled his bleeding body across the floor as he reached out for Steve. “I am so sorry buddy.”

The woman continued to walk toward Ted, and behind them Steve saw a pair of glowing red eyes set back in the freezer. The eyes got bigger as they made their way forward, out of the darkness. It was a child, but not like any he had seen before. Its skin was blue, and its massive mouth housed dozens of sharp teeth. On its head were small horns. Although this child stood no more than fourteen inches, its body was well toned with muscles, and from behind, a segmented tail.

It let out a deafening growl. The demonic child jumped off the gurney, cracking the tile where it landed. It walked toward its mother and Ted. Ted continued to bleed from his mouth as the child continued.

“Go on, feed my child.” The corpse spoke. The demon child pounced on top of Ted. It snapped his back, the sound similar to that of breaking sticks. The creature seemed happy with the pain it inflicted. It sunk its fangs deep into his neck and tore out tendons and muscle. Blood shot out like a broken water main, the bright red reached as high as the ceiling. The corpse mother smiled and stared lovingly down at her feeding child. “Go on, we need you to be strong just like your father.”

Steve shook his head. There was no way this was all happening. He screamed out in terror as he watched his friend being torn apart. He backed himself into a corner as the child continued to tear chunks of meat from Ted’s motionless body. Suddenly it looked up.

“Leave me alone!”

The child’s attention was now re-directed to its next fresh meal. Steve flattened against the wall. He heard the police sirens. The demonic child screamed as its corpse mother laughed. The only hope he had left was for the police to arrive in time…


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