Vocal Adrenaline #2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Things continue to get steamy between Natalie and Jesse St. James when she listens to him perform.

I sneak off to the auditorium after class because I know that this is when Jesse likes to let off some steam and belt out a heart wrenchingly amazing number. I enter through the stage door so he doesn’t see me and butterflies swarm around my stomach when I hear him singing Madonna’s Burning Up at the top of his lungs. The music drums from the speakers, vibrating through my bones and seems to be turning me on even more. His powerful, electric voice sends shivers up my spine and I drop my back against the back wall of the stage. I haven’t even looked at him and I’m already wet. His voice does stuff to me that I can’t even comprehend.

I chew my lip as I glance down my body and see my hard nipples protruding out from underneath my thin vest and lace bra. My chest is heaving as my ragged breaths leave me. I run my fingers through my long, dark hair and close my eyes to try and amplify my sense of sound. Jesse isn’t singing into a mic because it doesn’t have that slightly tinny edge but just the power of his voice alone makes my skin speckle with gooseflesh and my whole body to sizzle.

We have steeled glances at one another during rehearsals since the night I made him cum in my mouth, but nothing more than that. I’ve been missing steps as usual and he’s been getting all red-faced and up in my space, bawling until my ears ring. But it’s different now. He knows why I do it. That’s why every time he’s finished screaming, he will smirk and his eyes trail down my body. Either he’s teasing me for the fun of it or working me up for something magical. Either way, every time I see him I become unbelievably horny.

I can hear him stomping around the stage behind me and images of him dancing, mixed with his voice and the memory of his rhymed thrusts into my mouth is consuming my lower half of my body with unbearable heat. I push my hand under the waistband of my joggers and rub myself over my panties. The fabric is moist from my juices and I slip my fingers under it. I let out a breathy sigh when my cold hand cups my warm skin. I stroke up my wet slit, teasing myself and making me let out shaky whimpers. Jesse’s voice becomes extra hoarse and incredibly sexy. I can’t wait any longer. Two of my fingers plunge into my moist depths and I cry out with satisfaction. I reach out and grab the thick velvet curtain that is by my side and crumple it in my fist as I push my fingers in and out of my starving pussy. Shivers run up my spine as I listen to Jesse in all his glory and I grind my hips against my hand.

“Oh, God, Jesse,” I murmur, “Yes! Oh!

The song is close to finishing so I hurry my pace, wanting to reach my peak before silence falls over the auditorium. My hand leaves the curtain and rubs up my breasts. I pinch my sensitive nipple and imagine that it is Jesse’s hand; the hand that had been laced into my hair as I sucked him off.

“Oh, Jesse!” I cry out in ecstasy as my juices gush onto my hands, seconds before the music stops. I stifle my heavy breaths by clasping my hand over my mouth. With my eyes still closed, I drop my head back against the wall and wait for the wave of pleasure that crashed over me to subside. When my breath finally resumes to normal, I slip my hand out of my joggers and plunge my other hand into my pockets to grab a tissue.

“Don’t waste it.”

My eyes widen and I freeze. I turn my head slightly to see Jesse holding back the velvet curtain with his eyes fixed on me. My heart drums against my ribs when he strides over to me. He stands in front of me and nods down to my hand which is dangling loosely by my side.

“You did that over me?” he asks, his grey eyes finding mine. I chew my lip and nod. A smirk lifts on his lips and he grabs my arm making me emit a pleasure-filled squeak. He brings my wet fingers to his lips and sticks them in his mouth. My knees go weak and I moan as I feel him sucking my juices. His hot tongue plunges between my two fingers with his eyes still stuck on mine. My eyes roll back at the thought of him doing the very same action between my pussy lips. He pulls my fingers out and drops my hand, making it swing back to my side.

“Show me,” he says.


He glances down at my joggers then back into my eyes. “Show me what I make you do.”

I swallow a whimper as the warmth returns between my thighs. With my eyes still staring into his, I slip my hand back under my joggers and panties. No one had ever watched me masturbate before but it has always been a fantasy of mine.

My panties are so wet now that they stick to my fingers. A crude smile slowly lifts on his lips as he watches me intensely. I push two fingers inside me and moan. His smile grows even bigger and he licks his bottom lip as I rock against my fingers. My head drops back against the wall but I keep my eyes on Jesse. His gaze scopes my entire body. He watches as my breast rise and fall with my ragged breaths. His eyes then trail down to my crotch and he stares at the outline of my hand and it moves underneath my joggers. My inner walls clench around my fingers as reach another climax but I don’t stop my motions .Everywhere his eyes scan, my body feels likes it’s on fire. I glance down at his jeans and smile at the familiar bulge.

“Jesse...” I breathe, “I want you so bad.”

He laughs a little. “Turn round but don’t stop what you’re doing.”

I show him a quizzical look and his eyes narrow a little, urging me to obey. I gulp and turn with my fingers still working on my aching pussy. I press my other hand against the cold wall and I grind more furiously against my hand. My whole body shudders when I feel him close in on me, pressing his chest against my back. I lean back and rest my head on his shoulder. His silky curls brush against my cheek and I see that his eyes are on my joggers, watching me work over my shoulder. I feel his hand graze my ass and it sends electric sparks through my body. As I rock my hips against my hand, I buck my ass into his crotch, feeling his erection through his jeans.

“Fuck me...Jesse...please,” I mewl.

His hand slips under the waistband of my joggers and into my panties, cupping my pussy from behind. I moan as I feel his fingers brush against mine.

“Jesse...oh!” I moan as his fingers push into me, stretching me. He moves in and out of me along with my motion. Long, sensuous, deep strokes. “Oh, God.”

My eyes roll back as I rock myself against four fingers and rub up against his cock. His heavy breaths tickle my exposed neck and I shudder with pleasure as his soft lips brush against my skin. His nose nudges against my jaw line as his hot, wet tongue licks up my neck. He then plants soft kisses down my moist skin and when I moan at a certain spot, his lips stay there, kissing and nibbling my sensitive skin.

I start to pump my fingers more vigorously and his fingers match my tempo. I run my other hand up the back of his neck and through his bouncy curls, pressing his lips closer to my neck. His body writhes with mine as he bends down a little to enter me deeper. I continue rubbing my ass against his stiff cock, making him moan into my ear which drives me crazy.

“I’m close...” I moan.

I turn my head so my nose brushes across his cheek. His eyes are still watching my hand as I press my lips on his jaw line. I lick up to his ear and nibble slightly on his earlobe before I break away and my whole body shudders. I clench around our four fingers and I cry out his name when I reach my climax. My juices gush onto our hands and I drop my head against the wall, feeling like I’m going to collapse. He pulls his hand out of me and the waistband of my joggers snaps back against my skin as his hand leaves them. A cold wind washes over me when I feel Jesse leave. I slip my hand out of my joggers and turn to him. My body sizzles and a slight moan escapes me when I see him lapping up the juices from his hand. He then grabs mine but instead of licking my fingers, he feeds them to me. I reluctantly open my mouth and take my invading fingers as he forces them past my lips. I lick up my sweet nectar and stare into his slightly narrowed eyes as he watches me. When he finally is satisfied, he lets go of my wrist and I pull my fingers out.

“Don’t ever make the mistake that you have power over me,” he states tersely.

I furrow my brows at him. He steps closer to me so he’s looking down his nose at me.

“I’ll fuck you when I feel like it. Got it?”

I suck in a breath and nod. He laughs darkly.

“Good. See you at rehearsals tonight. You might want to sort out act. People are starting to get suspicious.”

“Suspicious? About what?”

“About why I haven’t kicked you out already.”

“And why haven’t you?” I raise an eyebrow with a smirk.

He narrows his eyes a little. “Because I haven’t finished with you yet.”

Submitted: March 24, 2013

© Copyright 2021 PurpleSky. All rights reserved.

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Sarz Sixx

Oooh hot! How many of these will there be? KMU!

Sun, March 24th, 2013 10:32pm


Thank you! I've thought up 5 so far but there might be more :P. Will do :D

Mon, March 25th, 2013 4:51am


This is so good, I love how you write! This is so hot, KMU!!

Tue, March 26th, 2013 8:41pm


Thank you so much! I will :D

Wed, March 27th, 2013 3:00pm


I love it! kmu

Wed, March 27th, 2013 6:40am


Thanks! I will :D

Wed, March 27th, 2013 3:02pm

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