Mista J

Mista J

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


What happens after the Joker saves Harley Quinn from Belle Reve


What happens after the Joker saves Harley Quinn from Belle Reve


Submitted: January 17, 2017

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Submitted: January 17, 2017



My heart was pounding with excitement as Mister J pressed the lift button to our floor. Our penthouse suite. Our massive, luxurious, penthouse suite fit for a king and his queen. A suite fit for us.

We were stood side by side. So close but not touching. I wanted to touch him, but he has that look on his face. That look that says, ‘if you make one false move, you’ll pay.’ Most of the time I like that look. It’s so brooding and dangerous and usually means someone’s going to get hurt. But when that someone is me, it’s not so nice.

The lift door opens and he presses his hand firmly against my back, pushing me out so hard I stagger a little before I find my feet. The lift opens out straight into our lounge and my hands cover my mouth to hide my ear to ear grin.

“Home sweet home,” Mister J purrs behind me.

Home sweet home indeed. My giddy excitement turns into a dance as I bounce and twirl towards our loveseat. I fling myself onto it and sigh deeply when my back sinks into the cushions.

“It’s so good to be back. I’ve missed you, pillows.”

Frost, one of Mister J’s henchmen, is stood on guard by the lift. I hadn’t even noticed him until now. Mister J signalled him with a flick of his pale finger. “Leave us.”

Frost nods and obediently leaves, only catching my eye briefly when I wave. He knows better than to stare. Mister J doesn’t like it when men stare at his queen. I try to tell him that it’s a compliment. That they are only admiring his amazing taste in women. But someone always ends up dead. Sometimes he lets me help with that though, so I can’t complain.

“Have you missed me, Puddin’?” I grin, folding my arms over the back of the loveseat. He’s pacing the room, his eyes downcast and his silver grill clenched. He changed in the car. His stolen SWAT uniform that he amended to read JOKER across the chest has been replaced by a shiny purple suit.

“Like I wouldn’t believe, baby,” he states in his low, brooding tone.

My grin widens so much it hurts my face. I roll off the sofa and drop onto the bear skin rug by our fire. “Show me how much you missed me, Puddin’.” I throw my arms out as if to grab him from so far away. He’s too far away. Come closer, Puddin’!

He cricks his neck and crosses over to the bottle of grape soda set on the glass table and pours two glasses of it. “You’re a real pain in the ass,” he mutters.

“I saved the world! Aren’t you proud of me?” I prop myself up on my elbows as he strolls over to me. His eyes flick up and catch mine. My heart thuds.

“You’re not theirs. You’re mine.” He hands me a glass and sits on the loveseat beside me.

“They didn’t give me a choice. I had to co-operate. They were going to blow me up. But I’m back where I belong now. With you.” I clinked my glass with his. “Cheers!”

I take a swig and place my glass beside me. “I have to say, you looked yummy in that uniform.”

“I can’t say the same about you.”

I pout at my Belle Reve jumpsuit. “I know. I can pull off a lot of things but orange is not my colour. Maybe you should help get it off me.” I wiggle my brows at him and he can’t help but smile The Smile. The one that gets my pulse racing. The one that makes me simultaneously fear and desire him.

He places his glass next to mine and takes my hand. “Let me show you something.”

He pulls me to my feet and escorts me to our floor to ceiling windows that cover the expanse of our wall. A shiver runs up my back as he slips behind me, rests his hands against my hips and presses me against the glass. Our view of Gotham city from our high-rise is incredible.

“This is our playground, baby.” He purrs against the shell of my ear. His voice vibrates right through me and gets me tingling all over. “Do you understand?”

I do understand. He didn’t like me running around Midway City with Deadshot and the other boys. It should have been him. We wreak havoc together. I don’t save the world with others. But I did save the world, and I can’t help feeling proud of myself for it.

“I was thinking of you the whole time, Puddin’. You coming to my rescue was the only thing that kept me going.” A sob lodges in the back of my throat. “But then when I saw that helicopter crash and I thought you were inside…” Tears run down my cheeks. “I thought you were dead, and I felt like I died, too. You’re everything to me, Mista J.”

I blink away my tears and look at his reflection in the glass. He has this faraway look in his eyes. He is looking back at me through the reflection but not at the same time. Then he turns, looking at me properly. His eyes rove my face.

“I don’t die that easily. You should have had more faith in me, Harley.” He presses his forehead against my temple and I squeeze my eyes shut, releasing belated tears.

“I’m sorry.”

“Yes. Sorry. Sorry for being such a chore.” He hisses, gripping my hips with bruising force. “Sometimes I wonder whether you are worth it.”

“I love you, J. You know I do.”

“Yesss.” The tip of his nose runs up the length of my face, his breath tingling my cheek. I stifle a yelp. A yelp of fear or desire. I don’t know. Probably both. “You do, don’t you? If you weren’t so crazy I’d think you were insane.” Then he laughs. Not his manic laugh, but his soft, eerie laugh. The laugh he makes when he is playing with his toys. I’m his toy. His favourite toy to play with.

His hands travel to the zip of my jumpsuit and I suck in a breath. “You’re free now. I think we need to dispose of this.”

I watch him in the glass as he pulls down my zipper, revealing my simple white vest underneath. I stay perfectly still as he pushes the jumpsuit off my shoulders and pushes it down my body until it pools at my ankles. Now I’m in nothing but my panties and vest. The hairs on my arms stand on end as he encloses himself back around me.

His hands are on my thighs. The touch soft and gentle. Too soft and too gentle. It’s been too long. He purrs at my ear as his hands brush my exposed skin. I shudder, closing my eyes.

“Have you missed me, baby?” he asks, his tone dark and husky. The tone he uses in the bedroom. Heat swells between my thighs.

“Yes, Daddy,” I breath out.

His hands move between my thighs and he pushes them apart. The tips of his fingers run across my panties and he laughs softly. “So wet for me already.”

He pulls my panties to the side and I gasp when his fingers skim by pussy. My hips buck back instinctively, craving more contact. This just makes him laugh some more. “So impatient.”

His nose runs back up my cheek and his lips meet my ear. “I can smell your need for me.”

I want him to kiss me but I don’t turn my head to reach his lips because I know he’s not finished toying with me. Instead, I try to level my breathing but it’s useless. His effect on me is like nothing else I have ever experienced. If he told me right now to walk out onto the balcony and jump off into the streets below, I would. I would do anything for him. And right now that is resisting the urge to plunge my fingers into his sexy green hair and kissing him with bruising passion.

As if sensing my train of thought, his lips descend on my throat and I tilt my head back to expose more skin to him. My head drops back against his chest, so hard and muscular behind me. His breath caresses the skin of my neck and I inwardly plead for him to touch me.

“I’m going to make you pay, Harely,” he purrs, his fingertips now brushing my swollen pussy lips.

“Pay for what?” I breath out.

“Pay for all the shit you’ve put me through saving your ass.”

“I’m sorry.” I gasp when he presses against my clit.

“Hmmm.” He buries his face into the crook of my neck. “You will be.”

Two fingers push into me and I gasp. A hand wraps around my throat and as I’m still trying to catch my breath, he kisses me. The kiss is hard and deep and sends my head spinning. With his fingers deep inside me, he pulls me back against him and my need for him intensifies when my ass hits the hard bulge in his pants. I rub against it, needing him inside me. I’m panting and mewling into his mouth as he continues his onslaught on me. His tongue wrestles against my own as he fingers me deep and slowly, only sating my hunger for him enough for it to grow more intense.

He breaks the kiss suddenly.

“Daddy,” I gasp, my eyes fluttering open just enough to see the self-satisfaction and desire written on his face. He watches me. Watches as I give in completely. I’m his. I’ll always be his.

“You like that?” he asks, still fingering me with slow, measured strokes.

“More,” I moan back, gazing up at him with my head rested against his chest. “Please.”

He tuts with the smile he reserves just for me. “So greedy.”

His fingers leave me and I groan with disappointment, rocking back against his bulge. But then he’s pulling up my vest. I let him lift it over my head before he unclasps my bra and it too, drops to the floor. He presses me against the window and I gasp at the contact of the cold glass against my burning breasts. “People might see,” I say, looking down at the lights of the windows in the buildings around us.

His lips press against my ear. “We’re on top of the world, baby. No one will see you. No one will hear you scream. It’s just you and me.”

He pulls me back so my back is flush against his chest, then his hands are on my breasts, pinching my nipples. My eyes roll back at the intense mix of pleasure and pain. The most luxurious of cocktails. But it’s still not enough. I rub harder against his bulge until he grabs a fist full of my hair and smashes my forehead into the window. I cry out at the exploding pain in my head.

“This is what you want, huh?” he taunts, grinding against me hard. I press my palms against the glass to try and relieve some pressure from my forehead but his grip on my hair is too tight.

“Please,” I cry out.

“Please, what?” he hisses back.

“Please, Daddy.”

“What do you want Daddy to do?”

Tears run down my cheek as he tugs my hair, yanking my head back. With my head tilted back, I can see his face. His silver grill glints at me. The heat between my legs is so uncomfortable I squeeze my legs together for some sort of friction. “Fuck me, Daddy,” I breathe. “Please.”

He chuckles to himself and brushes my cheek with his other hand. “You’re a sick bitch, Harley Quinn.”


He drags me across the suite by my hair. I’m staggering behind him, trying to keep as close as possible to ease the pain from my scalp. But he’s almost charging into the bedroom. He spins me round and throws me onto our king size four poster bed. Before I can even adjust to what is happening, he’s on top of me, straddling my waist. I reach to grab him and pull him down for a kiss but he catches my wrists and pins them above my head in one of his powerful fists.

Strands of his slicked back hair has come loose and his hanging down, making him look dishevelled and even more sexy, if that is even possible.

“I went through Hell when you were gone.” His eyes are huge and wild. He covers my mouth with his other hand, the hand tattooed with the huge grinning mouth. He smiles then, the manic smile that gets people killed. I just stare up at him, frozen and subservient. “You could have died out there.”

My heart pounds. He had been worried. Worried about me. I don’t even know what to think.

Slowly, he removes his hand and presses his forehead against mine. It’s still a little sore but the contact is welcomed. Then he’s kissing me and he’s released his hold on my wrists. His hands are all over me. I wrap my legs around his waist, annoyed that he’s still wearing clothes.

Lost in the kiss, I find my courage to tug his suit jacket off. He lets me and I get to work on the buttons of his shirt. I undo the last button and run my hands down his tattooed chest. I have to break the kiss to admire him but as soon as I do, his lips are descending my body. First my neck, then my breasts, then my stomach.

He pushes my thighs off him so he can tug my panties down. I can’t stay still, I’m too giddy and horny my entire body is pulsating with my need for him. He growls and grabs my hips, pulling me down the bed until my pussy aligns with his face. He holds my eyes as he swipes his tongue over my wetness before getting lost in his own desire. His grip on my thighs tightens and he growls hungrily before eating me out like a starved man.

“Oh my God, Mista J!” I scream, my fingers knotted into our Egyptian cotton sheets.

I ride his face. I can’t help it. The pleasure is too much. It’s been too long.

Still using his tongue to tease my clit, he pushes two fingers inside me and my whole body arches upwards. I can feel my orgasm building in my centre. Blinded and brave, I grab a fistful of his hair and grind against his fingers.

Mister J growls deep in his throat and grabs my wrist, squeezing until I release my hold on him. When he looks up, his eyes are dark with intent. I gulp hard. That was a stupid move. I shouldn’t have done that.

Now he’s crawling back up my body, his grill flashing his lazy, insane grin.

“You put your hands on me, Miss Quinn,” he states, his voice low and drowsy.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to. I just. You feel so good.”

He laughs and straightens up on his knees so he’s straddling over my hips. My heart pounds when his hands drop to his pants. He unzips them and pulls out his cock.

My eyes widen at his huge hardness. He holds it in his hand in front of my face and tilts his head, studying me. “Let’s see how you like it.”

Before I know it, his cock is hitting the back of my throat and I choke. His grip on my hair is so tight, tears immediately pour from my eyes. He thrusts himself into me and all I can do is take it. I start to flick my tongue around his shaft and suck and the pleasure calms his strokes slightly. He’s moaning softly above me and my heart swells. I flick my eyes up and see his blurry face through my tears. His head is dropped back and I feel so honoured to be the only one to see the King of Gotham in such a vulnerable state.

“That’s enough.” He abruptly pulls out of my mouth and I take in a huge gulp of air.

He cups my face with both hands and smears my tears over my cheeks with his thumbs. The darkness has gone from his eyes and what I see now is crazy affection. Affection towards me. I smile and he kisses me. I hold him close, my hands now tentative as the kiss deepens and he lies me down. Still kissing me, he reaches down and pulls my thighs apart so he can slot himself between them.

“Do you want me, baby?” he purrs against my lips.

I mewl and nod vehemently. “Yes, Daddy.”

He laughs softly. “You’re going to take all of me, aren’t you, Miss Quinn?”

“Yes, Daddy,” I breathe, my hands dropping to his hips.

He’s stalling to tease me. I have the overwhelming urge to punch him and kiss him.

“You’re going to take all of Daddy’s cock, aren’t you, baby?”

“Yes, Daddy!” I can’t help it, I reach for his cock. He gasps at my touch. I can see the darkness swarming in his eyes again and my heart stammers. I did it again. It’s just been so long I don’t even know what I’m doing.

He growls deep in his throat and my scalp already starts to burn at the promise of more hair pulling. But instead, he tears my hand from his cock and forces himself all the way into me with one deep thrust. My body arches with the sudden burst of pleasure and pain, and as it does, Mista J’s teeth imbed into the crook of my neck. My skin doesn’t pierce but the sharpness of his grills is enough to bring tears to my eyes once more.

He pounds into me, hard and relentless. All I can do it hang on for the ride. I’m panting and mewling and yelling his name as he grunts above me, driving himself somehow even deeper into me.

“Miss Daddy’s cock, baby?” he muses into my ear.

“Yes! Fuck me, Daddy!” I cry out in bliss.

He suddenly pulls out of me and flips me over, grabs my ass and hauls me back so he can slam into me from behind. My head is yanked back by my hair and a sob escapes me. He holds me there, my back arched with the back of my head against his chest. I can see him over me, his grill shining down on me and his eyes wild.

He spanks me hard and I moan through clenched teeth, holding his eyes. Tears well in them but I blink them away, refusing to let my view of his crazy beauty be obstructed.

My thighs start to burn and I can feel my orgasm building yet again.

“Please,” I beg out loud.

“Please what, baby?” he asks with a smirk. I know he knows. He can tell. That’s how he’s able to refuse me release.

“Let me cum, Daddy.”

“As you wish, baby.” He curls his fist in my hair, tightening his already tight hold, and slams into me with more power. I rock against him, desperate for release. The build-up increases and I’m crying with want. Finally, my whole body clenches as my orgasm washes over me. My eyes flicker closed as I judder against him. He cums with me with a grunt and I feel it hot inside me. He holds me, slowly down his thrusts as he pulsates.

When he slows down completely, his hand untangles from my hair and he hugs me. Our sweat coated bodies stick together as we pant our exertion.

“I’m glad you’re not dead,” he mumbles and kisses my shoulder.

I close my eyes with a smile. “Me too.”


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