Class Dismissed #4

Class Dismissed #4

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


18 year old Kayla's plan works when she purposely makes Mr. Scott jealous. To put her back in her place, he decides to take their 'arrangement' to another level


18 year old Kayla's plan works when she purposely makes Mr. Scott jealous. To put her back in her place, he decides to take their 'arrangement' to another level


Submitted: October 24, 2013

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Submitted: October 24, 2013



This is the last instalment of Class Dismissed. I do really love writing this couple but all good things must come to an end at some point. And seeing as though I was only plannng on writing 2, I've been pretty good to you guys haha.

I know this story is pretty long, but as I said, I love the couple and I thought they deserved to go out with a bang! (get it?)



 I spot Jordan, my IT teacher, walking out of his classroom. Mr. Scott is down the corridor talking to the woman behind the front desk. This is perfect. A mischievous grin curls on my lips and I try to calm the giddy skip in my step as I rush up to Jordan.


His head pricks up and he turns around. His blue eyes widen and he smiles.

“Oh, hey Kayla.”

Jordan is hot. There is no denying that. Why he is a IT teacher, I have no idea. He would be better suited walking around half naked in Hollister. But he’s a brilliant teacher so I’m not complaining. Although…I would really like to see what he’s hiding under that tight white shirt of his.

“What can I do for you?” he asks, looking at me expectantly.

“Well, y’know that I’m on a C right now…”

He half frowns and leisurely leans on the wall beside him, crossing his arms over his chest so his biceps nearly pop out of his shirt. He knows what that does to the girls. They flirt with him shamelessly, me being one of them. He relishes in it but he knows where the line is drown and never crosses it. Unlike his colleague Mr. Scott, who I’ve just spotted glancing in this direction so I go all out.

I stick my hip out and pout, looking up at him. He runs his hand through his wavy blonde hair with a pained hiss, “I don’t like that either. You are very capable of getting a B. I’m counting on it. If you end this year with a C, we’ll be having words, Miss.” His eyebrows arches in a stern yet playful way.

I smile and start to rock on the balls of my feet and twist a piece of hair around my finger, looking right into his eyes.

“That’s actually what I wanted to talk to you about. I was hoping maybe you would put on some extra lessons for the people who are a little behind?”

“Extra lessons?” he laughs. “Well, I can safely say you are the first student who has ever asked for that.”

“I think it would really help.”

He thinks about this for a second. “I guess I’ll ask around and if more people do feel like you and they just haven’t spoken up then sure, I guess I could stay behind at the end of the day and do some extra work.”

“And if it’s just me?” I bite my lip and sway a little, innocent and sexy like. “Could we maybe do some one on one?”

This would usually completely freak a teacher out, but Jordan’s cool, he never lets stuff like this ruffle his feathers. Instead, he just laughs with a wide grin and pushes himself off the wall. “Y’know what? I’ll think about it, hey?” He starts to walk. “Look, I’ve gotta go but I’ll ask around about those extra lessons. It’s a good idea.”

“Thanks, Jordan,” I grin and give him a little wave and he heads off down the corridor. He turns back to me with a smile and a thumbs up.

He passes Mr. Scott and thankfully doesn’t spot the evil eyes he is giving him. But I do. And it feels awesome. My plan worked!

Mr. Scott’s stood there with his hands balled at his sides looking like he’s going to blow a fuse. A little jealous are we there, Scotty?




After lunch, I head to my IT lesson and wait.

I make it through the first forty minutes uninterrupted and I’m thinking that my plan might have not worked after all. But then…


I grin at my screen and turn to Jordan at the front of the class.


His eyes are narrowed at his computer screen. “I’ve just gotten an e-mail from Mr. Scott, says he wants to see you in his office asap.”

Does he now?

I huff loudly, making a big deal out of how inconvenient this is, and start to log off. “Okay.”

Shoving my bag over my shoulder, I walk out of class and up to Mr. Scott’s office.

I grab the handle and almost let myself in but then pause, expel a sigh and knock.

The door swoops open and Mr. Scott’s stood there in a light grey shirt, black pants and a black skinny tie. His eyebrow arches and he steps aside, allowing me access. I enter and I hear the door close behind me. I walk to his desk, turn and rest against it.

“Y’know, you should stop asking me out of lessons. People are going to start getting suspicious,” I say.

“You’re not a star student, Miss Williams, it’s really not that strange that you are being called to a teacher’s office,” he laughs lightly.

I look around the room. “So, you whistled, I came running-” I set my eyes on him, “how about we just get straight to it?”


My heart thuds. “No?

“No. Not here.” He slots his hands into his pockets .

I furrow my brows. “Then…where?”

“Wait for me at the main gates of the car park after college,” he says. My stomach twists with unease. Where is he going with this? “I’ll pick you up. You’re coming to my place.”

My lips seal shut. My eyes bulge. Is this real? Is this happening?!

“I..erhh…” I gulp to clear my throat.

Holy crap. I’m speechless. Kayla Williams is speechless! What is happening?!

My palms are getting sweaty and my grip on the desk is slipping. He watches me, amusement twinkling in his black eyes.

He nods to the door. “Get back to your class.”

I stand and nearly trip over my own feet as I cross to the door. As I pass him, I suck in a gasp when he presses his palm against my shoulder, halting me. I blink up at him. He lowers his lips to me ear, “You’d better be there.”

A strange whimper passes my lips. I try to cover it with a cough and I leave.

I make it down the corridor but the collapse onto a sofa sat near my IT classroom.

I’m shaking. My heart is pounding. My chest feels tight.

I was already way over my head fucking my teacher in school but now things have gotten so much more intense. His house? He wants me to come back to his house? What does that even mean for our…arrangement? This has gotten way too serious. I was just up for some fun. What is happening?!



  So…I had the rest of the day to calm down after that minor panic attack and now I’m stood by the gates of the car park. It’s pretty chilly out so I zip my leather jacket up to the top and curse Mr. Scott under my breath for loving skirts so much. He’s the other reason I chucked my jeans aside this morning even though I saw the grey clouds in the sky.

A few cars drive past me, the guys check me out but I give them an ‘are you serious?’ look and they drive off.

The car park gets pretty empty. I’ve been out here for like fifteen minutes before a black Mercedes pulls to a stop. The black-out window winds down, revealing Mr. Scott in the driver’s seat.

“In. Before anyone sees.”

Quickly, I do, thankful to be out of the cold.

I shake off a chill and attempt to relax back as he drives. But I can’t. I’m all pent up and full of angst. A heavy silence hangs between us.

I’m in my teachers car. I’m going to my teachers house. But it’s okay…it’s not like he’s going to murder me. Is he? No. No, don’t be silly. He’s a maths teacher, not a serial killer. But how much to I actually know about this guy…

I glance back at him. His black eyes are on the road. His face is straight and determined.

Nothing. I know absolutely nothing about this guy.

But no need to panic, Kayla. Just. Calm. Down.

He swings the car round and parks in the driveway of a semi-detached, bare brick house.

“Huh…” I say, looking up at the house.

“What?” He finally looks at me.

“I dunno. I guess I was expecting a swanky high-rise flat. Y’know, like Patrick Batemen?” I glance at him. “And this place looks, well…normal.”

His lips curve with amusement. “That’s not a word you associate with me, is it?”

I shake my head. “Nope.”

He pushes his door open and looks back before he steps out. “I can assure you, I’m not Patrick Batemen.”

I get out too and shut the door. If only that comforted me.

He presses his hand on my back to hurry me up the drive and he looks back before slotting his key into the door. My heart is thumping. What if we get caught?

The door swings open and he strides to the beeping alarm to turn in off.

The inside is even more surprising. All wooden furniture. An open plan lounge with a door at the back, leading to what I guess is the kitchen. This place looks homely.

“No newspaper on the floor. Good sign,” I muse as I spin slowly in the hallway, admiring everything.

He laughs a little. “I’m not going to murder you.” He gestures to the lounge. “Please.”

I smile and walk in, my small heels click against the wood floor. I scan the room and something catches my eye. A framed photo sits on a cabinet behind the sofa. I walk over and pick it up.

“Please don’t tell me you have a secret wife.” I turn the picture to face him in the hallway and arch my eyebrow judgingly. It’s a photo of him with his arm wrapped around a blonde woman. She’s pretty. Looks a little younger than him but hey, he likes them young.

He smiles down at the picture and makes his way over. “It’s my sister.”

“Oh.” Thank god. There’s a smaller picture next to it of a toddler. “So, this isn’t your son?”

He laughs. “My nephew. My sister’s son.”

“I didn’t peg you as a family man,” I say, placing the photo back on the cabinet.

He comes up behind me, pressing his chest against my back. I close my eyes at the contact.

“I don’t have much of one so I try to keep what’s left of it close.” His voice has dropped low and husky as he brushes his lips across my ear, making my skin tingle. He hands rest lightly on his hips.

I turn my face so I’m looking into his eyes. “Are you still close?”

At this, the muscles in his jaw ripple. “They moved…away.” He steps back and runs his fingers through his hair, messing up his perfect side parting. He looks a little shaken as he nods over to the kitchen. “Drink?”

“Sure.” I smile, feeling guilt stab at my stomach. He nods and leaves.

Touchy subject. Well done, Kayla.

I decide that it’s best if I just sit on the sofa and wait for him.

“I’ve got beer and wine! Red and white!” he calls.

“Red please!”

It’s a little dark and it’s unnerving me so I lean over and turn on the lamp on the table by the sofa. Attempting to make myself comfortable, I unzip my jacket and slip it off. But now I just feel exposed. It’s not comforting at all. Goosepimples cover my naked arms and my heart starts to race. My palms are sweating again.

I turn my head and there’s a glass right in front of me. I jump back, startled.

“Whoa, you okay?” Mr. Scott arches a dark eyebrow as I clutch the glass of wine with a shaking hand.

“You just scared me,” I laugh awkwardly.

“I could see that.” He sinks onto the sofa beside me and takes a swig of his bottle of beer. I smile and sip my glass before setting it on the coffee table.

I flinch when his cold hand settles on my knee. Crap. What the hell is wrong with me?

“You get one question.”

“What?” I ask as he places his bottle on the table. He relaxes back onto the sofa, draping his arms across the arm and back.

“You can ask me one question. You are clearly uneasy being here because, even though we see each other nearly every day, I still feel like a stranger to you. So, you can ask me one question and I will answer with the truth.

I raise an eyebrow. “Just one question?”

He nods. “So make it a good one.”

I think for a moment but the question I so eagerly want answered has been at the tip of my tongue since we started this whole thing. I look at him flush in the eyes, into those dark opals that are so annoyingly hard to read.

“Have you fucked any of your other students?”

The edges of his eyes crinkle with a smile. “Jealous are we?”

“Answer the question,” I press.

He sighs. “No.” A ball of annoyance burns in my stomach but it quickly dissipates when he adds, “No, I haven’t fucked any of my other students. Just you.”

I look away and press my glass to my lips to try and hide my smile but I can tell he’s seen it.

“How about we head upstairs?”

I take a gulp of my wine and place the glass back down. “Lets.”


I follow him up the stairs and through the first door. It opens into a rather specious bedroom with a black and white colour scheme. A double bed looks very inviting in the centre.

“I was expecting a coffin,” I say.

He squeezes past me in the doorway. “Very funny.”

I grin at him.

“Now get on the bed,” he orders.

Oh, we’re getting right to it? Okay.

I climb onto it on my hands and knees and flip over so I’m sat in the centre, resting back on my palms. He walks over to his wardrobe and pulls back a sliding door. I watch him curiously then my eyes widen when he pulls out a tripod and a video camera. My heart flutter with apprehension as he sets it up at the foot of the bed.

“Are you serious?” I ask. My voice has climbed an octave.

“Very serious,” he says and the red light on the camera blinks to life. “Boots off.”

I slip them off along with my socks and shimmy further up the bed. He angles the camera straight at me. “Now your top.”

I’ve never been filmed before. The feeling is exhilarating but nerve wracking.

Tentatively, I slip my top over my head and drop it to the floor. I run my hands through my long, dark hair so it falls over my chest, covering some of my red lace bra.


I slip my fingers under my black bodycon skirt and push it down my thighs then flick it off my feet so it joins the rest of my clothes on the floor.

He grins into the camera, dark and menacing as I sit before him in my matching underwear.

“Aren’t you going to join me?” I ask hopefully.

Without a word, he leaves the camera and slips off his tie as he climbs onto the bed and kneels behind me. He presses his chest against my back and nuzzles my neck, his hot breath tingles my skin. I close my eyes and tip my head back as his lips trail up my neck to my ear. His breathing is heavy. “You undo me, Kayla.”

My eyes dart open and my heart crashes against my ribs. The confession was so soft and husky it almost brought me to my edge right there and then. I undo him? Does that mean that… I actually affect him in some way? Cold, hard Mr. Scott?

But when my eyes hit the camera, my heart sinks. Maybe he was just making a good show. Trying to get me all hot for him so he can have some good material to wank over when I’m gone.

I gasp when his cold hands brush up my sides then cup my breasts. He squeezes them, making my chest thrust out. His lips are still at my ear as my eyelids flutter with pleasure. He pops open my bra clasp and I help him discard it, before he gets back to squeezing.

“Keep your eyes on the camera,” he whispers. I flutter my eyes open and focus on the black lens. One of his hands trails down my stomach to my panties. I spread my thighs a little and he cups my pussy, stroking it over my panties leisurely. I swallow a moan and bite down on my lip as I feel my panties dampening.

“I want you to be really loud for me,” he murmurs.

“Aren’t I always?” I say into the camera.

He laughs and presses his lips closer to my ear. “Louder. I want you to vocalise everything. What you want. What you like. When you’re about to cum.”

My breathing starts to hitch just at the thought of telling Mr. Scott to fuck me good and hard.

I grin. “That sounds doable.”

He chews my earlobe feistily, making me gasp, before he leaves from behind me and comes round my front, kneeling between my knees.

“Lie down,” he orders.

I do but keep my eyes on him.

“Am I actually going to see you naked this time?” I ask, no longer satisfied with the images I’ve collected in my head of what could be lying underneath his shirts.

He simply smiles and starts unbuttoning his shirt. My heart thumps with excitement as he pale chest is revealed to me. Oh wow. He’s got a six pack. Result! And completely hairless. He has just made Kayla a very happy bunny indeed. And judging by the look in his eyes, he’s about to make me a whole lot happier.

He throws his shirt aside and starts to lower himself down. My breathing starts becoming ragged as I watch his head inching closer and closer to my panties. He presses his lips against my stomach and I moan softly. He creates a path with his lips, along the hem of my panties and down the apex of my thighs before he hooks his fingers round my panties and starts to tug them down. I lift my ass off the bed to help him as he tugs them down my thighs to my feet then he throws them to the ground.

His hot breath tingles my wet pussy. I run my fingers through his hair and guide his face closer to me. His eyes stay locked onto mine as he plants a soft kiss on my clit then sucks it into his mouth.

“Oh God!” I grip his hair and break eye contact, flinging my head back as the pleasure grips my stomach. He flattens his tongue and licks up my slit. I press his face closer and grind against it. “Oh God. Yes! Oh, Mr. Scott! Eat my pussy!” I moan unabashedly.

He grips the backs of my thighs and pushes them further apart then swirls his tongue around my aching entrance before pushing it inside me.

My other hand scrunches the pillow above my head as I rock against him. “Oh yeah…” I sigh dazedly. His fingers replace his tongue as he licks my clit. “Fuck.” I grind harder as he starts to finger me slow and deep.

“Mmmm tell me how good I taste,” I whisper.

I loosen my grip on his hair so he can pull away enough to murmur, “You taste like fucking heaven.” Him saying those words in his slurred Irish accent…I think that’s the sexiest this I’ve ever heard in my entire life.

The naughty flutterings in my stomach are going crazy and he’s making me so hot I’m starting to sweat. “Harder. Please. Harder,” I moan. He complies which makes me grin. He’s giving me control. He’s letting me dominate him on camera?

I think back to when this all started. He had said, ‘you have this way of demeaning everyone around you’, he then admitted it was a turn on for him. Is that why he is putting his career on the line for me? Because let’s face it, he’s treading on thin ice here. He chose me because he knew I was strong and he liked showing me that he’s the boss of me. But now I know that he loves that I am strong and that I can dominant him. That’s the difference between me and all those other giggling girls back at college. I’m not scared of him.

I can feel my juices running down the crack of my ass as he picks up the speed with his fingers. The muscles in my thighs start to tighten as I near my orgasm.

“Stick your fingers in my ass,” I breath. He peers up at me and withdraws his fingers from my pussy and pushes them into my ass. I bite down on my lip as he hardens his tongue and pushes it into my pussy then starts to meet the same pace as his fingers. I drop my hand from his hair and use it to rub my clit. “Oh God!” I clench my eyes shut at the overwhelming sensation. The knot in my stomach is clenching, ready for my release. I’m so close. “Make me cum. Mr. Scott. I’m close. Please, let me cum!”

I throw my hand back behind his head and grip his hair as my ass bucks off the bed. My orgasm crashes over me, sending shockwaves through my body. He keeps up the pace with his tongue and fingers, elongating my climax and causing tears to run down my temples. “Holy fuck! Mr. Scott!” I let out a strained cry before he starts to slow down, stroking my inner walls gently before pulling his fingers and tongue out of me.

I’m lay, panting on the bed. My abdomen feels like I’ve just done fifty crunches and I think I’m seeing stars. I clear my dry throat and look down my body at Mr. Scott who’s kneeling, wiping his fingers on the bed sheet. He then wipes his lips and chin with the back of his hand and his dark eyes latch onto mine.

He gets off the bed and walks back to the open wardrobe. I glance back at the camera still filming as I sit, waiting naked on the bed. I close my legs, suddenly feeling embarrassed.

“I got you a present.” His voice brings my attention back to him. He’s half hidden behind the sliding door as he leans into his wardrobe. “When I found out you’re a fan of double penetration.” I blush and throw an awkward glance to the camera. I hear him shuffling around so I look back. “Seeing as though I’m only one man, I thought I’d need the help.” He reappears and my eyes widen at the purple vibrator in his hand.

Well, this is getting more and more interesting by the minute.

He launches it across the room and I throw my hands up just in time to catch it before it smacks me in the face. I inspect it.

Huh, I have the same one in hot pink.

My eyebrow arches when I notice in the corner of my eyes, Mr. Scott removing his pants. He pushes them down with his boxers and kicks them off with his shoes and socks. He makes his way to the set of small drawers by the bed and pulls out a tub of lube. He oils up his erection and settles at the foot of the bed. He parts my thighs and I gasp when he hoists up my ass to rest of his tucked up knees. He grabs his throbbing cock and presses the head against my ass. I chew my lip and swallow a groan as he starts to slowly penetrate me. I’ve been fucked in the ass plenty of times so it doesn’t really hurt anymore. I just feel the pleasure now. It’s an odd sort of pleasure. It feels like it should be wrong but it’s just too good.

He pushes into me slowly, balls deep and then stays there, letting me adjust to his size. He leans over me and grabs my hand which is clasping the vibrator. He brings it down and angles the vibrator so the tip is at my pussy. He looks up into my eyes then releases his grip on me. I keep the vibrator in position, awaiting instructions.

He grabs my ass and separates my ass cheeks as he starts to pull out. He finds a steady pace and gives me a nod, signalling me to start with the vibrator. I push it into my slick pussy with a whimpering moan. God, I love that feeling. That feeling of being completely filled. Mr. Scott groans as it brushes against him through the thin wall separating them inside me. I try to use my other hand to stimulate my clit but the pleasure is too much and I have to resort to clutching the pillow to not lose myself. My eyes are focusing on the delicious impaling of my body but I feel Mr. Scott’s eyes on me so I look up. My heart thumps. His black eyes are set on mine, dark and filled with lust. Part of me wants to push myself up and press my lips to his but I don’t think I can move my upper body and he is staying knelt and upright. Instead, I grind my hips more and quicken my pace with the vibrator which makes him quicken his pace too.

“God, your ass is so tight,” he groans, slightly strained.

I grin up and him and bite my lip. “Do you love it?”

“I love your tight ass,” he groans, rocking me so hard the bed is creaking.

That does it for me. I push the vibrator inside me one last time as I thrash on the mattress and my insides feel like they are going to explode with pleasure. I clench my eyes shut and grit my teeth as a strangled moan judders out of me. I let go of the vibrator and throw my other hand to the pillow trying to get myself together but Mr. Scott is still drilling into my ass and the vibrator is still pumping…

I blink and look down. Mr. Scott has one hand grasping my ass and the other one on the vibrator, trying to keep the rhythm with it and his dick.

“Fuck. Mr. Scott. Stop.” Tears begin to burn my eyes as another intense orgasm crashes over me, making my back arch and my head snap back. “Fuuck.”

As I’m still tensed up from the aftershock of my climax, he pulls out of me fast, keeping the vibrator inside me as he shoots up my chest. My eyes are closed as his hot cum covers my stomach and breasts. My heart is thumping double time and I’m actually shaking. Tentatively, I bring my hand down with my eyes still shut and pull the vibrator out of me and I hear it drop onto the bed.

I have this overwhelming desire to curl up into a ball and hug my knees to my chest.

I’m still shaking.

The bed dips then springs back up. I open my eyes to see Mr. Scott behind the tripod. He’s holding his flaccid length loosely in his hand.

His dark eyes glower at me. “Put on a show for me, Miss Williams.”

Back to Miss Williams now? Ah, so the power shifts once again.

I spin my body and sit up on my calves. If it’s a show he wants, A show he’s going to bloody get.

After clearing the hair from my forehead which has stuck to it with sweat, I look at him flush in the eyes and start to squeeze my breasts, knowing that he loves watching me do that. I have to hide my grin at the surprising hold that I seem to have over him. He’s completely transfixed. His face has slackened with lust and his cock is already starting to jump to life. I slip one down my stomach, collecting all his cum that is dripping down me and suck and lick it off my fingers. He’s semi-hard now and he starts to gently stroke himself, watching me through the camera lens. His other hand is on the camera. My guess is that he’s adjusting the focus.

I bring my hand from my mouth and cup my pussy. He groans. I grin up at him and start to rub myself. I let out an overdramatic moan as I circle my clit and next minute, he has jumped on the bed and is kneeling beside me.

Wow. It didn’t take much of a show to get him ready, did it? He didn’t even give me a chance to use the vibrator which is lay on the bed by a large wet stain…

I turn so I’m facing him. His hair is all tousled and springing out in every direction. He actually looks cute. Never thought I’d say that.

His black eyes pierce mine.

“Suck me off,” he orders in a low husky voice. I look down at the erection in his hand and shift closer to him. I flip my hair over one shoulder and lower my face to his lap. He lets out a gratified sigh when I lick the pre-cum off his head. But he doesn’t want to be teased. He grabs the back of my head and forces himself into my mouth. I cough in surprise but stop myself from panicking and start to push back carefully, just enough for him to loosen his grip and let me ease into a rhythm. It works.

He removes his hand from his cock and I replace it with mine. Using one hand to work with my mouth and my other hand to grip and roll his balls, I seem to be doing a pretty good job if the sound rumbling in his throat are anything to go by. I swirl my tongue over his head and he grips my hair tighter. My pussy is throbbing for attention and I can feel my juices dripping. God, I love it when he’s rough with me. It’s exactly what I had imagined it would be like.

His hips start getting into the actions, thrusting upwards against my motions to try and fill me deeper. He starts panting and his thrusting is becoming erratic and desperate. He’s close.

With great force, I manage to push my head back enough to release him. He growls his irritation and tries to force me back down but I slap his hand away and he lets go of my hair.

I straighten, kneeling before him.

“I didn’t say you could stop,” he seethes, his lip curling up with distain.

I grip the back of his neck and smack my forehead against his. He’s still staring at me, his eyes now less than an inch away from mine.

“I want you to finish inside me,” I breathe.

He growls in response.

I clasp his face with both my hands. “Please.” I’m surprised that my voice has hitched a little. I clear my throat. “Please. I want to feel you cum inside me.”

He’s breathing hard. My stomach flutters with fear as his nostrils start to flare.

A yelp jumps out of me when he grabs me by my sides and spins me round, slamming my back against the mattress and climbing over me in one swift motion.

I’m staring up at him wide-eyed and he’s inspecting my face from above.

Then his lips are on mine. Hard and primal. I moan at the familiar touch I’ve been craving and part my lips, coaxing his tongue into my mouth with my own. He lets out a husky groan before his face slants over mine and he dominates the kiss, fisting my hair with one hand and hoisting my knee over his ass with the other. I feel his head at my wet entrance and I slip my hand between our bodies to guide him in. We moan in unison when our bodies connect. I grip his ass with both my hands and start to grind hard and fast. He meets my pace with his thrusts, breaking the kiss to catch his breath.

“Yes. Yes. Oh. Yes,” I pant, pressing my lips against his every so often. He expels a breath and takes my mouth with his once again. I bring my hands to his face and cup it to kiss him deeper. God, I can’t get enough of these lips; this tongue; this man.

I break the kiss with a gasp when he angles himself differently so he hits by sweet spot with every thrust. I grind against him harder and desperate as my abdomen clenches and my pussy quivers with the anticipation of yet another orgasm.

“Say my name,” he says into my ear.

“Mr. Scott!” I moan, throwing my head back and clenching my teeth as I grind.

He pauses. “No. My name.”

I blink down at him. His black eyes are on me. Dead serious. My stomach flutters with apprehension when I tentatively say, “Andrew?” Expecting a slap round the face. But instead, he tips his head slightly.

Okay, so now he wants me to call him Andrew? Well, now I’m completely confused!

But I have no time to dwell on it because suddenly he gets back to drilling me good and proper and I’m screaming ‘Andrew!” like it’s the only word in my vocabulary.

He nuzzles my neck and I press his lips close to me, curling my fingers in his hair. God, he feels so right on top of me. I want to stay like this forever.

Kayla,” he moans against my skin and I reach a sudden climax.

My grip on his hair tightens and I curl into him as my orgasm shoots through me. I hook my chin over his shoulder and wrap my other arm round his waist, pressing him as close to me as I can and simmering his movements. He is still pumping though, slow as I hold him but when I start to let go as my orgasm releases me, he straightens over me with one hand pressing against the pillow and the other gripping the back of my thigh.

There’s a sheen over his pale forehead and chest as his face hardens and his thrusts start to become strong and insistent again.

“Fuck. Andrew. Andrew!” I hiss with my teeth clenched unsure if the knot in my stomach is from pain or pleasure.

“Kayla!” he gasps then I feel him release. The feeling is incredible and the wait has just made it even more so.

He strokes himself inside me as he starts to shrink then pulls out and collapses with a heavy thud on his back beside me. Both our chests are rising and falling rapidly.

He’s panting with his eyes trained on the ceiling. His face is soft with relief and his hair is sticking to his temples. He’s never looked so…human.

I curl up onto my side and just gaze at him.

“How did I do?” I ask.

He smiles but keeps his eyes trained upwards. “A B”

“A B? Wow…that’s the first B I’ve ever got from you.”

“You earned it.”

My heart pounds and I chew my lip to suppress a grin.

Minutes pass and I jump when he breaks the silence.

“If you don’t have somewhere to be, I’m making lasagne,” he says to the ceiling then finally turns to me. My heart flutters when I see my reflection in his black opals.

I smile and bring my fingertips to my lips to try and hide how genuine it is. “I like lasagne.”

His smiles back and his eyes flicker over my face. I expect him to get up and see to his cooking but he doesn’t. He stays lying next to me. I think he likes it. I know I do.



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