Class Dismissed #3

Class Dismissed #3

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


After thinking that Mr. Scott had forgotten about their little 'arrangement', 18 years old Kayla is called out of her class to go to his office. She soon realises that he's just getting started.


After thinking that Mr. Scott had forgotten about their little 'arrangement', 18 years old Kayla is called out of her class to go to his office. She soon realises that he's just getting started.


Submitted: September 23, 2013

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Submitted: September 23, 2013



My eyes are starting to blur. It tends to happen when I’ve been staring at a screen for almost two hours.


Blinking hard, I turn to my teacher at the front of the class.


She has her emails projected onto the front screen. I squint, trying to read the one she has opened but the writing is too small.

“Mr. Scott wants to see you in his office right away. He says it’s urgent,” she says.

Everyone in my class says, ‘ooooooooh’ like they’re still in primary school. I roll my eyes and begin to log off my computer.

“Mr. Scott is totally hot.” I hear a girl a few seats beside me whisper to her friend.

“He’s scary as hell!” her friend whispers back.

“Yeah, but fit as fuck! That slurred Irish accent…Oh my God.” She giggles.

I roll my eyes, grab my bag and push my chair back.

“Which room is his office?” I ask as I stand.

“S63,” says my teacher. “The lesson is almost over, just go straight to lunch afterwards.”

“Okay, thanks,” I reply as I pass her.


The Maths corridor is on the other end of the building and up two flights of stairs. My teeth grit together with fury as I head down the sparse corridors. Searching for the numbered room I’ve been sent to, I finally find it at the end of the Maths corridor. There’s a long vertical window in the door but it’s been covered up by poster inside. Frowning, I knock.

The door opens almost immediately. My heart pounds the way it always does when I see Mr. Scott. He looks just as gorgeous as usual, wearing a white shirt with his sleeves rolled up to his elbows, a skinny black tie, charcoal grey waistcoat and black pants. His black eyes scrutinize me as if I’ve just interrupted something really important.

“You called?” I arch an eyebrow.

He looks me up and down then steps to the side, giving me room to enter. I do and a shudder runs up my back when I hear the door close behind me and the click of the lock.

I look around the small box shaped office. A desk sits at the far end with a chair behind it. Notice boards colour all four walls.

“I didn’t know you had an office.”

“I’m the Head of Maths. Of course I have an office,” he replies.

A swallow down the lump of irritation in my throat that has swollen up at the boredom in his tone. I spin on my heel, making my skirt flutter around my thighs. He watches me lazily from the door.

“You were the one who asked me to come here. You said it was urgent. Next time you just want to play stupid games with me, how about doing it when don’t have Business Studies? I actually like that lesson. I’m good at it.”

He watches me for a moment, then his face cracks into a devious smile.

“Oh, this isn’t a game, Miss Williams. I was simply showing you how things work around here.”

I arch an eyebrow, pressing my tongue into my cheek to try and control my anger. “What?”

His black eyes laugh at me. “I’m the one with the power here. When I whistle, you come running.”

I clench my fists by my sides. I’m actually vibrating with rage. But with a steady exhale, I release most of it. “Well then,” I reply calmly. “If that’ll be all, I don’t mind having an early lunch.” I begin to head to the door but he doesn’t move from in front of it.

“Oh no, I’m not done.”

I pause in front of him. We’re so close now that it makes my skin tingle. I can smell his aftershave. God, he smells amazing. He looks down at me, his black opals studying my face. “When I told you that I am the one who has finally put you in your place, do you remember what you had asked me?”

I think back to our last meeting. My heart flutters and the heat between my thighs burns. ‘Is my place sat on your desk with your dick buried inside me?’ Realisation must dawn on my face because his grin widens. He nods behind me.

“Turn around and put your hands on my desk.”

I swallow a delighted mewl. It’s been three weeks since I have last seen Mr. Scott outside of lessons. I had honestly thought he had grown tired of me and moved on to someone else. As much as I hate to admit it, that thought hurt me.

I do what he asks. I drop my bag onto the floor and twirl back around and grip the edge of his desk. A chill runs up my spine as he closes the distance between us. I gasp when he presses his chest against my back. His hot breath brushes against my neck.

He lets out a soft, content ‘mmmm’ as he nuzzles my neck, brushing his nose up my jaw to my ear, the all over body flush the action gives me causes me to grip the table tight enough for my fingertips to burn.

His cold hands run up the backs of my thighs. I close my eyes, getting lost in the sensation. They slip under the hem on my skirt and he cups my ass. I moan a little, thrusting my hips back, craving more contact.

“Y’know,” he starts, his voice in my ear as soft as his stroking fingers. “I’m so glad you’re a skirts girl. If you weren’t, I’d have had to force you to wear them.”

My stomach flips and twists as butterflies swarm around it. “Why’s that?”

He laughs a little. “There’s something incredible hot about fucking a girl who’s still half dressed.”

I groan at his dirty mouth, thrusting my hips again and attempting to grind against his crotch but his grip on my ass forbids me to reach.

His hands slip up to the waistband of my panties and he tugs them down until the drop down to my ankles. He then presses against the top of my back, making me bend over a little. The cold air tickles my burning pussy. I let out a breathy moan and close my thighs, attempting to create some friction. But Mr. Scott is having none of it. He spreads my thighs open and pushes his thumb into my ass. My body tenses with a gasp. My eyes roll back as my inner muscles clamp around him.

He starts to work his thumb in and out of my ass. I gulp, squeeze my eyes shut and rock my hips , grinding against it. Although it feels amazing, it’s not sating my hunger. I’m so wet now that I can feel my juices running down my inner thighs and the smell of my arousal hangs heavy in the air of the small square room.

Mr. Scott chuckles smugly down my ear, making my body tense again and my inner muscles clench his thumb.

“Ever been fucked in the ass?” he asks.

I groan with a nod.

“Use your words,” he croons, almost patronizingly.

“Yes,” I breath, tipping head back and slackening my jaw as short, soft moan escape me.

“Mmm, very experienced for someone your age, aren’t you?”

I smile to myself, still gripping the desk and rocking against him but at a slower pace so I can collect myself. I glance over my shoulder and my stomach flips when our eyes meet. His gaze sends me weak at the knees, it’s so strong and demanding, but I manage to hold onto my devious grin.

“Disappointed?” I ask, arching an eyebrow. “You seem like the type of guy that likes to introduce a young girl to a whole new world. Y’know, Christian Grey style?”

My heart swells with joy when I manage to make his lips curve into a genuine smile. He laughs lightly, “Oh, you think you have me all figured out, do you?”

I shrug and turn back so I’m facing the window. “I’ve had a lot of time to think things over.”

“Yes. My apologies about that. I hope I hadn’t sent you mad with desire for me,” he replies but I can hear the humour in his tone. That’s exactly what he wanted.

He pushes his thumb harder into me and squeezes my ass cheek roughly with the other hand. I gasp and buck my ass, grinding harder and faster. Moans pour from my parted lips as I completely lose myself in the pleasure wracking through my body by my ass being so shamefully yet wonderfully abused.

His fingertips then run down the crack of my ass to my throbbing pussy. I gasp at his cold touch at my flaming centre. He swirls his fingertips around my aching hole. Growling with impatience, I sink down so that he’ll fill me but he just pulls his fingers back.

“Ever been completely filled? As in…double penetration?”

My heart flips at how interested he is in what I’ve done. Is this his way of getting closer to the student he’s fucking?

I nod then yelp. My body ceases and shudders as he strikes my ass hard with his other hand. The initial hit sends a shoot of pleasure straight to my pussy but when he takes his hand away, my ass cheek throbs with pain and is probably bright red. Understanding what I had done to deserve that, I quickly say, “Yes.”

“So, the threesome I heard about was true?”

“Yes,” I breathe.

God, why is he asking me all these questions?! Bringing back all those blissfully dirty memories is making me so fucking hot.

Oh… Oh, he’s good.

“Mmmm…” he murmurs, continuing to circle my entrance. His teasing is driving me crazy! This is like torture. How can this man make me want to kill him and kiss him at the same time? “So, you are as naughty as I thought.”

“You had doubts?”

“No. Not really. I was just curious,” he speaks in such a blasé tone that if you were hearing this conversation through a wall, it would only be my moans and elevated breathing that told you that we were up to no good.

He leans over me a little and brushes my hair behind me ear and nuzzles his face into the curve of my neck, kissing my collarbone. “You like our dirty little secret, don’t you?” he asks, his voice muffled against my skin. I push myself up and extend my neck, dropping my head against his shoulder as he licks up to my jaw.

“Yes,” I reply, fluttering my eyes closed at the sensation.

“Do you want me, Miss Williams?”

“Yes.” My panting starts to heighten.

He brings his lips to my ear and whispers, “Where? Here?” I gasp when he emphasises his next thrust into my ass. “Or here?” He pushes two fingers into my pussy causing me to cry out with pleasure as a knot swells in the pit of my stomach.

“There! Oh, God, there! Anywhere! I don’t care!” I cry, bucking my ass more, now able to grind it against his crotch. “Just fuck me, please!”

He laughs lightly and rests his forehead against the back of my head. “Calm down, Miss Williams. I’ll get there,” he says softly, working his fingers slowly in and out of my pussy, stroking my walls as he does. He keeps his thumb in my ass for the first couple of seconds but then withdraws it so he can angle his fingers better and push them inside me to his knuckles.

I let out shaky moans and tip my head back against his shoulder, rolling my hips with his thrusts.

“Take your top off.”

Instantly, I do. Pulling it over my head, I drop it to the floor. My body flushes when I feel his other hand slipping up my bare back. He pops open my bra clasp.

“Your bra, too.”

I quickly shrug it off.

He drops his chin onto my shoulder, peering over at my bare chest. A satisfied smile fills his face which makes my heart pound.

“Touch yourself.”

I groan and stick my chest out as I obey, running my hands up my flat stomach to my breasts. I cup them firmly. A moan escapes Mr. Scott, the vibration in his throat travels straight down my spine and makes the knot in my stomach tighten and flutter. Capturing my nipples between my fingers and thumbs, I squeeze and roll them, making my hips buck and my body flush. As Mr. Scott watches me from over my shoulder, he fingers me harder and faster, getting lost in the heat between us. My moans become even more breathy and shaky and I rock against his hand and crotch. His throbbing erection is now almost piercing through his pants.

“Y’know, if I could give you extra credit for how responsive you are being, you could be an A student,” he muses. “But of course, that only happens in pornos.”

I twist my head and start to suck on his earlobe, catching it between my teeth. He hisses and groans. “This is sort of like a porno,” I whisper, licking up the curve of his ear. “A teacher fucking a student in his office.”

He laughs a little. “I guess it is.”

Not being able to resist, I lift one of my hands from my breast, which is immediately replaced by Mr. Scott’s, and run it up the back of his neck. His breath grows heavy as he nuzzles my jawline, keeping up the fast pace of his fingers. Fisting his hair tight enough to make a surprised groan jump out of his mouth, I slam my lips against his as I can feel my dominant side want to break free. His body stiffens behind me as I force my tongue into his mouth. He pushes it back with his, refusing my offer. But when I start to grind harder on his hand, rubbing against his crotch with more force, he groans and gives in. He squeezes my breast roughly as our faces slant, deepening the primal kiss.

The familiar contortions in my stomach make me finally break the kiss and smack my forehead against his. My grip on his hair tightens as the knot inside me clenches then releases, making a burst of pleasure explode in me like fireworks.

Andrew!” I cry as my pussy clenches around his fingers, still pumping in and out of me relentlessly. My orgasm seems to crash over me again and again. My eyes clench shut at the sensation of me coating his hand with my arousal.

He growls with irritation. His hand leaves my breast and comes crashing down on my bare ass. My hips buck up at the searing pain that flood through me, igniting a new want for more.

“Don’t call me that,” he seethes, his hot breath tickling my lips.

A choked moan shudders out of my mouth.

His fingers stop and slip out of me. My eyes roll open and my stomach flips with surprise as I see myself in his black eyes so close to mine, dark and powerful. He steps back a little and sucks his wet fingers.

I turn, brushing my body against his. We’re chest to chest. I sink down to rest my ass on his desk and start to undo his tie. He just watches me impassively as I slip it off him then move to the top button of his shirt. His eyes scan my face, lighting my body up desire. God, I could never get enough of this man. But he just stands there, watching me. His eyes not even tearing from my face to inspect my naked chest.

My breathing heightens with anticipation and irritation. I grip his collar and hoist myself up, smacking my forehead hard against his. He still stares blankly into my eyes.

“Fuck me, sir,” I plead. When he doesn’t respond except for a faint curve of his lips, I run my hand down his chest and grip his erection that is throbbing down his trouser leg. His body jolts and a groan rumbles in his throat but then his nostrils flare with annoyance. Clearly, he was hoping he could keep up the silent act for a little longer. I grin, rubbing his hard on. “Fuck me, sir. I know you want to.”

His head cocks and a smile dances in his eyes. He glances at the clock on the wall.

“If you hurry, you could catch the last five minutes of your precious Business Studies class.”

I grit my teeth but then dispel my anger through a steady breath. “Please, sir.” I squeeze him through his pants. “I want you so bad.” I grab his hand and push it under my skirt. “Feel how wet I am for you,” I pant. My back arches as his cold fingers run up my burning slit. He laughs a little and withdraws his hand.

“I don’t need proof. I know what I do to you.” He scrutinizes my body then flicks his eyes back to my face. “I never told you that you could turn round.”

My heart flips. I gulp and turn back to my original position. He comes up behind me, his erection hard against my outer thigh. I gasp when he pushes my back down, bending me over his desk. He flips my skirt up over my hips, exposing my ass to the cold air.

The sound of him unzipping his fly makes my insides flutter with anticipation. The hazy memory of my desperate rambling, crying out for him to fuck me ‘There! Oh, God, there! Anywhere! I don’t care!’ smashes against the inside of my skull. In the current position he has me in…he can have me anywhere. My pussy clenches at the thought. The fluttering and twisting of my stomach is becoming unbearable.

Finally, he grabs my hips and slams himself into my needy pussy, making my head snap back and a pleasure-filled shriek to break out of me. I’m so wet that he was easily able to thrust into me balls deep.

I grab the side of the desk in a white-knuckle grip as I’m slammed against it. I buck my ass and arch my back, meeting his fast, deep thrusts.

“Say my name,” he seethes although he is clearly becoming unravelled in his lust as his voice wavers a little.

“Andrew!” I cry and gasp through a smile as he spanks me. “Andrew!” I repeat and it’s met by the same ‘punishment’. But before he realises that I’m purposely trying to piss him off which will probably lead to him changing tactics, I give in. “Mr. Scott!”

With every thrust into me, his balls smack against my sensitive clit and so I reach my peak earlier than I had expected.  Pushing myself out against him, I grind my hips vigorously, keeping as much contact as I can when my body ceases up and my orgasm crashes through me.

Mr. Scott fists my hair, slamming into me harder and faster as I ride my orgasm. I feel him grow thicker inside me and my heart thumps at the thought of him exploding inside me. But just as he is right on the edge of his orgasm, he pulls out of me and shoot his seed over my ass.

I growl my disappointment. “Why? Why on my ass?”

“Can’t be too careful,” he replies casually. I hear him zip up his fly.

“I’m on the pill.”

“Still,” he simply says, ending the conversation.

I push myself up on my shaking arms and legs and scoop some of the cum from my ass with my finger. I turn to him and pop my finger into my mouth. He watches me, his dark eyes swarming with lust.

I dress myself and use his tie which was lay next to my shirt to wipe away the rest of the cum on my ass. He tries to stop me but it’s too late. Grinning, I hold the tie out to him. It’s darker in places now.

He curls his lip with distaste. “Keep it.”

I smile. “I’d love to.” I tuck it into my bag. “So, what now?” I ask, looking up from my bag.

His eyes narrow. “How did you find out my name?”

I roll my eyes with a sigh. “When I was straddling you on your desk in the classroom, I saw a letter on your desk addressed to a Mr. Andrew Scott. It wasn’t that hard.” I shrug my bag onto my shoulder and pass him to get to the door. Spinning on my heel, I turn back to him. He stands rigid in the centre of the room, still facing the window over the desk.

“Will I see you again?” I ask.

He sighs. “You see me every day, Miss Williams.”

“I mean like this.”

He turns with a devilish smile on his smug face. “As I said before, I whistle, you come running.”

My insides flutter but I try to not look so excited. I nod firmly and grab the door handle. “I’ll see you in class.”

“Yes, you will.”


I know I've left it open to continue but I honestly have no idea how :P

If you do want me to write more about these two and you have some ideas of what you'd like to read, please let me know :)

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