Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


After three years of holding in their feelings, all is revealed when Cassie and Ben find themselves alone in a hot tub at the annual summer party and the night takes a steamy turn.


After three years of holding in their feelings, all is revealed when Cassie and Ben find themselves alone in a hot tub at the annual summer party and the night takes a steamy turn.


Submitted: September 01, 2013

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Submitted: September 01, 2013



The night is still young. Naomi’s annual summer party is just as good as last years. The hot tub was full at the beginning of the night. Way over the capacity. Girls were sitting on guys laps. Hands were always wandering. Bikini’s were discarded. Champagne was popped. Bottles spilled. Glasses broke. The usual.

It’s almost midnight now and it is just me and Ben left in the hot tub. I sip my drink and look over at the writhing bodies through the glass wall of Naomi’s summer house. God awful Dubstep wracks the walls and reverberates through the wooden deck.

I can feel Ben’s eyes on me from across the tub. I place my glass on the side and turn to him.

“How long have we been friends?” he asks in a conversational tone.

I think. “Um...six years?” My eyes widen. So do his.

“Wow, that’s...long.”

I laugh a little. “Yeah, I guess it is.”

“Remember the Switzerland trip?”

My heart flutters. “How can I forget?” I grin. “The trip I accidentally walked in on you in the shower.”

He smiles. “The trip I purposely left the bathroom door unlocked so you’d walk in on me in the shower.”

I gasp. “You sneaky bastard!” I laugh and splash him.

He grins and holds his palms up to surrender. “Hey, you lingered.”

“I...” my voice trails off when he arches his eyebrow. God, he looks so sexy when he does that. I shrug. “Okay, maybe I did linger...”

He smiles triumphantly and relaxes back, his arms spread out along the edges of the tub. He closes his eyes and faces the moon, basking in its glow.

“I used to get myself off on that image,” I say, finally revealing the truth after it being locked inside me for three years. I must have found my confidence at the bottom of my bottle of Smirnoff.

He blinks up at the sky then his heart-melting crystal blue eyes find mine. I feel myself shrinking back, wanting to hide but I stay strong.

“Used to?” He arches an eyebrow with a half smile.

I chew my lip and regain my courage. I shrug nonchalantly. “Well, it was three years ago. I’ve seen and done a lot since then.” He doesn’t need to know the whole truth. He doesn’t need to know that he is all I think about and I actually haven’t done anything since then that has cancelled out that perfect image.

He ponders over this, running his hand through his messy, brown curls. He had short hair when I first met him in highschool. Almost a skin-head. He looks much better now. The rough, tousled look really suits him. I guess it was after he grew it out when I really started to notice how good looking he really was. In the past year, he has also started to grow facial hair. He now has a slight chin-beard and a moustache. Not too much. Just nice.

“I still think you’re hot though,” I say after the short silence. Well, more like blurt it out. I can’t turn back now.

His blue eyes sparkle at me. “Really?”

I nod. There’s a pause. “This is the part where you are supposed to compliment me.”

He throws his head back with a laugh that makes my insides tingle. “Cassie, you must have been told that you are gorgeous about a million times in your life.” He looks back down at me.

I shrug and tuck a piece of my pale hair behind my ears. I had wrapped it up in a bun when I first got in the hot tub but it keeps falling down into my face. “I’ve never heard it from you.”

His eyebrows furrow. “Sure you have.”

I shrug again, suddenly feeling shy. My cheeks start to flush and I silent beg myself not to blush. “ I haven’t.”

He gives me a puzzled look. “Are you telling me that in the six years that we have known each other, I have never told you how hot you are?”

I look down. “I think I would have remembered if you had. It’s the only time it would have meant anything to me.”

His eyebrows furrow, suddenly looking concerned. My heart flutters when I feel him grab my calf under the water. I look back up at him. His blue eyes are on mine. They look so sober and gentle. “Cassie.” His voice is soft yet firm but I’m distracted by his hand on my leg. Suddenly, I am taking in the situation I am in, fully understanding it. Maybe my drunken head is starting to clear. It’s just me and Ben in a hot tub that is only being stopped from being dropped into darkness by a lamp mounted on the wall. The sound of drumming Dubstep is nothing but a faint buzz now.

“Yeah?” I ask dumbly, my voice shaking a little.

“You were the prettiest girl in our school. The most beautiful girl at this party. And definitely the hottest girl in my life.”

My heart crashes against my chest. Sure, I get male attention but it is all unwanted. All, except for Ben. I have wanted him to look at me as someone more than a friend ever since the Switzerland trip. We had played spin the bottle that night and I was wishing it would land on him when I spun it. It didn’t. It landed on Naomi.

This is the closest I have ever been to getting what I want and I am not going to let the opportunity pass by the way I had let it in the bathroom in Switzerland.

I lift my leg -the one Ben still has hold of- and press my foot against his boxer shorts. He groans a little and his eyelids grow heavy. I lick the top row of my teeth with a grin as I start to wiggle my toes, feeling him getting hard underneath my touch. He groans again and laughs, opening his eyes. He notices me grin and grins back.

“Oh, you want to play, do you?”

I let out a giggle and a surprised gasp as he grabs my leg with his other hand and uses it to anchor himself upright. He pulls himself towards me, through the bubbling water then rests his hands on the bench of the tub, either side of my hips. We’re chest to chest now. He’s stood but bent down a little so he is only a few inches higher than me. He has a great body. An amazing six back that looks too good. I gulp, anxiety fluttering in my stomach. I’ve never been this close before. I feel like I’m going to wake up at any moment and this is all a dream. But if this is a dream, I’m going to make the most of it. I slip my hands to his slim waist and run them up his chest, feeling the bumps of his abdominal muscles. God, he feels so hard and solid like a statue. I gaze at his chest, watching my fingers as they brush over the bumps. When I look up, his blue eyes are shining down at me and a soft smile paints his thin lips.

His hands brush up my sides to the knot behind my back. I squirm a little as an intense heat burns between my thighs as I feel his nifty fingers pulling it loose, making my bikini top open from around my chest. His fingers then move to the knot at the back of my neck. He loosens that and my top falls into the tub. I gasp as the cool, summer air quickly hardens my nipples. He picks up my top and throws it onto the deck, his eyes stuck on my breasts. My back arches and I hardly suppress a moan when he cups them both in his warm, wet hands.

“Nice tits,” he says as he runs his thumbs over my sensitive nipples.

“Thanks.” I laugh a little.

He lowers his head. My back arches more, sticking my chest out as he mouth clamps over my right breast. My eyes close with pleasure as he starts to suck my tender flesh. My hips start to rock against the bench, grinding against his thigh, desperate for some sort of friction as my clit throbs with need. I run my fingers through his hair and tip my head so far back it’s almost hitting the deck.

“Oh...Ben...” I breathe.

His lips trail up my elongated neck and I pick my head up a little when he sucks my earlobe. “Tonight, I’m going to finally have you the way I’ve always wanted,” he whispers. My heart flips. I grab his face and crash my lips against his. He mewls his surprise against my lips but quickly accepts the kiss and delves his tongue into my mouth. I let out little whimpers as I clutch his face and kiss him deeper. Our lips slant over each others as the kiss becomes more frantic and desperate. Two people who have wanted each other for years finally fulfilling their fantasies. And it’s fucking amazing.

His hand slips between our chests to my bikini bottoms. The hunger for him stirs inside me and my pussy clenches as his fingertips slip under the waistband. He pulls his lips from me and he rests his forehead against mine.

“Is this okay?” he asks, running his fingers through my tresses.

I nod and cup his face. “Uhuh.”

He smiles mischievously and starts to rub my clit with his thumb. My hips thrust upwards at the contact and I wrap my arms around his neck. I bring my lips to his ear.

“You might not be able to tell now, but you make me so fucking wet.”

He laughs a little and pushes two fingers inside me, making me cling onto him and moan down his ear.

I press my forehead against his and close my eyes, emitting short, sharp breathes as he fingers me with slow, measured strokes. I chant his name in a hushed tone and I feel him smile. My fingers laces through his shaggy hair and I kiss him a few times before I start to grind against his fingers more fitfully and I can’t help but tip my head back and moan.

“Oooh, this looks like fun,” says an overly cheery voice.

I freeze. Ben’s fingers pause inside me. I blink and look to the door of Naomi’s summer house. A thin, pale girl with dark hair down to her hips smiles widely in her aqua blue bikini. Ben has also turns to her.

She beams at him and before I know it, she’s slipped out of her bikini and she’s stood on the deck completely naked, her long, black waves covering her perky breasts. She whips her hair over her shoulders so Ben can get a proper view. I hear him gulp.

“May I join?” she asks and steps into the tub with us. I’m completely dumbfounded. I find myself opening and closing my mouth but no words seem to come out.

“Mmmm...” she coos, coming round the back of Ben and wrapping her arms around his back. Ben is stiff against me, his blue orbs now shining at me with silent fear. Her fingers brush against my chest and my jaw locks in anger.

“Get. Off. Him,” I seethe. My eyes are focused on the girl’s face over his shoulder, but I can see Ben’s eyes grow even wider.

She pouts and whines. “But he’s so yummy.” She wiggles her brows and licks up his neck. Ben winces.

“I said. Leave.” I narrow my eyes.

She steps back, her eyes wide and palms up. “Whoa, you need to chill out.”

“And you need to know when you’re not wanted.”

She almost snarls at me then gets out the tub. Her black hair now stuck to her slim frame. She steps into her bikini bottoms then runs into the house with her breasts bouncing around.

There’s a silence between us for a while after that. Ben and I both stare at the door.

“Did you know her?” he finally asks, turning back to me.

I narrow my eyes at where she left. “No.” I turn back.

His fingers slip out of me and he grabs my waist, shifting me closer to him with a grin. He presses his forehead against mine.

“I’ve missed the bitchy side of you,” he laughs.

I bite my lip. “I’m not a fan of sharing. Especially when it comes to you.” I wrap my arms around his neck.  “I’ve waiting three years for this. No one is going to ruin it for me.”

He nuzzles his nose against mine. “I liked how you got all protective over me. It was hot.”

I giggle and kiss him deeply. He moans and kisses me back, hooking his thumbs under my bikini bottoms. My heart flutters when I feel him tugging them down. I close my legs so he can slip them completely off. My hands slip down to his boxers and I tug them down too. He helps me once they get passed his knees and he throws them onto the deck.

I break the kiss and my breath catches when he picks me up and lowers me onto him. My hands curl into his hair as I stretch around him.

“Oh God, Ben,” I moan against his lips.

His fingers dig into my hips as I grind against him. He rocks his hips too, pressing my back against the tub as he kisses me frivolously. Our lips break to let out soft, pleasure-filled sighs as our tongue brush against each others and he fucks me hard.

“I wanted to get into the shower with you so bad,” I admit in the heat of the moment.

“I wanted you in there with me so bad,” he breathes back before claiming my mouth. “We have to make up for lost time.” And with that, he trusts harder. The water in the tub sloshes around us. I know there must be people from the house watching us but that just gets me even hotter.

I hitch my legs up his back and lock my ankles around him as he lowers me back and drills into me harder. My back hurts. I’m at an awkward angle. I try to ignore it, which is pretty easy seeing as though Ben is doing wonderful things to me. My head drops back and it feels like my whole body is on fire when he reaches down and starts to strum my clit while he’s fucking me.

“Ben...Ben...” I say his name a few more times to get his attention but it just keeps coming out as a faint, breathy moan so he thinks I’m doing it because it feels right. Finally, I proceed. “Flip me over.”

He looks at me. His blue eyes shine in the moonlight. “What?”

I capture his lips with mine, giving him a messy, slanted kiss before pulling away and breathing, “I want to ride you.”

A primal, guttural groan rumbles in his throat which makes my stomach do somersaults. I gasp as his grip on me tightens and he spins me round so he’s sat on the bench and I’m straddling him with him still deep inside me.

He looks over my shoulder, to the long glass wall of the house. His blue eyes widen. I giggle at what he has probably seen. People watching us. While he’s distracted, I kiss and lick his neck. He groans a little and his hands run up my back. I nibble his ear and lick up its curve.

“Let’s give them a good show,” I whisper.

He groans in response and turns his head sharply so my lips land on his when I go to suck his earlobe. His hands caress my breasts as his tongue delves into my mouth. I can’t help but twist my head a little, still kissing him, to see our audience. The heat consuming my lower half intensifies and my pussy clenches around Ben’s cock making him groan down my throat. People are still dancing around, on tables, around poles, on guy’s laps, but their eyes are on us. I’m not usually like this. I’ve never had sex in public. I’m the shy one out of my group of friends. I’ve never had a one night stand. I bring my eyes back to Ben. His are closed and I don’t think he’s noticed mine averting from him. I hope this won’t turn out to be a one night stand.

I disperse the heavy thought from my head and focus on the now. I smile against his lips and cup his face as I ride him. His beard tickles my chin. He rubs his thumbs over my hard nipples before his hands grab my hips and he rocks me against him harder. Our bodies are writhing together. His shoulders roll forwards as our kiss deepens. The water splashes up my back. He breaks the kiss and nuzzles my nose.

“Harder...Cassie...” he whispers. “Make me yours.”

His eyes flutter open. My heart flips. I pause.

“Y-you...want to be mine?” I ask dumbly.

He smiles. “That’s all I’ve ever wanted.”

“Oh God, Ben!” I rush, claiming his mouth in a fit of passion. He laughs against my lips before wrapping his arms around my lower back and pushing his tongue into my mouth.

I fuck him. I fuck him as hard as I can. I can hear the desperation in my breath as our lips part ever so often. I need him. My whole body is alight and sizzling with pleasure. He needs me too. I can hear it. I can feel it.

His grip on me is hard as he forces me down against him. He rocks his hips hurriedly, meeting my frantic pace.

He brings one hand down to my pussy and starts rubbing my clit again. I break our kiss and smack my forehead against his which is wet with perspiration.

“I’m gonna cum,” I moan into his lightly open mouth.

He gives me a quick, sloppy kiss. “Cum for me, Cassie. I’m close too.”

And I do. I grip his neck as my head snaps back. My breasts crash against his chest as my pussy clenches around his cock and my orgasm wracks my body, exploding fireworks in my mind. Ben’s hand quickly leaves my clit and he grabs my hips hard, rocking me fast against him, lengthening my orgasm and bringing him to his. He groans and tips his head back, slamming me down on him one last time before his body spasms and seizes and I feel him shoot deep inside me.

We’re left panting. The loose strands of my hair are stuck to my cheeks. I push them away from my face and lift myself up a little so Ben can slip out of me, then I lower myself again, still straddling him. I splay my fingers over his chest, watching as he heaves and his muscles contract.


I blink hard and look up. His blue eyes are searching mine. I feel myself retreating back into my shell. I’ve had my fun, now it’s time for me to be myself again. Part of me wants to cover up. My skin is starting to prickle with goosepimples from the cold air. I can feel peoples eye on me, burning into my back.

“This is the start of something...right?” he asks timidly. I smile when I see him blush a little.

“I’d like it to be.” I wrap my arms around his back and lean in a little. He smiles with a laugh as I rest my head against his chest. My heart flutters and my eyes roll closed when I feel his fingers in my hair, massaging my scalp.

“Me too.”

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