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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A summer vacation begins very funny and who knows how it will end........


I was staying at aunt's with my cousin for our summer holiday. She lived out of the city in a village-like place with her cats , ducks and a dog called 'dog' which was always hanging around freely in the garden all the time. We were around seventeen then. And my aunt was over fifty.
In this small two flat house, she gave us a room upstairs. It had a window, two beds inside and a wardrobe to put our clothes in. We were not sure if we would die of getting bored here or enjoy. The good thing was that my cousin was a playful boy. So was i. 
Now that there was one wardrobe for both of us, i had to hide my panties and bras back under my clothes. If im not wrong he did the same for his boxers that they werent seen around in the wardrobe.
After dinner of first night we climbed upstairs early to sleep. Our lovely aunt kissed us saying good night.
Now there was another problem. How would we change our clothes?
Ken directly went to the windows and looked outside. I turned the lights off and told him not to turn my side that i would change my clothes. A while later i showed the same respect to him.
Then our endless conversations began. He was such a funny guy. He liked telling jokes and this time he told in such a good way that i would pee in my panties because of laughing non-stop. He was telling and laughing at the same time. 
When i saw my night dress all up to my hips showing my nude white legs , the bell in town was ringing 2 oclock in the morning and we were sitting with big smiles on our faces.
I covered my legs in a natural way and it was him saying we had to sleep. We both went into our beds and our giggling noises were still heard in the room because of the last funny joke he told.
We had a great breakfast in the morning. Our aunt told us to go to a picnic in the forest. She prepared food and drinks in a basket. We had so good time there. Ken. Sweet boy. Made me and my aunt die of laughing again. We joked all the time. Sun was saying goodbye to earth when we decided to return home.
It was a tiring day. We went for a picnic in forest. I love my aunt , she is so dear. Sarah is so funny , i want to laugh even when i see her face. That night our dinner was chicken soup. We sat alltogether and drank some coffee after the meal. I never saw my aunt this much enjoying her life. She seemed very happy tonight. We brang her life some excitement for sure.
I was feeling so tired that I told them i would go to sleep. I climbed to our room , changed my clothes and laid in my bed thinking of my aunt and Ken. He came some time later. He changed , and then laid in his bed. Ken. Tall. Slim. Happy. Smart. Energetic. Girl friend? He didnt have a girfriend? Doesnt he want to ....? But all boys have girls. I felt asleep while thinking.
 Sarah was sleeping. She slept early tonight. I was feeling tired too. I changed and closed my eyes to sleep. I was thinking of Sarah. A beautiful blonde girl. Kind. Playful. Funny. I tried to kick the view of her beautiful white legs out of my mind. She was unconscious when her dress slipped up her legs until her hips. She ever had sex? She had kissed before? Lips. Her beautiful red lips. Kissed before? My eyes heavier. I felt asleep thinking of these.
Ding dong, ding dong.........I opened my eyes and listened to the bell again. 3 am. And I felt the hardness. My cock was erected and forcing my boxer badly. I closed my  eyes and enjoyed it a little. The room took little light from the street lights. I was turned to wall in my bed. I tried to sleep. But the magical spear between my legs kept me awake. So that , i had two choices to cum there in bed or go to toilet , downstairs to jerk off. I slowly stood up in the room barefoot. As I took a step to the door my eyes met Sarah's legs. She was sleeping facedown. Her nude legs were open to sides of the bed. Her night dress was up on her hips. Beautiful. Sexy. I felt the first precums coming in my boxer. I directly opened the door and ran downstairs silently. My head was spinning. I locked the toilet door and released my hard on. I tried to think of the hot girls at school, then I tried some sexy celebrities, but at the end it was Sarah's nude legs and much more imagination in my mind while I was squirting through the walls. My head spinned of joy. 
With the bell ringing I opened my eyes. It was dark in room. No noise inside. Ken should be sleeping I thought. Then little noises came from Ken's wooden bed. It was like he was slowly moving in bed. The same noise. It was like he was moving to and fro in bed. In that silence of night, it was still a very low noise to hear , but I heard them. I very slowly turned my head to his side to see whats going on. His hips were moving. Oh! I thought, masturbating! In the same room with me! I felt nervous first. Then I became shy. My face blushed and I began to sweat of the scenes that came to my mind. 
Ken suddenly stood up. My heart would come out of my chest. I closed my eyes so that I could only see his legs and .....! The bulge under his trunks. Ken stopped near me. I recognised then that my legs were all nude and he could be seeing my panties too. I couldnt move , even couldnt breathe. Ken was looking at my nude white legs..... Then I heard him ran down and lock the toilet door. I imagined all what he did in the toilet and found my hands between my
 legs.Wet. Yes it was wet. Long time after Ken slept, could I close my eyes.
I was trying to feel better . I was trying to get rid of that embarrasment. There was a lot of things. Altough it was fun altough it was wrong altough it was hot altough it was something like a sin, I couldnt stop thinking of him all nude. Yes, just like that. All nude. I felt i needed this. Not to do anything. Just to see. How he looks! I wanted to see his cock. Hard or not. How did it look! This desire made me sweat all the day and blush sometimes. But i didnt show this to Ken or my aunt. We went on playing and laughing the whole day.
I m feeling so bad and so good at the same time today. It is unacceptable that i jerked and cummed for her! Or acceptable! I m confused. Now that she doesnt know , its a secret of me. A sin of me. A wonderful joy of me. The whole day i got lost on her smiling lips. But i didnt show it to her or my aunt anyway.
..........................(to be continued)

Submitted: June 21, 2019

© Copyright 2022 puellalove. All rights reserved.

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Interesting story paullylove.

Sun, June 23rd, 2019 12:15am



Sun, June 23rd, 2019 12:00am

Harriet-Jacqui xx

Intriguing - you're writing is so much more engrossing and deep these days, such a pleasure....!

Fri, November 26th, 2021 12:17pm


Thank you, altough its such an old story your words sound great...

Wed, December 1st, 2021 10:14pm

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