The Family

The Family

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


I couldn't remember the way she died. I had vague memories of father handing me a gun and yelling at me while we all stood there in silence. Her soft cries were the only thing that filled the room. To be honest, I can't really remember the rest. I do remember though, father hitting me to the brink of death and dragging me out to a waiting car. I guess that's how I ended up with the Adams family. What kills me the most is, no matter how far I go, I'll always be apart of that life. Especially since I'll be married to the future Don.


I couldn't remember the way she died. I had vague memories of father handing me a gun and yelling at me while we all stood there in silence. Her soft cries were the only thing that filled the room. To be honest, I can't really remember the rest. I do remember though, father hitting me to the brink of death and dragging me out to a waiting car. I guess that's how I ended up with the Adams family. What kills me the most is, no matter how far I go, I'll always be apart of that life. Especially since I'll be married to the future Don.

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I couldn't remember the way she died. I had vague memories of father handing me a gun and yelling at me while we all stood there in silence. Her soft cries were the only thing that filled the room. To be honest, I can't really remember the rest. I do remember though, father hitting me to the brink of death and dragging me out to a waiting car. I guess that's how I ended up with the Adams family. What kills me the most is, no matter how far I go, I'll always be apart of that life. Especially since I'll be married to the future Don.

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"I'll always remember what love feels like, be it a mother's touch or a friend's warm embrace..." 





"Damn it!" I grumbled as I stumble my way into what would be my new boss's office. I knock on the door  waiting for a response before walking in to find our previous owner, Mrs. Price.


"Ah, Miss. Adams, glad you could make it. Now, the new owner will be here tomorrow and since you are my assistant, I am leaving you in charge for the day. I anticipate that you can get everything in tip-top shape? It was a joy being your boss for the 2 years you've worked here Miss Adams." She looked at me with crinkles under her eyes and a smile on her face


"Thank you and Likewise." I smile before embracing her in a hug. She walks out of the office with her things and leaves me there to fend for myself. I clean up the office so that my new boss would be pleased, grabbed a note-pad, pen and walked out of the office; locking it before I made my way through all 12 building floors. I make my way to the elevator and went through each floor, checking every single station leaders itinerary for the following week as well as making sure that everyone had their things in order for tomorrow. When the clock finally struck 10 at night, I locked up the office building and made my way to my house in West wood. Sadly, I had to take the bus since I borrowed my best friend Abby my car for the day. I make my way down the street clinging to my jacket until a familiar looking figure drives slowly by my side– the slightly unknown person rolls down their windows.




I stop in mid-walk to get a clear view of the person; obviously, if they knew my name it meant that I should know them. As my eyes finally adjust to the built figure sitting comfortably in the driver's seat, a smile begins to form on my face.


"Chase?!" I yell out loud, probably catching many stragglers attention.


"What are you doing walking home all alone this late?"


"Abby has my car," I admit embarrassed.


"Get in." He smiles as he reaches over to open the passenger car door for me. I quickly get into the car and strap myself in as he speeds down the road.


"Do you live in the same place?" I nod causing him to take a left turn onto I-20. I look at him, examining his features and boy did those features change for the better. His broad shoulders, deep brown eyes, and full lips did wonders for any girl to fall for him. But Chase is Chad's brother and I may never think of him in that way. I fiddle with my hand before looking back to him to ask him the question that bothers me the most, but I wasn't brave enough; instead, I lean back into the car seat.


"So how's life been treating you?" He begins, taking a few glances at me before concentrating on the road.


"It's fine. 21 fashion is number one in the industry and we're getting a new boss tomorrow." I smile but that went away when his expression changed to a small frown.


"What's wrong?"


"Nothing." He quickly adds. I brush off the awkward feeling and shift in my seat before talking again.


"So what are you doing back in town?"


"My family moved back here last month. And you that works, once the family decides on a place the rest have to follow. I'm actually on my way to Chad's apartment; after I drop you home that is." he says the last few words softly.


I kick under the dashboard in shock causing him to swerve a bit. I clear my throat and fix myself back into the car seat, instantly my cheeks heat up. I cover my face into my hands, taking deep breaths before looking back up and watching the outside world pass by. I close my eyes, sighing deeply and glance back at him.


"What made him come back?"


"A cover-up job offer." He says plainly.


"I– Is he single?" the words slip out of my mouth causing me to dread the car ride even more.


"You know our lifestyle Ronnie, it comes with the job we do. Well, that and Chad likes to test the waters."


"... Same old jerk." I mumble. Time spent in the car with Chase brought back memories, but that all ends when the white gates to my house were in view. I lower the car window and scan my eyes into the scanner allowing the gate to open. He drives in and loops through the roundabout before parking the car.


"Thanks for driving me home Chase. I'll see you some other time?"


"You're welcome– do you need a ride to work tomorrow?" he asks making me hesitant to reply.


"No, Abby will be by soon with my car, after all, this is her house. But you may come by after work to have dinner with us if you'd like."


He smiles. "I'd like that." He replies cooly before driving off. I grab my keys out of my bag and unlock the front door to be greeted by James, Abby's butler.


"Hello, Miss Veronica."


"Hello, James. Is there anything in the mail for me today?" I inquire tiredly as I walk towards the fridge, opening it up and drinking out of the milk carton.


"No bills, but a vase filled with red roses and sunflowers awaits in your room." I groan incoherently, thank him and walk up the spiral staircase to my room. I open the door and walk right up to my bed, falling lazily onto it and falling asleep from exhaustion.




I wake up to a loud bang on my door that makes me roll out of bed; falling unto the floor.


"What the fuck!?" I cursed out loud. I stand up from the floor and look at the time, scurrying to stand up, I grab my towel off the chair near my desk and open my bedroom door, running towards the bathroom. On my way out I pass a frustrated Abby who 'tsks' at me as I run back and forth from bedroom to bathroom.


"Don't look at me like that." I vocalize as I run past her a fourth time, dripping in water.


"You're going to be late and your new boss will fire you!" She yells.


"Look, Abby," I cringe at the thought of losing my job; as I slip on a tight fitted black dress with a partial low drop neck. "–I'm almost done just help me fix my hair and make-up." I groan as I sit in front of my vanity mirror. She walks over to me shaking her head in disapproval before grabbing the curler and working on my hair. I quickly place my make-up on, grab my purse, black dress jacket, and car keys before running out of my room, down the stairs and out the door. I dig through my purse for my sunglasses and place it on to block the scorching sun out of my still delicate eyes.


"A friend of mine will be here around later, keep him busy before I get home. Thanks, Abby!" I call out as I get into my ford fusion, place the keys in the ignition and skid out of my driveway. Traffic was a bit faster today. I quickly went to isle 20 and drove as fast as I could to work. I had about 10 minutes and traffic was cooperating until I went to exit. I tap impatiently at the steering wheel and hit the gas as soon as the light shines green. I roll my eyes angrily as I begin to hit all the red lights. Oh boy, I'm so going to get fired if I didn't make it on time today. The final light before my turn shines green, allowing me to quickly make a mad dash through the light, enter the parking lot and drive to my parking spot in the shade. I quickly get out of the car doing my best to avoid the Paparazzi while slamming the door shut. I press the lock button on the keys before walking to the building, tripping at least twice before making it to the door. That's definitely showing up in the tabloids this week. I think to myself.


"Good morning Miss Adams," Adam utters while smiling at me. I flash him a quick smile before walking to the elevator and getting in. I press the 12th-floor button and tap my heels impatiently; the elevator finally opens, allowing me to get out to the main floor where my office door was open and waiting for my arrival. But before I could get to my desk a loud voice calls out to me.


"Veronica our new Boss wants to speak with you." Brook frowns at me. I take my shades off and look at her with a "Are you fucking kidding me face" causing her to shrug her shoulders. I walk over to my desk place my things in my drawer prior to pulling at my dress and passing my hands through my hair before walking to my boss's office. I sigh deeply and knock twice on the door before entering. Walking in I see dark black hair behind a turned chair. I roll my eyes, waiting as patiently as I could for the person to turn around and almost fell back when they reveal their self.


"So glad you could make it Veronica." He smiles softly.


My face instantly grows emotionless, This can't be their new cover-up. I promised myself that I would drive a knife through my heart before joining back into "family life." I nod my head before speaking. "You did call for me sir."


"Yes, I did. There are a few things that I need you to do for me today. I need you to reschedule our fashion events for next month for this week. We are way behind and if we want to stay at the top we need to make sure we get to everything as early as possible."


"I'll get right on it sir," I respond, dreading every single moment that I was in the room with him. He was back in my life, and that could only mean one thing. Father was keeping his word. I turn to walk away but he calls me back. 


"Veronica..." the way he speaks my name; it sends a plethora of volts through my body. I turn around slightly disarmed by his calling of my name. I wait for him to speak.


"I'd prefer it if you call me Dom..." He frowns, looking at me with sympathetic eyes.


I push away my pride for 2 seconds. "Sure thing, Dom." I spit through gritted teeth before turning and walking out the door, slamming it on my way out.


I walk back to my office and slam my hands on the desk before huffing dr

angrily prior to getting on the tasks aangrily– work. I pick up the phone dial the first number on my list, rescheduling all our fashion appointments. By the time I was done with all 23 of our clients, I was highly peeved with the fact that father was going along with the arrangement. An arrangement that was made since my birth. I loathe that bastard for giving my life to another. I think to myself as I stare at Dominick walking from desk to desk, introducing his self and getting down to every complaint that has been brought to our last owner. I shake my head. I clear Dom's entire schedule and divide his time for his appointments to each fashion show for the entire week; starting first thing tomorrow morning his first appointment will be at 8:30. I go down the list redoing everything I had already planned, sighing every now and then. I look at the time and see that it was 1:30 and I had already missed my lunch break. I groan loudly catching the attention of my longtime work friend, Lily.


"Hey Ronnie, what's wrong?"


"My life just got 10 times worse."


"Worse than when Ashley lied about you dating her fiancé?"


"Yes, much worse than that bitches lie." I mumble as I bang my head on my desk.


She giggles at my over-dramatic display before sitting on my desk and placing her hand where I banged my head.


"How about we go for our lunch breaks." She suggests.


"You know my break is at 11. I can't take it now, I already missed it." I frown.


"Oh come on Veronica."


"Please, my mother didn't even call me by my full name." I roll my eyes at her.


"Well, I don't care. You and I are taking our lunch break. I got two trays of sushi and I can't eat it all by myself." She smiles at me and pulls me up from my chair, leading me to the break room. She goes inside the fridge, pulls out two small trays, walks back over to me and places it on the table before sitting next to me and handing me a chopstick. I pick up a California roll, pop it in my mouth and chew; clearing my throat I look at Lily before talking.


"Why don't you stop by for dinner tonight? It's nothing big but my old friend is back in town and I'm having him over for dinner to welcome him back."


"Sure, why not." She says slowly before looking me in the eye. I could tell our nonchalant conversation was going to end and that something serious was about to go down.


"How are you coping with our new boss? Isn't he a bit young and totally hot?!" She asks bluntly.


"Does it really matter? He's my boss and that's all that there is to it." I look at her.


"You've got to admit though, he's totally fuckable." 


I look at her with wide eyes before giggling loudly. If only she knew.


She shakes her head and flashes a cheesy smile before grabbing another roll. We go back and forth talking and catching up when he walks in. I turn my head and curse under my breath before turning back and giving him a fake smile. I look at Lily and excuse myself as I get up to walk out of the break room. But before I could get away he grabs my hand causing me to flinch away from him.


I quickly sprint out and make it back to my desk, engulfing myself in my work in order to not be bothered by him. It was around 7:30 in the evening when I begin clearing my desk to leave when I find a piece of paper with a number and a message on it saying "Meet me at your car." I frown when I notice Dom walking out of his office with a briefcase in his hand. He says his goodbyes and looks at me intensely as he swiftly walks onto the elevator. I run my fingers through my hair as I look around before shoving the paper in my purse, grabbing all my things and leaving. I walk over to Lily's desk and slip her my address for her to meet up with me later for dinner. I slowly make my way to the elevator and down. I exit and clock out at Adam's desk.


"See you tomorrow Miss Adams." He smiles his famous smile.


"Please, Adam call me Ronnie." I smile softly before flashing my id card at the scanner and walk out to my car. As I approach my car, I notice his masculine figure leaning against it smoking what seems to be a cigar.


As approach, I scoff loudly causing him to face me. I look up at Dom being careful not to get lost in his eyes' breaking the awkward silence, he throws away the last of his cigar and pops a mint gum into his mouth before talking to me.


"Veronica..." He begins but stops, clearly, he was lost in his own pool of words.


"Look, Dom, We really don't need to do this now. There are too many paps that hide up and down these streets and I really don't want to deal with the "Family Arrangement" right now. I have a dinner to get too and I don't want to be a rude host." I say before turning to open the driver's door but he grabs my hand, spinning me around to look at him again.


"Ronnie can we just talk?!" He says running his fingers through his hair frustrated with the fact that I was not giving him a break. The anger in me begins to boil causing my own frustration to get the best of me.


"Talk? You want to talk?! Where th fuck were you 4 years ago when I needed you to just talk?! I spent 4 years just waiting for you to accept the terms of this fucking agreement. You think I want to be married off to some fucking Mob boss!?! No, I fucking don't. But it's my fucking responsibility and I can accept that. At least I know where the fuck my loyalty lies, how about yours you piece of shit!" I shove him away before opening my car door, getting in and slamming it in his face. I slam my hand on the steering wheel and begin to sob profusely. After a few seconds, I wipe away my tears and start up the car, driving off angrily. I didn't realize how short the ride was until I ran past a startled Chase Lily and Abby. Ignoring them completely, I run up to my bedroom, slamming the door to drown out the outside world from my cries. There was a soft knock at my door wanting to come in, but I didn't move a muscle. The unwanted guest invites their self in but to my surprise, it wasn't Abby. I look at Chase with bloodshot eyes and cry even harder, losing all control of my emotions. He shuts the door and locks it before walking over and lays next to me, embracing me. No words were spoken at all, he just rubs my back and whispers soothing words in my ear until my crying dies down. He continues to rub my back and whisper words to me until I turn to face him, embracing him in a tight hug.


"Your brother is an ass," I whisper.


"I know. I get to live with him." He chuckles lightly.


"Why can't he just accept things as they are?! I have!"I question curious about the unknown.


He rubs the back of his neck and frowns. "It's a bit more complex than that Ronnie."


"Don't give me that crap Chase, you and I both know Dom and I were in love. So why couldn't he go through with it?!" I yell as I push him away from me.




"Chase, do not lie to me!" I yell again as the tears fall from my eyes again.


"Selena lied about being pregnant. Our father told him that he had to do what's right and marry her. But when the time came for them to marry she fessed up. Ever since then he's been trying to get a hold of you, but you erased yourself from our existence, so eventually, he gave up. That was until father bought 21 as a back business– gave Dom the position and here we are." He says with a small smile on his face.


"That still doesn't get him out of constantly sneaking around and cheating on me with her?!"



"I know Ronnie and I'm sorry, but at least give him a chance to make things right." He pushes before kissing my forehead, walking to the door and leaving. I lay in bed thinking about what Chase said but eventually got frustrated and fell asleep.

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